"That's everything." Kevin nods. "Once I put the grace in and do this spell we should be good to go."

"Thanks Kevin." Dean smiled.

"No problem Michael." Kevin stops and shakes his head. "I mean Dean or do I call you sir I'm not sure if you being the Sword and all you have a VIP status."

"Dean is fine."

"Michael approves?"

"He approves."

"Oh good." Kevin again nods. "Good good hey umm I have a question?"

"Sure go ahead."

"How is he?"

"He's..." Dean sighs. "He's getting there."

"Will his wings ever come back?"

"I don't know kid I don't know."

"At least he is okay he is alive." Kevin smiles. "I bet he is looking forward to going to paradise."

To Dean's surprise Michael hasn't mentioned paradise he's been quiet since Raphael's death Dean assumed the archangel must be grieving although Raphael was an asshole he was Michael's brother and Michael did love him.

"This is it." Jessica grinned. "Your one way ticket back to paradise."

"Come with us." Sam says. "All of you."


"We helped the other hunters." Sam continued. "We can help you to. We can..."

"Sam." Jessica cuts him off. She then sighs. "We're not going."

"W...What? Why? Jess this world is destroyed there is nothing left."

"It's also my home. Sam I can't leave knowing there are others out there trying to survive."

"Raphael is dead the War is over."

"The War is over that doesn't mean the world has returned to normal. We gotta look for food and water monsters are still a threat you can't expect me to drop everything and go not while there are people who need our help."

Sam wanted to argue but he couldn't Jessica had a good point there are people out there who needed saving. One of things Sam loved about his Jess was that she always wanted to help people that was one of her finest qualities. He shouldn't be surprised that this Jessica wanted to stay and help that is who she is Sam wouldn't change it for the world.

"I know what this is really about." Jess smiles sadly at him. "I'm sorry Sam but I'm not her." Sam became tense. Jessica cups his cheek with her hand. "This us it will never work."

"What do you mean?"

"I don't want to be a replacement." She shakes her head. "I don't want to replace her. Every time you look at me I can see the grief and pain all over your face you got to understand from my perspective how that makes me feel I feel like I'm a reminder of what you lost."

"I know you are not her I never wanted to make you uncomfortable. Look you don't have to stay with us I can give you some supplies, money you can go and have a fresh start."

"I wish it was that simple." She gives a shaky smile. "I do care about you Sam and I...I don't think I can stay away."

Sam reaches for her hand and gives it a squeeze.

"Then come with us."

Jess shakes her head.

"I can't." She let's go of his hand. "I'm sorry."

"I can't lose you again." Sam's voice cracked.

His response broke Jessica's heart but she had to do this no matter how much it hurt.

"This is your chance to say goodbye." She smiled.

Sam never got the chance to say goodbye to his Jess. Although this Jess is not his Jess she is still Jess and maybe Sam could finally have the closure he has always wanted.

Sam steps forward and brushes a strand of hair out of her face. He then cups her cheeks with his hands and brushes his lips across hers. She responds and wraps her arms around him. Jessica felt water go on her nose. She looks up and sees tears falling down his face. Jessica pulls away and gently wipes the tears away.

"I have never stopped thinking about you." Sam sobbed. " I miss you every day. "

Jessica nods.

"I know." For once she didn't argue she let Sam see her as his Jessica because Jess knew Sam needed this he needed to say goodbye. "It's gonna be okay." Jess assured him "I am going to be okay." Jessica leans forward and kisses him again. She then pulls away and smiles at him. "Goodbye Sam."

Sam smiles back.

"Goodbye Jessica."

She gives his shoulder a gentle squeeze then she goes and joins the other hunters. Sam watched her go. So many emotions went across his face. A hand on his shoulder caused him to wipe his eyes.

"You okay?" His brother asked.

Sam turns to Dean and smiles.

"I'm fine."

Dean looks over and sees Jessica talking to the other hunters. He looks back at Sam and sees his eyes are red and puffy. Dean didn't comment on it instead he claps Sam on the shoulder and says.

"Michael just buzzed me he wants to quickly talk to Hannah before we leave."

Sam nods.

"Uh yeah sure that's fine." Then the thought of Michael taking control made Sam worried. Dean read his brother's expression and gives him a reassuring smile. "Don't worry I'll be back before you know it."

Dean walks over to Hannah. Dean's entire posture changed within seconds. Sam knew Michael is in control. Cas and Jack join the younger Winchester

"Everything okay?" Cas asks.

"Yeah Michael just wanted to talk to Hannah."

"How's Dean?" Jack asks.

"Good. He's really good." Sam answered.

Michael raises his hand and gestures at Gabriel. Gabriel frowns and goes up to his alternative brother. Sam also frowns.

What are they talking about?

After a few minutes Michael turns round and clears his throat.

"Can I have everyone's attention I have something important to say."

