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Izzy and the Chef

Izzy was enormous! Izzy was the fattest woman he'd ever seen! The chef and owner of the restaurant grinned slyly as he watched her dine on his food. Looking closer he saw that she wearing a school uniform. His eyes widened further. She was barely out of high school! Eighteen, maybe nineteen at the most, and already bigger than any other woman he'd ever seen in the flesh. She looked like she was enjoying the meal immensely.

He walked over to the door and flipped the open sign to 'closed' and carefully lowered the blinds so as not to draw attention to it. He watched her dine a while longer and then approached her table...

Quick as lightning he pulled a lever on the back of her chair and thick rubber restraints sprang out from the side of the chair and pulled tight around her arms and legs. She looked around startled and alarmed, her chubby cheeks still bulging with food. She was too surprised and shocked to even swallow her last mouthful, let alone scream. The chef proceeded to drag the large table out of the way so that he could inspect her large quivering form in its entirety. He put on his large chefs hat and stood directly in front of her.

"Sooo, you like to eat huh?" he taunted her.

Not sure what was going on, she nervously nodded her head.

"Yes of course you do," he grinned slyly again. "Go on, keep eating."

A small amount of sauce escaped the corner of her lips as she finally swallowed the food in her mouth. She looked at him blankly, still a bit stunned from the shock of suddenly being tied to her chair.

"It's good that you like to eat, your meal today will be free and I want you to eat as much as you can." He walked around her large form, eyeing her like he was sizing her up. She was trying to think straight and made a half hearted attempt to struggle against the restraints but became tired quickly. She wanted to yell for help but the aroma tasty food wafting in from the kitchen seemed to be making her strangely dizzy.

"You see I've been looking for someone to try out my latest recipes, and you, I think, are someone who will be able to appreciate how amazing they are. My food is a work of art and science. I believe I have created the most heavenly tasting food that there has ever been, the taste is so good it can literally blow your mind, however finding willing participants to eat the food has been tricky. You see although the food tastes divine it has some... side effects. It depends on how much you eat but unfortunately my food is far too addictive and fattening for most people's liking."

He paused then added sniggering "… but since you're already the size of a small whale, I figured you must already have an addiction to food, and well, what does it really matter if I make you a bit fatter."

He wheeled over a trolley loaded with food.

"We'll start with something plain and simple," he said as he picked up a mini bread roll and slapped plenty of butter on it.
He held it in front of her face and said, "Prepare yourself for your first sample of my amazing food," and he stuffed the roll in to her mouth. "Enjoy!"

Despite her fear of this crazy chef she found herself moaning with delight at the taste. He wasn't exaggerating. The food really was amazing. The chef looked down at her belly expectantly as she swallowed. Not more than three seconds passed when a loud stretching noise started coming from her uniform. She looked down in amazement as she saw her formerly nicely fitting clothes becoming tighter and tighter. The stretching noise lasted about ten seconds before it stopped at which point her clothes looked like they were painted on! She stared at her now noticeably bigger breasts and belly in disbelief. He wasn't kidding, this food was fattening all right. The chef picked up a pie and announced,

"Wasn't that delicious? Now here, try this, it will be the best steak and mushroom pie you're ever eaten."

She didn't doubt him but she turned her head away as he tried to stuff half of it in her mouth.

"Ah, ah, ah, you are going to eat all of this food whether you want to or not." He leaned in close to hear ear and whispered sternly. "Now if I have to shove a tube down your throat and force feed you I will. If I were you I'd at least want to taste the amazing food seeing it's going to end up in your belly one way or another."

She nervously opened her mouth and let him cram in half the pie. Again the flavour was truly extraordinary and she opened her mouth to accept the other half of the pie without even thinking. But as several seconds passed once again her XXXL size uniform began to make a creaking, stretching noise, this time it was punctuated by loud pops and ripping noises as her fat began to burst through the seams of the material.
As the growth ended she stifled a small burp and a button flew off her school shirt letting her belly fill out just a little further.

