Final part! I know its sad, but this story was originally meant as a one shot which got way too long... Anyway so now we see how Lila deals with Marinette's gesture of kindness. (Fun times) =^-^=

Ch. 5 - Unlucky Fool

As luck would have it, Lila returned to school the very next day. Marinette was happy she decided to go ahead and bring it in. She was determined to make a new one every few days just to make sure it was fresh. As usual all the girls were around Lila though it didn't look like the typical fawning session. She held her gift securely in both hands as she approached. "Marinette?"

She turned to Adrien who was looking at her with a questioning expression. "Good morning, Adrien... Sorry, but I need to fix something real quick."

"I know you set her up!" Both of them turned to the scene with the girls. "Alya was holding up the crumpled sketch from before and glaring daggers at Lila. "I can't believe I ever trusted you!"

"What's wrong, Alya?" Rose asked looking as confused as the others.

"This design Lila claimed to have done, was stolen out of Marinette's sketch book! The torn edge matches perfectly to a missing page!" She then slammed her hands on the desk with more fury. "And Marinette knew didn't she? That's why she said she drew a better one. It's because she was trying not to let you get to her. You knew something like that would happen!" She continued to accuse. "I don't understand why you would do that? Was it because she was the only one to call you out on your lies?" Alya pulled out her phone. "And yes, I finally did some fact checking on some of your stories-"

"Excuse me, Alya." Marinette made her way through and placed the box in front of the pale Italian.

"Marinette?" Several of the girls questioned in unison. By this point most of them were standing beside Alya instead of Lila.

Marinette took a breath before putting on the most sincere smile she could and opening the box. It contained a small cake with Lilacs made of frosting adorning the top in a small pile. "I know you've been having a lot of bad luck lately, Lila." Lila looked down at the cake and then back at Marinette like she was crazy. "I made you this, and wish you good luck from now on." The room was quiet for several tense minutes.

"What the actual fuck?" Lila finally muttered as her fists balled on her desk. "You can take your good luck and-" Lila had grabbed the box and was preparing to throw it at Marinette before Adrien pulled her out of the way.

It was unfortunate that Ms. Bustier was coming in at that exact moment and when the box tore mid-swing, it was able to get just enough distance to make a hit. "Ms. Bustier!" Half the class called out as the cake fell from the teacher's face to the floor while leaving a trail of icing in its wake. She'd dropped her papers in shock and was now rubbing icing from her eyes. As soon she realized it was Lila who threw the cake she pointed to the door. "Lila, please go see Mr. Damocles."

"B-But I-" All the students around her were giving her disapproving expressions. "It was an accident!"

"You were going to throw it at Marinette weren't you?" Alya declared with a glare at the girl.

"W-why of course not. I was... just thinking all this for me was wasteful, that's all. I was trying to offer to share it." She tried ever so smoothly to cover her earlier impulse.

"I'm sorry, Lila, but I don't believe you." Adrien reproached as he held Marinette close. Marinette was blushing hard, but not doing anything to stop him. "Marinette was just trying to make amends with you."

"No, I really wasn't-" Lila tried again with her fake smile.

"I don't believe you either, Lila." Alya interrupted. "And from now on, I doubt I will."

"I've got some paper towels for you, Ms. Bustier." Rose exclaimed as she ran in.

"Yes, thank you, Rose. Now, Lila, please go to speak with Mr. Damocles. This is not up for debate." She ordered again in a more stern tone. Once she removed much of the icing the teacher's expression was obviously not budging.

With the lack of support from students around her Lila had no choice but to go. She did what she could to make herself look like a victim. "I-I'm sorry... It really was an accident." She declared as she started to cry into her arm and walk out.

Adrien held Marinette even closer as the Italian walked by, but didn't seem fully aware of his actions until Nino pointed it out. "So, dude, you gonna hold Marinette all day or what?" He teased with a jab of his elbow.

Adrien was confused for a moment before realizing how tightly he was holding the girl. He loosened his grip , but didn't fully release her. "I was just... uh, trying to keep her out of Lila's way just in case." He turned to the cherry red designer. "Are you okay, Marinette?"

"Oh, I doubt she's complaining." Alya remarked as she stood by her boyfriend.

