Back To You

Chapter 10: Basic Instinct

"You shouldn't date him, Diana." Torelei snickered.

"Why not?" Diana asked.

"You'd eat him alive." Torelei gestured toward her. "You're just like me. You'd fuck up his whole life."

The cabin fire glowed gold against her skin. His usually pale face was red…and warm. The blue of his eyes sparkled as the logs to their left cracked and split. Behind them the little coffee table was laden with every candle she had to spare. The space was a heady mix of lavender and vanilla, a thick scent so intoxicatingly decadent, if she were with anyone else she would have fallen asleep.

She observed the way the thick woolen blanket lay draped around his shoulders, not quite large enough to cover him, meanwhile, curled up as she was, her entire body was lost in hers. She wasn't cold.

Thunder boomed in the distance, and wind hurled itself against the windows, throwing water in splashes. She laughed a little at the childish display. "I think the storm's angry that it got me instead of you, Mr. Bodyguard, Sir."

Jason groaned, his eyes grimacing at the nickname, "I'm sorry about that. I've said it fifteen times already."

"Sixteen." She amended, smiling. His eyes found hers and he said nothing, only watched her with his heavy gaze. "Now it's seventeen."

"Your lucky number." He swallowed thickly, and appeared to be holding his breath. His hands were awkward on the floor, thumb moving every so often like it wanted to be other places than there.

"Why are you so far away?" Diana asked, looking up at him from beneath her dark lashes. "You can come closer to me, Hunting. You look cold and it's warmer over here."

Jason sighed, Adam's apple bobbing up and down as he released an unsteady breath. His voice was hoarse, and deep, "Since when are we on a first name basis…Miss…"

Jason trailed off, struck speechless by Diana's sudden closeness, her thumb rising over the crest of his cheek, and back into his damp hair. "Since I said so…" her lips ghosted against his, light as the wings of a butterfly. She closed her eyes as she stopped her advance. He still hadn't touched her, still hadn't responded. His arms stiff by his sides. "Hunt?"

Her amber eyes flickered up to meet his, the blue wavered, frightened. He came in closer, and spoke against her lips, "Elliot…" and their lips met, soft and sweet, chaste and slow. She pulled away first, unwrapping her blanket as his slid into a pool around him. Jason cradled her face into his large hands, planting a kiss against her temple as his hands slipped down her shoulders to pull her against his chest. He pulled away to rip off his white t-shirt and to press his lips hungrily into hers. At that she gasped at the fierceness, smiling as she joined his urgency, teasing his tongue with her own. As his hands gripped her waist, she moaned into his mouth and he picked her up, placing her against the forgotten pillows. His hands on either side of her head, his torso pressed between her legs, he asked, "Elliot?"

Diana pressed her lips to his again in answer. The camera panned away toward the flickering candlelight.


"That's it! We got it!"

Jason quickly got off of Diana and helped her to her feet. He turned his head as he licked his lips as discreetly as he could, but…Diana saw. Of course she did.

Jason tried not to grin like a big child as he said, "Uh…good job, Diana."

"Thank you." She said, just as Britannia rushed forward with a bottle of water. Klein was off to the side, stone faced in a pair of pitch black sunglasses. Subtly he tapped his watch.

Duty calls.

"Ahem…" Jason cleared his throat, angling himself this way and that.

"Bless you." Diana quickly turned her head so he wouldn't see her playful grin.

He wasn't having it though. He pushed his head in front of her, "What about me? Did I…you know, do a good job?"

"Hmm…" Diana tapped her pointer finger against her lips, still warm from their kiss. "Can't say right now," she then pressed the back of her wrist to her temple, "I'm a little faint."

Smiling along with the game he asked, "Will you still be faint…tomorrow night?"

"I might be."

"Maybe the surprise I left in your trailer will make you feel better."

Diana whirled on him. No one's allowed in my trailer. No one can get in…not even the director. Instead of saying that she asked, "What is it?" pulling some excitement into her voice to hide the surprise.

He held his hands up, pretending he didn't want her hands all over him. "You'll see—hey, I thought you were faint?"

She pushed his arm, with a roll of her eyes. "We'll see."

As usual, the moment Diana left the proximity of the cameras, all security swarmed on her. They didn't do it dramatically. They sort of fell into step behind her. The bodyguards outside of the filming area, stepped in front of her the moment Klein opened the doors to exit the mansion like cabin. Crew members waved at her, hidden as she was through a sea of black suits. She waved back, recalling names when she could. So many smiling faces…

Martin and Paul, two of Klein's favorites, were on either side of the steps into the trailer. They gave Klein a tap on their watches that Klein didn't seem to acknowledge. Instead of going in and looking over the place, Klein simply knocked stiffly against the door.