The chef poked the exposed skin of her belly. "Oh my! That was good pie wasn't it?"

Dumbfounded by the whole situation she found herself nodding in agreement. It had indeed been an amazing pie, gravy so full of rich flavour and beautifully tender meat, medium–rare just as she liked it.

"See I knew you'd appreciate my food!" he said in a patronizing manner.

"Well since you enjoyed it so much here's another pie, this one's steak onion and cheese."

He didn't bother cutting the pie in half this time and pushed it all into her mouth forcing her to choke it down in record time. Her uniform continued to lose its battle with her amazing expanding body as some more buttons went flying. A roll of fat suddenly bulged out of a large tear down her side and she blushed bright red.

"No need to be embarrassed," he said, gently squeezing her exposed roll of fat. "I can tell you're a girl who likes her food. Now open wide and try this!"

He held up a 3 foot long sub sandwich, several kinds of shaved meat salad, olives and pickles.

"Oh you're gunna love this one!" he said as he began cramming it into her.

"Wait... mmmmph, mmm..." was all Izzy managed to get out before she was gripped by the pleasurable tastes in her mouth. Izzy had to swallow quickly, barely having enough time to chew each bite at the rate he was stuffing it in to her, however the taste was indeed divine and by about half way through she found herself moaning out loud in ecstasy as her tastebuds overloaded with flavour in such a pleasurable way. The scary sounds of loud ripping and tearing noises continued now combined with a soft deep gurgle coming from deep within her fat. The uniform finally gave way as she finished the last bite of the sandwich, and she now sat there semi-naked, continuing to bulge out of her over-stretched underwear feeling like a beached whale.

"What's next on the menu? Ah pepperoni pizza. We'll have you out of those uncomfortable under-garments in no time!"

Her eyes widened and she leant back trying to avoid the incoming slice, causing her enormous fat body to slosh about, her breasts shifting up towards her neck for a second and then bounce back down over her belly, her super-sized bra creaking dangerously as the top of her breasts spilled obscenely out of the top of it.

He moved the pizza up to her mouth where she had no more room to move away from it. He dragged the tip of the pizza over her lips making them glisten.

"Think of how good it will taste, how good it will feel as you swallow, and how good it will feel in your belly," he whispered in her ear.

Izzy's lips began to quiver.

"Come on piggy! You were already so hugely fat, what difference is a little more weight really?"

Reluctantly she opened her mouth and the chef began stuffing her full of pizza.

Three or four bites into the pizza her underpants elastic snapped with a loud 'crack' followed immediately by a loud 'chink' as her bra snapped. Her gigantic round boobs flowed playfully on top of her belly, bobbing up and down as the chef stuffed another slice of pizza forcefully into her bloated body.
Now completely naked, she continued to swell bigger and fatter with every bite. By the last slice of pizza she'd grown so big that she could no longer keep her knees together. Her huge thighs had gotten so round, so wide and so thick that she had to keep her legs spread apart to make room for all the fat. Every inch of her seemed to wobble and jiggle with even the slightest movement.

"Now this next dish I am particularly proud of."

It was a massive dish of spaghetti bolognaise. Enough to feed an entire family! He expertly twirled a fork in to the pasta and pulled out a giant fork-full and crammed it in to her fat puffy cheeks. When it came to food her will-power had never been all that strong, but now it had completely vanished and she found herself craving all the food that was in front of her. She looked down worriedly at her expanding fat body but as she tasted each mouthful it left her wanting more and more, almost as if she was actually getting hungrier instead of fuller.

He chuckled looking over her fat naked body as she continued to moan in pleasure and swell like a balloon.
The feeding continued for hours, dish after dish of fattening food. Roast potatoes and gravy, chicken carbonara, a massive plate of fried rice, he made her eat and eat and eat and eat, and with every mouthful she grew bigger, wider, rounder, and fatter! ...and fatter! ...and FATTER!

