Chapter 13: Ambitions

(Isshiki Iroha POV)

"Senpai, you irritating, inconsiderate, incorrigible meanie!" I muttered.

Why am I this easy, I wonder?

Of all people I would feel this way toward, why does it have to be you!?

Ever since the day we first met, my affection toward Hayama-senpai slowly turned its direction and finally directed at you.

During the election, the fact that you kept ignoring my existence hurt.

After the election ended, I asked Hayama-senpai out and got rejected, yet I felt nothing.

Since then I'm sure of it, my feelings grew for you, and yet you kept our distance longer and longer, even my message that I have Totsuka-senpai delivered to you got rejected.

But I'm not gonna give up because that's my ambition!

Even after all those meanie treatments, my feelings still haven't faltered, in fact, it's addictive.

For you to make me forget my affection towards Hayama-senpai and awaken my inner masochistic, I'll have you take responsibility, definitely!

Let's see how you are going to do with what I left in your shoe locker today, ehehe…

(Isshiki Iroha POV Ended)

(Narrator POV)

After noticing that Yukinoshita Haruno chased after Shiromeguri Meguri and getting out of the hotel herself, a certain boy came out of his hideout.

He is a short boy with brown hair. He wears a black shirt, a mask over his face, a brown furry jacket, and green pants with an artificial white tail. He has a red double belt. On his head is a white helmet with red goggles.

After making sure that Haruno was nowhere to be found, the boy took out his phone and contacted someone.

"This is Mashira Toukichirou (真白 藤吉郎), Yukinoshita Haruno has left the hotel." said the boy.

"I understand. I will report that to our Master so you and your underlings keep messing with those staff a little longer." replied the one Toukichirou talking to.

"Seriously, why am I the one who has to take this role and not you, Ranmaru?" said Toukichirou, annoyingly scratched his head.

"That's because your patience is low. Now don't waste my time and please do your job." replied Ranmaru as he hung up the line.

"Tch, now whose patience is lower, I wonder?" complained Toukichirou.

After the staff chased after red parrots and got themselves outside of the hotel, Toukichirou asked his underlings who wore the mask similar to his to keep the ruckus going on.

Some of them snatched staff's wallets, some of them snatched staff's smartphones and ran around the town while Toukichirou just boringly watched the havoc in front of him.

On the other hand, the one Toukichirou talking to, headed toward the Angel Ladder Café.

"She's mostly seen with a huge man with black hair which is spiked up in the back, grey eyes, wears a purple suit with a pink shirt underneath and a white tie, huh? What an intimidating bodyguard she has there."

(Narrator POV Ended)

(Hikigaya Hachiman POV)

Asides from Hachiju and Hassen, I'm sure everyone has their mouths agape.

Of all the reasons why he's here, it has to be because he wanted to cancel the engagement?

Although it's not strange at all since he's not look like he would get along with someone like Shiromeguri-senpai ever since they both met face to face in the Service Club.

However, there's something I don't understand.

As I was about to continue my thought, it was spoken by someone else.

"But considering that this is you we're talking about, senpai. I don't see why you're having a problem handling this kind of problem, your reasoning is cold yet remarkable, right?" asked Oichi-san.

Yeah. It is really hard to imagine he wouldn't be rejected by Shiromeguri-senpai's parents considering that he's not having a problem dealing with Hiratsuka-sensei so rudely.

"Because adults these days are quite idiots themselves, that's why. And unfortunately for me that it's those mentioned idiots who have the authority I need for that." replied Hachiju.

So you're saying that they managed to handle and tolerate your personality which they believe that Shiromeguri-senpai would be able to do as well, huh? Rather than just idiots, they're weirdos!

And neither you nor Shiromeguri-senpai has any say in it? What kind of parents are both of yours, really?

"Then what about Shiromeguri-senpai? Is that person alright with your decision of overthrowing that ridiculous engagement?" said Oichi-san.

"Who cares?" nonchalantly replied Hachiju.

This guy…

"Also, do I need any reason to let this continue when I don't have feelings for her?" said Hachiju.

No shit, Sherlock.

However, I kinda understand why Oichi-san asked this despite the obvious.

