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Chapter 4- Dead, Killed, Gone

At Skyworld

Hades' forces started to surround the temple as Hades himself was slowly walking towards the temple in his giant form.

"We need to get out of here" Zeus exclaimed, trapped in the temple. Hades was slowly making his way when suddenly light beams from the sky pierced the temple, with the gods teleporting out of it.

"Huh, That is inconvenient." Hades said "Anyways I can take care of them later on right now my priority is killing that damn angel." Hades punched through the roof demolishing half the temple only to find it empty.

Suddenly a barrage of arrows hit Hades on the arm making him look up to the sky.

Pit and Dark Pit both were flying with the help of Viridi and Palutena who were in Viridi's temple.

"Pit this is going to be a tough one to fight out of, be careful." Palutena said with concern in her voice while trying to guide Pit's flight path

"Why does every bad thing has to happen at once" Viridi exclaimed.

"What 'other ' bad things have happened today can you please tell me?" Pittoo shouted while shooting at Hades

"Nothing" Viridi said, annoyed. FIrst Pit couldn't even understand what she wanted to say to him at canteen. And now THIS is what they had to deal with.

Pit kept shooting at Hades along with Pittoo all the while killing off Hades' minions. Hades on the other hand shrugged of the arrows as if they were nothing. He swung his fist at the angels firing at him barely hitting them.

The fight went on for several hours while the angels kept firing and killing demons while also trying to fend of the threat that was the God of the Underworld.

Though the fight was quite long their was no real progress for the angels as they were getting tired of the continuous battles transitioning between ground and air.

Exhaustion was taking over their bodies and their attacks were becoming more and more Hades, he was just taking this battle as a game playing along with the angels. Every now and then he would swing his arms to hit the angels like flies but would miss. Though he didn't too bothered with it as if he was sure of his victory.

Pit while slicing at another demon took notice of Hades, especially his left arm. Hades was wearing a gauntlet made out of gold. This gauntlet seemed to have some kind of aura around it. Its aura seemed heavenly but at the same time it was weird enough to send shivers down his spine. There was this weird uncanniness that Pit couldn't seem to shake off.

Unfortunately Hades noticed this.

"So you noticed my new toy, didn't you Pitty?" Hades glared at Pit with a sinister smile on his face "you should look at it more closely as THIS will be your end."

Pit wanted to say something but couldn't as if something or someone stopped him from saying something.

Death is the way to truth

Pit heard a voice in his head, not being able to process what is happening, and then suddenly felt a searing pain in his head. Unable to ignore it Pit clutched his head.

Accept death

The voice came back and with it the intensity of the pain increased.

Accept the truth

Dark Pit tried to protect Pit from the oncoming wave of demons trying to protect him.

"Palutena" Viridi asked the elder Goddess "What is wrong with Pit?" concern filling her tone.

"I… don't know?" Palutena was both shocked and afraid at what was happening. Seeing Pit in a weird condition she was more than worried as what is happening.

Hades, on the other hand took this as an opportunity to strike. Smacking Dark Pit out of the way reached for Pit. Pit barely managed to dodge Hades' hand with the searing headache.

"So little Pitty wants to play" Hades said in a sing song voice as he smacks Pit with the gauntlet hand sending him into a pillar.

Blood started filling Pit's mouth while his whole body tried to fight the pain. He could feel the broken bones in his body. But he had to ignore the pain and continue the fight.

The goddess of nature was on the verge of tears as she saw Pit getting hurled into the pillar. It was as if she could practically feel it. Palutena tried to comfort Viridi when suddenly she heard the angels voice.

"Palutena, please grant me the power of flight one more time" Pit asked the Goddess.

"Have you gone mad Pit? You'll die out there. Just look at your condition." Palutena tried to condition with Pit who wasn't willing to listen.

Defeated Palutena gave him the power of flight one more time. Watching as the injured angel flew again to lock horns with the God of Underworld.

Hades on his part saw Pit coming and was able to see how much pain the angel was going through. For a moment he thought of playing with the angel but then remembered the defeat of last time when Pit got a small window of instead grabbed Pit with a sudden swing of his arms.

"Oh look who I have in my arms" Hades said in a sing-song voice. Dark Pit turns while fighting one of the minions to see the terrifying scene. Pit was caught in the fist of Hades.

"You've been quite a thorn in my way Pit, making me wait 25 years so that I can take over all three of the realms, I think it is time that you went on a long, long vacation." Hades said as he started crushing Pit between his palms. The pressure increased with each passing moment but slowly as if Hades was enjoying it.

Suddenly the pressure on his body was reducing but Pit was still writhing in pain. Hades saw the angel on his palm with the sinister grin still plastered across his face.

"And since your going into eternal sleep I don't think you need these" Hades said. Putting Pit between fingers of his left hand while holding his wings in his right hands fingers. With one quick snap Hades ripped off the angels wings. Pit screamed in pain as blood spewed out of his back.

Viridi couldn't stop crying at the pain of the angel while tears also filled up Palutena's eyes. The angel they both loved one as a mother while one as something more than a friend was being broken in front of their eyes.

"I am going to help him. I can't let him die." Viridi shouted as she started running out of her temple ready to teleport. But Palutena stopped her.

"No, you won't." Palutena ordered analyzing the situation "I can't let you go into the middle of this mess. It is already quite dangerous" Palutena said it to the little Goddess while wiping her tears.

"Leave me" Viridi screamed "Please, just let me go."

On the other side Pit fainted from his pain while Pittoo tried fighting Hades to save his twin.

"Huh, what do you think you can achieve Dark Pit. You are nothing but a flawed copy of the so called champion of skyworld" Hades' comment caught Pittoo off guard as he is hit by a monoeye.

"Speaking of the champion" Hades turned his gaze towards his palm where a broken down Pit was lying "It is time to end it."

Hades dropped Pit while he aimed at him with the gauntlet. The next moment the gauntlet let out a beam of light that hit Pit and then pierced through a part of skyworld hitting Earth.

Palutena dropped down to her knees, her eyes showing signs of trauma "I… I can't sense him a..an..anymore" Viridi's eyes widened at what she heard "He's gone"

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