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Playing Hard To Ed

Chapter 1: A not-so enchanting evening

It was suppose to be a beautiful, special day for a trio of sisters who live at the Park N Flush trailer park.

It was suppose to be a day filled with hot, passionate romance and tender, heartwarming first meetings.

That is what three sisters, May, Marie and Lee were expecting today when they invited three boys, Ed, Edd n Eddy over to their house.

Well, invited is not exactly the right word, they sort of spooked them in the woods and they passed out, so they brought them home, cleaned them up and then said that they would make them lunch and the boys stayed.

They thought it would have been a cute story to tell their grandchildren some day.

Anyway, the girls cooked them a delicious lunch and got all dressed up in their best clothes, eager to make a good first impression and make the boys fall in love with them, become their boyfriends and live happily ever after.

It's how it was suppose to go...

It didn't.

The boys just lazed around and took them for granted, and when they made them clean up the mess that they made, they still had an attitude. They didn't like that, so they figured that as payback, they should do more chores, just to show them that it was not nice to take them for granted.

Double D was currently scrubbing the living room floor, Ed was outside hanging up laundry and Eddy was washing the dishes.

"Better shine it up nice...'The girls said in sing-song voices.

"How much longer do you think we should do this?..."Marie whispered to her sister.

"I say about another hour if they don't give in..."Lee whispered.

That was their plan.

To punish them until they broke down and apologize to them for taking them for granted and not seeing how wonderful they are.

They figured that once the boys did enough, they would see the error of their ways and realize how hard the girls had to work today. After all, they had previously spent hours cleaning their trailer to make it perfect for them, and they had been planning their first meeting for days.

Once that happened, the Kanker's could forgive them and they could start all over and the Ed's would see how they went the extra mile for them today. They would have to fall in love with them them.

Yeah, that's the plan. It was perfect!

They figured that soon, they would break down and apologize soon...

Except, they didn't.

When Lee went to scold Ed for being a total klutz, Eddy said this.

"THAT'S ENOUGH!..."He yelled.

The girls were stunned. They shared a quick look at each other and decided to resort to plan B, the one plan that never fails.

Guilt tripping them.

The girls all started crying and ran into their room, closing the door.

They quickly ran to their bed.

"Do you think they bought it?..."May whispered.

"Like mom at a bargain sale..."Marie whispered.

"Remember girls, when they come here to apologize, don't make it easy for them...make them earn our forgiveness..."Lee whispered and her sisters nodded.

This is plan B, they would cry and act peeved at the Ed's. Tell them to get lost but then the Ed's would feel so guilty, they would beg for their forgiveness and realize how wrong they were and work to make it up to them.

It can't fail. After all, that's how mom managed to snag her last boyfriend and he stayed for a solid 5 weeks.

They heard footsteps.

"They are coming..quick, act sad..."Lee ordered.

The girls then began to cry again, making it look convincing.

"Us girls have got to get ourselves together..."May said, sniffling loudly, being loud enough for the boys to hear. Her sisters smirked internally while they kept the act up.

Yeah, that will make them feel REALLY guilty.

The door opened and the Ed's peaked in, no doubt to check on them and apologize.

Well, they weren't going to make it easy for them.

"Haven't you done enough damage already? Now get out of here! And never come back!..."May shouted dramatically as she slams the door in their faces.

Once done, she smirked to her sisters, who smirked back.

"Way to go, May..."Lee mouthed as she and Marie tried hard not to snicker.

Now the Ed's would knock again, insist that they come back and they will apologize and work to make it up to them. The Kanker's would of course, make them work for it but once they proved their sincerity, they could forgive them and make them fall in love with them.

It's the perfect plan.

"Here it comes..."All three thought in anticipation.

Except, what they heard next was not door knocking or a heartfelt apology.

"Well, you heard her. Let's go!..."Eddy said and then they heard foot steps, with Edd's voice mumbling that it has been "educational".

