A/N: Sam surprises Dean with an out of the ordinary Valentine's Day present.

Dean was at home watching TV. He didn't know what his boyfriend and biological younger brother had in store. It was nearing sunset and Sam still hadn't called. Dean went from relaxed to being a bit nervous. Had Sam forgot? Was he still too busy to do something?

Dean hears a distant sound, but couldn't tell what it was at first. Sounded like some rumbling. Maybe it was construction. He moaned as he turned the TV up louder and continued to watch the movie. But the sound grew even louder now and soon was drowning out the TV. It started to feel like a rhythmic earthquake that sounded almost like footsteps. Car alarms went off and horns were honking. Not only that, but he noticed that as the sound and shaking increased, so did the strength of a familiar smell that made Dean hard.

Dean laughed as he put his size 11US boots on. "Of course Armageddon would happen on Valentine's." He turned off the TV and walked to the door, wondering what was going on and thought that maybe that's why Sam was late. Well, he wasn't exactly late since he never said when he would show up, but Dean was very impatient sometimes.

After stepping outside, a stunned Dean stood on his small porch. He wasn't expecting the sight, nor was anyone else in town as they all froze in awe and fear. There, walking down the street, was Sam the now 500 feet tall giant. He was big enough to crush a car under his foot, but he actually watched where he stepped to avoid the cars, people and other objects. The only damage was done to the road with huge footprints, but oh well. The giant didn't seem to care about that.

Sam was already quite the smoking hot catch to begin with when he was previously 6'4. Lots of people were jealous of Dean who could worship someone with a solid build and long brown hair. And now that Sam was a giant, his perfect body magnified to godly proportions, he was beyond hot. To top it off he was clad in only a pair of red silk boxers, allowing the sun to highlight his lean muscles and handsome face. The sun reflected off his boxers giving him a godly glow. He carried a red valentine's box in his right hand against his body, the contents uncertain but most likely something Dean would love. He looked so good walking down the street, casual as ever, as if he was normal sized, fully clothed, and no one was staring.

Dean stared at the massive feet first, which would normally be a not so small size 12US. The long and powerful toes were well pedicured, but did have some toejam between them. It was only then that he realized how horrible the smelled, making Dean extra hard. Dean loved how they looked to the people and cars and he knew what people said about guys with big feet. But before his eyes reached the crotch area, they were following up the firm legs that were bigger than tree trunks. The light hair on them seemed to shimmer. Up past the sexiest pair of boxers was the sexiest and largest 6 pack abs he had ever seen. His pecs were like muscles so solid they could be made of steel not flesh. When he saw the face, he gasped with excitement and awe at this dream-like situation.

Sam smiled when he noticed his little boyfriend running towards him. It wasn't the reaction he expected at first, but he was glad it wasn't Dean locking himself in his house like a scared little man. Sam had stopped a few feet from Dean's driveway and looked down at his boyfriend. "Hey sexy. Happy Valentine's Day." He knelt down and presented the gift to Dean. Not that the little man could open it at his size, but just to show him that he got something. There was even a giant card on it that read "To Dean, Love Sam". The big guy winked down at his man.

Many who gathered outside to stare already knew Sam and Dean were a gay couple, but didn't care. The two got along with everyone pretty easily and were quite popular. Most girls were too busy checking out Sam's huge body and even a few straight guys seemed to be staring a bit longer than expected.

"Uh, I thought we weren't doing anything special this year," said Dean.

"I told ya I had something planned. Just didn't want to do the usual go to dinner, see a movie, blah blah blah." Even the way he said the 'blah blah blah' was kind of cute and sexy. Dean along with a few girls chuckled and smiled. Sam turned around and looked behind him. He smiled at all the people gathered in the streets. He was starting to feel crowded now and turned back to his boyfriend. "So uh, how about we go somewhere more private? Maybe your back yard, or the beach, or the forest, or wherever you want to spend Valentine's."

Dean forgot they were in the middle of Austin, TX. A blushing Sam had nothing to be ashamed of at this size, but Dean felt kind of embarrassed still being normal and being all mushy in front of the crowd. "Yeah, a change of scenery sounds good," he agreed. He thought over where to go in his head. "Beach it is!"

