It has been one week since the breakup or in other words, one of the hardest things Ben has done. Breaking the love of his life's heart. Ben's family still don't have any idea that its happened he says that there is no need or that his family don't need to know but deep down he knows that the true reason why he hasn't told them is because he wants to pretend that it never really happened. If no one else knows then it never really happened then, right?

Callum is heading out of town, staying at a mates. To get some space he told his brother. The day he was leaving bumping into Ben was something he didn't want but it was something he needed. He had questions running around his head. Why? Was the most important question that he really needed an answer for but standing in front of Ben his mind had never been so clear, thoughtless and Callum was lost for words. Callum lost for words? Something must be wrong.

Ben was watching the door to the funeral parlour hoping ever so slightly Callum would come out, Ben was still reeling from the events before. He never meant to be heartless. There is just a need to protect Callum well that's what he likes to tell himself anyway. Deep down he knows that it's really because he is scared in fact terrified of falling in love, terrified of something horrible happening to Callum because well that's what happens to everyone Ben loves. He still thinks about Paul every day, minute and second. The thoughts never leave him. What if he had just kept his mouth shut, then maybe Paul would be okay. He could never ever let anything like that happen to Callum that's why he needs to protect him. Not from the world but from himself. He means too much.

As Callum opens the door, Ben hears the creak of the door of the parlour and turned as quickly as he could, hoping that Callum doesn't notice that he is there or the fact he has been staring into space towards the very door Callum has just opened for the past 10 minutes but it's too late.

"Ben?" Callum almost whispers

Ben waits a second before turning around to face the man who he thought he would spend the rest of his life with well if he hadn't have broken his heart that is. Trying to collect his thoughts and stop the tears from just flowing from his eyes.

Ben turns around and faces Callum.

"Callum" Ben replies, trying not to make Callum aware of the tears that are nearly pouring from his eyes