When no one answered, Klein stepped back and allowed Diana to take the stairs herself. She gave him a puzzled look. He opened his mouth as if to reply, but simply gestured her forward.

Okay…Watari must be on the scene.

Diana opened the door, and quickly shut it behind her. The first thing she noticed when she turned around was that her entire trailer was decorated, top to bottom with flowers…of every color and type.

Diana had to cover her mouth to keep from screaming. The coffee table and couches, chairs and stools. Every spot taken up by a bouquet. Bright and lively as if a rainbow had exploded.

"You're speechless." A voice from her right said. "I'm guessing that means you like it."

"I love it!" Diana threw her arms around L and pulled him in close, squeezing him to her chest. "I could kiss you right now!" she squealed again, spinning around in a circle. "There are so many! How many are there?"

"Only about a hundred." L said sticking his hands into his black pant pockets. "Watari advised against anymore. He said you wouldn't be able to move otherwise."

Her eyes tracked down pink lilies just against her laptop, her mother's favorites, "Moving is overrated."

"That's what I said." By his voice alone, she could tell he was smugly grinning at her reaction. A strange thrill sprang from her chest, issuing out into the rest of her limbs. He was happy to see her happy.

Diana almost couldn't believe it was happening. "These are all for me?"

L stepped toward her, shoes clicking against the floor. "They are in your dressing room, aren't they?"

"Whose idea was this?" she asked, grabbing up some purple and white roses in her embrace and holding them to her nose. "Are you pranking me? Are you about to bring the hammer down? Did you accidentally get one of my friends incarcerated? What's the deal here?"

Half humorous and half exasperated he asked, "Why must something be going on for me to do something nice?"

"Because you don't do things without a reason." She said, raising her brow, daring him to challenge her.

L hanging on to the humor, he asked. "…does that mean you want me to take them back?"

Like a feral cat she tore away from him to grab ahold of a bear made out of flowers. "NO! Of course not. I'm just making sure the sky's not going to fall on me."

L's head twitched to the left. "I wouldn't let that happen."

She shrugged, not feeling quite brave enough to face him as she said, "You do have a habit of raining on my parade."

Quieter still he said, "That…is never intentional."

"No?" Her fingers, fiddled with the petal of a peony. Smooth and fresh, still wet with droplets of water.

"No." His hands pushed deeper into his pockets.

She smiled, still not looking at him, "You do it so often, it feels like it."

"Again, not entirely intentional."

Not entirely? She put the bear down to ogle some roses, "But you're not sorry…"

His tone lost its sweetness, becoming slightly condescending. "You can't expect me to be sorry for something unintentional."

Diana blinked, felt a bit of irritation sour her mood. Her eyes flickered up at him, but….instead she blinked in surprise, "Just…what are you wearing?"

He looked down at himself, raising his arms as if he hadn't noticed he was wearing a black suit and tie complete with black shoes (she knew he had to want out of). "I thought it best to blend in—"

"As one of my security?" she asked, finding herself step-by-step drawn to him again, reeled in like a fish out of water. He dropped his arms as she came closer. Still hunched, but standing a bit straighter to give the illusion of being…someone else.

"Well, I wanted to see your reaction in person. Having Watari describe it," He met her eyes, and held her there, "doesn't quite do it justice."

Did he know he was pouring fuel on a fire? Diana stepped closer, feeling small again, excited. "I'm glad you came. I'm always glad. Thank you."

Quiet again, he told her, "You're welcome, Diana."

Laughing, she reached up, adjusted his tie, and flattened the lapels of his coat. "It looks good on you. It makes your eyes…even more intense if that's possible."

L swallowed deeply, "If you say so, to be honest I feel a bit like a monkey."

Diana laughed aloud, giving his arm a gentle swat. "Must you ruin everything?"

"It's not ruined if you're laughing," he told her, "you love to laugh."

Diana hazarded another glance at his eyes, her hands moving of their own accord to filter through his bangs. Against her touch, he closed his eyes. "You sure remember a lot about me."

"I remember most things."

She pulled her hand away, and –

Rinng! Rinng!

Slow and slightly annoyed, Diana hunted around for her cell phone. She found it by her laptop, L was right on her heels as she made to answer it.

