Galaxy effect Timeline

2025: There was a question once, "does Humanity really alone in this emptiness of space. Which was answered when Ships arrived in the solar system. When the aliens arrived, they first contacted Earth. It first created a panic in a global degree but ended when they manage to translate their language to all known languages of earth manage to convince her people that they arrive in peace. The aliens call themselves the Chiss whom very human like features with the only difference was their blue skin and complete red eyes. They explained that they first discovered humanity thanks to an old probe sent during the old space race at the time of the cold war. They saw Humanity overpopulated Earth and they said that this problem will cause the entire race to extinction and thus giving some of their space faring capabilities to the people of Earth to save her people from extinction.

2035: After 10 year, the Space Age is back and the humans finally manage to send the first man to Mars thanks to Chiss technology. Resources are sent towards Mars and the Humans and Chiss work together to help make Mars more livable.

2036: A Global government was formed aptly named the Earth Federation to signify the unity of all of Earth Government and the Humans as a specie.

2040: Thanks to the Chiss, Mars' atmosphere develops to protect people from UV radiation from the sun and also allows humans to breath on Mars without space suits. Earth begins to send the first colonists to Mars.

2050: Mars begins to flourish thanks to the many colonists that arrive. Farming is made easy since Water begins to flow on Mars making the planet more like Earth. While the Planet still has its red color, rivers flow all over Mars making the Colony an opportunity for people to live on.

2070: Humanity's population continues to get bigger and even Mars hasn't enough resources to sustain the population so humanity begins looking even further into the Solar System. Venus and Mercury are unfit for habitation as Venus' clouds are too much even for Chiss Technology and Mars is too close for the sun. But Energy stations are constructed in Mercury's orbit to generate Solar Power. Earth's Moon has a small colony develop but not as large as Mars and is more of a military outpost and Cargo port since there were no resources on the Moon. The other planets have more luck. The moons of Mars Phobos and Deimos are mineral rich and small mining colonies are established. On Saturn, the largest moon Titan is made habitable by Chiss technology and colonists start settling on the Moon and fuel production for ships becomes the main trade of Titan thanks to the Methane Lakes. The other moons of Saturn are used to help provide resources to Titan's colony.

2080: The moons of Jupiter start to be colonized with Calisto and Ganymede becoming Colonies while Europa becomes a major water production for fresh water to the colonies. Io has a scientific research base established to study the many volcanoes on the moon.

2100: Humanity had now expanded towards the edges of the Solar System with the settlers heading towards Uranus and Neptune. On Uranus, the moons of Ariel, Oberon and Titania become settlements while Neptune only has Triton as a settlement. The only planets in the Solar System not be touched are Pluto and Eris. In the Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter, companies begin mining Asteroids while the dwarf planet Ceres become a major trading outpost for these companies.

2120: Because of hundred years of peace. Population growth skyrocketed having at least a billion people living each colony. Politician Zeon Zum Deikum proposed the Universal Century project in which O'neill Cylinder will be built in order to address this problem.

2125: The Earth Federation accepted Zeon's proposal and begins the construction of the First space colony Orbiting the Earth alongside the Chiss Ascendency and the Colony will be named Laplace in honor of Pierre-Simon Laplace (La +).

2130: After five years of construction Laplace was finish but it was not a o'neill Cylinder but a Stanford Torus to save resources. The Federation Senate was also moved to the Colony as Tension from Mars and other Planetary and satellite Colonies grew protesting their independence.

2135: The Earth Federation not wanting war among themselves accepted the terms for the Colonies independence but they must meet all the following criteria first. "1st. They must at least have 1 billion citizens and could produce their own food and have a standing army of 300,000. 2nd. They must never force space colonies to join them as it's the colonies choice to make not theirs. 3rd They must keep pre independence laws but could add their own type of laws. 4th The colonies are allowed to have Monarchy in them BUT is only limited to constitutional Monarchy and should allow the voice of commoners be heard and well educated once to join their parliament. 5th. They are allowed to produce their own space colonies or establish new ones if they have the resources to do so.

