Chapter 3: Calm

Three years has passed since the Quarians joined the Republic and the revealing of the Citedel Space in which the Republic shares it borders with.

During those passed years, they found out that the Republic uses AI for their navy and Droids for other purposes like Health care and other labors. It caused a minor tensions between the Quarians and the Republic with some of the Captains of the Quarian fleet suggested that they must immediately leave the Republic before the Droids rebel against them but soon died down after an incident in which the Astromech R2 T12 and a eight more had chosen to put themselves in danger's way to repair a live ship while being attack by some Batarian slavers during a mass recall of all Quarian in their pilgrimage.

They were saved by the Republic navy afterwards after losing most of them including T12 the Quarian then begin to question themselves about their stance against AI especially when an IG Sentinel droid stated that their loyalty will be only to who created him.

Later, that same IG droid was destroyed while protecting a Quarian live ship containing a large number of newborns against a Vorchan pirates' assault. Security footage showed that the droid Protecting the chamber while dictating his Protocols one by one before repeating again and again before finally being gunned down by the Vorchans right before the Quarians countered the raid.

After those events, they allowed droids into their ships such as astromechs in which bonded to many Quarians pilots to medical droids and mouse droids.

It took a year and a half for the Kaminoans to successfully develop a cure for the weak immune system of the Quarians which resulted of the death of thousands of Quarian Clones. They also found out that they can manipulate the Genes of the of the Embryos at the earliest stage in order to enhance their immune systems.

What shocked the Kaminoans is that the Child's Immune system has a chance of passing it to the parent although this is a rare occurrence.

Their population also rocketed from 17 million to 19 million and lastly, Admiral Shala'Raan was chosen to represent the Quarians in the Republic Senate. With money being save to buy a new colony and the space colony given to them.

Inside the Republic Senate building

Many Republic senator are shouting at one another while some are looking at a holo-vid. "The Entire Republic is in high alert, after something exited the relay near Shanxi four months ago" A Gungun senator said

"Senator Raan, if it's really the Batarians are behind this; we must keep our citizens safe for the impending battle of Shnaxi" an Iktochi senator said

"We have managed to evacuate 70% of Shanxi's population of 25 million with three Lucrehulk battleship escorted by seven Acclamator-2 attack frigates and two Venetor Cruisers, one Victory-1 Missile Cruiser along with 350,000 battle droids and 100,000 ground troops sent to protect the planet. Give us two or three more weeks and we will successfully evacuate all of the civilian population" a Keshiri commander said

"This effort will be wasted effort if it's the Citadel" a Rodian Senator said "But we must be ready for the worst" he continued.

"It's definitely not the Citadel. As the Codex dictates, the Citadel has a law against activating a dormant Relays" Shal'Raan said

"Then we must mobilize our troops, Shanxi still lack any planetary shields nor any major military installments except the colony lase Dahlia orbiting the planet" the Chiss Senator said

"We already deployed other defensive platforms such as ten SQ-1 defense platforms and additional walkers with ground troops in advance" A Selonian Senator said

"four Venators accompanied by Ten Acclamator IIs and thirty Corvettes are on their way to Shanxi as we speak, whoever wants to attack Shanxi will face the true strength of the Republic!" An Asogian Senator said

"Please settle down!" Satine begged while the entire Session becomes chaotic as some wanted to mount as assault to whoever activated the Relay to some wanting a defensive stance.