Everyone goes quiet and looks at the archangel.

"For starters I am very sorry for the destruction I have caused." The hunters snorted at the apology. Michael ignores them and continues. "I want to make it up to you. Me and Hannah have been talking and we have decided that we are going to help rebuild this world."

"How do you plan on doing that?" One of the hunters asked with disbelief.

"I'm not a God." Michael admits. "I can't snap my fingers and make the world exactly how it used to be however I can make it a safe place a better place."

"We can build houses." Hannah says. "Grow crops, we can make a safe and stable community for you all."

The hunters still didn't look convinced. Michael walks over to a tree. The archangel leans on it and takes a deep breath as the pain starts to creep up on him. If anybody noticed his discomfort they didn't comment on it for that Michael was grateful. Michael looks up and takes in the tree's frail appearance it is barely standing. He runs his fingers along the burnt wood and his eyes glow blue.

Light comes out of his hand and spreads all over the tree. Everyone gasps as they watch the tree expand in size. The trunk grows and the branches increase in length. Bright green leaves form followed by big, red, shiny apples. It is the most beautiful thing everyone has ever seen. An apple falls and lands in the archangel's hand. Michael steps back from the tree and his eyes return to normal. He turns to the crowd with the apple still in his grasp.

"Who would like to be the first person to try it." Michael asks.

Everyone looks at each other with wary expressions. Sam would have happily stepped in and tried it but he knew this is for the other world hunters this is a way for Michael to gain their trust.

"I'm not doing a Snow White and trying to poison you." Michael tried to joke.

A girl peeks out from behind her mother's leg. Her stomach rumbled at the mention of food. She looks at the apple and licks her lips. She then comes out of her hiding spot and walks towards the archangel.

"ELIZABETH!" Her mom screamed.

Elizabeth ignored her and continued walking. Her mom is about to move but Sam reaches out and holds her back.

"Wait." Sam says.

Little Elizabeth stops and looks up and up at the archangel. She suddenly becomes shy and her thoughts about the apple are forgotten. Michael looks down at the kid and smiles. She reminded him of JJ. The thought of Danneel's daughter made his heart ache. He still missed that family. He shakes them thoughts off when Elizabeth starts to back away from him.

"Hey." Michael knew this is going to hurt his back but he did it anyway. He goes down on one knee so he didn't look as intimidating. "Elizabeth right?" The girl nods. Sensing her fear Michael gives her a reassuring smile. "You don't need to be afraid I'm not going to hurt you." Elizabeth looks down. Michael raises the apple. "You want this? " She looks down unsure what to say. "You can have it." Michael nods. "It's yours."

Elizabeth glances at her mom. Her mom looked worried. The girl looks back at the archangel. She then reaches out and takes the apple. At first she hesitated then she brings the apple to her mouth and bites into it. A burst of flavor explodes in her mouth. The sweet juice takes over her taste buds it causes her mind to go into overdrive. Elizabeth has another bite and hums with pleasure. Deciding to intervene her mom pushes Sam away and runs over to her daughter.

"Elizabeth!" She checks her daughter over. "You know you are not supposed to take anything from strangers especially ones who are not human." She growled in Michael's direction.

"I'm fine mommy." Elizabeth smiled. She puts the apple in her mom's hand. "It's good." The girl nodded.

The mom looks at her daughter's beaming face. She didn't look sick or cursed or brainwashed she looks fine. The mom turns to Michael.

" I swear if you hurt my daughter... "

"I can assure you Miss Rollins Elizabeth is fine." Michael assured her.

"You can call me Lizzy." Elizabeth says. Michael raises his eyebrow. Lizzy grins. "Thank you for the apple sir."

Lizzy suddenly wraps her arms around Michael's neck. The archangel smiles and hugs her back. Everyone watched with a mixture of awe and shock. Never in their lives did they think the Archangel Michael would fall for humanity. Lizzy pulls away and holds her mom's hand. Her mom smiles a little and puts the apple in her daughter's hands.

"I also told you to never waste your food." Her mom teased.

Lizzy laughs.

Michael stands up.

"This is only the beginning." He says. "We can create so much more but only if we work together. What do you say? Will you join us and build the new world?"

There is a series of hushed voices. One of the hunters goes up to the archangel.

"Can you whip up anymore of those apples?"

"I can do raspberries, blackberries, strawberries I know Hannah wants to try strawberry cheesecake." Hannah smiles a little at that. "We can use the seeds and grow lots of food it will be enough to feed the community."

The hunter looks back at his people. They nod to him. He turns back and nods.

"We're in."

Michael is delighted by the news. His smile widens and his eyes shone with happiness. The hunters smile back and relief showed on their faces. The War is over they are finally getting the peace they deserve.

Michael points at the fortress.