2140: The Age of Exploration reignites among Humanity with the funding of both the Federation and the newly formed nations of Martian congression, Jupiter Empire and Principality of Triton. Warnings from the Chiss make sure that the exploration vessels are defended by an escort but not too large so they don't provoke a war with any species that they discover. An important part of these talks was Protocol Droids that the Chiss had helped develop which could help translate different species' languages alongside the newly built Hammerhead light star Cruisers, Thranta class star corvette and the Foray class star frigate.

2150: A human exploration fleet makes first contact with a new species. On the planet known as Ryloth, they come into contact with a species known as the Twi'leks. These aliens were similar to the humans but had a range of different skin tones and prehensile appendages that sprout from the back of their head and went down their back. The Chiss and humans establish contact and begin to help them achieve space travel. Humans decided to help any pre-spaceflight species they could find in order to build up alliances.

2160: Another new species is discovered on the planet Shili known as the Togrutas who look just like the Twi'leks only they had multiple colours on one body rather than just one. These species were more advanced so helping them achieve spaceflight was quick.

2170: On the planet Miral, the near human species known as the Mirialans. These people are seen as near human since they look like humans and so they quickly achieve spaceflight.

2171: More colonists begin leaving the Solar System to settle on newly discovered Garden Worlds so the use of machines to make planets livable is not used as much but the technology is kept safe in case it is needed. On Mars, a survey team in the South Pole discovers a small data cache which is discovered to have been from an Ancient Space faring species known as the Protheans which disappeared 50,000 years ago. They have some technology but it is considered inferior to what has already been created. But they soon discover something known as the Mass Relays which allowed the Protheans to travel across the Galaxy.

2172: One of these mass relays was discovered in one of Pluto's moon Charon. Governments voted to destroy it but the Chiss manages to convince them to halt it and proposed relocated all discovered near a black hole where they could harvest and study the energy contained inside of it and was named Element Zero or Eezo for short.

2175: An accident occurred in the Newly formed nation of Orb Union releasing the element Zero to one of its colonies New Singapore during one of its experiments and exposing 3 million people that will be known as the "Blue light incident"

2180: Humanity and her allies continue to expand in a rapid pace with new colonies being created and founded with the formation of new sovereign nations. All known governments decided to build the Arcturus Station in the Arcturus system forming the Republic with the Twi'leks, Togrutas, and Chiss alongside Humanity.

2182: The Republic implemented a new form of currency known as the Republic Credits for all members of the newly found government, But the Republic still allowed to use the old currencies only to a local scale.

2185: People who was expose to Eezo ten years ago soon displayed unnatural abilities that would be known as the Biotics with separate space colony was built to train and study this strange new ability.

2190: Another new species discovered were the Rodians of the planet Rodia, a reptilian race with green skin or sometimes yellow. Their home planet was a swamp but they lived in domed cities, they jumped at the chance to find new homes and quickly became members of the Alliance so that they could find better places to live.

2200: A joint exploration mission discovers another species on the jungle planet Kashyyyk known as the Wookies. These aliens are full of hair and are expert warriors. However, they were unable to speak any other language other than their own so Protocol Droids became important. The Wookies join the Alliance and become respected warriors among the Alliance races. Also, another incident happened the Twi'lek colony world of Bonduna exposing many people.

2201: Arcturus station was completed with it being the official Capital of the Republic of the Galactic alliance, housing its Senate and each member will have a seat with Humans, Chiss, Twi'leks and Togrutas having most influence.

2202: The Neimodians was discovered and quickly joined the republic giving most of their ships designs such as the Lucrehulk battleships and providence class cruisers

2203: The new galactic government quickly makes contact with another species known as the Besalisks on the planet known as Ojom. In the same year, explores discover a Planet known as Dagobah being the home world of the Kashikoi species with an old hermit named Yoda leading them. They joined the Republic teaching the young galactic government about the force and founding both the Jedi Order or the path of Compassion and Sith the Path of Passion.