Dorian raised his left hand and said "we know nothing to who activated the Relay, we must stay Vigilant and not doing anything that can be considered Reckless"

"Then what should we do!?" a Jiralhane asked

"Supreme Chancellor, I believed that we must send additional troops and ships to protect Shanxi. From what Senator Raan stated before, The Batarians are known to have an economy based around piracy and slavery" A Bothan Senator said

"Very well, Shanxi's Defense force only has 100,000 Ground based personnel excluding the ones we already sent there. We shall then send 300,000 more with additional starfighters and starships" Dorian said

"Supreme Chancellor, I suggest we send a Dreadnought to help with the Shanxi's defense. From what we know about the ships in citadel space, their dreadnoughts are only a cruiser in size" A Devaronian Senator said

"Very well, for those who is in favor of increasing Shanxi's Defense raise your hand" Dorian said with a close match between those who wants to send a fleet to the other end of the Relay

"Then it is settled, we will send additional Ships and troops to protect Shanxi and prepare for any hostilities to whom activated the Relay" Dorian said before ending the session

Shala'Raan was about to exit the Senate building when the Chiss Senator called her.

"Senator Setoma, how may I help you?" Shala asked

"Do you have any word from commander Ricardo? it's been two weeks since he went back to Earth" Setama said

"Sadly no, even Admiral Locke is worried sick about him"

"well, whatever Ricardo is doing. He needs to finish it fast, especially now that the Republic is at high alert" Setoma said before realizing something

"By the way Senator Raan"


"I heard that Grand Admiral Ackbar is reorganizing most if not all exploration fleets. The 18th exploration fleet included"

"Then they will turn?"

"into the 29th assault fleet and will be stations at Elysium" Setoma explained

"79th fleet was tasked to defend New Rannoch (the space colony that was given to the Quarians) while the 101st fleet was sent to support them" Shala said before looking back at the Chiss and said "I can't thank you enough Senator, after what you have done for us the Quarians even we are just strangers to the Republic and now new generations of Quarians are being born without the need for our Enviro-suits"

"We only did what was right miss Shala'Raan, and may the force be with you" Setoma said

"esu se'lai" Shala'Raan replied

After the conversation both Senators parted ways with Shala returning to her chambers and Setoma meeting up with Satine in Dorians office.

Inside his office,Dorian is sitting on his chair while watching the Republic's home defense fleet flew over the Capital and said "The Quarians are starting to build up funds to purchase the Space Colony".

"Yes, Supreme chancellor" Satine answered.

"We will let them be, I have a feeling that after they bought the space colony, they will buy another one" Setoma said.

"Then we shall let them be, having their skill alongside the Ugnaughts and Huragoks" Dorian said.

"it may take a while for them to fully accept our AI technology, but progress is being made" Satine said.

Dorian looked at the two Senator and asked "what about the Relay at Shanxi?".

"we are still trying to figure out who activated the Relay, ECOAS agents are deployed there and will report if anything happens" Setoma said.

"Stay vigilant to whatever will happen. I don't want the Republic to fight a war, especially that we are still preparing for their arrival and the galaxy is still not ready for the upcoming war" Dorian said before dismissing the two.

'We must prevail at all cause' Dorian thought before looking back at the fleet.

"We must prevail" he said softly before closing his eyes.

Galaxy effect


Ricardo lies down on a wooden sofa made up of bamboo only wearing black jeans. His Chest and arms are filled with tattoos, some are freshly painted with small drops of blood can be seen dropping out of his body.

Ricardo then started to count how many lives he took by looking at the Trophies he brought back home which are jaws and fingers of those he killed.

"Brother, the Final installment of your Batak is finished. I'd say after you joined the army you manage to earn more kills than any of us in the tribe" His sister said.

Ricardo looked at the younger female with jet black hair, bright brown eyes and a dark brown skin tone with a mature body frame which is also filled with tattoos of zigzag lines from her chest to her arms and legs.

"Well, after my wounds close up, I would be returning to the fleet an tell them it's a mission accomplish" Ricardo said standing up from the sofa and looking at his sister work.