"I'm sure you would all love to take this place down." He looks at their eager faces. "You are very welcome to this place...it brings us bad memories once this is taken down we can build something in its place but first..." He looks at Sam, Cas and Jack. "I want to talk to them in private."

He takes Sam by the shoulder and he leads the younger hunter away from the crowd.

"I can't believe you did that." Sam says.

"I don't want to fight anymore." Michael shakes his head. "The War has gone on long enough I think it's time we put our differences aside and work together. We are all God's creations it is our responsibility to take care of his world. I do love my Father and I want to make it up to him. To do that I am going to be the Protector he created me to be."

Sam saw the sadness in Michael's eyes. He then swallows as realization hits him.

"You're staying."

Michael smiles.

"It was my dream to go to paradise. I've been there now I explored your world but now...now I want to stay."

"What about Heaven I heard they are in danger."

"Gabriel is going to take care of Heaven." Michael assured him. "Sam." He sighs. "I don't belong in your world I was created in this world this..." He gestures to his surroundings. "...this is my home. I want to stay." Michael nods. "I want to help."

"What about your back?"

Michael waves him off.

"I'll be fine. I think I am going to be spending more time down here than up there." He looks at the hunters. "They need me Sam." He then looks at Hannah. "I can't leave them again."

"I understand." Sam then turned worried. "What about your vess..."

"Vessel?" He laughs at Sam's scared face. "Don't worry I'm not taking your brother. I already sorted it out with Gabriel."


"Hmm." Michael grinned.

"I guess this is goodbye." Sam nods. "Take care of yourself."

"You to Sam." Michael turns round. "Castiel."

"Michael." Cas replied.

Michael smiles sadly.

"I will miss you."

"I will miss you to."

Michael squeezes his alternative brother's shoulder. Cas' smiles as he feels the brotherly warmth go through him.

"Goodbye brother."

"Goodbye Castiel." Michael turns to the youngest member of the group. Jack looks down feeling uncomfortable. "Jack." Michael steps forward and rests his hand on the kid's shoulder. Jack flinched by the touch. "Jack?"

"I'm fine." Jack answered. "I'm fine."

Michael wasn't stupid he can feel the emotions coming from the former nephilim. The emotions are swirling in the kid's mind. He is feeling a lot of things shock, anger, sadness, confusion. Michael did the only thing which he thought is right. He wraps his arms around Jack and hugs him.

At first Jack froze then a sob escaped him and tears started to fall down his face. Michael didn't let go he allowed the kid to cry. He strokes Jack's hair and waits patiently for the kid to calm down.

Eventually the tears stop and Jack took control of his emotions. He steps away and takes a deep breath.

"Jack are you okay?" Cas asks.

Jack smiles.

"I'm fine." This time it sounded more genuine. "Thank you." Jack nods to the archangel. "For everything. Michael...I don't hate you...I care about you to."

Michael's breath hitched at that part. Hope rose in his chest as Jack clears his throat.

"I...I accept you." Jack smiles. "As an uncle."

No one would know how much those words meant to Michael. All he wanted was to be accepted now it has come true.

"Goodbye Michael." Jack says.

"Goodbye Jack." Michael beamed at him.

Gabriel comes over with his eyebrow raised.

"Are you ready to go?" He asks.

"Yes." Sam nods. "We're ready."

Later everyone gathers around the rift. Kevin was offered a place in paradise. Kevin declined the offer and said he has everything he has ever wanted right here in this world. Michael had to laugh when Kevin introduced his new girlfriend.

"Guys this is Amber."

Amber kisses Kevin's cheek and plays with his hair. Kevin mouths "I got a hot chic." to Michael.

"She's definitely something." Michael replied as memories of Amber hitting on him resurface in his mind.

"Why bother going to paradise when we are gonna bring it to us." Kevin grinned. He looks at his girlfriend. "All we need is pool and a new bikini for you then I'll be in my glory."

"Indeed Kev indeed" Amber purred.

Jessica waves from the crowd. Sam waves back.

"I wish you luck." Hannah smiled.

"You to sister." Cas stops when he realized what he said. "I am sorry."

"No need to apologize brother." Hannah laughed.

Cas also laughs.

"Goodbye Hannah."

"Goodbye Castiel."

Michael turns away and sees Dean looking at him.

"This is it." Dean says.

"This is it." Michael repeated. They both stared at each other for several moments. Michael then clears his throat. "I am sorry for how I treated you and your family and your friends..."

Dean raises his hand and silences the archangel.

"I know." Dean lowers his hand. "You don't need to say it." He cracks a small smile. "We made a good team back there."

"We did." Michael agreed.

"So you are gonna fix this place up?"

"I am going to do the best I can."

"Good that's good."

"What are you going to do?" Michael asks.

"When I get back first thing I'm gonna do is shower and have a beer actually I might have the beer first then a shower I need a drink." Michael chuckles. Dean's face then turned serious. "You remember what I said about forgiving yourself."

