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Ronodin´s POV

Ronodin is pacing around the little cave he took shelter in. He is so mad at himself that he left an injured fairykind. That doesn't happen often. He thought back to that moment often. When it hit him. She wasn´t fairykind anymore; her glow was based solely on the crown.

He was so ecstatic. He could use her as leverage over his cousin. Bracken definitely had a soft spot for her. But where was she. His best was the fairy realm. He wasn't welcome there. Kendras friends wouldn't know that he was after her; for all they knew he was still after Seth. Even then that's pretty far fetched.

She was most likely somewhere safe, and where her friends can see her anytime. On an island somewhere near where the phantom isle was that day. Or they had a way to take her to a different preserve. It would also have to be preserve near one of the Fairy Queens shrines just in case.

His new best guess was Timbuli to start. That was the closest safe island with a shrine. He would have to procure a weapon somewhere considering his best one was now broken. Kendra was on Timbuli or there is a teleportation device on Timbuli that leads to her.

There is a weapons store near here and Timbuli isn't far. He was giddy with excitement. He was getting a fairykind holder. And nothing was going to stop him.

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