Author's Note: This ought to be fun.

It was stupid- it was the idlest way to pass the time. It didn't even make sense. Leo couldn't imagine what on Earth persuaded him of all turtles to sit down and be a part of this huge waste of time.

"Your turn Blue- truth or dare?"

Casey looked far too pleased with himself, and Leo deadpanned, "Truth."

There was something about the way that Casey's face fell made Leo crack a smirk. The boy grumbled something beneath his breath, something like, "That's the fifteenth time you picked truth…"

Leo folded his arms, bracing back on their couch, "Well what did you except- I told you I don't like this game. It's boring when I play,"

"It's fun when Mikey plays it!"

"Well I'm not Mikey,"

"Coulda fooled me,"

Leo should have taken offense, but that bright grin of Casey's had him faltering in a comeback. How was that even possible- the boy had missing teeth for shell's sake, Leo shouldn't be liking his smile so much. Yet, the turtle was finding himself making wry comments and little jokes just to keep Casey smiling- even if it meant playing this childish game for half an hour in an empty lair.

Casey cracked his knuckles, and swung his arm around the couch, "Fine- um... Is it true that... you're not really the oldest?"

Leo rolled his eyes, ignoring just how close Casey's fingers were to touching his shoulders, "We don't know- but I was the first to speak, so we all went with that. Plus, I just fit into the big brother role the same way Mikey did with being the baby of the family. Just happens,"

Casey nodded- and Leo could tell he was actually listening for once. The boy waited a few seconds before shaking his head, and asking, "My turn- truth or dare for me? Which one do you suggest? Truth is getting boring if we both pick it."

Leo's smile was definitely mischievous, "Dare."

There's something about the way Casey's eyes widened and his jaw tightened made Leo want to cackle, but he didn't, "Say dare Casey."

"Fine... ugh... dare...?"

"I dare you to put an end to this game,"

"What?" Casey sputtered with all the drama Leo was aiming for.

The turtle nonchalantly stood, and stretched his arms, "It's time for my training- the guys won't join me today since they're all with Master Splinter in the junkyard,"

"Hey... can I join you?"

Leo didn't suspect one darn thing, "Sure, we can even play a game by the time. I'll go easy."

"Oh yeah..." Casey leaps over the couch, and he smacks his fists together, "First one to be pinned down- has to answer a truth or dare!"

"Again with that?" Leo shook his head, but he let Casey run ahead. And he let Casey pin him down too- just to see that smile. But he didn't expect such a beautiful shocked face when he answered, "Dare- I pick dare."

In minutes to come, Leo understood just why one should never let that crazy Casey Jones give you dares. But Casey learned something far more valuable, why one should never give that stubborn Hamato Leonardo a dare. Turns out, both of them forgot that this game, was just a game. But who's telling them any different? Certain play times were much too fun for rules anyway.