"May I?"

Raising her brow, she let the phone drop into his grasp. She stepped close to listen, resting her hands against his arm.

"Yes?" L nodded his head, "Huh, I see. Well, let him in, I guess, in exactly one minute."

Abruptly, L closed the phone. From his back pocket he pulled out a pair of shades and wandered over to the counter. "This'll do."

"Who was that?" Diana, following close, took the phone he offered.

"Klein." L said dryly. "You have a guest."

"I thought I wasn't allowed guests."

L didn't answer, folding his arms behind his back and standing as straight as his back allowed. "By the way, please call me Ryuzaki."

He was pretending to be security, of course, but why? Was Logan on the other side of that door? Was L now making a move? Diana looked for an explanation in his expression but saw none. "What—"

An eager knock on the door and then it opened.

"Wow! This place is huge!" Jason exclaimed, "Your trailer is way bigger than mine. I see why…you have some…collection."

For a moment, Diana felt like a caged animal. It was brief, a strange spasm in her chest, but she felt it all the same. Her eyes darted to L whose expression was even more impossible to read with the addition of those glasses.

What are you doing?

Strangely enough, she was almost…angry. Why would he put her in this position? Why make her do this? Every fiber in her being was screaming, shouting that…the two parts of her life should never collide. They were anyway.

She shook her head, turning to face Jason despite the strangeness of everything. Diana smiled her celebrity smile, wiping that feeling away. "It's not always like this. It's a present."

Jason's smile flickered a bit as he asked, "From your admirers?"

"No, just a friend of mine." She felt her face warm at that, eyes flying around the room. "They're wonderful, aren't they?"

Jason breathed in deeply, "Yeah, someone went all out." He grinned, "First date hasn't even happened yet and I'm already worried."

She snorted, nudging his arm, hoping he drops the subject. "Sure."

"I'm serious." He said, eyes still bright as he looked around, "A woman wouldn't do all this and a guy who's not absolutely in love with you wouldn't do this. I mean…someone spent over three-thousand on that one alone," he pointed to a medium sized basket with flowers buds the size of a baseballs. "It's huge! Diana, if your friend is not crazy in love with you, I'm a baboon from the Amazon."

He was trying to be funny, but she could see some hurt in his eyes, some hesitation there.

Diana's hand flew to her right earring. It was expensive. She knew that when she walked in. With every piece of her, she tried not to look behind her, tried not to unpack Jason's words.

Diana laughed it off, unsure about the words she should use. "I give gifts all the time. The extravagance of a gift or the lack thereof doesn't equate to the amount of affection a person has. Besides, it's not like that…I promise." She held his gaze as she said it, and the tension in his shoulders eased away a centimeter or two. "What brings you here?" she asked, stepping closer to draw his eyes down to her, away from the extravagance. It worked like a charm. "You've never paid me a visit before."

"I'm not allowed to, remember?" He winked at her; his eyes were hungry as they looked down. There was a sort of sweetness there too, and…was it fear?

Sheepishly, she shrugged, "I forget."

"How are we going to do this date by the way?" He asked, and then lowered his voice, "is…uh…he going to be there too?"

Jason brought her in close as he spoke against her ear, still she did not look behind her. "Definitely not. I know you wanted to go out, but…" she shook her head, "I can't."

"I know. We can still have fun inside. I am a mean Uno player."

She laughed, "you want to play cards."

"Yeah! Why not? Diana, I want to get to know you better. It'll be easier this way." He said reaching for her waist before pulling his hands back. "You can't keep being mysterious while you're losing at Uno…it's just impossible."

Diana turned her head, smiling, "I don't think I'm mysterious. I've been told I'm fairly easy to read."

"Whoever said that is a liar. I wish I could read you." He said, "But that'll come in time. Getting to know you is all I care about."

Diana found his eyes again, bright blue, earnest. She wondered if he would find guilt in her eyes. "Do you always say exactly what you're thinking?"

"I try to. You can't get anywhere if you don't express yourself." He said, "I'd drive myself crazy if I didn't." he then asked, "What? Is it too much?"

"No," she said quickly, taking his large hand, trying to hide it within hers. "It's just enough..."

Jason dropped his head, moving closer to her, lips parted. His shadow fell over her, but she didn't feel suffocated or claustrophobic. She felt….

Diana remembered how warm his mouth had felt against hers, how real. Her gaze flickered. Her own mouth moving in kind.