Even if Shiromeguri-senpai doesn't want to engage with him, given the fact that she's as much of a peacemaker as Hayama, I highly doubt that she would have enough guts to against the engagement herself until the very end, unlike Hachiju who would summon the chaos just to slap some sense into others.

Honestly, she and him were like an antithesis to each other.

Oichi-san closed her eyes and sighed.

"I hope you're not doing something overboard seriously, senpai. Since I'm now the Sobu High School student council president, be it physically or mentally, I don't think I could allow myself to let you harm fellow students on my watch, especially your upperclassmen." warned Oichi-san.

"I have already left the matter to your brother to handle it and you know it so you should tell that to him instead." said Hachiju.

"I'm sure Onii-sama knows how to handle it properly. I'm telling you because I know that Onii-sama isn't your only resort and that worries me." said Hachiju.

"Then all you should do is to make sure that resort's strategy bears fruit that satisfies me if you're that worried. However, just as you can tell that I'm not putting my full trust on him, I also can tell that you might abandon your responsibilities if you find my deal with him interesting enough." said Hachiju.

Oichi-san closed her eyes and threw us a thousand-watts smile.

"Senpai, you idiot. Don't praise me out loud like that. Ehehe~" said Oichi-san as she faked her embarrassment.

"No one praises you for that!" x4

Her bodyguard assistant, Hachiju, Hassen and I threw that line to her face in unison.

Seriously, she's a horrible combination of Haruno and Komachi.

Now I'm worried about the school having someone like her as a student council president.

Then, an unfamiliar voice spoke up.

"I think it's about time you left the scene, Tenma Ichi-sama (天魔 市)."

Everyone's attention turned to the owner of that voice.

If I have not met Totsuka before, I might think that this person is a female at first glance.

He has long spiked hair, which comes down in a ponytail. It is mostly blonde, but with some purple bangs. He has orange eyes. He wears a long shirt which is white and purple hybrid, with some pink trim, and baggy white pants. He also has black arm coverings and black shoes. He wears a black necklace with a blue orb.

Who is that?

"Who are you?" asked Oichi's bodyguard.

The mysterious guy turned his attention to the one asking him a question.

"You must be her bodyguard, Shiraishi Katsuie (白伊紫 勝家), right? Well, don't worry, I'm not having any ill intentions. It's just I'm here to do the task Master entrusted to me." said the mysterious person.

"How can I believe your words when you're not even telling us your name?" asked the bodyguard, or should I address him as Shiraishi-san now?

"You're right. However, it can't be helped since my Master didn't order me to do anything like that, at least for now so please don't mind it." replied the mysterious guy.

After saying that, the mysterious guy took out the mysterious fan with calligraphic handwriting '信長' writing on it.

Wait a minute… That calligraphic handwriting… Isn't that…

"T-That fan, It's—Ouch!" said Shiraishi-san but he was forced to stop it midway.

Oichi-san shut his mouth by stepping on his foot heavily with a bright smile.

Scary… I guess everyone has their dark side hidden after all.

"Well then, shall we leave peacefully, K.A.T.S.U.I.E?" said Oichi-san playfully.

Translation: Obediently leaving without words or having both your feet crushed.

Shiraishi-san seemed to understand her message and obediently left together with her.

After both of them left my sight, the mysterious guy approached us so calmly.

"Now then, Sanshokuin Hachiju, was it? If you're really what Master described you then you must know why I'm here with that fan, right?" said the mysterious guy.

Right. If I'm not mistaken, those kanjis were Hachiju's handwriting.

"Your master's method really annoyed the hell out of me. Is that a satisfying answer for you?" replied Hachiju.

"It would be satisfying if you find it interesting instead." said the mysterious guy, coldly.

"Well, enough unnecessary chitchat, shall we? Your master definitely does not want you to waste time on that either, right?" said Hachiju.

"That's more like it. About the details of the engagement you wanted it to cease from existence, I will have you tell me what you want to forbid us from doing." said the mysterious guy.

Oh yeah. It's natural to have a boundary on what to do about that. It makes sense.