"A-Alya!" Marinette whined as she pushed herself away. She then turned to Ms. Bustier to help and change the subject. "Um, the icing and dyes used will come out in the wash easily, Ms. Bustier. I also have some wipes in my bag. I was going to give them to Lila if she accepted the cake."

"I appreciate that, Marinette." The teacher then turned to the rest of class. "Have study hall until I return, and please, don't give any teacher in nearby classes a reason to come check on you." Marinette and Rose both followed her out to help while everyone else stayed behind to 'study'.

"So, Alya, what else did Lila lie about? You mentioned fact checking after calling her out before." Alix started as she sat back on the desk.

"Yeah, to be honest, that whole thing caught me off guard." Nathaniel agreed from back in his seat. Several of the others were now in their seats, but all eyes were on Alya.

"Right, I made a list." She then went about stating every lie she remembered and looked up last night.

Nino went to sit next to Adrien as the blond listened to Alya's discoveries. Finally, Lila won't be the center of attention, and Marinette won't have to worry about her friends turning against her. "Level with me, Adrien, are you and Marinette together?"

Adrien clearly missed his meaning if his response was any indication. "Well I like spending time with her, so usually."

Nino let out a sigh. "No, dude, I mean dating. You've been spending too much time for just friends. Plus, Marinette had to fight earlier just to get out of your arms. I get you were protecting her, but your expression wasn't just protective." Nino pointed out with a grin.

Adrien raised both brows as he felt his face start to burn. "But we're just friends, Nino, really."

"Friends? Okay, let me lay it down for you. Even though girls hugging is normal, if Alya was giving the level of attention to Marinette you were these last few weeks, then I'd be questioning our relationship." He then started counting on his fingers. "You walk her home, choose to sit next to her even though the desk was fixed, you wait on her hand and foot when she gets hurt, and what about that goofy look you have when you look at her?"

Adrien's face got even redder. "There's nothing wrong with walking a girl home, and of course I'm going to try and help a friend when they're hurt."

Nino nodded. "Sure, besides, you still have a crush on Ladybug right?" The DJ was obviously placating his friend. "But I'd like to point out you haven't mentioned Ladybug once since you started spending more time with Marinette. You have no idea how often you dropped her name when we talked did you?"

"I-I did?"

Nino sighed at the response. "Of course..."

Chat Noir arrived last, as always, in their usual spot on the Eiffel Tower. "Good evening, Milady." He greeted with a strangely happy tone, even for meeting Ladybug.

"You're in a good mood tonight, Chat. Something good happen?"

He crouched on the beam and scratched his cheek. "Uh yeah, but first, were you able to fix Lila's luck?"

Ladybug gave a shrug. "I tried, but she wouldn't accept it. I can't really do any more."

Chat chuckled. "Seriously? Wow, she rejected you too? I thought she would've learned her lesson after earlier, but I guess not."

"Earlier?" Ladybug inquired.

"Yeah, you remember Marinette right? The girl Lila was targeting? Well Marinette tried to give her a peace offering and she tried to throw it back in her face." He couldn't help but laugh. "But hit the teacher instead!" He held his stomach at remembering the incident. Ladybug watched him in minor surprise. How could he have seen that? Was he spying on her? Does Chat not go to school? She thought they were the same age. "Milady?" Chat was now looking at her curiously. "Something wrong?"

"Are you... spying on Marinette?"

"Huh!? Wh-? No, of course not, I was just trying to look out for her."

Despite the mask Ladybug did see his face growing darker. "Do you... like Marinette?" It would explain more of why he was willing to go so far for her despite not meeting more than a handful of times.

"Wha!? Not you too! Look we're just friends! I'm allowed to walk friends home, and worry about them when they get hurt, and there is nothing wrong with sitting next your friend in class! I... I just like spending time with her, that's all."

Ladybug was bewildered by the outburst, but what really got her was him claiming to spend time with her. She'd only seen him once as Marinette in the past month, and she'd been spending most of her time with... "Adrien?" Chat's speechless reaction said enough. "It's you isn't it? You've been Adrien all this time." Her own words surprised her.

"But... I... How?" Chat Noir spluttered not even able to deny it.