The smile fades from Michael's face.

"I'm not ready." Michael admits. "If I want to forgive myself I have to mean it I can't lie to myself."

"No you can't." Dean agreed. "Helping this world it will be a start." The archangel hums with agreement. "You take care of yourself." Dean nods. "No more end of the world crap you hear me?"

"Loud and clear." Michael smirked. The archangel then smiles. "Goodbye Dean and good luck."

Before Dean could respond there is a flash and suddenly Dean finds himself in control again.

"You alright?"

Dean looks round. Sam is looking at his brother with worry. Dean closes his eyes. He couldn't sense the archangel's presence it is empty. Dean opens his eyes.

"He's gone." Dean says. "Michael is gone."

Sam slowly nods. Gabriel, Cas and Jack all stood by the rift waiting to go. The Winchesters join them and they all go into the rift. Sam stops and looks round at everyone. He waves at them before going into the rift.

Everyone steps out and they find themselves in the middle of the road.

"Where are we?" Jack asks.

"Ummm." Gabriel narrows his eyes and looks round. " We're in Arizona."

"That's just great." Dean huffed with annoyance. "How the Hell are we gonna get home?"

As soon as the words left Dean's mouth there is a whoosh and the boys suddenly find themselves in the Bunker. Dean stumbles and grabs on to the table. Sam manages to maintain his balance but the unexpected trip did make him a bit light-headed. Jack and Cas were not affected they are used to flying.

"Son of a bitch." Dean cursed. He looks round at the Bunker and his face screws up with confusion. "Huh?"

"You know." Gabriel says. "You do ask some really stupid questions."

Dean frowns.


Gabriel rolls his eyes.

"Archangel I can fly."

"Uh thank you." Sam says.

Gabriel again rolls his eyes.

"I better get going Heaven is not gonna fix itself. See ya around boys."

The archangel winks then he vanishes. Dean slumps into a nearby chair and runs his hand down his face.

"I need a beer."

"I need a shower." Sam says.

"I will get the beer." Cas says.

The angel leaves the room. Jack sits down and clasps his hands in his lap. Sam notices the former nephilim staring at the floor.

"You okay Jack?"

Jack's head snaps up.

"Uh yeah." Jack then shakes his head. "Um no I...I don't know."

"Is it to do with Michael?"

Jack hesitated. Sam can see in the kid's face it is to do with the archangel.

"He made his choice." Dean says. "He chose to stay."

"I got no problem with that." Jack replied. "I'm glad he is going to help them it's just...we have been through so much together his world, our world, the actors world and now...everything is back to normal I feel...lost like I don't have a purpose anymore."

"Jack." Sam places his hand on the kid's shoulder. "You will always have a purpose."

"But my powers?"

"It's not all about power." Dean shakes his head. "Jack you are one of the strongest kids I have ever met you have been through a lot and you're standing I gotta admire you for that."

"I was gonna sacrifice my soul to defeat Raphael I was gonna do it behind your back how does that make me strong?"

"Now that." Dean grins. "That makes you a Winchester."

"A Winchester." Jack repeated.

"Me and Sam have sacrificed ourselves many times. The amount of times we have gone behind each other's backs." Sam gave him a bitch-face for that. Dean sighs and leans forward. "What I'm saying is kid you're one of us you're family don't you ever forget that."

Warmth went through Jack. Cas comes back with a couple of beers and a juice box. He hands the brothers the bottles of beer while Jack gets the juice box.

"Jack one day your powers will come back you gotta give it time." Sam says.

"I will visit Gabriel in Heaven." Cas nods. "Maybe he can help us."

"Jack you can't use your soul again." Sam warned. "You don't wanna go down that path trust me you will lose yourself in the process."

"I won't." Jack answered. "I promise. As they say..." He lifts the juice box and grins. "Patience is key."

"Exactly though I will admit patience is definitely not one of my traits." Dean laughed.

Everyone laughs.

Everyone sat in a comfortable silence. Eventually the boys had a shower and decided to call it a night. Jack climbs into bed and Cas pulls the covers over him.

"You gonna be okay?" Cas asks.

"More than okay." Jack grins. "I'm a Winchester."

Cas chuckles softly. The angel pats the bed and smiles.

"Goodnight Jack."

"Goodnight Castiel."

Cas switches the light off and leaves the room closing the door behind him. Jack tosses and turns a few times once he got comfortable he settles down and closes his eyes.

A figure steps out of the shadows and walks towards Jack's bed. The figure places its fingers on Jack's head. Light pours out and spreads all over the former nephilim. The light then fades and the figure removes its fingers.

Jack turns on his side and he buried his face into the pillow. The figure smiles at the kid. Within a second the figure vanishes. Jack opens his eyes and looks round. He could have sworn someone was in here.