"Well, killings and torturings are forbidden, I guess." suggested Hachiju.

"You don't say." I said.

"Just so you know that we're neither criminals or assassins so don't worry." said the mysterious guy while rubbing his temple.

Sorry about my brother. I can feel you.

"Any method that wouldn't involve my family as much as possible. And by 'family', your master should know who I'm specifically referring to." said Hachiju.

"Yes, yes. I understand, mister familial idiot." replied the mysterious guy.

"Also, make sure the two families won't be able to trace me. That's all." said Hachiju.

"Roger. I will take all your words to my master without fail." said the mysterious guy as he was about to leave.

The staff are returning back.

But before the staff could notice any of us, the mysterious guy chanted something before pulling the pin off of something like a grenade.

"Rin Hyo Toh Sha Kai Jin Retsu Kai Zen!"

After that, the purple smoke erupted and covered the entire café.

Before we could do anything, Hachiju pierced his fingers on himself, my and Hassen.

"H-hey, what are y—Mhm?!" I said but having my mouth covered halfway by Hachiju.

"Quiet. Now take us out, Hassen." said Hachiju.

Now we're able to leave the café without being caught by staff.

"Hey! What's going on here? I demanded an explanation!" I demanded.

"Alright. Since we're probably far enough from anyone to notice then we could talk here." said Hachiju.

Of course we're far enough, we're in the place I didn't even know. Not to mention that we had to throw up halfway.

"We're in the family restaurant which Sumireko used to visit lately, I think it's called Cheerful Skewered or something." said Hassen.

"I'm not talking about that!" I said.

"Well, how do I start here? Let's begin with that mysterious guy, is it alright?" asked Hachiju.

"Please do that." I said.

"Oichi's big brother, my former boss, you've heard that he's doing all this just to avoid that jester, right? If so, he can't afford to give any single clues which lead her to his whereabouts so he sent that guy to meet me on his own behalf." said Hachiju.

"And you're sure he's the right one? Also, if it weren't for Shiromeguri-senpai suddenly leaving the scene made Haruno-san leave, he wouldn't be able to meet you, isn't it?" I asked.

"That fan is something my former boss used to lend it to his secret agent which I also used to be so it's no mistake, especially when it was a fan he begged me to write his name on it using my calligraphy skill." replied Hachiju.

Well, that makes sense.

"It's a mere coincidence that the jester left on her own. However, given the fact that the mysterious guy has a 'drunken god' with him, he will still be able to meet me." said Hachiju.

"Drunken God?" I asked.

"It's my creation during my time as his worker. A special alcohol that will make even a heavy drinker drunk for three days straight. However, you can drive it out of your body if you were acupunctured beforehand for ten minutes at most." said Hachiju.

So that was acupuncturing and the reason why we threw up.

"Even though no one would be able to trace him just from that set up, he still has to do this. That means he couldn't afford to take it easy when it comes to that jester after all." said Hachiju.

"Just how scary is that woman, really?" I muttered.

"I guess being in love makes people scarier isn't the complete nonsense after all." added Hassen.

Who in the world announced that, I wonder?

"I really hope those parents be more reasonable and not suggesting this stupid engagement to begin with." said Hachiju with a heavy sigh.

"That's because you couldn't be dealt with when they're reasonable, isn't it?" said Hassen.

"It's already weird that you of all people were picked as a candidate to begin with." I said.

"Rather than weird, I would say it's troublesome instead, not weird at all." said Hachiju.

"You're saying like it's pretty much obvious that you would get engaged?!" I said.

Not even I, who aim to be a househusband has the gut to genuinely think that.

"It's the Sanshokuin family we're talking about. However, that doesn't mean I don't find it troublesome even though it's because of parental love." said Hachiju with a big sigh.

"Parental love?" I asked.

"Although we're adopted children, they cared for us as much as Sumireko. And they're pretty much worried about our unsociable tendencies and having our love unrequited." said Hassen.

So that's mean…

"For the sake of your healthy love life, after you rejected their kindness over and over, they decided to force the engagement on you." I deduced which he nodded.

I'm feeling sorry for them, but at the same time, as someone who dreams about becoming a househusband, I'm quite jealous.