Sam smiled and put his hand down for Dean to climb into. It was bigger than a bed to him. The little man was surprised how soft the skin was when he climbed aboard. It was so comfortable and safe feeling being in his giant boyfriend's hand that he laid down and settled into the palm. The huge fingers curled slightly, cupping Dean in, and then Sam stood up.

Sam's long strides allowed him to avoid traffic. Many littles shouted and waved at the two going by. Even Dean could hear the 'Ooooos' and 'Awwwwws'. There were even some "I love you Sam!" and "Bring me, Sam!" It made the giant blush which made him even cuter. Dean didn't mind. Knowing that his boyfriend was wanted by practically the whole neighborhood made him a very happy young man.

The beach was empty. Sam settled his body down and looked down at his little boyfriend. He brought his other hands towards Dean and rubbed the tiny body with his finger, as if examining him. The huge digits felt good rubbing against the skin and muscle and Dean moaned and giggled. "Wow, you're cute," Sam whispered.

Dean blushed. He still couldn't believe his boyfriend had done this for him. Or even how. He stroked the huge finger softly and even kissed the tip. "So how'd you grow so huge!" He kept stroking the finger and tilted his head to stare at the handsome face and all its amazing features. The light from the sunset lit it up beautifully and Sam truly looked like the titan god he was now.

Sam didn't reply at first. Instead he set the Valentine box down in the sand and then placed Dean on it. "How did I grow? That's my secret, little guy. I won't tell. Now why don't you open your present?" The giant laughed after saying this. He knew that even if the little guy could untie the ribbon there was no way he would be able to lift the top of the box off. But still he waited patiently to see what Dean did.

Dean walked around the slippery plastic and examined the platform of a gift from every angle. He didn't know where to attack it first. He finally walked over to the large bow, but paused and looked up at Sam. "What, you don't think I can do it?" He grunted and tugged on part of the bow. It didn't work. Sam had tight this pretty tight. He wondered if his giant did this before or after he grew. After pulling some more the bow barely budged. Dean grew exhausted and quit.

"Quit already?" Sam teased. "Aw, thought you had muscles!" He picked his little man up and placed him on his leg as he sat Indian style. Then he reached down and easily unwrapped the box with his huge fingers. Dean watched longingly as the giant digits undid the ribbon with ease. Then they found their way to the box edges and lifted the top off. Inside was an assortment of chocolate candies, though they all were scaled to Sam's size.

"Ooooo, they look delicious!" Dean said with a big smile. He loved chocolates and blew a kiss up to Sam. "Thanks babe!"

"Well, you're still my favorite chocolate," Sam said with a lick of his lips. "So how about you strip out of those dull clothes and we can have some real fun. I'm not going to be the only one sitting here in my underwear." He reached down a picked up a chocolate, then as he teasingly looked at Dean he popped it into his mouth. He rolled it around with his enormous tongue and then chewed it up. "Mmmmm, they are delicious. Better hurry up before they're all gone." He popped another candy in.

"You're cheating!" Dean protested. He hastily tossed his wife beater aside, his muscles catching a quick chill in the cooling air. He kicked off his shoes and socks, then pulled down his shorts. He danced a little as he revealed his black boxers. "I'm in my boxers too, so stop eating my candy!"

"Your candy?" Sam questioned with a slight smirk to his lips. "I brought this for me. I was your Valentine present, silly." He laughed and grabbed another chocolate, then brought it towards Dean. But he kept it out of his reach, dangling it over his head mockingly. "Now, how about you ask nicely and I might let you have a taste."

"Well how about you give me the candy and I let you taste my chocolate?" Dean winked at the giant.

Sam smiled and squeezed the chocolate a bit. It was enough to break it into smaller pieces and reveal the gooey, raspberry center that slowly dripped onto his enormous fingers. He brought the candy down to Dean's level. At first Dean just grabbed bits of chocolate that were like crumbs to Sam. To Dean, they were small candy bars actually. Once he noticed the sweet raspberry filling glistening in the light and dripping slowly down his boyfriend's fingers, he couldn't resist. He immediately started to lick the enormous hand clean, loving the taste of raspberry.

