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Perseus Jackson

The words taunted her on the crisp white paper. She was sure of it. They were egging her on, as if to say, You can try to forget, but he will always be there. Why did it have to be him? Of all people, it just had to be the one guy she hoped to never see or hear from again.

There was a reason she ignored him. A reason she stopped responding to his texts and calls. A reason she didn't look him in the eye, or do movie nights and sleepovers anymore.

Because if she could distance herself, it would hurt less when it all came crashing down.

God, this boy was going to tear her apart, one heartstring at a time.

Annabeth slammed down the clipboard on her desk in frustration. She stood up abruptly, and stalked toward the metal door.

"Woah, Annabeth!" Piper grabbed her friend's arm and turned her around, stopping Annabeth from reaching the door. "Hey, where do you think you're going?"

"To interrogate him," Annabeth said in an empty voice. Pain can't hurt you if there's nothing to hurt. "I want to see him squirm when I bring out my knife."

Piper eyebrows raised a bit higher. "Oh really? And what's going to happen when he finds out that you're the feared and mysterious head of our gang? The leader that has the perfect strategies, and a heart of stone? The leader that everyone knows about, but no-one has ever seen?" Piper grabbed Annabeth's shoulders and looked her straight in the eyes. "Look, I know you're upset. I get that you wanna smack him and punch his lights out just as much as you. But we gotta keep the element of surprise here. Okay?"

Annabeth looked down at the floor. She should be more level-headed than this. She shouldn't need Piper to knock some sense into her. She was the General.

And Generals don't fear, don't run, and don't hide, she heard her mother's voice say in her head.

Annabeth took a deep breath to reign in her emotions. Now was not the time to get emotional.

"You're right," she said to Piper, nodding her head. She needed to focus. Focus on what's important, like the fact that they had more hostages other than Jackson.

Piper eyed Annabeth warily, before she finally let her shoulders go. "Okay."

Annabeth briskly walked back over to her desk and picked up the clipboard. "How many more hostages are there?" she asked Piper, flipping through the pages and sitting down.

Piper sat back down in her chair as well, and propped her feet up on the desk, earning a glare from Annabeth and choosing to ignore it. "Well, we got three more guys who I'm calling Sparky, Scrawny, and... Gothy," she said while counting off each finger. "Sparky's actually kinda cute. He's got these electric blue eyes, and blonde hair, and this cute little scar on his lip. Not to mention, his jawline…" She sighed wistfully. "He's beautiful," she whispered dreamily, hands clasped together underneath her chin in a classic I-am-thinking-about-a-dreamy-boy way.

Annabeth chuckled internally, and rolled her eyes at her best friend. Piper was such a hopeless romantic. There were often many times when Annabeth walked in and found Piper laying on her bed, with a dopey grin on her face as she read her favorite romance novels. Or Piper was unashamedly ugly crying because, "Th-they di-didn't kiss!", and then she would presume sobbing, while hugging the book tightly to her chest. Or tearing out the pages one by one. Both have equally happened.

She glanced back up at Piper from looking at the papers. "And the other two?" she prodded.

Piper snapped out of her reverie. "Right. Scrawny, he's, well...he's scrawny. He was wearing a tool belt, so he's probably the mechanic for Neptune. He's absolutely terrified of us, especially Thalia. He also fiddles a lot, so I'm thinking he's ADHD like us."

"Gothy- on the other hand -wears all black and doesn't talk, but he is wickedly good with his sword. Took out almost as many as Jackson," she said, inspecting her nails.

Annabeth examined each of their pictures. Piper was right about Sparky- he had blonde hair, electric blue eyes, and a small scar on his upper lip. Scrawny had elvish features, unruly dark hair, and an impish grin, and Gothy had long black hair (she could tell he needed a haircut), olive skin, and dark circles underneath his eyes. She could tell that they were all fighters (minus the elf boy) by the scars they had, and the angry look in their eyes, and the permanent scowels on their face. Scrawny looked like the jokester of the group with his lopsided smile and confident but relaxed posture. He was probably flirting with the girls taking his picture.

Boys these days.

"What should we do with them?" Piper asked. "Can I interrogate them?"

"No," Annabeth said flatly. "I will."

Piper gave Annabeth a look. "Beth, we talked about this. No one can-"

"Just these three. You can take care of Jackson."

"But they'll-"

"Keep them in separate rooms when I'm done with them. They can't come up with a plan to escape if they're in separate rooms."

"But Annabeth-"

"Piper," Annabeth cut her off again. "I'm going to do this. They can't tell Jackson if they don't even know who I am. I won't tell them my name, and we both know that I'm the best interrogator out of the both of us. I'm doing it." What she didn't tell Piper, was because she couldn't interrogate Jackson, this was the next best thing. They were all probably good friends, brothers in arms. And she wanted to see them cower in her shadow.