Even though he's not aiming for that goal, he's one step ahead of me on that.

I wish I get the same treatment someday.

"Since both matriarchs of Sanshokuin family and Shiromeguri family were good friends and the daughter of that family still has no boyfriend so they just match us up. Those hags." said Hachiju.

"How can they think that this is a good idea?" I said.

Really. Knowing your son has his love unrequited so you just force him to engage with a daughter of your friend?!

"They think it's a win-win for them both. Considering how much protective I have toward people who are dear to me, Shiromeguri parents think I'm going to be the most suitable guy for their daughter once I fall in love with her, plus, early engaging would keep the boys from fawning over her." complained Hachiju.

Are they sure they're looking for someone to be their daughter's fiancé and not just some bodyguard?

"And they're just so freaking annoying, ever since I'm enrolled here, they started to try setting me up with her. For example, contact my homeroom teacher to force me to become a candidate for cultural festival committee member and the request for solving the student council president nomination case." said Hachiju.

Alright, I take back my words, I'm fine without having parents forcing me to engage with anyone. I have already had a lot of my own privacy taken a lot lately so no thanks.


"It's not like you would just give up on changing their mind on your own, right? So why?" I asked.

"They raised me for a decade or longer. I can't just act rebellious when they've gone this far." replied Hachiju.

"Say the one who engaged in a big fight with my current parents who also raised you for quite a long time as well." I muttered.

But I can't say I'm not understand him. Keeping on a front line rebellious act and that certain dark past would repeat itself and that's not what he wanted.


"But that wasn't nearly enough to make me overlook my own feelings. I'm not some sort of love comedy protagonist who would let other people decide what I should be or what I should do." said Hachiju.

Yeah. He's that kind of a guy.

"I wonder what Shiromeguri-senpai planned to do about this engagement. Is she just going to accept it even though she's not willingly agreeing?" I said.

Hachiju sighed again.

I swear. One more time and I'll nickname you a sigh prince.

"When facing her own parents, she's just a loser. Sure, she did say one or two things to voice out her protest. However, in the end of the day, of all choices she picked, she picked a compromise, fallacious argument." said Hachiju.

"Ah… no wonder why you hate her guts that much." I said.

His answer reminded me of the day we reunited with each other during the Kyoto trip.

If I was him, I might punch her straight away for it.

"There's no way I would play along with it, so I drove her over the edge." said Hachiju.

"Hah?!" I said.

What did you just say?! Even though you didn't mean it in a way people thought it is you shouldn't say that while you're in such a place!

"I'm not talking about something indecent. But something that could mark the terror into her heart." said Hachiju.

"I hope police aren't around here." I muttered.

Seriously, what a bold, shameless criminal.

"If you're not bothered by your surroundings then let's hear it out, that non-indecent deed of yours." I said.

"After Hassen and I came out of the male restroom, I saw her wallet dropped on the floor near the nearby female restroom. At that moment, I crafted the plan and had both Kazumi and Futami surveillance that girl. If she came back to claim her wallet back then Kazumi had to come back." said Hachiju.

"After Kazumi came back, Hachiju timed the right moment where she would appear to be eavesdropping on us while she got her wallet back. The content we fed to her ears, I gotta say it sent a chill down my spine a bit." added Hassen.

"Why do I have a feeling that the temperature around me started dropping rapidly?" I muttered.

"If I remember correctly, I guess I joked with Hassen that if the engagement turned into marriage then I would drug her parents with a special amnesia drug or something." said Hachiju, nonchalantly.

"And you also say that you're not care whether both of her parents are dead either." added Hassen.

So that's why you phrased it as marking the terror in her heart.

"You're really an unkind, meanie and worst fiancé she could ever have." I said.

"Are you sure you don't want to add 'murderous' in that line?" said Hachiju, smirked.

"Although I don't know if you have such a drug or not, I know you wouldn't go that far for real. In other words, those contents you fed into her ears were nothing but a bad bluff." I said.

Hachiju might be a stubborn brat, but he does know that it's wrong to rip off people's life for his own stubbornness.