The Kanker sisters realized they were leaving and they didn't like this.

"Their leaving! They haven't even apologized yet!.."Marie said, getting mad right now.

Lee was mad too, and she got an idea.

"Come on girls, I say we teach those boys a lesson...but we got to act fast..."Lee said as she pulled out their mother's face mask cream and her sisters understood.

In record time, the girls changed, put their hair in curlers and put the green cream on their faces and jumped out the window on their bedroom, which was closer to getting outside than the front door.

They also had a little something in each of their hands, another little surprise for their "beloved's".

"This will teach them..."Marie said as she held her little "surprise" in her hand.

"They are coming...get ready girls..."Lee ordered.

The boys made it to the door.

"Hello, freedom!..."Eddy said as he open the door.

However, once he did, he saw them and he screamed at the top of his lungs.

"AHHH!..."He shouted in horror.

That is what they wanted. Normally, the girls would never let anyone see them like this, especially their soulmates but this is important.

They had to be taught a lesson.

A sort of scare straight sort of thing...and they really wanted to get back at them for being so rude and not caring about them!

"Just a minute there. What about Eddy Jr.?..."May said as she pulled the string on the hand made Eddy doll.

Sure, she is in love with Big Ed, but they had to get out in such a hurry that she grabbed the first doll that was closest to her. Oh, well...it didn't really matter.

They were sure that they would still make their point clear.

Lee, who had to get the Ed doll, held him out so his "father" could see him.

"And Ed Jr!..."Lee shouted, internally smirking as she saw the boys face become pale at the sight of their "babies".

Last but not least was Marie, who was the only one who had the same doll that she made. She didn't say anything, she just held him out, while May decided to speak for her.

"Don't forget Double D Jr.!..."May said, trying hard not to laugh.

This was suppose to be to teach them a lesson, but now that they were actually doing it, it was kind of funny.

The Ed's didn't seem to think so, as they started screaming in terror now.

"AAAH!..."They all shouted.

"That's it! RUN FOR IT!..."Eddy shouted.

Then the Eds run away screaming, still wearing the robes. The Kanker sisters watch them run away, still screaming in terror.

"That's it, run you cowards!..."Lee shouted as she shook her fist in the air.

Her sisters followed suit.

"Get lost!..."May shouted, her arms crossed.

"And don't trip on your shoelaces!..."Marie snarked.

The sisters soon watch the three boys run out until they were out of their sights. They tried to keep their glares on, but they couldn't much longer. Their glares soon melted into smitten looks.

Sure, they were mad at first, but right now, seeing the Ed's running and the adrenaline of what they just did was still in them. All they could feel was their hearts pounding and their faces blushing hot underneath the green face cream.

"Look at them run~..."May sighed dreamily as her eyes were on the retreating form of Big Ed.

Marie was the same with Edd, all she could do is look at the cute, geeky boy running and she suddenly just wanted to cuddle him. He looked so fast and handsome as he ran.

"Just like a real man~..."She sighed romantically as she felt her heart all a flutter.

Lee had been staring at Eddy the longest, entranced by him. She was the most silent until she just had to blow him a kiss, even after he was out of sight.

"I think I'm in L-U-V love!..."Lee whispered as she continue to stare in the direction where her beloved had fled.

They didn't really understand. Earlier, they had been furious and the Ed's had been so rude to them. But right now, all they could do is fawn over them. I guess they really must be in love.

The girls all sighed longingly, before they all giggled tremendously.

"Come on girls...let's go finish tidying up before mom comes home and finds out we had boys over..."Lee said.

Her sisters nodded as they knew that their mom is the last person they wanted to see angry and nothing makes her angrier than breaking the house rule.

No boys allowed.

The girls soon entered their trailer, still feeling a mixture of subdue anger, satisfaction of revenge and a growing love that is just going to keep growing.

Oh boy.

-To be continued-

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