Piper seemed to sense that there was no arguing with the General, but she still looked like she wanted to protest as she said, "Fine. Just make sure you're careful. Okay?"

Annabeth gave her a confident smile as she said, "I'll be fine. I've dealt with worse."

Piper smiled, although there was still a look of worry in her eyes as she walked out.

Annabeth looked at the pictures of the captives again.

Sparky, Scrawny, and Gothy, prepare to meet your doom.

Jason paced the room, trying to stay calm. He could feel a lump forming on his head from where he had been knocked out. He had woken up alone in a small room with stark white walls, a mattress, and a glass of water on the floor. The door was locked, and didn't even have a handle. He had no idea how long he had been out, and all he remembered was that he had been scouting an area of land downtown with Percy, Leo, and Nico, and they'd come upon an abandoned building.

Or so they thought.

One minute they heard the snap of a twig, and the next minute they were surrounded by seven or eight girls. He couldn't count all of them, because he had been knocked out too quickly.

Now, he was stuck in a room with no weapons, no way out, and no idea if Percy, Leo, and Nico were alive. Judging by his circumstance, he guessed that they didn't get away in time, and that they had to be in this facility as well, either alive or dead.

Jason heard the door opening, and looked up. A girl with choppy brown hair pulled into a braid, caramel colored skin, and kaleidoscopic eyes walked in followed by another girl with frizzy, bright red hair, ivy green eyes, and freckles dotting her face and neck. The girl with red hair was shorter, but she had a fire in her eyes that made him take a step back as she walked forward with a pair of handcuffs.

He didn't struggle -why? Jason didn't know why- as she cuffed his hand behind his back and pushed him toward the door and the brown-haired girl. "Follow me. The General wants to speak with you," she said in the most melodic voice he had ever heard.

He silently followed her out into a hall, and leaning against the opposite wall was Nico and Leo, being watched by two more girls. But Percy wasn't with them.

Leo's eyes lit up when he saw Jason. "Jase! You're not dead!" he exclaimed, trying to walk over to Jason, but a girl with short and choppy black hair and very dark eyeliner grabbed him by the shoulders and pushed him back into the wall.

"I said against the wall, scum!" she said, and Leo shrunk back. But he still gave Jason a cheeky grin as Jason lined up with them as well. Nico couldn't have looked more bored standing there.

"Thalia, don't push him," the girl with kaleidoscopic eyes said, giving the girl Jason assumed to be Thalia a glare.

"Piper, he's my charge. I can push him if I want."

"Doesn't matter," the girl- er, Piper said. "I'm higher ranked than you, so you gotta listen to me."

Thalia muttered some colorful words under her breath as she stepped back, along with something along the lines of 'General's bestie' and 'can go die in a hole'.

Piper looked at each of the boys and said, "Sparky, Scrawny, and Gothy," -Was she talking to them?- "Follow me. Rachel-" Piper nodded to the frizzy red haired girl, "Reyna-" she looked at the girl guarding Nico with long chocolate hair and dark almond eyes, "and Thalia are allowed to hurt you if you try to run away, or fight. I suggest that you don't even speak unless spoken to. Are we understood?" All three boys nodded silently, and each girl grabbed a boy by the arm and walked with them, with Piper leading the front.

They walked silently, until Leo whispered to Thalia, "Could you loosen up a little? You're holding me pretty tight."

Thalia glared daggers at him, then tightened her hand more. "After having to listen to you crack bad jokes to yourself for over an hour? No," she said, and they kept walking.

After many twists and turns in the metal corridors, they came to a metal door with the word 'General' on the front. Piper knocked on the door, and a voice inside said, "Come in."

Jason frowned as he felt his handcuffs unlocking, and he rubbed his wrists while watching Rachel put them on her belt loop. Judging by the clicks coming from behind them, Leo and Nico were getting their handcuffs taken off too.

Piper opened the door, and Rachel pushed him and Nico inside.

"So...you're letting us go?" Leo asked, rubbing his wrists.

Thalia snorted. "You wish." She pushed Leo in with Jason and Nico.

Piper closed the door, and she told the boys to line up against the opposite wall of a desk with three chairs in front of it. "General, the hostages are here," she said, though Jason was confused about who she was talking to. Then, a white door which he had not noticed before opened, and a girl- who Jason assumed to be the General -walked in. She looked like a regular California girl with tan skin and curly blonde hair pulled back into a pony-tail, but she had stormy grey eyes that seemed to stare into his very soul, and that corrupted the picture. She wore no armor -only a gray t-shirt and jeans. If she did not have a gun at her side, she would have looked like a normal teenager.

She sat at the desk and examined each of the boys with her calculating glance. "Thank you Lieutenant," she said, without even glancing at Piper. "I'll take it from here."

Piper gave the boys one last look before walking out and closing the door behind her.

The General looked at Leo, Jason, and Nico, and said with a cold smile,"Gentlemen, welcome." She gestured to the chairs in front of her. "Please, have a seat."


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