She heard the shuffling of a shoe and quickly moved her head, causing Jason to miss her face entirely. He seemed surprised, but not angry.

She slipped out of his grasp, "I don't kiss before the first date."

"I'm sorry, Princess. I guess I got carried away," he stepped back from her, putting his hands down by his sides. "Your eyes are…. I can't even describe them."

She laughed again, turning her head down and then up again, pretending to shyness. In reality, she could feel eyes on her neck like two points were trying to burrow beneath her skin. "I'll see you at seven."

"Seven." He agreed, and then clapped his hands, "Oh, I almost forgot—but," he looked around, "I guess it doesn't really matter all that much."

Diana glanced around too, "What is it?"

Jason pulled a hand through his hair, embarrassment turning red across his cheeks. "It's nothing."

Diana stepped closer. "Jason…"

With a sigh, he relented, "I bought you some roses, like the ones I got you before? It was stupid. I didn't know you had all these—"

"Oh, here, let me find them—"

"Really it's fine—"

Diana took in the slump of his broad shoulders; she placed her hand on his elbow. "What do they look like?"

He smiled, "They're wrapped in this frilly lace—"

"I like lace." She said, giving him a pinch, "What color? Is it white lace?"

"The whitest lace." He said, moving as she moved around the room. Giving L at the back a slight wave of his hand and a smile.

"Okay…Does it have a bow?" she asked, looking around through every exposed piece of furniture. She was slightly overwhelmed with so much around her.

"A Pink bow—silk."

She nodded. That…didn't really help matters. For two minutes, the two walked around the trailer, ducking low and searching high. Twice, they'd bumped into each other, Jason catching her around the waist, and staring into her eyes, before he gave her a gentlemanly bow. "My Lady."

Giggling, she waved him off not too sure how she felt flirting in front of…an audience. Finally, Jason held up her trashcan, "Success! I found them…oh, man. I guess someone thought they were old."

Diana stepped over to him. The white lace was stained brown, the ribbon soaked through as the stems protruded upward and the petals swam in water lay at the bottom. The silver trashcan sloshed around as Jason moved it. "Oh, no. Jason, I'm so sorry. I didn't even get to see them." She set to pulling them out anyway, running past L to grab a mound of paper towels.

"You don't have to do that—"

"Jason." Diana told him, "Hush and help me?"

Jason smiled, "Anything you say, Princess."

She rolled her eyes, and they both took turns dapping at the sopping wet roses, most of the petals swam around the surface of the trashcan glowing like little lights in its darkness. The lace they discarded, but Diana stole a ribbon from one of the thousand sitting around them, and wrapped the nearly dry, nearly petal-less roses in purple. "There," she said, holding it up for him to see. "Good as new. When I get back, I'll put them in a vase."


"I thought I told you to hush," she said, placing her sticky hand against his cheek. "Listen to your princess and mind your manners. I could have you executed; you know?"

Jason, smile as big as the moon, conceded, "My apologies, your majesty. I was clearly, out of line."

"Damn right."

Jason paused, looking down at the bouquet, "So…for sure, even after all that…I still can't kiss you?"

Diana pointed to the door, and smirked, "Oh, get out."

"So, is that a no?"


"I'm joking." He pleaded with his eyes, "You know, I'll say anything to make you smile."

Diana's eyes lingered on his, "If you keep talking like that, I'll think you have a crush on me."

Unwavering, Jason told her. "It's more than a crush."

She closed her eyes, "Get out."

Jason laughed all the way out the door.

Diana held the sad excuse up to the light, and after a moment, turned to face L who was now removing his glasses, stepping out of his shoes at a snail's pace. His expression was blank.

"L?" she started, staring down at the mess in her hands. Their eyes met, but she couldn't bring herself to say anything.

"What is it?" L mumbled.

Diana sighed, the strange knot in her stomach tightening. Even knowing the truth of what happened, she felt somehow responsible, guilty. "I know Watari didn't mean to, but…could you tell him not to throw my things away…please?"

L observed the mess in her hands as one would observe a fly that kept flying toward them. "They looked so small, he probably thought they were old. I would have made the same assumption."

"Probably," she agreed, "but…they're not that small." Afterall, they were longer than her arm, and was probably bigger than they are now.

L in his usual, deductive matter, disagreed. "In comparison, they are much smaller. A lot cheaper too. I would even go so far as to call them shriveled and mediocre."

