When the team had headed home after their latest case had finally closed, the vampire with a soul named Angel sat in the silence and darkness letting his mind drift back to the blonde who had taken permanent residence in his heart and in his mind. It had been some time now since their paths had crossed and their final meeting had not gone how he wished.

After the incident with that Mohra Demon he had slowly been removing items that reminded him of Buffy from around the office and from his small apartment below. Before the day had reset these hidden objects were a comfort to him but everything had changed after the Oracles had granted him that wish. Angel went through every book to fan out any photographs he'd stashed away and placed them in a pile on top of his desk alongside some of the other small tokens of their romance he'd brought with him when he left Sunnydale and her behind.

Angel swallowed as his fingers lightly touched one of the shirts she'd left at his place and he hadn't had the heart to bring it back to her, one of the many notebooks she'd left, a scarf...Once he was sure he had everything that screamed "Buffy" all in one place, Angel put them inside a clear plastic tote and put the lid on tight before writing on the label that sat on the front. He left a note asking for whomever stumbled upon it first to take it and stash it away somewhere far away from him for awhile.

Angel knew he would never forget Buffy but he didn't want to remember as hard as he did right now either...