Must have been Castiel checking up on me. Jack assumed.

On the wall large shadows of wings appeared. The wings flap a few times then they went down as Jack fell back to sleep.

Today Jack is a human.

Tomorrow he will be a nephilim once again.

Four months later

Michael was proud. He was proud of himself and everyone who helped him rebuild the world. A town was created. There are houses, roads, farms, schools. Around the community is a large wall to keep any type of threat out.

Michael requested for some of the angels to come down to Earth. He gave them new orders protect the humans not harm them. At first it wasn't easy as time went on the angels adjusted to their new roles. Now the angels and the humans get along really well.

As for the empath ability Michael got that under control and he used it to help people. Sensing their emotions gave Michael an understanding on what each person needed. As time went on Michael formed positive relationships with the humans. He gained their trust and respect.

The archangel walks down the road.

Lizzy sticks her head out of the window and waves.


Michael raises his hand and waves at the girl. The teacher comes and orders Lizzy to get down. Michael chuckles at the sight. When the teacher walks off Lizzy goes back to the window and beams at Michael.

"Have a good day at school Lizzy." Michael smiled.


Michael again waves then he continues his journey. He arrives at the building where the angels are staying.

"Sir." Hannah greets him.

"Hannah." Michael nods. "Any news?"

"Couple of vampires tried to get in we took care of it."

"Good job." Michael praised her.

"Oh and sir the Prophet and his partner are in the pool area again."

"Leave the lovebirds alone." Michael chuckled.

"Birds? Sir they are humans not birds."

"I..." He then sighs. "Never mind. Thank you for the update."

" You are most welcome sir."

Michael opens the door and walks in. He goes to the office and closes the door. As soon as the door closed Michael collapses on to the sofa and groans. His back spasms and pain shoots up his spine. The archangel grits his teeth to stop himself from screaming. Once the pain goes down to a more bearable level Michael sits up and takes a deep breath. He immediately glares at the offending item across the room. Leaning on the wall is a walking stick Hannah brought it to him and said it would help to relieve his back pain. The archangel refused to use it he would rather live with the pain than be seen with that. He is the Archangel Michael not an old man.

Michael stands up and walks up to the mirror. It still amazed him how Gabriel managed to do it. He thought the younger archangel was joking when he said he can clone his Sword. Turns out Gabriel learnt several tricks and spells from Loki.

Michael runs his hands through his hair and brushes down his suit. As much as he liked working with Dean Winchester it was nice to have his own mind and space.

Michael froze when he saw a man sat on the sofa behind him. Michael turns round and his eyes widen with shock.


God smiles.

"Hello son." Michael stared at him with shock. God sighs. "Okay I know it's been a while."

"Been a while." Michael said with anger. "Been a while!"

"Okay more than a while." God grits his teeth. "Though recently we did kind of...talk."

"Recently?" Michael paused. Realization dawned on him. "The actor...that was you."

"Rob Benedict." God smiled. " He has a good taste in music. Hey have you ever watched Kings of Con? Rob and Rich are hilarious. Get this Rich...Richard Speight Jr he plays as my youngest son. Watching those two together...it's the Father and son bonding I never got to have. Rob and Rich are not related in that universe I mean... " He laughs. "I just love their relationship...friendship to be exact. Speaking of Gabriel thanks for the saving him I knew I could count on you. So..." He clasps his hands and stands up. "Where are you hiding the good stuff?"

Michael watched his Father go behind the desk. God opens the drawers and pulls out a bottle of whiskey.

"Do you mind?" He asks his son.

"Yes." Michael glared. "I do mind...Chuck."

Chuck sighs and puts the bottle down.

"I don't understand you were praying to me nearly every day saying how much you love me you want to be a good son blah blah...now you hate my guts. What's that about?"

"You lied." Michael says. "You lied to me about everything."

"I didn't lie to you I just didn't tell you. Lying and not telling is two different things."

"You pretended to be an actor." Michael said with disgust. "You couldn't even talk to me as a Father."

"If I came to you as myself would you have spoken to me?" Michael shakes his head. "No." Chuck nods. "You would have been too busy trying to kill me instead of having a civil conversation. Pretending to be someone was the only way I was going to get through to you. It worked." He smiles. "Look at you look at this." He gestures to his surroundings. "The world is gradually getting back on its feet humanity is back on track the War is over that's all because of you my son. I say we should drink to that."

"Why now?"

Chuck leans against the desk and folds his arms.

"Why now?"

"Why see me now?"

"That's what you wanted right? You wanted my attention now you got it."

"I know you. You wouldn't come here without a reason you want something." Michael turned worried. "Is it about the Darkness?"

"Amara is fine." Chuck assured him. "In terms of wanting something you're wrong." Michael frowns. Chuck pushes up from the desk and smiles. "I'm here to praise you."

"What?" Michael said with shock.