The fingers drew nearer to Dean as he licked them, making it easier for him to do so. Eventually the little man could feel the raspberry filling rubbing against his bare stomach and chest. "Mmmmm, you look good enough to eat," the giant said as his other hand appeared and lifted the little man up. He was raised to the enormous face, his vision filled with the handsome sight as a large tongue licked the large lips. As he was brought closer to the gigantic mouth he could feel the breaths being blow down from the large nose.

Suddenly a huge tongue eased its way out from the ample lips and licked the little body. The rough and smooth surface felt amazing against Dean as it removed the sweet material and he moaned at the feeling. The cool, gooey filling was replaced with warm saliva as Sam continued to lick his little man. Dean was completely relaxed in the giant's grip now. He was uneasy at first, but after feeling a few licks he really loved it.

After a bit of this playing, Sam finally tossed the squeezed chocolate candy in his mouth and chewed it up carefully. Hungry still, he reached for another and bit into it. It was cherry filled, and a few squirts of the inner substance ran over the giant lips. A huge tongue licked his mouth clean as Sam rubbed the half bitten chocolate over his little man. His smooth and light brown skin became covered with the cherry filling and melting chocolate. Once again the giant licked him clean.

"Enjoying the taste of your little man, big guy?" Dean asked. The large moans of the giant told him all he needed to know.

"What did you get me? asked Sam.

Dean suddenly realized that he forgot about it. "Uh, I have something to tell you," he started between his own miniscule moans.

"Oh?" Sam wondered. He finished off the candy in his hand and then covered the box once more.

"It's just... well... I didn't give you anything. But I can make it up to you. I promise! Please don't be mad," Dean admitted as he blushed.

"Oh really?" asked Sam. His finger returned and worked its way around the little guy's body. It wasn't like when he examined him earlier. It was more like a petting and massaging the little muscles. "Does it involve making my 'friend' down there feel less lonely?" He winked at Dean, leaned back on the grass, and placed Dean onto his firm chest. A wide eyed Dean nodded yes, thinking Sam had read his mind.

"We'll get to that later, but first... Like my big muscles now?" Sam flexed his pecs under the little man which made Dean lost his balance but not fall.

"Yeah, they are as sexy as ever!" To show his giant just how much they turned him on he got down on his hands and knees and started to kiss the warm muscle. He loved the taste and feel of the skin. It was better than he remembered.

"Aw, so sweet of you," Sam whispered as he rested his head on his arms. His huge biceps flexed as he did so, showing off his enormous strength and body.

Dean loved doing this when they were both normal sized, but this is a fun and new experience. He shifted his position and now was kneeling in between the two huge mountainous pecs. He worked the skin the best he could with his little hands, rubbing and massaging the warm flesh. The muscle underneath was firm and he had to use his fists and elbows to do a good job.

It paid off. Sam was moaning happily as he closed his eyes. "Not bad, little guy. I could get use to this." He was enjoying it so much that he started to get hard and excited from the power he had over Dean. The little man was already quite turned on from the whole experience.

Dean continued to glide his limbs over the smooth skin and massage it the best he could. He would kiss here and there happily, smiling when he felt the muscle underneath flex occasionally. He turned around and looked down at the rest of the enormous body. He loved the firm abs too and wondered if he should massage them next. Then he saw the tent in the red silk boxers.

Sam opened his eyes when he heard the little man say 'wow.' He noticed what he was looking at and it made him smile. "Hmmm, think that's award enough for the massage? " The giant reached down and pulled the boxers over his thighs. His huge erection popped to life again. It was like a tower to the little man now. "So..."

"...so what?" Dean wondered out loud. He couldn't help but stare at the colossal organ. "You think... you think I can do something with that?" He was a bit intimidated. It wasn't that he didn't like it, he loved it in fact, but it was now bigger than him.

Sam laughed. "Well, this was your idea for a gift and I can tell by your own little tent that it turns you on. Or maybe it's just my whole body that does. So enough stalling and let's get to the real fun." He paused and rubbed his huge muscle next to Dean. The giant fingers working the enormous mass of bulk was amazing and the little man couldn't help but stare. He watched as the huge fingers traveled down the rows of firm abs, through the forest of pubic hair, and gently glide across the massive cock. It shivered at the touch. "So sexy, you going to help your titan of a boyfriend or do I not get a present this year?"