"Brother, are you really sure that you will fight for the Republic, you can stay here in the tribe and be the new chieftain" his sister said

"Listen Amihan, our tribe's culture is dying and there's nothing we can do about it. It was a miracle that it survived for this long, all we could do now is to fulfill its rule for us here in the wider galaxy" he said with sincere feelings and in his tone

"And what my dear sister Amihan the woman who has the most suitors of the tribe will do stop her dear brother from battlefield?" Ricardo sarcastically continued


"We are not arguing this again Amihan. My life belongs only to the life of blood and carnage not farming and flowers" Ricardo said

"Fine but you don't want to stay, I will join the grand army" Amihan said with determination

"you are still two years away from college Amihan, but if you really wanted to join then don't think about me but about the future of the tribe" Ricardo said with reassuring tone.

"Thank you, brother"

Soon after wards a C70 heavy corvette flew over the village which is located to near a river up in the Cordillera mountains putting most of the villagers at high alert with most of them taking out their weapons such as Old AR rifles of different variants with swords strapped around their waist.

The Corvette landed on a flat land near the rice field and a military officer exiting the craft flanked by a Sanghelie and human marines.

Ricardo went ahead and met up with the group while the tension can be felt thru the air "Captain, you know that my tribe can be unwelcoming towards outsiders" Ricardo said

"Apologies commander, but Admiral Locke ordered us to pick you up" the Captain said

"Why is that?"

"Shanxi is under siege"

All could Ricardo do is to stare at the captain with a stern look in which the Captain could feel and knows that Ricardo could kill him at any moment if ever he made the wrong move.

"Space pirates only begun their attack just a few moments ago and many fleets are already sent to relief the pressured defense fleet stationed there" the captain said with fear in his tone

"Very well what are we waiting for" Ricardo said before looking back at his tribe and boarded the craft. He watches his village shrink into nothingness while the C70 fly towards the clouds and exits the atmosphere

He the sits down as the craft went into hyperspace and begins to think of what will the battle he would be joining be as his uses his right hand feel the freshly made tattoos.

Galaxy Effect

Few days before battle of Shanxi

Relay 314

A Turian patrol fleet was currently waiting for something to happen. Four months ago, the dormant Relay was activated by some pirate or slavers and was only been found by a minor border patrol fleet and now they are at the edge of Citadel Space trying to catch who ever committed such transgression.

As days passed by the patience of the fleet started to run out with a cruiser captain requested to scout the other side of the Relay but without a solid proof that it was been activated there, the request was denied by the Hierarchy.

After a few more days of inactivity, the leader of the Patrol fleet decided to move on as they are already months behind schedule. Alongside the Hierarchy, they could no longer justify to why would they waste valuable resources to the border of Citadel space which is believed to be inhabited but was been decided by the Citadel to leave a few probes behind just in case the culprit returns.

A few kilometers away from the fleet a lone probe watches as the Turian fleet leaves the Relay before leaving.

Inside a cruiser, a Batarian by the name of Irogag Damdah grinned as he got the signal from the Probe, he left behind stating that the Turians finally left the Relay.

Four months ago, he activated relay 314 and sent a Probe, their he found a new garden world inhabited by an unknown and new alien Civilization with little to no planetary defenses. Irogag drooled at the sheer thought of how much credits he will get for this new slave race would get him.

While preparing the forces that he will use to subjugate this new alien race, a small Turian patrol fleet stumbled upon the activated relay forcing him to put his plan on hold. He then instructed the probe he left behind when Irogag was forced to leave when the Turians discovered the activated Relay. Being a part of the Batarian military a high-ranking officer to top it all off, he knew that if ever the Citadel finds out that he activated the Relay would become a huge problem, not just to him but the entire Hegemony itself.

He organized his fleet as he waits for the Turians to leave the Relay until this day came. He contacted Various Mercenary and Slave putting his plans to enter Relay 314 into motion. With all of his planning, Irogag knew that the STG would also be investigating the activation of the dormant relay knows that they would be keeping an eye on him if he contacted any of the organizations without any plans.

So, he leaked false reports about slave raids inside Citadel space, in both Asari and Turian space to be precise. He also leaked fake information to where the missing Quarians are and about to commence a raid to them.

