"The smell of the dead fills the air. The smoke from the artillery is all around you. A rat came and ate your lunch. Now, your commander has come to tell you. It's time to charge. You need to charge across the sea into the beach, into machine gun fire, trenches, mines, and weapons, and kill those Nazi bastards. Are you read to charge Adolf Hitler!"

One of the teens cheered, a girl with tied back black hair and loose clothing. "Yeah, I'll no scope that one sack bitch!" Several of the other teens laughed.

The school trip out had gone well. We were at Juno Beach, one of the landing zones for the allies in world war 2. I was hoping to get them some appreciation of what life was like for those who had entered into this deadly fight.

"It wasn't quite as easy as in Call of Duty. Everywhere was mined, and they had powerful guns and machine guns tracking your every move. The artillery bombardment for this beach wasn't quite as successful. You could be the best sniper and killer in the land, and die to a simple trap."

I brushed my foot across the sand, looking up at the group. "Maybe there's still some mines left-" I said, and I felt a click at my foot. There was a triplet of metal rods sticking out, and a small stopwatch tied to it. It tick tick ticked, ten seconds left.

Mines were not supposed to be like this. Mines were designed to kill people. They didn't have timers visible, they didn't wait for you to remove your foot, they just went off soon after you touched them.

This was an S Mine. A bouncing betty. It would explode and send shrapnel all around. I needed to protect them. I dived down on the mine, and called out. "Back off , everyone, Samantha, hair pin. This is real. Now." She tossed me a hair pin.

The mines had a disarm point. A little point you could hook in to stop it going off, to prevent the pressure sensor on the top . Normally, touching it with too much pressure would have set it off, but this one seemed to be a custom build with an electrical trigger running from the stopwatch to the lid, and a small device which looked like it would trigger it.

Using the hairpin I disarmed the mine, stopping the pressure sensor from working, and then ripped out the wires linking the stopwatch. I cracked them on my knee. I wasn't letting a secondary radio detonate it. Cogs and springs and bits of metal sprayed out.

I sighed in relief. "I hope that wasn't a prank by one of you guys." I said to my school group. "I-"

I heard a second set of ticking.

I brushed sand away, and saw a second stopwatch, with a wire running off into the sand of the Juno Beach. One second left.

I wrapped my body around the mine, shielding my school group. I needed to protect them I-

The pain was agonizing as the mine slammed into my chest, and then finding no give, exploded. Shrapnel rammed through my insides, ripping a bloody hole in me. I collapsed on the beach, my blood dying the yellow sand red once more, and looked out.

My class still lived. Samantha, Peter, Jenny-

"I will remember your name. Through fire or ash, I will remember it." The voice spoke into my head, a fire worse than the explosive. I felt my mind start to burn as it seized me-

And I died.

Ping! You have entered the ultimate game!

You have been selected out of billions of candidates to receive the ultimate power of the gamer. You will be sent to a fictional universe with this power. Every experience will let you grow stronger, and when you complete the challenge you can return to your world with all that power. Ready to grasp ultimate power.

Do you accept? Y/N

Select no, and your soul will be cast into the void, for the creatures that lurk between universes to consume.

I blinked confused. I had died?

That had been a pretty unfair trap. A hidden secondary detonation. I had even blocked the firing pin. This wasn't a good death. I sighed, and took stock. Always best to move on.

I looked up at the floating notification and then around me. I was in a black void and above me were a pair of letters and a slash symbol. Saying no didn't look great for me. I pressed my no longer bloody and wrecked finger to the symbol.

Ping! The first step to ultimate power! Please create your character profile!

Please select name: Adam Stanheight Accept/ Refuse/ Delete

And floating in the name box was a name. Adam Stanheight. I didn't recognize it. I tried to change it, but the name was greyed out, as was the delete key and the refuse key. I poked and poked but got no result.

I guess I was going in with a pregen? I could make it work. I'd prefer to set my own name but I could work with this. I pressed accept.


Please select job: Photographer. Accept/Refuse ← /→

Again, the refuse option was greyed out.

"This is a mean game, system." I said, to no one in particular. Why couldn't I be a wizard? Or a technomage? Or something with almighty godlike powers. I sighed and I pressed the accept button.

Perks! These augment your skills, letting you do unique actions that otherwise would have an extremely low chance of success. Perk points let you purchase new perks, and can be earned by completing quests. Perk points available. 102. Spent. 100.


Advanced photography. 50 points. Selected

Advanced stealth. 50 points. Selected

Air mastery. 50 perk points

Earth mastery. 50 perk points

Final death. 2 perk points.

Fire mastery. 50 perk points

Gamer's body. 100 perk points.

Gamer's mind. 100 perk points

Inventory. 100 perk points.

