It's finally here. The sequel to The French Mistake 2 An Archangel Nightmare. I apologize for the long wait I did have other stories to complete.

It's time for another ride of craziness, jumping worlds and a couple of chic flick moments. I will suggest to read the first story otherwise you will have no idea what is going on lol.

it's time for The Heavenly Mistake



Cas runs in.

Sam stands up.


"Sam you are okay?" Cas sighed with relief.

"Castiel what is it?" Michael asks.

"Something is wrong. Outside."

The archangel without hesitation opens the door and goes outside.

The gardens, houses, cars and streets have been replaced with a land that had been bombed, destroyed. Corpses are scattered across the rocky ground with their eyes burnt out.

No! Michael thought with horror.

Sam, Jack and Cas come out and they all had the same matching expressions.

"This can't be happening." Jack says.

Worry appears on Michael's face.


They all turn round but the house is gone.

"No." Michael says his eyes wider than ever.

Then both the angel and the archangel gasp and their eyes glow blue.

"Your powers are back." Jack says.

"That's because we are in a different universe." Sam says. "We are in the Apocalypse World."

He looks at Michael.

"His world."


The grey sky casts over the gloomy atmosphere. There was no sound of life everything was silent. A type of silent that only caused uneasiness and uncertainty.

There was no sign of life on the wasted lands. However over the hills there was four humans walking through the deserted landscape.

The first man had long brown hair, brown eyes and was very tall. He charged ahead of the group looking like he needed to be somewhere. His expression is eager and determined.

Closely behind him is a man with blue eyes, short black hair and wore a trench coat. He to looked just as determined but also wary. He kept his guard up and he observed his surroundings taking in every detail.

Next to the blue-eyed man is a younger man possibly around his teens. This young man also looked determined however there is a hint of worry in his eyes as well.

Lastly at the back of the group is a man with fair blonde hair and green eyes. He looked sad, damaged, lost. He looked like someone who just lost a loved one. He looked like he is grieving.

The youngest of the group looks over his shoulder at the blonde man. He frowns and faces the trench coat man.

"Castiel, I'm worried."

Castiel frowns at him.

"What about?"

"Michael." His eyes go on the blonde man known as Michael. "He's been quiet too quiet. I don't like it. "

Castiel glanced over. His eyes met Michael's for a second. Michael huffed and lowers his eyes again.

"I see what you mean Jack."

"He's been like this since we started the journey." Jack tried to keep his voice low but it was hard when Michael had enhanced hearing and can hear everything what they are saying. "What do we do?"

"Ask him if he is okay?" Castiel suggested.

Jack snorted. Michael was an enemy. Their greatest enemy. They were once at each other's throat. Now they are concerned about him? All of them has certainty come a long way in their relationship with the enemy turned possible ally.

Jack picks up in pace and taps the long hair man on the shoulder.


"Yeah Jack?"

Sam looks down at the youngest of the team with concern.

"Can you ask Michael if he is okay?"

Sam paused in his tracks.

"You want me to do what?"

"Keep walking." Jack says. "Otherwise Michael will think we're up to something."

The two of them start walking again. Jack sent Michael a few concerned looks before facing the hunter.

"Something is up with Michael." Jack explained. "He's been quiet, hasn't said a word."

"What do you expect him to say Jack?"

"This is his world. Don't you think he would have a lot to say? His army is here but no he hasn't said a word." He wants for a response but Sam looked too deep in his own thoughts to answer him. Jack perked up and said. "Do you think he is plotting against us? Giving us the silent treatment thinking we wouldn't suspect anything? Is he using angel radio?"

"A minute ago you were worried about him. " Sam scoffed.

Jack snaps his head back and huffs in frustration. Sam can see the kid is agitated and desperate for answers. Not just that as soon as they all ended up here the soldier within the former nephilim was triggered. The need to stand, take leadership and fight consumed the kid. Sam can see this place affected Jack. The former nephilim and Mary Winchester fought against the archangel Michael in this world. This was the time the nephilim shone. He was seen as the all-powerful leader and hero then that all fell apart when Lucifer took his grace leaving him vulnerable and human.

The quietest member of the team suddenly stopped and looks up at the sky.

"I think we should stop."

Everyone snaps their heads towards the archangel who has spoken for the first time since they arrived here. Michael looks at each member and awkwardly shifts from side to side.

"It's getting late." Michael explained. "Seeing that Castiel and I are not up to full power it is not wise for us to be out here especially on a full moon."

Sam craned his neck upwards. The sky is dark and grey Sam wasn't sure how the archangel knew it is a full moon. Michael again lowers his eyes looking lost in thought again.

"The plan." Sam frowned. "We agreed to go to your fortress, get the ingredients and open the rift to go home."

"It's far Samuel." Michael cringed at the reminder. "If my wings are operating I could have taken us there but..." He rolls his shoulders to prove a point. "It seems being human has taken a toll on me. I advise you all of you to take shelter for the night."