He knows that the Citadel would find out sooner or later that he activated the Relay, but there's nothing they could do if his raid is a success and manage to return back to Hegemony space before the Citadel decided to send anyone to the Relay.

Now Irogag is ready and sent messages to his scattered forces back to the rendezvous in Torfan. Torfan was close enough for them to quickly reach Relay and was known to be a hub for many criminal activities, so the large quantities of slave ships were a common sight that it will not raise any suspicion from the STG.

With the informations he leaked, the Citadel is at high alert and likely that used the STG to protect the planets from any slave raids and a few detachment forces sent to their colonies in the Terminus system, which is giving Irogag a breathing room.

Lastly, from the movement of the Turians military, it's likely that they would rather protect strategic planets inside Citadel Space spreading their forces thin with no forces guarding the newly Relay. The most amusing for him is that only the Turians and the Council knows about this, but it's only a matter of time before they announce its activation to the rest of the galaxy.

After he sent the signal for his forces, looked back at the holographic image of the Relay before commanding his cruiser to sail towards Torfan. Two days after the meeting they will commence the biggest raid ever. He figured that it will take a month or two months (earth standard months) at most before the Turians return to Relay 314. But once they return, the raid is long over and he would be bathing at the spoils back at Batarian space. "It's all according to plan" Irogag thought as a smile forms on his face.

Galaxy Effect

Three days had passed, Irogag and his forces alongside the mercenaries and slaver organizations arriving one by one to Torfan and now Irogag finds himself with few of his captains and the representatives of the mercenaries he hired for the upcoming slave raid.

Irogag sat in front of four representatives of famous mercenary groups, such as the Eclipse, The blood pack, the Grim skulls and lastly the Talons. Irogag then greeted them with a nodded as the meeting begins.

A Turian with red face paint by the name of Menaria Bromlius then raised his hand and asked "What is the Hegemony is scheming this time?".

The Talons are known as the most organized among all of the known mercenary groups, with a price that is. Because of this, the Hegemony only hire Talon Mercenaries on special occasions that involves the Citadel forces. But this time, Irogag fears that even this planet lacks any planetary defenses, it would likely have a strong ground forces and will definitely delay the raid.

If this planet's locals can hold them long enough, the Citadel forces can catch them red handed and will put the Hegemony in the worst position possible.

Add the sudden disappearance of the entire Quarian race with most believe that they finally went into Rannoch and was wiped out by the Geth. After a year with no signs of the migrant fleet. The Citadel declared that the Quarians officially extinct.

Because of that, it gave a powerful blow to the Hegemony's economy that they lost one of the easiest targets for any slave raids in the galaxy.

"It's simple Menaria, we will begin the largest slave raid that no one have ever seen" Irogag answered

"Make sure that we will have a fair share in this raid, we are not here to waste any resources" an Asari Matron with Purple skin by the name of Aleena T'hais said.

Aleena T'hais is a member of the group "Eclipse", a mercenary group that comprise of former Asari commandos and Member from both Turian and Salarian military, although they rival the Talon for being well organize. The Eclipse, this mercenary group prefers Stealth and "intelligent" ways in battle rather than the Brute force of Blood pack or psychological ways of Talon.

"Blah! Stop with the introductions and get on with our mission, you paid us to kill and here we are so don't waste it!" a Krogan by the name of Numar Qrod said having the gruffest voice among the four representatives present and being a member of the group Blood pack.

The Blood pack is a mercenary group known for being one of most terrifying group that specialize in frontline combat. They tend to be the most ruthless group and feared by many in the Terminus system. They are exclusively seen having Krogan and Vorcha members although thanks to the Strength of Krogans and Vorcha's adaptability, The Blood pack can go on par against oven against its rivals.

Lastly another Turian who is the representative of the newly founded group "Grim skulls" was also present. This group is founded and lead by a former Turian Captain turned pirate, then founding the Mercenary group making it a Turian exclusive group, although they recently started to recruit other races such as Asari and Salarians who shares the same ideology with them.

