"Think the rumors are true? That Joker actually smoked Gordon's kid?" One thug asked, leaning on the alley wall.

"Yeah, shot her right through the stomach. Not sure if she's dead, but the bitch deserves it cause of her dad." Another replied, shrugging as he lit a cigarette. He took a drag and blew a bit of smoke out. "Damn psychopaths in this city, man. Clown even drew a smile on his face in her blood, gotta be real crazy to do that."

"Just a moment ago you were saying how she-" The thug cut off when he heard a rustle from the rooftops. "What the hell?"

"What? What is it?"

"Shut up, you idiot. I heard something, up on the roof." The one thug whispered, drawing his gun when he heard the rustle again. He aimed at the rooftops frantically, his hand shaking. "Whatever it was... It's gone n-" He was saying as he turned to face his friend, shutting up immediately when he saw the black mass behind the other man.

"You're paranoid, man. Bat's not here." The other thug shook his head and turned, backing up quickly when he saw the glowing white eyes. "Holy shit!"

The mass reached out, grabbing the thug by the wrist and twisting. The man fell to the ground with a loud scream, cradling his broken wrist to his chest. "Talk, both of you. Where's Joker?" Batman asked, his voice a low growl.

"I dunno, all we know is that he's got Gordon! Something about driving the old commissioner insane, far as I'm concerned he deserves it. And that little bitch of a daughter he's got deserved what she go- AGH!" The thug started, screaming when the Bat kneed him in the jaw, cracking it.

"TELL ME WHERE HE IS!" The Bat hollered, staring the two down.

"Arkham! He's got Gordon at Arkham Asylum!" The other thug yelled, dropping his gun to the ground. He flinched and began cowering against the wall, letting out a startled cry when he heard the other man fall to the ground. He barely even heard the Bat move.

Batman stepped closer to the thug, slamming the man's head into the concrete of the wall before walking out of the alleyway slowly, his cape billowing behind him.

I'm coming for you, Arthur...