Author Note: This is a slight retelling of the Killing Joke with Arthur Fleck as the Joker, Kara Zor-El x Barbara Gordon, and school teacher Babs.

Chapter one is rather graphic and some of the humor may be triggering.

"Oh look at that, Dad. You're getting paste on your pants."

Jim laughed quietly and ran a hand down his chin with a smile, looking up at Barbara in amusement. "Barbara, I swear you're turning into your mother with the fussing." He looked over and picked up the old newspaper, huffing a little at the photo of the clown.

"First time they met, he was all about the mistreatment of society back then." Jim scoffed, staring at the portrait of Arthur Fleck with a scowl.

"All I remember is you describing the green messy hair and clown makeup, as well as him using his victim's blood to smear a smile on his face. Scared the hell out of me." Barbara rolled her eyes and set the coffee down, perking up a little when the doorbell rang, "That must be Kara, she's bringing me to the Kent's for dinner."

"Might be time to start thinking about tying the knot officially, Barb. Before you get too old." Jim replied, taking a sip of his coffee.

"Yeah, I'll see you later Da-" Barbara cut off when she opened the door to see a smiling clown mask staring at her, she looked down slowly when she felt the barrel of a revolver against her stomach.

The shot rang out loudly, sending her flying back from the sheer force. She crashed into the glass coffee table, shattering it entirely as her hands clawed uselessly at the bullet hole, trying to desperately stop the bleeding.

A sick laugh sounded from the door as Arthur pulled off his mask, the clown stepping further into the apartment. He clapped his hands almost like a child and began dancing, his expression turning serious suddenly when he noticed Gordon begin to launch up. Arthur waved his hand dismissively and watched as two of his men rushed in, tackling the police Commissioner to the floor.

"Tsk tsk, the teacher's making a mess. How sad that not even she can keep clean..." He kneeled down beside Barbara and wiped away a tear, gently caressing her cheek before moving his hands down to her blood stained shirt.

Arthur sighed dramatically and dipped his pointer and middle fingers of both hands in a spot of blood, lifting his hands slowly to his face. He placed his fingers on his lips and slowly moved them upwards, stretching his face into a wide smile with her blood, the blood stretching out sinisterly.

"Why... are you doing this?" Barbara gasped out, coughing a bit of blood onto the floor as more tears fell from her eyes in waves.

"To prove a point, Ms. Gordon." Joker stood slowly and extended his arms in victory, spinning in a circle to face his henchmen. The clown smiled widely and began walking away, stopping when he heard one of his men stand up from Gordon.

Joker sighed tiredly and turned just in time to see the criminal kneeling beside Barbara with a hand grasping her breast, the clown cleared his throat loudly and reached into his coat, drawing a switchblade.

"Just what do you think you're doing, Bo? Hmmm? I thought I told you that this is not how we do this?" Joker asked calmly, walking up the man. He grabbed him by the back of his head and stared for a while, his eyes unhinged and full of rage.

"I'm sorry, boss. I-" The thug began, shutting up as soon as he saw the knife go near his face.

"Unfortunately, sorry doesn't cut it. You're sicker than me... And NO ONE is allowed to be sicker than me!" Joker tightened his grip on Bo's hair and suddenly drove his blade into the man's stomach several times before letting go and allowing the body to fall to the floor. He tutted softly and chuckled, cleaning his knife off before turning towards Barbara. "I'm sorry you had to see that. It's just... I don't like people like that. Now say cheese."

Joker reached into his pocket and pulled out a camera, snapping a few photos of her broken body as his remaining follower carried Jim out the door.

"Have a nice career, Ms. Gordon, it's a shame you won't get to see your father's debut and descent into madness. But we didn't sell tickets that extended to the disabled." Joker chuckled at his sick joke and turned, walking off before stopping at the doorway.

"Oh and make sure the children do their homework, though it'll be harder considering you'll be smaller than them." He laughed heartily and closed the door.