Hide and Seek


After being tossed into the ocean the Searider rebooted and activated herself just in time to see a boat take off. Prior to the events, Searider had been shut off and now she was all alone in the vast ocean. Stranded in the middle of the big blue sea with no living soul around.

Still, she didn't worry, she was programmed to find and interact with fish so her first objective was to find some fish. The little pink fish swam around before she came upon a school of fish, swimming towards a coral reef. The pink fish smiled before swimming towards the reef.

As she swam into the reef, she saw lots of fish swimming around, across and above her as the little pink fish kept swimming and marveling the colorful coral reef.

Not too far away a blue tang fish named Dory was counting to ten as it was her turn to play hide and seek. She had done this a million times before and she felt like today she was finally going to get the whole 'remember your playing' thing right.

"Eight, nine, Ten! Ready or not here i come!" Dory excalimed.

Dory swam past the plants and coral, looking for her parents and her friends. She did her best to try and stay focused on the game as she looked around for potential hiding places for her friends to hide. Dory kept on swimming until she saw some movement around the corner of her eye and spun around shouting "Gotcha!"

The fish, Searider, stopped swimming as Dory looked at the pink fish with a smile before she realized something "Wait a minute... have we met before?"

The pink fish remained quiet.

"I guess not." Dory said "So, let's take this from the top. Hello, my name is Dory and i suffer from short term memory loss. What's your name?"

The pink fish remined quiet.

"Uh... this is the part where you say your name." Dory said

Again, nothing.

"Hmm... not really into talking huh? That's alright. Bet it makes you a great listener." Dory said.

Dory then noticed the words Searider, painted on the side of the pink fish and said Oh, you have a nametag right here. Funny, i've never met a fish with a name tag before but i try not to judge... let's see... Sea... Rider... searider... weird name for a fish. Is that like your species name or your name name?"

The pink fish just floated there, unaware of how to respond, as Dory sighed and said "Right, no verbal comminications. That's okay... Um... how about i call you Sheila? Okay?"

The pink fish nodded and that made Dory very happy "Okay, Sheila it is! Now... what was i doing? Oh! Hide and seek! Would you like to come along and help me find my friends? I can introduse you to them on the way."

Sheila swam away before Dory gently grabbed her fin with her own saying "Oh don't be so shy, they're all wonderful friends. And you are going to love my parents, they are the sweetest and most loyal parents anyone could ask for. By the way, do you have any friends or family?"

Sheila just looked at Dory and the blue tang slapped herself "D'oh! Again, i forgot you can't talk. Well, we'll figure out something. We'll find a way to you to communicate one way or another."

Dory and Sheila kept on swimming before they heard giggling and Dory smiled "I know that giggling."

Dory swam past some kelp to see Nemo giggling while his father tried to calm him down. Dory swam under the clown fish and tickled him saying "Tickle attack!"

Nemo cried out in surprise before he shot out and spun around the reef with a smile on his face. Marlin came out to help his son saying "I told you we'd get caught."

"Hey Marlin, guess what? I was looking around for the others when i stumbled upon something." Dory said.

"Is it something bigger then us or smaller?" Marlin said

"It's her." Dory said, pointing at Sheila "Meet my new friend Sheila, we just met each other not too long ago!"

Marlin and Nemo swam up to Sheila with Nemo being the closest and he said "Hello! Are you new here?"

Sheila said nothing and Marlin said "Uh... are you okay? Did we offend you or something?"

"Oh no, Sheila can't talk." Dory said "Well, not that there's anything wrong with that i mean, so what if you can't do what ever fishes do... I bet she's great at hide and seek."

Sheila smiled and spun around as if to agree with her. Dory and Nemo giggled and Marlin couldn't help but smile. He had never met anyone in the reef that was anything like this newcomer. Then again he traveled the whole ocean twice so he might not have noticed due to being busy with his adventures.

Marlin thought about what to do and said "I have an idea." He swam up to Sheila and said "I have a simple way for you to communicate. When someone asks you a yes or no question you nod your head for yes and shake your head for no. Get it?"

Sheila nodded.

"Good, at least we're getting somewhere. Now, let's go find the others." Marlin said

"Come on Sheila, let's have some fun!" Nemo said "And we can tell you all about our adventures. Like how my dad went across the whole ocean to find me. And then we did it again to find Dory's parents!"

"He never gets tired telling those stories." Marlin said with a smile.

Sheila happily swam onward with Dory, Marlin and Nemo as they continued to search for their friends. As they kept on swimming they had no idea that they were being watched by something from the shadows. It was big, it had a mouth full of fangs and it was hungry for fish. And those fish looked just right for his supper.