Over the afternoon the chef had to move other tables out of the way to make room for her as she grew. He had removed the restraints on the chair as soon as she'd gotten too big to fit through the door (which she really only *just* managed to squeeze through on her way in). By evening time she had grown to an absolutely astounding size. She was exhausted from eating and as the flavours faded away she began to feel like a stuffed Christmas turkey that might pop at any given second.

The chef exclaimed with glee "My god you're so HUGE! I never would have believed it was even possible for anyone to get this enormously FAT! I'm just delighted at how addictive my recipes really are, they must be even more amazing than I thought. If only I'd thought to put you on some scales. I bet I can keep fattening you up until you weigh more than a ton!"
She shuddered at the thought, but her titanic belly let out a hungry groan and a gurgle.

"Wow, still hungry huh? Ok then, time for desert!"

Her eyes went wide and she cried out "Wait, gasp...Pleathe! No! I'll exthplode!" (even her lips were getting too fat to allow her to properly make an 's' sound).

"Oh come on now, you have to try this ice-cream, I just know you're going to love it."

He leant in close and whispered in her ear as he stuffed in the first spoonful. "It's extra fattening!"

"Mmmmm..." she groaned in delight at the taste as her obscenely fattened body swelled even more.

The ice-cream was indeed extra fattening, as she ate the next few spoonfuls she whimpered slightly as her body began growing at an alarming rate. Another couple of spoonfuls and she felt her belly touch the floor and begin to fill up and out.

Meanwhile she could feel her massive thick thighs expanding and forcing her legs further apart as the filled with more and more fat. Although her eyes seemed to plead for him to stop, her mouth kept opening eagerly to accept spoonful after spoonful. The taste was so heavenly she just couldn't help herself and just watched in horror as she grew bigger, and bigger, bigger.

He watched her nearly double in girth as she finished eating the absurdly huge tub of ice-cream. Her body gurgled loudly as it billowed out to a terrifying size. Each one of her thighs alone would have been too wide to fit through the doors of the restaurant now, let alone the rest of her. Her face was so chubby that her cheeks pushed her fat lips together in a pursed shape.

The chef gently patted her now gigantic belly making it bounce up and down which caused her to hiccup.

The chef walked around her, prodding and poking in between her vast rolls of fat, marvelling at her size. At the furthest tip of her belly was her cavernous bellybutton. It was so deep you couldn't reach the bottom even if you reached in with your whole arm.

"Well then, I think you're almost full now," he said gleefully, and then added with a sly grin,


He circled around behind her and stepped up on to her massive behind. She shuddered as waves of fat rippled over her as he climbed up her back, using her folds of fat as a kind of ladder. Her arms and shoulders were so fat they were pushing up against the sides of her head making it nearly impossible for her to turn her head to see what he was doing.
He knelt on her shoulders and leant over her round chubby face.

"So much fat, what a greedy girl you are, you've gotten so round you look like you're about to pop." he taunted.

Then he leant in close and whispered. "I wonder if we can cram just a few more calories in to you, I'm sure you've got room for just little bit more..." he reached his hands out over her head and lowered down a giant bowl. He tipped towards her mouth revealing that it was full to the brim with after dinner mints. He picked up one and waved it in front of her face. Despite herself the sweet aroma made her lick her plump lips.

"Mmph!" she protested, as he pushed it in to her mouth and held her lips closed. Her eyes closed and a smile formed on her lips as she was overcome with the most amazing flavour she'd ever experienced. The chocolate was so good it was making her moist between her mammoth thighs. She moaned in pleasure as she swallowed.

A deep rumbling sound emanated from her titanic belly. Her widening hips and billowing butt gurgled as she appeared rise up in to the air slightly to rise out of her chair slightly, as well as spread out around it. Meanwhile her belly pushed out further and further in front of her.