2205: Kamino was found with its natives the Kaminoans was discovered and was offered to join the Republic in which they accepted and offered they expertise in Cloning technology. The republic secretly begins the Spartan Program using clones of their military personel and their families

2206: 15 to 25 percent of Republic citizens displayed unnatural abilities. Both Jedi and Sith Orders was said that they are what they Called Force Sensitives. The Republic begins to track down those people and the list of their names as one of the Republic's top most secrets fearing that if they fall to the wrong hands, the galaxy will be in chaos

2210: Explorers made contact with another galactic government known as the Covenant Empire

2210: Covenant prophets finds out that Humanoid species under the Republic are descended of their gods, with the fear of losing their power. The Covenant declares a holy war against the Republic with a goal in purging all Humanoid life

2210: Both Orders declared their neutrality in this war in which the Republic Respected but they weren't able to stop few people from the Sith to join the army to fight the Covenant

2220: 10 years into the war, the first generation of Spartans made their debut in the battle of Harvest and being vital in the defense of Reach. Because of the Spartans success, The Republic ordered more as one-man armies. The Mandator Class star-dreadnought made its debut successfully evacuation the Planets civilians. Turning the war into a stalemate

2225: 15 years into the War, an Elite named Thel 'Vadamee also known as the Arbiter accidentally discovered the lies of the prophets and deserted to the Republic tipping the tide of the war to the Republics Favor.

2230: A Republic hammerhead cruiser named "Primo Victoria" discovered the Planet of Geonosis and its insectoids natives the Geonosians. They joined the republic being its weapons manufacturer such as battle droids, astromechs and such tipping the tide of the war to Republic's favor.

2240: The Republic manage to occupy High Charity and capturing most of the Phropet and the execution of the prophet of truth thanks to the betrayal of many Sangheili and Unggoy with the desertion of other Covenant species to the Republic officially ending the 30 years long war with the death of billions lives on both sides.

2240-340: The next one hundred years was focused in rebuilding what was lost during the war and reigniting a new age of exploration discovering the Zabrak from the planet of Iridonia, the ikotchi from the moon of Ikotch, the Kel Dor from the planet of Dorin, The Tiss'shar from the planet of Tiss'sharl, the Ssi-ruu from the planet of Lwhekk and the Sullustans from the planet of Sullust. Because of this, the Republic gains more territory and becomes more influential in terms of military and diplomacy

2240-340: within those one hundred years, project Forerunner was implemented, this project was made to search for Forerunner Halo stations and shield world which it did. Sky rocketing the Republic's technology for 300 years with the discovery of the Ark in which becomes the new Arcturus station and the new Capital of the Republic.

2341: The Republic modernized but instead of mothballing the ancient fleet. The Senate decided to keep the ships if ever the Republic ever needed more ships. Many planets were chosen to house the ancient ships one such planet is Ryloth.

2342: using a Ssi-ru technology known as entechment that put one's conscious into a machine because of this, The Republic begins to create AI Support for each ship using both of the flash clones of people.

2345: The Planet of Kalee was discovered home to a warrior race of Kaleesh

2350: An unknown ship entered Republic Space that made contact with a Providence Class Cruiser

2350: The Ship contains two undocumented alien life forms known as Mudokons and Vortiguants whom the protocol droids said that they escaped from their Oppressors known as the Cabal Empire ruled exclusively by an Alien Race Known as the Cabal

2350: The Republic allowed both Mudokons and Vortiguants into the Republic as protectorate Species until the Republic finds a habitable planet for the both of their species.

2351: In fear that the Republic will go to war against the Cabal Empire. They began to field the new ship classes such as the Interdictor class Cruisers, Centurion class battlecruisers and Deriphan Class battleship. They also begun to reactivate Pre-Republic Era ships such as the Hammerhead cruisers.

2352: two years after the Republic discovered both the Mudokons and Vortiguants. They made contact with the Cabal Empire

2352: diplomacy broke down when the Cabal Empire Demanded the Republic's surrender to the Empire which the Republic rejected igniting the Republic-Empire war.

2352: The Cabal Empire launches a surprise attack against the Republic occupying 30 lights years into Republic Space.

