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Chapter 2-Feelings

At Palutena's library

"Pit..." Palutena said turning to her Guard's captain "Please check the guests list, can you? I need to complete these decorations."

"Alright" exclaimed Pit "But how do I check it... I mean what mistakes do I need to find?"He asked to the Goddess of Light.

"Just check if I missed someone's name" Palutena said

"Oh Okay" Pit sighed reading off the names from the list "Phyrron, Dyntos, Thanatos... wait why Thanatos?" Pit said in a confused tone.

"Look Pit, Thanatos might be evil but he's also a God so yeah I called him" said Palutena in an annoyed tone. Pit still wasn't happy at the fact that Thanatos was coming but... Oh well.

"Poseidon, Zeus, and thankfully no Hades..." Pit exclaimed a bit excitedly but then he found something weird.

"Uhh... Lady Palutena isn't Viridi invited" he said with a slight blush "I mean she is the Goddess of nature, right?"

Lady Palutena was waiting for this moment. She purposefully left that space blank. After all she did know about Pit's feelings. This was just a way to tease him.

"Oh yes I might have forgotten to call her, Pit can you please call her you can see I am busy right now" Palutena said in a teasing tone.

Pit a bit confused by Palutena's behaviour went to the phone and called.

Palutena decorated west wing of the library while the centurions decorated all the other sides. But Palutena was still wondering about the question Pit asked her the previous day. Who was he where did he come from? What is his true identity? Palutena kept wondering while some flowers fell from her hands.

On the other hand Pit's hand trembled as he dialled in the number.

At Viridi's temple

"Hello... Ah Master Pit, is there anything important you want to talk about. Oh a meeting you say, I'll be glad to inform her. Thank you." Even Arlon could feel Pit's nervousness in his voice. Nonetheless he went and knocked at Viridi's door.

"May I come in Mistress?" Arlon asked the Little Goddess of Nature

"Yes" replied the Goddess of Nature who was on her bed reading a novel, a romantic novel to be precise. Arlon was perplexed. He knew that Viridi read books when she had nothing better to do. In short reading was at the very bottom of her 'hobbies' list. Though what amused Arlon was that Viridi was reading a romance novel. "Since when?" Arlon muttered to himself.

"Mistress, young master Pit had called" Arlon said to Viridi

"PIT" she almost shouted "uhh... so what did he say" she said calming herself down.

"He said that Lady Palutena is holding a meeting of the Gods today." Arlon said sounding a bit more concerned than usual.

"TODAY" Viridi yelled, a bit annoyed "Why is it on such a short notice?"

"Master Pit said that Palutena forgot to invite you so he had had to call here himself." Arlon said

"Darn Palutena" Viridi said, her face red with anger "She must have done this on purpose. Quick Arlon get ready we need to reach the meeting. I don't want to embarrass myself in front of other Gods."

Arlon left the Goddess alone to go to his room. Viridi whose feelings have been ever growing for Pit couldn't hold it in her anymore. She started walking in circles trying to decide what to wear. After half an hour she was ready but was waiting for her helpers to get ready. She sat on the bed thinking about the meeting and most importantly about the angel that had grown onto her so much. After a little gasp she decided to herself "It's okay Viridi, all you got to do is go up to that dweeb and tell your feelings to him. How hard could this get for a goddess?" she muttered to herself while trying to tell her nerves to calm down.

She went to the balcony of her room to admiring the nature outside. Birds chirping, squirrels playing, the everyday way nature acts. She could feel the wind flowing, not quite fast, not quite slow, it just felt fresh. But even then she could feel something, something unnatural, something terrible. But she can't quite bring herself to what it was.

"Oh well" she sighed to herself pushing aside the intuition she had as an effect of her nervousness.