"Aren't you sharp, Hachiman? I'm proud of you." said Hachiju.

It's because of his wording that I understand.

Even though he said that he wouldn't care if her parents were dead, that doesn't mean he will have them dead.

Even if he has that kind of drug for real, he didn't say that her parents would die because of it.

Since no one is immortal, so even if he doesn't do anything, her parents will die someday anyway. Basically, he didn't say anything wrong, it's just he purposely picked the misleading phrasing and set her up.

"However, I couldn't believe that Shiromeguri-senpai would be so gullible to believe it so easily." I said.

I mean, there's a possibility that she would consider his talk with Hassen as a joke, right?

"It's all because Hachiju purposely flashed that thing to her vision." said Hassen, emphasizing the 'that thing' part.

"That thing?" I asked.

"I don't have the exact same thing with me right now, but I have something similar to that." said Hachiju as he pulled out a toothpaste.

The containment is so transparent that I could see the toothpaste inside it.

"Um… what about this toothpaste?" I asked.

Then Hachiju split it into three equal pieces.

"W-what are you doing?" I asked.

Both Hachiju and Hassen take them into their mouth, leaving the last piece for me.

Are you guys insane?!

"It's marshmallow flavor, huh?" said Hassen.

"There's no way we would get any chocolate because they were all her prince's." said Hachiju.

Marshmallow? It's edible.

Out of curiosity, I picked that last piece into my mouth and chewed.

"It's really a marshmallow even though it looks like a real toothpaste." I said.

"That's right. The marshmallow container is just a modified edible capsule." said Hachiju.

It's really well-made. I couldn't tell it at first glance at all.

"However, what I showed her at that time isn't toothpaste, but a syringe." said Hachiju.

"And it's a white chocolate inside, really tasty to be honest." added Hassen.

"I see. That's why she couldn't help but being deceived so easily." I said.

Shiromeguri-senpai might not just believe if it's just words, but having a syringe will ruin her rational thinking and make her take the misunderstanding seriously.

Seriously, his ambition to put off the engagement is crazily high.

Shiromeguri-senpai, you're picking a fight with a wrong person.

"It's kinda funny to see her trying to report that to the adults despite the fact that she doesn't have any evidence to sue Hachiju even though she searched every single place and doing all those body checks just to end up being called a drama queen. Thanks to that, I heard the school is more or less her oasis, until we transferred ourselves in there as well." said Hassen.

Well, the evidence she needed already fell into their stomach, how pitiful.

Not to mention that the thing she needs as evidence is just a mere syringe-shaped white chocolate capsule.

And now her own oasis for her heart was invaded. How sad.

"Who care? As long as she's motivated to end the engagement instead of just pointlessly compromising everything for the sake of face value peace, that's all there is to it." said Hachiju.

"That's really a scary way to teach her how frightening your selfishness is." retorted Hassen.

"That's rude. It's 'ambition', not 'selfishness'." retorted Hachiju.

Hear that? He crafted that life-threatening joke just to motivate someone to do him a favor.

I can hardly call it 'motivate', I think the combination between 'bullying' and 'manipulating' suits his actions better.

"How did you get that white chocolate capsule in the first place, I wonder?" I asked.

"The engagement is held on Valentine's Day, so Sumireko gave it to us as a merely obligatory chocolate." replied Hachiju.

"To think she could go that far just to make an obligatory chocolate, I'm moved." said Hassen with a bitter smile.

You don't need to act tough, y'know? She basically doesn't want anyone to know that she's even given chocolate to you guys so she did that. Not to mention that your bitter smile already told me that you know it as well.

However, all of sudden, Hachiju and Hassen's faces turned pale.

Then suddenly, I could feel the cold gaze directed at us three from another table. The gaze itself is probably said 'get out of here at once!'.

The gaze is coming from a petite and plain flat-chest girl with chest-length black hair that is tied in low braids with bangs hanging on the right side, light blue eyes, thick black square-rimmed glasses and she has an infamy for looking gloomy.

Hachiju and Hassen quickly asked for a bill and got out of the place as soon as they finished paying the bill.

After finishing my bill, I got out of the place and joined my brothers.

