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Bracken was really regretting his decision to leave. He should have stayed behind to make sure Kendra was safe. He hadn´t heard anything from Tanu, but it was only a matter of time before he did. Right?

He had to focus on Seth right now. Seth was probably sitting in Titan Valley right now not knowing what to do. Bracken couldn´t sit comfortably on the plane with his mind going all over. But he was the leader on this mission and could not just go throught the fairy realm to Titan Valley. It still made him anxious to not know what was going on with Kendra. He felt the need to check up on Kendra so.


What is it Bracken are you okay?

¨Yes we are all fine still on the plane. I just had to know how Kendra is.¨

Kendra is as fine as she can be. Her breathing is labored but overall she is fine.

Bracken didn´t know whether to be relieved or not. Her breathing was steady when they left. His anxiety for Kendra just skyrocketed. He shouldn´t have left. ¨How okay is she really? Her breathing was fine when we left.¨

You want me to be honest? Because she is hooked up to a couple more machines because of her breathing. I don´t know how much longer she can hang on, if I were you I´d hurry.

¨Thanks for the honesty and the update.¨ Bracken was having a heart attack but didn´t want to let Tanu know.

No problem Bracken bring Seth home safe.

¨Ya I promise I will. Keep Kendra safe.¨

He felt Tanu leave. Bracken wanted so badly to have the Translocator so he could teleport to Kendra to make sure both Sorenson siblings safe. But he had to get Seth and go to Wyrmroost. Bracken didn´t know how he would survive.

He realized what time it was and stood up to got to the front of the cabin. They were on a private plane of course. ¨Everyone, we are approaching the entrance of Titan Valley preserve. I have already gotten permission from the caretaker for our safe entrance. But the entrance is gaurded by a powerful distractor spell,¨ that sentance gave everyone a pained look. ¨But lucky for us my mother gave me a talisman that can see through distractor spells.¨

Warren looked the most pained out of everyone there. Bracken understood this, but he wondered how deep there bond went. He had never asked. When Kendra got better he would ask.

¨Ẅhen we enter the preserve we can not enter the caretakers keep. The reason for this is because the keep is to big for any of us to travel through on foot. Once we get through the gate we have to locate Seth. He will most likely head toward Humbuggles castle. So lets head towards there. This won´t be a slow mission. I just talked with Tanu and she has worsened.¨ Bracken paused the others probably thought he did it to let it sink in, but he was trying not to cry himself.

Warren spoke for the first time since Timbuli, ¨How long does she have?¨ Every time Waren spoke Bracken thought he aged 20 years. Kendra´s condition is affecting everyone but, Warren is the most pained, and it showed.

¨She has a week and a half at most.¨

Warren nodded. Bracken thought everyone was keeping track but, her condition got worse quickly it may have moved at warp speed.

Bracken sat back down. They were landing soon, just not soon enough.

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