Chuck scratches his beard. He felt awkward. God rarely got into these conversations. Heart to heart talks are not his thing.

Look what happened with Lucifer .

Chuck knew he had to do better he had to show he still cared about son. He didn't want Michael to go off the rails again and destroy the world again. He didn't want the oldest archangel to go to paradise and hurt the Winchesters again. To prevent that from happening Chuck knew he had to be here to give his son the fatherly love he deserves.

"I'm sorry I left I'm sorry you had to find out about the other universes I...I got carried away I couldn't stop creating I was addicted I was also fascinated. Every world has a different story many versions of the same character made a different choice remember our discussion about choices and free will?" Michael nods. "It's amazing really." Chuck continued. "How one person can go on so many paths. Mary made the deal and you think what if she didn't make the deal? Your world showed me the outcome. Another one what if John died instead of Mary?" He frowns. "That was quite a boring one Mary raised her sons to have normal lives Dean was a mechanic Sam was learning to be a lawyer it only got interesting after Jessica died...and I'm going off topic back to you umm you and many other versions of you have all pretty much done the same thing but...I was tired I was tired of seeing my children suffer you are right the other Michael did end up in the Cage in another universe Michael died and Lucifer won the fight one universe you fell from Heaven and you were reborn as Dean Winchester umm..." He bites his lip. "That was quite a dark one."

"What happened to him?"

"Castiel rescued Dean from Hell. Dean's memories were unlocked...all of them including his time as Michael. He was aware about the Apocalypse he tried to stop it unfortunately it was too late Sam said yes Lucifer possessed him and he killed Michael before he could get his grace back. Every universe you have either died or gone crazy. You...You are the last Michael standing." Michael remained silent he didn't know how to respond to that. "I couldn't save Michael from the Cage." Chuck said with guilt in his voice. "He was too far gone there was no way I could fix him and I couldn't resurrect the other Michaels resurrecting an archangel takes tremendous time and energy. When you arrived in the other world and possessed Dean Winchester from that moment I knew you were special."


"For starters you are alive Lucifer didn't kill you also I felt your power I have to say you are the strongest Michael I have ever met. All my children are powerful but you...you are something else when you possessed Dean and reached your full power." He shakes his head. "Hit me like a ton of bricks. When I created you I must have got carried away. That doesn't make it a bad thing." Chuck quickly assured Michael when he saw his face fell. "It's a good thing. They say things happen for a reason Jack opening the rift to your world is the perfect example. I am all-knowing I can see into the past, present and the future when I saw what was going to happen to you I couldn't sit back and let it happen I rarely intervene but like I said I seen you die way too many times. As a Father seeing my son suffer." Chuck closes his eyes at the thought. "I had to warn you I thought it would be better if I showed you that's why I sent you to the actors world."

"It was definitely an eye opener." Michael admits. "Why did you send me here instead of paradise? Is it because of Gabriel?"

"That's one of the reasons. The other reasons you figured that out on your own. Yes I wanted you to see what you done to this world I wanted you to feel guilty."

"The empath thing?"

"I threw that in at the last minute I wanted you to feel the emotions from the people of this world I wanted you to realize how much pain you have caused. I do care about you son but I couldn't let you get away with it I had to punish you I had to teach you a lesson."

"I understand I deserved it I accepted the punishment. Father Jack's soul..."

"He's fine." Chuck smiled.

"But I failed to get his powers back."

"The Christmas Carol." Chuck raises his eyebrow. "Remember what I said?"

"If I changed my ways Jack would be saved."

"That's exactly what you did. The night everyone went back home I visited Jack while he was asleep and I made him a nephilim again. No more burning off the soul no more suicide missions the kid is fine he is not going to die that is all thanks to you."

"If I didn't change my ways and Jack had to kill me would you have stopped him? Would you have stepped in and saved your grandson? Would you have saved his soul and made him a nephilim?"

"You did change your ways and Jack was saved there is nothing to worry about."

"You didn't answer the question."

"I don't need to. It will never happen. Jack is fine end of story." God snapped. His face then softens. He places a hand on his son's shoulder and smiles warmly at him. "We're not here to talk about Jack I'm here because of you. As your Father I want to say that I am so proud of you." His hand moves to Michael's back. Michael flinched at the touch. His Father looked sympathetic. "I'm sorry Raphael did this to you. I can make the pain go away." His smile widens. "I can bring your wings back. You will be whole again."

"You really mean what you said? You're proud of me?"

"Very proud out of all the Michaels you are the best one. I shouldn't have favorites but... you are my favorite son not Lucifer not Gabriel not Raphael not the other Michaels you like I said you are special and I love you very much."

Michael goes into his Father's arms. He leans towards his Father's ear.

"You say you love me yet your emotions tell me something different."

Chuck became tense.

"What are you talking about?" He asks nervously.