2353: The cabal Empire destroyed 5 space colonies to demoralize the Republic Forces only to have it backfire against them as more people of the Republic rise and joined the military.

2353: The Republic begins to pump out more ships, weapons, armored vehicles and battle droids at an astonishing pace that the Empire couldn't keep up.

2355: The Cabal Empire invaded the Planet of Geonosis, they manage to conquer a large portion of the planet, but with the droid factories and the sheer number of the Geonosian and Republic defenders, they were pushed off planet where the Republic navy is waiting for them.

2355: Another invasion was made, this time in Ryloth. Being the graveyard of century old ships and fighters, the Twi'leks manage to mount a good defense and hold their position until the Republic reinforcement arrive

2355: with the war turning into a stalemate. The Republic senate voted to reawaken the sleeping Spartan super soldiers whom majority of Republic citizens thought as a myth.

2356: The Spartans managed to tip the tide of the war in Republic's favor

2356: The Cabal Empire mounted a surprise attack on the Republic Capital of Arcturus but ended up in failure losing 10 percent of their navy because of the fleet of old Mandator class dreadnoughts and the New Subjugator Class battlecruisers alongside the home defense which are 900 ships in total dwarfing the Empire's fleet of 400 ships.

2356: Later that year. A reborn Kaleesh soldier Qymaen Jai Sheelal was appointed as the commander of the newly formed 13th fleet later be known as Admiral Grievous.

2356: A Mudoko named Abe lead a successful counter attack against the Cabal in the Planet of Dantooine after the Empire's invasion.

2356: The Republic sent a task force to Dantooine to completely made up of members from both the Sith order and Jedi order being the first time that force Sensitives joins a conflict because imperial soldiers raided Temples that belongs to both Orders.

2357: The Republic created a new class of soldiers known as the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers or ODST for short. They were effective in combat and always caught the Imperial soldiers by surprise as they don't know if they're Debris or soldiers upon they deployment.

2357: A Sangheile Black Ops team manage to destroy a Cabal Weapons and Ammunition factories Crippling their war machine.

2357: The Republic knowing that the war is slowly turning into a war of attrition, they Implemented the "Combine arms" protocol in which will standardize as many warships, weapons and tanks as possible that prove to be effective

2358: A major uprising happened in the Cabal capital planet known as Torobatl alongside other planets forcing the Many Cabal soldiers to be removed from the frontlines

2358: The Republic wasted no time and launch a Blitzkrieg charge against the Cabal forces completely turning the tide of the War pushing the Empire's forces out of Republic Space

2358: The Spartan II program begins using the DNA of the Soldiers that were about to be sent to the frontline

2360: After two years of another stalemate, the Republic begins to use battle droids while replacements for their lost personnel are still being trained.

2361: The Cabal Empire's Former Emperor, Emperor Calus Made contact with the Republic saying that he would help the Republic in exchange of reclaiming his Empire

2362: A counter invasion was made against the Cabal Empire using combined Blitzkrieg and Zulu tactic pushing deep into Cabal territory

2362: A major Offensive was made by the Empire against the Republic that ended up into a disastrous defeat with the Empire losing their largest fleet making it the last Cabal Empire's last major offensive against the Republic

2362: Exhausted, The Cabal Empire started to lose more than they could gain putting them into the Defensive

2363: With victory insight the Republic made an aggressive offensive using Battle droids and pushed deeper into the Cabal Empire territory targeting important planetary assets such as world factories

2363: Taking chances, an Alien race known as the Eldar or Aeldari before they were conquered by the Cabal Empire made a massive revolution reclaiming their homeworld of Asuryani alongside the Drukhari and the Skaven reclaiming their homeworlds

2364: The Republic Launches a surprise attack on the Cabal Capital and dealing enough damage before retreating saving as many slaves as possible dealing a massive blow to the Empire's morale

2364: The empire tightens their Capital defense slightly weakening the frontline but enough for the Republic to make another aggressive push against the empire liberating many planets and they supply the army with man power and weapon as thanks to the Republic

2364: The general public of the Republic begins to become wary of the war as it prolongs

