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Let's start the chapter

Chapter 1-Prolouge

It has been 25 years since Hades was slayed by Pit in a fierce battle

Everything was going peaceful:-

Pit was training the centurions,

Palutena was doing her godly work,

Dark Pit was nowhere to be seen

And Viridi was tending to the nature while her servants made sure she doesn't throw another reset bomb at humanity.

At Pit's place

"Alright everyone let's take a break" said the little captain "we have been training for a bit long"

Pit gave the centurions a break and went to talk with Lady Palutena

"What happened Pit?" asked the Goddess "Got a bit tired?" Pit actually was tired, after all he had been training them for past 5 days straight with little breaks in between.

But that wasn't his main concern. For the past few years Pit has been thinking about his past, about who were his real parents? Where did he come from? And if he was abandoned by his family then why?

Pit has known Lady Palutena since he was 500 years old. Anything before that he doesn't remember since he was too small at that time. The little angel sat on the couch and Asked Palutena "Lady Palutena where did I come from and who are my parents?"

Lady Palutena was shocked at Pit asking such a question. To be honest even she doesn't know anything about Pit's past. She was taking stroll in the morning when she found him in a tree trunk's hole. A cute little baby angel abandoned in the forest. After finding him she just felt like she found her own child.

"I ...don't know" the goddess stuttered" I found you in a tree trunk's hole crying really loudly."

Pit sighed sadly. "But there was one weird thing" Palutena added" The place where I found you, the forest was green and rich on one side and it was dying on the other side, like they were two different forests, not connected to each yet it was a single forest."

Palutena felt weird saying this. Never had she seen such a phenomena. She asked other Gods in a way not letting them know why she was asking such question. The only goddess that could answer this question was the goddess of nature but Palutena's previous interactions with Viridi still showed that she was a kid not having this much knowledge. Pit unsatisfied giving not much significance to this fact went to his room to play some games on his 3DS.

At Viridi's temple

Arlon has been quite busy with his mistress lately. His work has increased in a considerable amount. Apparently Goddess of nature has daydreaming A LOT.

"Mistress" said Arlon.

No reply

"Mistress?" said Arlon a bit louder this time.

No reply

"Mistress?" Arlon said sounding a bit annoyed this time.

"Uh ...huh oh Arlon uhh... What happened?" The little goddess stuttered.

"It's your lunch time Mistress. I have brought your lunch."

"Oh uhh... keep it over there I have some work to do" said Viridi pointing to a table.

"As you say Mistress Viridi." Arlon said keeping the lunch on the wooden table.

Arlon left the room after that still worrying about his Mistress. Apparently Palutena was right, Viridi did have a little soft spot for Pit. The only difference was that the soft spot had grown a bit too big. The only time Viridi was not thinking about Pit was when she was doing work.

"Damn it Pit" Viridi said to herself" Why are you invading my mind? Let me think about other important things. Just leave me."

Viridi was in love with Pit but she was too stubborn to accept this.

Pit on the other hand was feeling the same way but in his case he was too dense to understand this.

Phosphora came into the room" Hey, Viridi just came in to tell that your reset bomb stock has been refilled."

Viridi still annoyed shouted "So what?!"

Phosphora shocked said in a bit quieter tone" Sheesh! Calm down"

Viridi quickly apologized" Oh uhh... sorry just thinking about something else."

"It's okay" Phosphora said while leaving the room.

Viridi then sat on the bed thinking about her feelings about the little angel.

At Pit's place

"Hey Pit, can you come down I really need your help" called Palutena

"What happened?" Pit asked

"I need help with preparation. I am holding a God's meeting next week" said the Goddess

"What's that for?" said the angel

"You know after you defeated Hades things have been quiet and peaceful, or should I say a little too quiet."

She was right. After the battle everything went too peaceful too suddenly.

Maybe this is the silence before the storm. The angel thought to himself.

"I need you to make a list of people that would come and ask the centurions to organise the place" said Palutena

"Alright" said the angel having a feeling of the oncoming storm.

Somewhere in the underworld

"So what do you think will he come back?" a soldier of the underworld forces said to another.

"How do I know? I just remember him saying he will come back. I don't know anything magical or all" Said the other soldier.

"Then what do we do. Sit and wait?"

"So what? It might be worth it. It's not like we have something to lose."

*few days later*

"Now what? He didn't come. Maybe he is gone"

Just then the ground started shaking and the demons looked towards the source

"I think it is time Pitty-pat I have come back and I won't leave you this time" said an angry voice.

"Our great leader Hades has returned" exclaimed one of the soldiers.