By some wild chance, she cracked a smile. Somehow, he got her to laugh. "That's not true. Besides, just because something is bigger, it doesn't make it better. It's just a matter of preference."

Dryly, L chuckled. "That's funny, coming from you."

Diana felt that one like a slap in the face. Her smile disappeared. "What does that mean?"

"Nothing really, only that what you say and what you do, don't always align." L added, "That's all."

Diana felt a slightly venomous smile curl her lips, "Explain."

As if feeling the challenge in her voice, his eyes darkened. His brow drew together, never one to miss a challenge. "Well, let's take your…'boyfriend' as an example—"

Knock, knock.

Without further ado, Watari slipped into the trailer, quickly walking up to them. "I apologize for the interruption, but we really should be going. The preparations have been completed."

Diana turned to him, "Preparations?"

"Why yes," Watari said, "L didn't tell you? We're relocating the base of our operations."


"Your home." Watari told her, a warmth slipping into his tone. "L mentioned that it may be easier for you to record your music there."

"Is that true?" Diana turned to look back at L, who was pulling at his tie with some difficulty. He struggled with the knot, the socks on his feet half off. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"I was getting to it." L said. "It was supposed to be a surprise. Well, the second half of your surprise. Much like the trailer…I had your room decorated."

"You're full of surprises today." She said, "That's so thoughtful! Thank you. I can't tell you how happy I am." She put the flowers down to jog over to him, and undo the tie. Her fingers were quick, untying with ease. "I could kiss you right now!"

L said. "You shouldn't unless you want to make your boyfriend uncomfortable."

She checked at that, his tone cutting her down. "He's not my boyfriend." She laughed a little uncomfortable, "we haven't even had our first date yet."

"For all intents and purposes, he may as well be, Miss Belle." L told her, "You could hardly contain yourself when he was here just mere moments ago," he then added, motioning toward the door. "even with an audience."

Diana pulled back. She felt like she'd been pushed away. He always did that. Pulled and then pushed. "Well," she said, "I guess you're right. You always are."

L's eyes narrowed once she fell silent. "What do you mean by that?"

"Perhaps, we should continue this discussion in the comfort of Miss Belle's home." Watari gestured for the door, "the others have been waiting patiently outside and Mr. Klein is on call for only an hour more. We'd like to have him with us when we arrive to your home."

"Of course." L resigned to Watari's suggestion. "Please, lead the way."

"L? Before we depart, may I speak to you in private for a moment?"

Diana paused near the door, looking back over her shoulder. When the door opened, and Klein held out his hand. She took it, watching L give Watari a puzzled expression.

She left them. The rest of her guard had already filed into cars. Four minutes past and L slipped in beside her, Watari taking the front seat. Klein waved at her as he took the lead vehicle.

She wished she could ride with him. Klein was her big brother in that way. She felt safest, more invincible when he was by her side. She placed her hand against the glass. His palm met the glass on the other side.

The car pulled away and she crossed her legs and arms, eyes rolling over the orange day.

"Diana?" L's voice was quiet from the other side of the vehicle. When she looked at him, she felt a strange weight of guilt hover in the air. His large dark eyes, ringed with black softened her vitriol. Maybe it was the shadow, perhaps in was the hunching. His strange smallness in the car.

"What is it?"

"We fight a lot."

Diana laughed, turning toward him. "We do. I wonder why that is?"

"I think…a small part of me is jealous." L said plainly.

Diana frowned at him, sitting up, "Not of me?"

"No, although, I do admire you a great deal."

Diana threw a hand up, "You do? You don't act like it."

L shrugged, "Well, we can't all be expected to grovel at your feet as your boyfriend does—"

"Really?" Diana turned back toward the window, crossing her arms. "Nice."

L grabbed her wrist, tugging her back to him. "I didn't mean it in that way. And you act as if I insulted you…when I didn't. The insult isn't yours to take offense to. Judging from your reaction, if I didn't know any better, I'd say you had deep feelings for this guy."

"L," she sighed, wanting to ring her hands. "that's not it. What you said, makes it seem like I can't be interested in someone unless they're worshipping me. It turns me into this shallow, conceited, self-absorbed monster. I hate that you see me that way, when I have no idea where you even got that from."

L 's eyes went slightly wider, "Why should it matter what I think?"

"God, L, you know it matters." She said, "I care about you so what you think matters. Why do you think we fight all the time? What you say matters to me. It always has. Being angry at you, won't change that. Fighting with you, hasn't changed that. Your opinion, even if it is vile and mean, is important because you are important."