"I uh... I just guessed! I noticed how close Adrien and Marinette were when I went to fix Lila's luck before." She covered before looking around. "Anyway, it's late so..." She moved to swing away, but Chat took her wrist.

"Hold on, Ladybug! I just want you to know, I still love you! Nothing's changed about that." He declared so seriously it made her jealous he could.

"So you... really don't have any feelings for Marinette?"

Chat's expression flashed from shock to confliction. "I can't deny I do, Milady. Perhaps if I'd never met you I'd be confessing to her, but you had my heart the moment we met. I can't give it to anyone else. I promise you, that won't ever change." This, by far, was Chat Noir's most compelling confession, and it didn't hurt that she knew he was really her crush.

"C-Chat Noir..." In the moment, however, she forgot she was on a metal beam several stories up. With a single step back she fell with Chat Noir holding fast to her wrist still.

"Milady!" He clung to the beam with one hand while Ladybug dangled from the other. "Hold on, I've got you." With a heroic feat of strength he pulled her up before himself so that they were both laying on the beam.

"Ouch..." Ladybug muttered as she reached for her left wrist.

"Sorry, was I holding it too hard?"

"No, no, I appreciate you pulling me up. My wrist is just still sore from something I did a few weeks ago. Don't worry about it." She quickly pulled out her yo-yo and stood up. "Thank you, Chat Noir, but I need to get home." The cat hero let out a sigh as she left.

At school the next morning Marinette was greeted by a pile of gifts from the class. Her desk was completely covered in letters, candy, and even a full sized gift basket with 'I'm Sorry' written in bold letters. Adrien smiled warmly at the gestures as he watched every class member place something; well everyone but Chloe, but the fact she didn't do anything about it was gesture enough. Marinette was, of course, the last one to arrive, and completely floored by the gifts. "Wh-what are all these?"

"Exactly what it looks like, Marinette." Alya stated as she walked up and finally added her own. "I'm sorry I trusted Lila over you. I'm supposed to be your best friend, and I hope I can still call you that. If not now, then... eventually." Alya was close to tears which only made Marinette get emotional.

"It hurt... having you believe her over me."

Alya looked down. "I know."

"No you don't." Marinette shot back as a tear fell. The pit that was forming in the budding reporter's stomach was growing at her friend's words. "I never understood why you trusted her more than me when you only just met her."

"I..." Marinette saw Alya's fists clench and shake. "I'm terrible..., but if there's anything I can do to become your friend again I-"

"Just shut up, Alya." Marinette cut her off while wrapping her in a hug. "We're friends, Alya, and friends forgive each other for stupid mistakes." She pulled away and held her shoulders. "You'll have to earn my trust back, but we'll always be friends, Alya." She then looked around the room. "That goes for everyone." Though most of the class was having a hard time looking back at her, there were nervous gestures all around.

Rose was crying on Julika's shoulder with a forced smile. "T-thank y-you-u..."

Marinette smiled at the blond before turning back to the pile of gifts on her desk. "Now, what am I going to do with these?" She wondered with a sheepish chuckle.

"Good morning, class." Ms. Bustier greeted upon entering. The mood of the room wasn't lost on her and she also noticed the pile of gifts. "Before we begin I have an announcement. Marinette, since your desk is otherwise occupied, why don't you move up to the front?" She gestured to Lila's usual seat. "You as well, Adrien, since this is your assigned seat." A low murmur went around class as the two students moved to the front.

"Um, excuse me, Ms. Bustier, isn't that Lila's seat?" Alya asked with a raise of her hand. Not that she was complaining, but she knew better than to just assume things now.

"Yes, but that's part of my announcement. Lila Rossie will no longer be attending school here. Her mother came by yesterday, and according to what she told principal Damocles, she received a last minute transfer to Germany. It's unfortunate that due to circumstances regarding school integrity policy that she was not allowed to come in to say goodbye in person." The news had the whispers growing to full on gossip around the room.

Marinette looked on in surprise while Adrien wore a smirk. Ladybug couldn't fix the problem and so it fixed itself. He'd stop feeling angry about Lila now that she was moving out of France, and Marinette would be even safer from her. He turned to the girl beside him. "I know this sounds odd coming from me, but this is perfect... Huh? Did you hurt your wrist again?"

