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[Ayano Aishi x Osano Najimi]

Ayano Aishi was late. Very late.

Needless to say, this was definitely not how she wanted to start off the new school year. But it's not like it was her fault that her alarm hadn't gone off this morning!

Okay, so maybe it had. But in her defense, the new manga she had bought the other day was just too good to put down! So, she ended up not going to bed until very very late that night, and thus, overslept.

Grabbing her school uniform from her closet, the young woman hastily changed into her skirt and blouse. After grabbing a piece of bread from the pantry, and her shoes by the door, she rushed out of her front door, the untoasted wheat product dangling out of her mouth.

Luckily, Akademi High wasn't too far away from where she lived, so she could easily make it on time if she ran the entire way. Putting her athletic abilities to use, Ayano sprinted down the mostly empty street, racing against the clock.

Finally, after seemingly hours of running, the gates of the Japanese high school came into view, just as they were about to close, she ran her way through the metal bars in record time.

Pausing to catch her breath, hands on her knees, Ayano gasped, inhaling as much air as she could before having to sprint to her first class.

"Miss Aishi! You better hurry if you don't want to be late for class! I'd hate to have to send you to the guidance counselor." A voice exclaimed right next to her.

Ayano glanced to her left, and there, standing next to the school gate, was the person who opened and closed the school gates every day, a tan woman in a red tracksuit with blonde hair and turquoise blue eyes, the gym teacher, Kyoshi Taiso.

"Yes, Sensei," Ayano said breathily as she jogged over to the school's entrance. She hurriedly opened her locker, and changed her shoes from her normal black Mary Janes, into the standard white and blue ones.

Laying her head against the top of the multiple lockers, Ayano felt the sweat drip from her forehead onto the gray hardware. Hearing the bell ring, Yan-Chan sighed in relief. She made it! Barely, but she still did it. Technically, she wasn't late late, like not arriving on time for class. It was just typical that students arrived a bit earlier to hand out by the fountain area and talk with their friends before the day began. Not that she had any friends to talk with, she didn't need them, not really, but still, it wasn't a good feeling having to scale and then climb over the walls that surrounded the school because the gate closed. And yes, she did have to do that once.

Seeing students leave the fountain area to their respective classrooms, Ayano joined the crowd of black button-ups and red ribbon sailor shirts. Subconsciously wiping her face once more, she decided to freshen up a bit before class.

Fortunately, the teachers always took a few extra minutes before walking in and officially taking attendance. Unfortunately, just as she turned the corner from the stairs to go into the girl's bathroom just perpendicular to classroom 2-1, she collided with a wall-wearing a pink and white polka-dotted shirt?

Wait no, that didn't sound right.

Hitting her head, landing flat on her behind, and bumping her nose with what she assumed was a person, Ayano muttered out a low groan, "Owww..." rubbing the bridge of her nose and covering the rest of her face in the process.

"Ugh! Watch where you're going!" Came the indignant male shriek of the student she had accidentally bumped into.

She nearly snorted. Who did this guy think he was? He was clearly walking way too fast when there were clearly other students walking up the stairs-who were now all in class. Great! After everything she had done to prevent it, this jerk was going to make her late! She couldn't just get up and leave without saying anything because unlike him, she was a polite human being!

Ready to give him a piece of her mind, Yan-Chan opened her mouth and began, "Well I'm sorry for bumping into you, but it was in no way entirely my fault alright?! In case you didn't notice, this area is typically where people walk every day, so maybe you should slow down a bit. I think that you should be apologizing as well since I'm going to be late now because of you!"

She looked at him just then, sprawled out on the light, yellow tiled floor, and was surprised to see that he was staring at her with a strange look on his face. His orange eyes were widening, and his cheeks were flushed an even darker color than that of his shirt, and his mouth was slightly open.

Seeing this, she stopped mid-rant as she gazed up at the boy. When he noticed that she had stopped talking and realized he was staring at her he looked away and blushed even harder.

Registering the fact that she was going to be late anyway, the black-haired girl took a moment to analyze the boy. With hair just as orange as his eyes, and the shade of red that was rapidly spreading across his face, he actually reminded her of tobiko, she thought amusedly.

He seemed really flustered, so much so that it was kinda cute.

She giggled. Not at him, but at the absurdness of the situation, which was way out of character for her either way; Ayano Aishi did not giggle.

The boy seemed to think that her abrupt laughter was directed at him, and stood up, shyly looking down at his feet, one hand fidgeting with his hair tie, blush still firmly in place.

"I'm sorry," The boy uttered. "Maybe it was my fault, but next time you better look where you're going, Baka!"

Now, if he hadn't look embarrassed, she might have been mildly offended. Taking pity on him, she got up as well and brushed off her skirt.

Not being very good at social interaction, she skipped over the pleasantries and introduced herself, "Hello, my name is Ayano Aishi. What's yours?" she said monotonously, holding out her hand.

"O-Osano Najimi..." The orange-haired boy stuttered, feeling a bit jarred at how fast her tone changed.

Osano Najimi? Hmm, this boy seems familiar, are we in the same class perhaps?