"Throughout that whole speech I sensed nothing from you absolutely nothing."

Chuck steps back and gives his son a disapproving look.

"Michael. Your abilities don't work on me."

"Wrong. I did sense something from you amusement you are amused."

"About what?"

"Amused by the fact that I nearly fell for your lies again."

"What?" Chuck shakes his head. "I'm not lying."

"Relief even a hint of fear. You are not happy to see me at all. Father as much as I want to believe that you saved me with the goodness of your heart we all know that wasn't the case." Michael narrows his eyes. "You saw something in the future that you didn't like. Now usually when you don't like something you run off and start over with a new world this time you couldn't run from it what you saw scared you."

"This is ridiculous."

"I'm not finished." Michael glared. "Something scared you and you had to step in and stop it from happening. You changed the story you went off script." Michael smiles. "Script my death Jack takes my grace. If Jack took my grace he would be the most powerful being alive the kid would be God. You couldn't have that you felt threatened. You saved me just so Jack could never get my grace you went into all this trouble to save your own ass. It was never about love!" Michael's voice rose with anger. "You used me, you played me just like everybody else. Tell me...Chuck What happens after my death? Is it to do with Jack? The Winchesters? What is it? What happens next? Tell me!"

Chuck calmly looks at his son.

"You are the brightest out of all your counterparts. I'm surprised by the amount of knowledge you have. You really are special."

"I'm sorry that I have a mind of my own." Michael says. "I'm not one of your mindless little soldiers I never will be."

"What you gotta do? Kill me?"

"No. I have to thank you although you saved me for your own selfish reasons you did give me a chance to think things over. I don't want revenge anymore I hurt so many people all because I wanted you dead. I know now that one day you will die and it won't be me that kills you."

"What makes you so sure?"

Michael smirks when he senses the fear in his Father.

"You made Jack a nephilim again you're not worried because he doesn't have my grace." He raises his eyebrow. "You made me the most powerful Michael what makes you think you won't make the same mistake twice?" Chuck frowns. Michael clearly enjoying this takes a step forward so he is towering over his Father. "You gave Jack grace that little bit of grace will grow Jack will get stronger by the day. It may take weeks, months, years one day Jack will be the most powerful being in existence your days as God will be over."

"You don't know anything." Chuck sneered. "I am God. Jack is just a kid. He will never beat me. I am invincible."

"Everyone can die including you." Michael nods. "You might have what's the expression...dodge the bullet but you can't avoid it forever. Your choices will come back to haunt you. I will be waiting." He smiles. "I will be waiting for that special day to come."

"Don't push it Michael." Chuck growled.

"Or what? You are going to kill me? You are going to create another storyline which involves me being killed?" He stands up straight and looks at his Father right in the eye. "I don't need you to heal me, I don't need you to save me I am my own person now I can take care of myself! I am going to do what you couldn't I am going to take care of your creations I am going to be their Protector I will be the leader they deserve. This is my world and you are not welcome here. I want you to leave and never come back. I never want to see your face here ever again. Have I made myself clear?"

Chuck's face is blank if he is surprised he didn't show it. He then nods.

"Fine I don't want to be here anyway this world is a dump but son...you're wrong about everything no one can hurt me not while I'm in control."

Michael looks at him with an amused expression.

"We'll see about that."

Chuck's face twitched. He then turns his back on the archangel.

"Goodbye Michael."

Then he vanishes.

Michael stares at the spot where his Father stood. He then laughs he laughs so much tears started to form in his eyes. For the first time in Michael's life he finally felt free. He finally stood up to his Father. It felt so good it was like a weight has been lifted off his shoulders.

Michael walks to the window and looks down at the town. A smile spreads across his face as he watched people talking and laughing. All the negative energy Michael felt when he arrived here is gone. Now all he feels is warmth and happiness. They are happy. They are happy because of him.

I am not like my Father I am not a monster I have changed I am a better person. I... He takes a deep breath. I forgive myself.

Just then Michael felt a wave of warmth go down his back. The archangel gasps when he touches his back. He runs his fingers along the soft texture. He hears a flutter of wings.

His wings.

Michael smiles as he spreads his wings out. He then takes off into the sky. The archangel soars through the clouds and laughs happily. He missed his wings he missed flying. Michael spots something in the corner of his eye. He flies and lands perfectly on the ground. He sees one of the hunters Randell and his people talking to a group he has never seen before. Michael walks towards them.


"Michael." Randell says. "I didn't see you there."

"Everything okay?" He asks.

"New arrivals." Randell answered. "This is their leader Clayton."

Michael looks at the new group.

"Well hello there I'm Michael."

"We know who you are." Clayton nods. He looks at the wall where the community is. "I really thought this was a myth its true its all true the Archangel Michael has chosen us." He frowns. "But why?"

"As I just told you." Randell says. "The angels don't want to fight anymore they want peace they want..."