Even they are the smallest among the any other mercenary group, the know that dealing with the Hegemony will put a huge target on their backs but with the disappearance of the Quarians they have no choice but to answer the call of the Batarians even they disgust things like a slave raid.

The Grim Skulls are originally only taking jobs such as protection, escort and delivery missions, but the Batarians paid them handsomely making it hard for them to decline.

"Consevea, is something wrong?" Aleena asked the now known Consevea.

"It's nothing" Consevea lied, He and the rest of his group despised the Batarian Hegemony, they are only forced to accept jobs from them to gather intel that can be used against them and this raid is the perfect chance to do so.

Irogag then showed them a wall projection of the planet of Shanxi and said "This is the planet we are raiding"

"What planet is that?" Consevea asked, he then asked a copy and run a schematic search with an answer of "Planet no match" and said "This does not belong to any known planets inside Citadel space"

Aleena who also run a schematic search and said "it's not in the list of any planets inside the Terminus system or the Attican traverse"

"I know more planets in the edge of Citadel space that is worth hitting, as well as inside the Terminus system and the Traverse" Menaria said while looking at the strange new planet.

"I do not know this planet"Numar said

"we all are" Consevea shot back

Irogag then begins to laugh at the representatives and said "That's because up until now, none of you even the Citadel knew that this planet existence"

Most of the representatives then looked at the planet with silence before "The Hierarchy!" Cosevea shouted earning the attention of the rest of them.

"Four months ago, the Turian Hierarchy discovered the once Dormant Relay known as the Relay 314 that was been activated mysteriously" He continued before realizing something and looked Irogag

Irogag just smiled at them while the rest of the Representatives looked at the Batarian's smug smile in horror knowing that he broke one of the most enforced law in the Citadel, and that from activating a dormant relay.

"Are you out of you mind!" Aleena shouted "If ever the Citadel finds out that you activated the Relay and are hire to use it, it will bring the entire might of the Citadel force on to us!" She shouted while Menaria started to calculate was how to not get involve if ever such and happens and Numar just smiled like a mad man.

Irogag then said "If ever they found out, you see I leaked false information towards both the Citadel and that a multiple major slave raid will begin tomorrow which will put all of their forces in high alert and will give us enough room for our raid":

"What about the STG?" Consevea asked and Menaria nodded in agreement

"Don't worry, they would be busy protecting Salarian space as well" Irogag said but both the Turians just glared at him.

Knowing how the Salarian STG operate, they would likely be sent to investigate the activation of the Relay but there is still no evidence to back it up. The Citadel Specters will also be on the move to find who ever activated the Relay.

Numar then started to laugh and said "You have the guts Batarian, for activating that Relay. If ever the Citadel find this out, they would put want your head"

"This is insane, we are attacking a never before seen alien race, once they Citadel find this out there would be war and they will attack fast and relentlessly" Aleena said.

"I would be agreeing to that" Menaria said

"So am I" Consevea said

Irogag then said "Don't worry about that, as long as there are no evidences that points that I activated the Relay and you passed thru it. There is nothing they can do against us"

"No proof?" Aleena raised an eyebrow

"We are about to sell living, Sentient aliens that is yet to be seen in the wider galaxy, 4 months after the activation of a dormant relay leading towards the unknown" Consevea said

"We can just make other Terminus band who brought it here, sources can be change my friends" Irogag sai

Irogag then looked at the representatives of the mercenary groups and said "We already hijacked a Volus freighter and doing its job as we speak"

"What kind of job?" Numar asked

"Hacking the probes that the Turians left behind" Irogag answered

"Batarians are many things but expert hackers" Menaria scoffed

"That is why I purchased the information from the shadow broker"

After that, everyone in the room including the captains with him paused allowing them to process the information that was said to them.

The shadow broker was known as the galaxy's best information broker, he/she could get even the most secretive information that anyone hides and would sell in to the highest bidder.