"As much as I want to disagree he's right." Jack nodded. "Bobby told me about all the monsters here. Their not normal. Sam, Castiel you already met the vampires. The werewolves are to not be messed with either. The monsters here are not like Michael's monsters. Their worst because due to lack of food their need to feed is strong they can't control their hunger when there is nothing to help them control it. Furthermore monsters have lost themselves their humanity is gone so here they are just crazy, starved bloodsucking beasts that will do anything to get what they want. You don't wanna be around them trust me. "

Sam and Castiel looked impressed by the nephilim's knowledge of the Apocalypse World.

"You did your research." Michael nodded.

"Had to know my allies and enemies especially when it came to protecting innocent people from you and your army." Jack put coldly.

Michael looked uncomfortable. Jack smiled, pleased by the archangel's reaction.

"So we set up camp." Sam says. "Umm Michael."

Sad green eyes turn to the younger hunter.


"Anything from Dean?"

Dean was Sam's first question as soon as they arrived in this waste of a land. Although Michael had his powers back he couldn't sense Dean he wasn't strong enough to form a connection yet. Usually he would tease Sam regarding his close bond with Dean but instead the archangel shook his head and mumbled an "Sorry nothing." and looks the other way.

Sam understood what Jack meant now. Something is wrong with Michael. He wasn't sure if it because they are back in his world. Michael did abandon his army, left the angels stranded while he crossover to the Winchesters world. Are the angels really going to welcome him back in open arms?

That's why Sam made sure he stayed vigilant on this mission. He had a feeling going to Michael's fortress is not going to be easy.

The four of them start to gather wood. Sam stayed with Michael as they searched for wood. Although they are on good terms now Sam didn't trust him. Not yet. Anything could happen once they retrieve the ingredients Michael could turn on them, go through the rift and leave them behind.

The whole speech back in the actors world about stopping his monster army, restoring Heaven, leaving Dean it could just be another one of Michael's lies.

Michael did save them from the kidnappers. Well from what Sam can vaguely remember. The younger hunter wasn't in the right frame of mind after that hit to the head.

"Take a picture it will last longer."

Sam immediately looks the other way trying to make a point that he wasn't staring at the archangel. Michael wasn't stupid. He carried the wood under his arm and gives Sam a frown.

"I know you are all talking about me."

Sam opens his mouth to argue but the archangel didn't want to know. Sam sighs and follows the archangel back.

"Looking good Cas." Sam forced a smile.

Cas admired his camp fire. He nods and smiles back at the younger hunter.

"I'll take the first watch." Jack says.

"No." Cas and Sam both said at the same time.

"Why?" Michael asks. "Jack knows what he is doing."


"Doesn't have his powers." Michael argued. "I don't remember that affecting his level of intelligence."

"I don't need you standing up for me." Jack glared.

Michael felt like he been stabbed. He couldn't understand why the former nephilim hated him. He thought he and kid are okay now. Michael thought he had a chance to build a relationship with his nephew.

Deep down Michael knew why. It's this world. Being here again has brought up memories for the both of them. This world was their battlefield. They fought each other and both had the same goal that only one will survive this war. Michael knew he is going to have to talk about this with Jack but now wasn't a great time. Michael still had problems of his own to deal with. Problems he couldn't quite explain. The feelings are new to him. He has felt like this since they arrived. According to humans this feeling he is experiencing is home sick. No he wasn't home sick about this world, he missed the other world the one where he had a wife and children.

The thought of Danneel made Michael's heart ache. He missed her so much. Although the archangel knew he had to leave that world he didn't realize how much of an impact it was going to have on him. He hated this feeling it made him feel weak but he couldn't shake it off.

Once we're back in the paradise world I'm going to pay Jo a visit. He thought with a nod.

It wasn't nothing to do with the fact that Jo wore Danneel's face. No not at all.

That's what Michael kept telling himself anyway.

"I'm taking the first watch and that's final." Sam snapped at them all.

Cas nods and yawns. Although his powers are back the basic human needs remained. Being low on grace makes him tired. He had to build his strength. The angel insisted he will take the next watch and if Jack wants to join him that's fine. Michael frowns no one asked him if he wanted to be on watch. They probably didn't trust him with their lives.

The archangel lies down on the cold hard ground. He grimaced at the reminder that this land was once full of grass, flowers, animals. He took that away with one order. The angels destroyed everything under his command.

You already have one emotion to deal with, we don't want guilt on top of it now do we. He told himself.

The archangel couldn't control what emotion comes first. He had no control at all on how he feels.

He curled in and made himself as small as possible. If the others wanted to stare so be it he really didn't care anymore. However he refused to go to sleep. Last thing he needed is to bump into Dean and go through another nightmare. So the archangel stayed awake and watched as Sam made himself comfortable on the log.

A tear rolls down Michael's cheek. He quickly blinks the tears away and buries his head deep. Cas and Jack got themselves comfortable and eventually their eyes closed.

What any of them did not know is in the bushes someone is watching them.

And a grin spreads across their face.

So that's chapter one. It feels good writing this series again. I missed it.

Next chapter coming soon.