As Randell was talking Michael's eyes scan the crowd. He suddenly paused and his eyes widen in shock. There stood in the crowd is a face Michael thought he would never see again.

"Excuse me." Michael keeps his eyes on the person. "Who is this?"

"This is Jo." Clayton answered.

Jo beams at the archangel.

This is not Danneel this is not Anael this is Jo this is the vessel.

Michael looks down and sees the ring on Jo's finger.

Her husband is not here. Michael noticed.

He looks deeper and senses sadness and grief from her.

Anael didn't save Jo's husband in this world that means the husband is dead.

Without thinking Michael steps forward and holds Jo's hand.

"I am sorry for your loss."

Jo frowns.

"How do you..." She then sighs. "You're an angel of course you would know." She nervously looks into his eyes. "Can I ask you a question?"

"Of course my dear."

"Is he..." She swallows she couldn't bring herself to say it.

"He is in a better place." Michael assured her. "He is at peace."

Jo sighs with relief.

"Thank you."

Michael smiles.

"No need to thank me."

Randell clears his throat to gain their attention.

"So umm should I give them the tour?"

"I think I would like to do the tour today if that's okay."

Randell shrugs.

"Okay sure."

Jo stands next to the archangel. She didn't know why but she felt she could trust him she felt safe around him. She wasn't going to admit it out loud but she did find him attractive. Michael sends her one of his most charming smiles before addressing the group.

"So." He clasps his hands. "Shall we get started?"

"Lead the way." Clayton says.

The gates open and Michael leads the group inside. He talks about each area and introduces them to the members of the community. Everyone listened and asked questions which Michael was happy to answer. Jo's eyes are wide as she tried to take everything in. Michael places his hand on her shoulder.

"You okay?" He asks.

"I'm fine." She smiled.

Once the tour was over everyone sat and ate their meal. Michael stood in the background. His lips tug upwards as he watched Jo interact with the group. It was great to see she has settled down.

"Someone has a crush."

Michael turns round. Kevin leans on the wall and looks up at the archangel with a big grin on his face.

Michael scoffs.

"I don't have a crush."

"Then why are you blushing?" Kevin smirked.

Michael's cheeks turn bright pink. He quickly ducks his head.

"How's Amber?"

"You can't change the subject." Kevin laughed. He looks at Jo. "She is pretty." The Prophet admits. "I can see why you like her."

"In any universe I am attracted to her." Michael sighed.

"Any universe?" Kevin's eyes widen. "Is that her? Is that the woman you slept with?"

"Shh." Michael glared at him. "Keep your voice down!"

"Sorry." Kevin looks at Jo again and shakes his head. "Damm."

"It wasn't her exactly." Michael says. "It was a version of her its... complicated. When I was in paradise she was possessed by an angel called Anael I had to see her I don't know why I just...needed to talk to her."

"How did that go?"

"Anael was scared of me but Jo...her soul lit up in my presence. When I met this Jo her soul did the same thing. Her soul lit up and it was so beautiful."

"Do you believe in soul mates Michael?" Kevin asks.

Michael frowns.

"Soul mates?"

"From what I am hearing it seems you and her belong together no matter what world you are in she's your soul mate."

"Soul mates." Michael repeated. He then shakes his head. "I can't Kevin she has lost her husband."

"These things take time." Kevin nods. "One day she will be ready you gotta be patient."

Jo looks up. Her eyes meet Michael's. Michael raises his hand and waves at her. She blushes and looks down at her plate. Michael huffed a smile.

She is so adorable.

"Maybe we can arrange a double date." Kevin grinned. "You and Jo me and Amber."

"Uh no that's not going to happen."

"If you change your mind let me know... anyway I gotta go Amber is waiting for me see ya around Michael."

"Bye Kevin."

Kevin walks off. Michael watched as Jo got up and followed the others. Kevin is right Michael should wait. Michael will wait he will not do anything until Jo is ready.

The archangel looks up at the stars. The world is healed, the people are safe, God is gone, the wings are back, Jo is here things are finally starting to look up.

"SIR!" An angel yelled. "I NEED YOUR HELP!"

Michael looks and sees the angel struggling to put the crib together. The pregnant woman folds her arms and mutters "Angels are useless." Under her breath. Michael rolls his eyes and laughs.

Just another day on the job.

The End

That is it that is the end. This ending wasn't planned originally Michael was gonna go back to paradise but him just going and leaving the angels and the humans again it didn't sit right with me. Chuck was supposed to be good I always planned for him to be good in this series then season 15 happened...now I hate Chuck I tried to write him as a good guy in this chapter but lets just say the character went off on his own path and decided to be an asshole. Hey at least Michael had the chance to stand up to Chuck :D.

Thank you so much to everyone who followed and reviewed this story. It has been a joy to write.

Stay safe.

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