"What's with that girl, really?" I asked.

"I completely forgot that our little sister was also hanging out there today." said Hassen.

"Seriously, she doesn't trust us that we won't be there just to spoil her love nest at all." complained Hachiju.

"What the heck? That girl is Sumi—Mhm?!" I said but my mouth was blocked halfway by Hassen.

"Don't mention her name just yet. Sure, she was so much different from what you know but that's definitely her." said Hassen.

"How can that be possible?!" I said.

"With bandages and all those plain decorations, it's possible in its own way." replied Hachiju while averted his eyes.

Translation: Don't ask me for further details, even I don't know exactly why it worked that way either.

Well, sorry for asking then.

And thanks to all of these bizarre things, I arrived home late, got scolded heavily by Komachi and got neither dinner nor tomorrow's breakfast as a punishment.

(Hikigaya Hachiman POV Ended)

(Mashira Toukichirou POV)

It's finally over…

"I wished you could hold them back a little longer, Toukichirou." said the voice I'm well familiar with.

"Blame yourself for taking too much time then, Ranmaru." I said.

Yeah, that voice belongs to my companion, Shikigami Ranmaru (紫鬼神 蘭丸).

"So, how was it?" I asked.

"He's just like what the master described him to be so things went smoothly. However, as expected, he couldn't remember who I was at all." replied Ranmaru.

Figured. There's no way he could remember that Ranmaru and I used to be the victims of bullying who were able to commit coup d'état and get revenge on those bullies thanks to his doing (even though we're ended up losing our way of living after graduation from the middle, we're grateful).

Ranmaru and I really want to see and thank him someday for that, which our master is so kind as to grant us those wishes with this mission.

Now that makes me annoyed as to why I'm not getting to see him while Ranmaru gets that chance.

"Seriously, why can't our roles be switched? Keeping those guys accompanied really is a pain." I complained.

"That's because you're too impatient, and on top of that, bad at negotiating. Also, you're not the only one who has trouble. Because of Yukinoshita Haruno getting out on her own, I have to make sure I won't be spotted." said Ranmaru.

Yeah. That unexpected situation really messed up our master's plan.

At first, I will have my underlings causing the ruckus to draw attention while Ranmaru and I sneak in. And once we arrive at the café, I will get Yukinoshita Haruno out of the café while hiding my face with a monkey mask so that Ranmaru could meet Sanshokuin Hachiju to negotiate with him. And the master mentioned that we have to make sure that Yukinoshita Haruno wouldn't notice our identity.

All so that the master could move freely without being caught by Yukinoshita Haruno.

If possible, the Master said we should hide our identity from his sister too.

If using any sort of technology contact, Yukinoshita Haruno might be able to trace him, or so the master said.

Seriously, what kind of monster does our master think that woman is?

However, the couple of parrots just snatched my phone and I ended up chasing after it, leaving Ranmaru behind.

When I got my phone back and planned to get in, Ranmaru stopped me, saying that Yukinoshita Haruno was getting out of the café out of her own will so we will have to observe her while hiding our presence.

And that makes me have to make sure she stayed out there. But I can't follow her, giving the information about her from the master, it's not a good thing to stalk her.

Also, to make things look more natural, Ranmaru requested young master Ichi to get out of the hotel as well.

If the master's little sister isn't there, Yukinoshita Haruno won't have any reasons to return to that café.

"Our works here are over, let's go before the police get involved." warned Ranmaru.

"W-what?! There's more work?! I've never heard that from our master at all!?" I complained.

"What are you talking about, Toukichirou? Both of us swore our lifetime loyalty to master, remember? Of course we're going to carry out any kind of mission he bestowed on us not only now but also in the future as well so stop acting childish and—" said Ranmaru but stopped halfway.

Well, I'm the one who signaled him to stop.

"You're right, Ranmaru. I shouldn't have complained over such trivial things, especially when I've sworn my oath to him. Let's go!" I said, moved by his reminder.

That's right. To repay master for reaching his hand to people who lost their way like us, we will definitely make his coup d'état ambition bear the greatest fruits ever.

(Mashira Toukichirou POV Ended)

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