He pushed another chocolate between her lips, ripples of fat were jiggling everywhere as her poor bloated body somehow continued expand to make room for the massive influx of calories. Leaning across her rising pillowy shoulder he whispered in to her ear.

"How much fatter do you think you can you get before you explode?"

With a perplexed expression on her face she accepted another chocolate, feeling a mixture of pleasure and fear as she felt herself continue to expand. Her arms pushed straight out at her sides, she could barely move a muscle, even her fingers and toes were too fat to bend now.

"Mmmph, Gulp, Mmmph!" she cried as he climbed around on top of her belly and breasts so that he could better reach her mouth to insert another chocolate treat.

"Oohhh GOD!" she purred in pleasure at the taste as she chewed, melted chocolate was getting smeared all over her plumpening lips and cheeks. Her breasts and shoulders pushed up in to her face forcing her to tilt her head back slightly. Still the chef pushed yet another chocolate past her lips, the taste was becoming overwhelming and she could feel a definite patch of wetness between her legs. But again as she swallowed she felt her growth accelerate as even more fat forced its way into her ballooning body. She moaned deeply and felt her nipples stiffen.

The chef chuckled as he noticed her large nipples harden grow to full size. "Oh my, I think you're beginning to find out what real flavour can achieve if you let it! Especially with you being a foodee, which I don't think we can deny that's what you are," he reached down grabbed a thick roll of fat from her many love handles and jiggled it up and down making her blush. Still reeling from the flavour of the last little chocolate treat, she continued to fatten and round out and forcing her to tilt her head further back. The flavour was so good it was turning her on. She was no longer worried about exploding, in fact she was hornier than she'd even been in her entire life, and the more of the flavour she tasted, the closer to climaxing she was getting.

She opened her mouth wide and let out a deep moan, the chef used this opportunity to shove an entire handful of chocolates in to her mouth. Her eyes went wild with desire. The flavour was so good, so intense, she moaned again even louder and he shoved in another handful, and another, more and more forcing her to choke them down quickly. She gulped down the rest of the chocolates handful after handful in record time feeling an orgasm build deep inside her with every mouthful. It quickly grew stronger and stronger until she was crying out at the top of her lungs in pleasure whilst her body rumbled scarily, billowing out as she continued to swell bigger and fatter at a very alarming pace.

"Oohhh!" Izzy cried throatily as a surge of growth caused a wave of fat to toss the chef head over heels until he rested facing her on the floor looking directly up at her towing belly.

The chef looked up dumbstruck at his creation, her belly steadily billowing out towards him. He desperately tried to clamber away but her belly filled out and smooshed him right up against the wall.

Struggling in disbelief the chef panted. "Impossible... If anything I thought she'd have burst by now, surely she can't possibly get any fatter!" His eyes wide with amazement as her soft fat pushed him against the wall more and more, filling out around him. Her wobbling cheeks bulged full with chocolate as she chewed exhausted, struggling to gulp down the last mouthful.

Her fat threatened to covered his face he yelled in terror. "No! Oh god! STOP EATING!"

She finally swallowed the last mouthful and her body continued to quake and rumble like an earthquake.

The chef's last words were muffled as her belly oozed out harder and harder against him smothering his face with tons of belly fat! As her enormous body proceed to fill the entire room she felt an intense climax building up inside her.

She breathed in and out quickly as the orgasm began to take hold and her enormous body began to glisten with sweat. Tables and chairs were crushed up against the walls, but still she grew! It was like every extra inch of flab on her body was coaxing her cum harder and harder. The pressure of expanding fat between her legs was increasing the intensity of the climax more and more.

Her eyes were opened wide and glazed over with a mixture of fear and pleasure as she watched the ceiling loom closer and closer towards her head whilst more and more hot flesh continued to pour out of her like a fountain.

Suddenly, her breasts quivered and two thick streams erupted from her nipples, spraying thick creamy milk all over her gigantic fattening body as her climax finally subsided.

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