Lockpicking. 3 points.

Magic user. 100 perk points.

Ninja body. 100 perk points.

Super strength. 50 points.

Water mastery. 50 perk points

Respec/ accept

Those were extremely non optimal choices, and of course respec and the other useful perks were greyed out. I could be a wizard but my pregen was stuck with photography? I grumbled, and looked at the perks.

Photography. Rank, advanced apprentice. Level, 6. You are an experienced photographer, with excellent skill at taking photographs, useful contacts, and a guaranteed earning potential of 36000 a year.

Stealth. Rank, advanced apprentice. Level, 8. You are experienced at avoiding notice, and will not be noticed by anyone equal or lower level than you, unless you do something obvious. Only applies when away from the attention of anyone. Reduces detection chance by 8% against people of your level.

Truly, Lord Voldemort and Kaguya will fear my earning potential of 36000 a year. Stealth could be useful. Ambushes were powerful, he knew from most games. If you had the jump on someone you'd normally win. Photography sounded useless though.

Final death was also not greyed out. I glanced at that.

Final death. Go to the void, do not pass hell, do not collect 200 life points. Your existence ends permanently. You will feel nothing ever again, are beyond resurrection, and will not go to any afterlife. Accept/ refuse.

And refuse was greyed out.

I felt a moment of panic creep into me, and steeled myself.

"That's creepy, random omnipotent being. Very creepy. Let me out."

Nothing happened. I shouted out at the void.

"I am not dying in character creation. Bring back accept."

Nothing happened.

I sat there for what felt like hours, thinking. I tried poking at a few things, but the options remained up. I managed to make myself spin till I felt dizzy. I tried willing myself to move in various directions, but if I did move nothing happened. This wasn't a good start to my rise to ultimate power, but I could wait it out. This was a test, I hoped.

I checked my pockets. There was a British mars bar. I took it out and bit into it. Some food at least. It would probably be bad form to die in character creation, so I might as well stay full. I didn't have any water. Air seemed fine. I would last for a couple days if I just sat here. It should be fine. Maybe I could find a way to get to a safer story?

I thought back. I had been teleported here after I died by something and now...

This gamer story wasn't going quite how I'd hoped. I was being rail roaded into something and teased and it didn't look like I'd just be going to see Naruto or Harry Potter and becoming a wizard. I tried to remember.

Adam Stanheight.

I had heard that name before somewhere. A long time ago. I wracked my memory.

Ping. You made your choice! The final death option reduced in size again. I hadn't clicked that!

Where had I heard that name before?

Name: Adam Stanheight


Level: 1

Level: 1 (0/100)

Title. None

HP: 10

Stamina: 10

Strength: 10

Constitution: 9

Dexterity: 18

Intelligence: 8

Wisdom: 6

Luck: 1

Rearrange stats? Y/N These represent your general abilities, without any skills, and add onto any skill rolls. 10 is average for a human.

I sighed again, and pressed N. Looked like I had a rogue build. No critical hits though, since my luck was apparently terrible. That just seemed like my day.

I felt the void and blackness twist. An impossibly vast face appeared before me, covered in countless eyes. Every direction I looked I could see the face. Black gore dripped off it. It rushed towards me and chomped.

And I was somewhere else. A room. Chilly air. I was sweating? I was scared? I think. It didn't feel like my emotions. I felt distant. I was in front of a closet. I could smell death, smell rotting flesh all around me. I looked down at my hands.

Baseball bat. Durability 10/10. A simple device used to knock balls far away. Useful! +1 damage.

Ping! For holding an object of great sports potential, you have gained a skill! Baseball. Level 1.0/100 exp.

And I looked up, as the closet opened. In front of me was a pig face, rotting and dead. They'd ripped off an actual pig's face and made no effort to preserve it, wearing it on their head like a mask. One of the eyes was popped, and the other was staring at me. I felt a waft of death coming at me and could barely resist the urge to vomit. Hands, calloused and rough, reached out towards me.

It stepped forward, and I stepped back, gripping my baseball bat like a teddy bear.

Something came together in my mind. Crap.

Amanda Young, apprentice of Jigsaw, star of a series of torture porn movies, lunged forward faster than I could react, grabbed my neck and expertly choked me out.

My last thoughts, as stars filled my vision and blackness flooded me, was that I really should have rewatched Saw at least once in the last decade.

So, a new Saw Gamer SI fanfiction awaits. He is trapped within the Saw universe, in the unlucky Adam Stanheight's body, doomed to relieve his most unpleasant times. Later he will go to other saw movies, and have brief times in other horror movies.

Story now heavily rewritten.

ibb dot co slash QpkkF5g to see the map I used when doing this adventure. Enjoy.