Dean turned back to Sam's handsome face and nodded excitedly. Then he looked back at the huge cock and slowly got to his feet. He traveled down the enormous body to the tower of manhood. It was like a dream trance as he walked, passing over warm skin and muscle, traveling through tickling vines of hair, until the little man was finally standing before the tower of a cock.

Looking it up and down a few times, Dean was growing even harder himself. "Here goes nothing," he said as he rubbed his hands together and then placed them onto the warm skin. The cock twitched at his touch and it made the little guy giggle. He wasn't intimidated anymore. He was aroused big time. He pressed his whole body up against the erection and started to grind slowly against it. The giant moaned at the feeling. Dean smiled, knowing he was pleasing his boyfriend at his now incredible new size. Getting more into it, he started to wrap his arms and legs around the huge shaft and massaged it with his body.

Sam moaned at the feeling. "Aw man, that is awesome! I didn't think it would be this hot!" His cock grew stiffer and larger. His whole body shivered with pleasure. He ran his enormous toes into the sand playfully, curling them with ecstasy. He rubbed his pecs and abs with his hand, trying to keep them busy. He didn't want to get himself off. He knew this would be more enjoyable. "Oh babe, you're so fucking hot!"

Dean slowly climbed the cock the best he could. From Dean's POV, the tip was getting further away from him as Sam's dick grew harder and longer. It was difficult, but he loved the challenge. He loved turning his boyfriend on. He loved his boyfriend this size. He loved everything right now! He soon found his lips pressed against the cock, licking, sucking and kissing it as he journeyed skyward. It was causing Sam to pant heavier, the cock to tremble with power. Then suddenly the body arched and shivered with pleasure in the night air.

Before Dean knew it, the enormous cock was raining down hot cum everywhere. It had exploded like a geyser, the largest orgasm anyone had seen. The thick, white seed splattered down onto the firm abs and stomach. The giant cock twitched with the enormous load, causing Dean to fall free and land into the huge pubes. There he laid as he watched the fireworks show of the giant's cum exploding into the air and crashing down into glimmering streams. Then the body collapsed back to the earth, the huge titan causing a small tremor.

"That was incredible!" Dean yelled after it was over. He was rock hard, ready to blow at any second after just witnessing the most primal, masculine display of power he had ever seen. A few bits of cum landed on his body and he quickly licked them off.

Once Sam was past his post-orgasm trance, he scooped his little man in his hand and sat back up. "So, you look like you could use some fun yourself," the giant said in the most seductive voice Dean had ever heard. He didn't protest as a huge finger pulled down his black boxers and let his large erection pop free. "Need some help, little man?"

Dean trembled with excited at the question. "Oh yeah, giant stud!"

Dean was brought close to Sam's enormous mouth. This time no chocolate candies were involved. It was just a giant, his little man, and a throbbing erection. Sam slowly stuck out his enormous tongue. It was flicked across the little naked body of his boyfriend. He licked the muscles affectionately as he felt every curve and groove of the lean physique. Then his tongue founds its way to Dean's crotch where it really got to work.

Dean loved it. The huge tongue massaged and played with his cock. It wrapped itself around it and worked it perfectly, the saliva lubing it up and warming it in the night sky. The little moan's of Dean made Sam laugh and smile at times, which only stimulated the cock even more. The huge fingers rubbed and massaged the rest of the little's body, and though that would've been pleasure enough on its own, nothing could compare to the enormous tongue playing with the cock. Dean couldn't take it anymore. It was too much.

He finally cummed onto his giant's tongue. Though it was the largest load he had ever had, it seemed like nothing to the giant who barely noticed. It was absorbed quickly by the mouth and large amounts of saliva. Dean, exhausted, laid panting in the giant palm. Sam gave him a kiss over his stomach and chest and then wiped him clean with his silk boxers.

Once Dean was dry again, he became tangled in the warm pubes of the titan. "Night sexy, sleep well," the colossal young man said as he pulled up his boxers once more and covered his boyfriend with them. He placed his hand over the boxers and little body as the tiny guy fell asleep. The giant leaned back too and dozed off quickly. It had been the best Valentine's Day for both of them.