2364: wanting to end the war as soon as possible the Republic sent Admiral Grievous with the Largest Fleet the Republic ever fielded with the Debut of the new ion cannons mounted on each ship starting from Frigates with ion torpedoes and missile for destroyers and smaller the proven to be terrifyingly Effective against Imperial ships

2364: After wiping all of Imperial ships the Siege of Torobatl begins

2365: A year after the Siege, The Cabal Empire Official surrendered to the Republic ending the 13 years long war

2366: The Cabal Empire was reformed into the Principality of Cabal with former emperor Calus as the head as a Constitutional Monarchy

2367: The Principality was way smaller than the Empire with majority of the subjugate planets gained independence and joined the Republic

2367: After the war, all Battle droids were deactivated and was hidden for later use if another war broke out with all Spartan operatives being put into Cryo sleep Alongside Admiral Grievous and General Abe for the same reason. Later Both Heroes alongside the Army of Spartan Super soldiers and the Droid Army once again becomes a myth among the citizens of the Republic

2368-2568: Over two Centuries after the war, the Republic to rebuilt itself and regain what was lost with most of the Cabal Empire Remnants being hunted down and most if not all of the once subjugated worlds and races joining with minor problems that the Republic faced, they have been at peace.

2569: A new race was also discovered, the Mon Clamari and the Quarren in the planet of Mon Cala in a full-blown civil war, The Republic has to step in and stop the war, both sides agreed to join the Reppublic and still at odds to one another

2570: The Republic made contact to a space faring race known as the Zygerrian Empire and begins to raid Republic held worlds for slaves. The Republic demands to return the captured Citizens with the empire killing the Diplomat as an answer. The Republic Senate voted for war against the Zygerrians. Over one hundred years, the Republic in ones again at war

2570: The Leo battle armor made its debut for Humanoid species allowing them to fight on par with larger and stronger alien Species.

2570: The Republic Reawakens some of the Sleeping Spartans from their Cryo sleep and been redeployed to the frontlines winning every battle they fought.

2570: The Republic begins a Blitzkrieg strategy attacking Important worlds such as industrial planets Crippling the Imperial navy and its armed forces.

2570: The Republic manage to Capture the Empire's capital home world of Zygrria capturing the King and the official surrender of the Empire to the Republic ending the war as fast as one year.

2572: The GM battle armor was introduced alongside the Torrent star fighters Arc 170 and Z-95 head hunters.

2573: A Zygerrian revolt begins with the rebels capturing an old Mandator star dreadnought "Shield of Manhattan" but was been defeated by the newly built Bellator Class star dreadnought.

2573: Because of this Revolt. Zygerria was glassed and the Zygerrians was spread across the Republic space in order for them never revolt again.

2574: The Republic colonized the planet of Shanxi being the 2000th planet that the Republic colonized and new Space Colonies was built around the Arcturus increasing its population to 500 billion lives living there.

2574: The Republic hired both Kuat drive yards and corvettes from the Corellian Engendering Corporation for ship designs and Incom Corporation for starfighters.

2575: The Republic adopts the wing series of fighters with both the X-Wings and E-wings being the backbone of the Starfighter core of the Republic.

2576: Being successful during the war against the Zygerrians, GM II battle armor was Introduce, this time they are equipped with Beam Rifles rather than Spray. The Nemo battle armor was also adapted for the Republic's ODST.

2577: The Republic adopts the Mandator II as its main line of Dreadnought with more new Classes being produce. The Venator Became the Standard Cruisers of the Republic and the Acclimator becomes the standard frigate and Finally the republic 1 (Imperial 1 Star destroyer in design) star Battleship become the center of each battle each formation. Replacing the Centuries old Ships of the early Republic Era.

2578: The Eclipse project begin in secret build two new classes of dreadnoughts, the eclipse class and the Executor class.

2580: Mirage colloid system was created making the first official stealth system and the Introduction of Aggressor Class Stealth Cruiser.

2588: The Republic returns its focus to space exploration and made first contact to the Migrant Fleet.