Marinette snapped out of her surprise and grabbed her bandaged wrist gently. "Uh... yeah, but it's fine. I just wasn't being careful last night..." She chuckled nervously and looked away. When she looked back Adrien was staring down at the desk looking deep in thought.

"Now then, class, we're going to start with last night's reading."

After class Alya sprang on Marinette. "Alright, girl, I've been wanting to do this for weeks, but what's the deal with you and Adrien?" She didn't even mind that said boy was still right next to her.

"Alya!" She called harshly with a blush.

Alya kept up her tease as she rested her head on her arms. "Oh come on, Marinette, you two have been practically glued together for weeks. Are you seriously not dating yet?"

"No, but my confession last night was kind of sudden. I wanted to give her more time before she decided." Adrien cut in with a soft smile at the girl sitting beside him.

"No way..." Alya's jaw dropped along with Marinette's. "He confessed to you?! You've got to give me some details girl!"

Marinette looked at Adrien still surprised by his comment. "R-right... I uh..." She found it hard to look at him.

"What are you waiting for, Marinette? This is perfect right? You've only been crushing on him all year."
Marinette's blush intensified at the revelation and she finally looked away. "Y-yeah well..."

"Please excuse us, Alya." Adrien took Marinette's good hand and pulled her aside. He pulled her down the hall away from the door so they wouldn't be over heard.

"A-Adrien, where are we going?"

"Please tell me I'm not dreaming, Milady." Marinette flinched at the name. "Please tell me, that the boy you always rejected me for really was me." He took both of her hands in his and looked her square in the eye. "I was serious last night, though I do find it ironic that I fell for the same girl twice without even noticing. If this is a dream, I don't want to wake up, so please tell me this is real."

"Chaton I... I was hoping I had a bit more time to figure all of this out." She let out a nervous chuckle. "And trust me, I didn't miss the irony either."

Adrien's smile grew as he reached out to cup her cheek. "So am I right in assuming I'm not being rejected again?"

"Silly kitty." She countered with a blush. "I'm not making that mistake again." She didn't even flinch when she felt his other arm wrap around her waist.

"Then with your permission, Milady, I believe this is a pur-fect time for me to kiss the girl of my dreams." She didn't say anything, and closed her eyes when he leaned in. The kiss was chorused by cheers and whistles from down the hall, though whether the couple heard them was debatable.

EXTRA: And poor miserable Lila had a marred school record that followed her to whatever school she attended. No one ever believed her, and in Germany they referred to her as "The Crying Wolf Girl". She became famous for her lies, and spent her time in the lime light being laughed at and belittled. After her fame ran dry she got a rather miraculous job following some celebrity and showering them with shallow compliments in order to get by. When they got tired of her she spent some time living in poverty since her mother refused to lend her any money since she didn't trust her anymore.

She eventually compromised and got Lila a janitorial job in a nearby school for the children of government officials. Through the years she spent there the kids learned of her history and would occasionally come to her to hear a ridiculous story or two. They would act like they believed her, but laugh behind her back. Just before she reached retirement age she had a heart attack while on the job. She was mopping the cafeteria when it hit, but when she turned to any other students and staff for help they refused to believe her and she didn't get help in time. Her funeral was attended by only a handful of people who were associated closely with her mother, and then she was cremated.

After her death her life story was immortalized by a budding young author who called their book "Lila, the Girl Who Cried Wolf: The modern true tale of a liar". The young writer won several awards for their work which added to the prestige of their already famous family. At the end of the book the author dedicates their book to Lila, the girl who inadvertently brought their parents together when she attended their school in Paris.=^-^=


And yes, that's the end. No more will be added to this story! I think I wrapped it up well right? I let Lila screw herself over, got Adrien and Marinette together with a reveal (Duh, of course I did) and made sure Lila never bothered them again. I also gave Lila a little more ending for those of you who wanted to know what happened when she left. I didn't feel like doing some epic thing after she reject's Marinette's cake. She really wasn't worth as much effort as I gave her at the end since this was supposed to be a way to use Lila to get Mari and Adrien together. I hope it was satisfactory, and ya'll will let me know how you felt with a review! Please and thank you for your time.=^-^=