She and Osano had not interacted previously to that day, the only reason she had recognized him was that she always took a mental note of everyone around her. It was just in her nature. Just in case they could be useful to her later on. Though she highly doubted that the seemingly shy ginger boy would be very helpful, but who knew? He didn't seem so bad as long as you were careful enough not to knock him over, and maybe it was about time she found herself a friend. Perhaps having someone close to her at all times might be proven beneficial.

"Are we in the same class, Osano-san?" Ayano asked.

"Yes, we are!" Osano pronounced, a little louder than necessary. "Erm, I mean, I think so. Class 2-1 right?..." He quickly relented.

"Yeah, right." She replied.

"Okay, since we're in the class and everything, you can call me Osano-Kun." Osano timidly spoke.

"Alright Osano-Kun, would you like to walk to class together? We're already late, but it'll be less awkward if we walk in late together." Yan-Chan stated. "Also, you can call me Yan-Chan."

At lunchtime...

Ayano sat on a bench, alone on the school rooftop, as she often did, clutching an orange soda that she had gotten from one of the school's several vending machines. She stubbornly ignored the rumbling of her stomach, angry that the only thing it had eaten was a slice of bread. In her rush to get to school that day, she had only enough cash left to buy herself a drink, which she was not used to, at all.

Her hand hovered over her phone, contemplating whether or not she should call on her new carrot-colored associate. While they had exchanged numbers after class, Ayano was still skeptical about how comfortable she should allow herself to be around her new "friend." She could survive for a few hours on sugar, couldn't she? It might make her crash and give her a little headache later but was it worth it?

The girl looked down at her lap, where the plastic bottle that held the saccharine liquid was placed.

Orange soda. Strange. Why had she gotten it exactly? Water would have been a much smarter, and healthier choice. The usually apathetic girl was surprised to find herself entertained for the second time that day. It seemed like she was still subconsciously thinking about that odd boy she had met in the hallway.

In spite of herself, Ayano begrudgingly had to admit that she didn't dislike Osano, as she thought she would. She was prepared to have to ignore the Najimi boy, but she actually found herself actively listening to his demure passive-aggressive compliments almost immediately followed by half-hearted insults. Those varying from 'Baka' to 'dummy' and 'stupid.' It just seemed so off that he said these things, that she found him a bit fascinating, like how a scientist would study a test subject. It got her wondering if other people talked to their friends like that. So she listened. And she stayed.

Ayano found herself remembering a snippet of their second conversation earlier that day, right before they exchanged ways to contact each other.

"Hey, Yan-Chan...I was wondering if maybe you wanted to swap numbers..so that we could talk some more after school later..?"

He had mumbled the whole thing, but she was pretty sure he had said that. But nevertheless, she asked him to repeat it.

"Huh, what was that Osano?"

"What's wrong, are you deaf or something? I just asked for your phone number, dummy."

"Oh, sure."

Ayano then noticed that she had a ghost of a smile on her face, and instantly returned her face to its blank expression when she noticed her new ally walking over to her, hands behind his back.

"There you are, I've been looking all over for you stupid!" Osano berated.

"Oh, hello Osano. I come up here every day, so you know where to find me, I suppose."

"Right, well I have something to give you, so shut up for a minute!" He yelled.

The gray-eyed girl looked up at him patiently, not at all anticipating that he would be handing her a bento, cutely wrapped in pink with white polka dotted fabric, uncoincidentally. She gazed up at her culinary savior with a look of awe. He couldn't have known right? It had to be a coincidence.

Her thoughts were interrupted when Osano exclaimed, "Hey..don't look at me like that okay? Just..shut up and eat your bento!"

"Thank you Osano, I was actually really hungry!" Ayano said, expressing her gratitude.

"Yeah, whatever...Don't mention it okay?" He murmured.

He then turned to start walking away, but Ayano stopped him.

"Actually, now that you're here, do you want to eat together?"

"I-I would love nothing more than..uh, I mean of course! I have nothing better to do anyway..."

"Okay then." Yan-Chan scooted over so that her new friend could have some room. He sat down beside her and took out his own bento. And it was at that moment that she decided, that Osano Najimi was alright.

Just then, a thought occurred to her. "Hey Osano, why did you give me this bento?" Ayano voiced.

"Oh, well I just wanted to apologize for earlier, I...I didn't mean to be rude..it's just that, well, sometimes you just catch me off guard, and-"

"Could you repeat that again Osano-Kun? You whispered the last part."

"Argh! I just wanted to say sorry, okay? For being rude, I mean.."

Ayano thought about it for a few moments. She considered not forgiving him, but something told her that this was just how he was. Plus, if they were going to be friends, then what use would holding a grudge get her?

"Okay. I accept your apology."

And thus, the beginning of a new friendship blossomed, like sakura blossoms in Spring.

To Be Continued...

Author's Note: Yes, I am aware that the gym teacher doesn't stand in front of the school anymore, but I just wanted to have her speak to Yan-Chan to fill up space, add in some dialogue so the story wouldn't seem too bland.

Tobiko: The tiny, orange, pearl-like balls that you put on sushi to add a crunch and salty taste to the dish.

Side note, I know that it's strange that Yan-chan just met Osano, and that Osana is supposed to be Senpai's childhood friend, but this is an alternate universe, and I didn't want Ayano to just be a female version of Senpai, so hopefully, you don't mind too much. But if you don't like this chapter, there's more to come with the other rivals, so stay tuned!