L's mouth hung open, as he leaned back into the seat. He was so silent she could hear him breathing. He swallowed, "I see. Thank you, for your honesty."

Diana found herself tired again, she curled back into herself, leaning back into the window. By some off chance, she looked up and found Watari's eyes on her. She flashed him a smile, and turned back. She closed her eyes.


Diana wrapped her arms around herself. "To be honest…I don't really want to talk anymore."

"Hear me out." L said, and then added, "Please, Diana?"

At that, she turned to face him. "When have you ever said please?"

"I've said it before."

"Not to me."

"First time for everything?"

She smiled. "I guess so."

"Listen very carefully to what I have to say, and, bear in mind, I am not trying to fight with you. I'm…trying to understand something."

"Go on." She said, "I won't draw a weapon as long as you don't shoot first."

He chuckled. "I figured you'd say that." He said and then steeled himself, "Diana…what do you think of me…truly. You said I could be vile and mean spirited, and yet…you don't seem all that repulsed by me."

"Of course not. How can I be repulsed by you? Just because you can be something it doesn't mean you are that way entirely. Besides, who am I to pass judgement on you when I can be cruel too. I could be very cruel. Everyone can be cruel. You and me. We're no exception. We're human, and besides, you think I'm a monster anyway."

"I don't recall ever calling you that." L said. "I wouldn't."

"No, but you implied it. I remember. I was there."

"You recall in correctly. I never passed any judgement on my observations, I simply stated them as I saw them. As you would say, I never said those traits were negative only that they were real." He said, "Do you understand?"

"Yes." She said. "But…why are you telling me this?" What's your point? She thought. You always have one.

"I wanted to…clear the air." He said, his fingers clenching into his jeans. "I noticed after that more…heated argument of ours…things changed between us."

Diana felt herself stiffen, remembering the vitriol, the fatigue. "I wouldn't say that."


"Things just became…more clear."

L's brow furrowed, "How so?"

Diana fingered her earring, "Well, it made me realize that our friendship is really important to me. I wouldn't want to risk it over little things."

L's face fell into shadow, but she also wasn't trying very hard to look at him. "Little things?"

With a nod, she crawled closer. He leaned back but she lay her head on his shoulder, she took his arm and wrapped it around herself, fastening her hand into his. Diana reiterated, "Little things."

He breathed in and out again, his breaths brushing past her face. "You shouldn't get too close to me, your boyf—"

Diana caught his eyes and he paused. She held his hand to her cheek. "You were saying?"

He pursed his lips. "It's nothing."

Silence. Diana, closed her eyes, allowing the darkness to roll in as she lay against his chest.

"…Hey, L?"

This is it.


The turning point.

Diana didn't bother to search his expression as she spoke. "You don't like me, do you?"

Last chance.

Silence, and then, "Of course I do. I wouldn't let you close to me like this if I didn't."

She rolled her eyes, "That's not what I meant. I mean do you," she hadn't phrased a question like this since she was fourteen, "like-like me. In a romantic sense. Do you have a crush on me, that sort of thing."

For a moment, he paused. Diana couldn't make herself look at him for some reason. "What made you ask that?"

"Jason." Diana said, "I think he just got jealous or something."

L didn't speak after that, causing her to fill the silence, "He acts like a man and woman can't be friends without something 'hiding' beneath the surface." She toyed with her earring, "but…I guess if someone were to take us out of context—like right now for example—they'd think something like that." Just to run the idea home, she flexed her fingers and loosened her grip, but he didn't let go, "They'd probably think that we weren't just friends…L."

The air was tight with tension, but it wasn't awkward, it was heated but not uncomfortable. Everything with him always felt like that. Like there was more to the silence, more to the stares, more to the moves, more to it all. But even if there was, not that there was anything, she doubted he'd say anything. He'd keep it ambiguous until it suited him. It would never suit him.

Pull the band-aid off. End it.

Finally, after she thought he'd completely moved on from the subject, he spoke rather softly. "We can't control what other people think, and unless it benefited us, we shouldn't try to."

A sense of despair, chased quickly by relief flooded her veins. "I should probably go back to my side of the car."

Diana made to move, but his arm tightened around her. "No. Stay…"L's low voice trembled through her. "please."

Her heart sped. Her eyes blurred. She closed them, willing the burn to fade away.

Diana shouldn't. She would only be being cruel, to herself, to him. It would only end badly.

"...Okay." She stayed.

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