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Lieutenant McLean walked confidently through the metal halls. A plastic clipboard was tucked in her arms. Her usually bright and kaleidoscopic eyes were full of determination, and her cherry red lips were pulled into a tight line. She passed through the metal walls without so much as a glance at the other doors in the facility.

She rounded a corner and knocked on a metal door.

"Come in," a feminine voice called from inside. The Lieutenant walked in and closed the door softly behind her.

"Ah, Lieutenant. Welcome. How may I help you?" a girl behind a desk in the center of the room asked. Her golden curls were tied up into a tight ponytail at the top of her head, save for a few that escaped to the front of her face. Her stormy grey eyes scanned Lieutenant McLean, taking in her stiff posture, the dart of her eyes, the shift of her weight, the twitch of her fingers. She observed everything. Calculated everything.

"C'mon Chase. Drop the formalities. Can't a friend just come by to give a friendly hello?" the Lieutenant asked, cocking her head to the side, trying to relax.

"The world isn't friendly, Piper, and you know it." The girl gave her a pointed look.

"Yeah yeah I know all about 'watch your back' and 'nothing in this world is free' and blah blah blah," Piper said, holding up her hand like a puppet, and moving it like a person talking. She walked over and took a seat in front of the desk. She leaned back, trying to look casual, despite rubbing her lips together, entwining her fingers, and avoiding eye contact.

She's hiding something.

"Is something wrong, Piper?" the girl asked.

"Well," Piper said slowly, staring at the desk like it held the secrets of the universe, "I have good news, bad news, and weird news." She glanced up to see the reaction of the girl.

"Then… let's start with the good news first."

"We were able to acquire hostages. Our scouts captured a group of enemies hiding nearby. We were able to have them all moved to separate rooms, though they put up a good fight."

The girl across from her raised her eyebrows.

"That's the bad news, General. One of them took out half of our scouts, and they are in critical condition. However, Reyna was able to subdue him." Piper smiled cheekily. "That girl can really kick butt."

The General wanted to crack a smile, but her mind was stuck on another fact.

"Who is he?" she asked. A crease formed between her eyebrows, and her lips were turned in a frown. This man would need to be interrogated using...necessary means if he was able to take out half of her scouts, and if he was stubborn. Most men are.

Piper grimaced. "And that's the weird news." She heaved a heavy sigh and stared at the ceiling as if to say, "Why me?". Piper looked straight into the Generals grey eyes. A frown painted her face. She picked up the clipboard and flipped a few pages.

"Annabeth," she said slowly, staring at the paper. If it were anyone else, the General would have immediately attacked them for using her first name. But this was Piper. Sweet, snarky, overprotective Piper.

Annabeth did stiffen though. Piper only used her first name if it was serious.

Piper slid the clipboard across the desk. "It's him." Piper watched Annabeth's reaction. First there was confusion. Then she looked at the paper and realization struck her. Next came horror, disgust, and hatred. She carefully picked up the clipboard and skimmed through the information. And there, right there in bold letters underneath a picture of his raven black hair, sea green eyes, and his scowling face was the Annabeth had hoped to never see or hear again:

Perseus Jackson

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