Purchasing that data to hack the Turian probes worth way too much to any of them to pay.

"Our profit would be billions no TRILLIONS of credits, the cost for this raid is worth it" Irogag said

"So, no more questions" he continued

"How are we splitting the profits?" Aleena asked

Anticipating the question, Irogag then answered "30% will be mine, 40% will go to the Hegemony for this operation, 15% will go to your leaders and representatives and the remaining 5% will go to the member of your mercenaries that will be participating in this operation".

All the representatives are annoyed with the small slice but knowing that the profit that they will get would likely be trillions if not billions worth of credits. They could no longer disagree with Irogag.

Irogag then smiled and said "rest up, and we will make money tomorrow" before he left.

All the representatives left with both Aleena and Consevea being stopped by one of Irogag's captains and said "I have a bad feeling about out raid tomorrow"

"Why is that?" Aleena asked

"When we discovered that planet, it looked pre space flight. But when I watched the recording again, I saw something" the captain said as he played the video of the planet taken by the probe. While watching near the end, they saw a M shaped craft flying around the planet escorted by a few fighter-like vessels as the video was cut off.

"What ever living on this planet already has space flight capabilities. From those three vessels it's likely that this planet is a new colony and was being settlements are just being built" the Captain said

Both Aleena and Consevea looked at each other before the Asari asks "why didn't you say anything during the meeting?"

"Because Irogag has a high position in Batarian society, if ever I spoke what I have in mind then my family will be reduced to slaves. I also do not trust the Talons and Blood pack as they are feared for being sadistic and Ruthless" the captain answered

"What are we going to do now, the Hegemony already paid us for this operation in advanced" Consevea said

"We will be most careful tomorrow; I don't want my men to be killed to a lost cause" Aleena said

"Lead the way then" Consevea said and looking at the captain and said "Thank you for trusting us" before exiting the room.

Galaxy effect

After a good rest, the fleet for the slave raid consisting of 379 ship with 10% of it for containing captured slaves with the rest are used for combat. The Hegemony gave Irogag three dreadnoughts that will be used to show power against the new alien race. The rest are made up of cruisers, corvettes and frigates.

One by one the fleet arrived at the Relay seeing a Volus trading freighter floating next to the Relay indicating that its mission was a success, soon the Entire fleet then jump towards the planet with the last one being a cruiser.

But far away from the Relay, a slick with ship then appeared from the near by asteroid it was hiding from. Most of the ships crew are made up of Salarians with the captain saying "Contact the Citadel and tell them that we found our Culprit".

The captain then watches as the message is being transmitted back to home base and thought "This idiot really never thinks".

Chapter end

A/N: This Chapter is highly inspired by Gundam wing Shattered dreams which many of the ideas came from.

As per usual, please tell me any mistakes I made to be corrected in the future

Republic Naval codex:

Venetor Class Cruiser:

Length: 1,137 meters

Width: 548 meters

Height: 268 meters

Crew: 2,850 personnel

Passengers: 10,000 marines, 5,000 ODST and 10,000 ground force

The Venetor class Cruiser is the main stay cruiser of the Republic, it is armed with 8 twin Gottfried Mk 4 Beam cannons, four in both Port and starboard side. Allowing the ship to fire accurately at the distance of 10 km. Although the cannon has a maximum firing range of 25 km, it's high inaccurate at this distance with 1-40 shot hitting it's marked target. It's also has two twin Fredrich Ion cannons for disabling enemy capital warship if ever a broadside combat occurs. For point defence, it's equipped with 42 rapid fire beam phalanx CIWS guns allowing for anti-missile and fighter engagements, it can also be used for mid-range and close distance combat allowing the ship to create a curtain of beam and denying any enemy warship to get close enough to fire all its guns effectively. Lastly the Ship is equipped with two quad launcher tubes allowing the ship to fire both Proton torpedoes and missiles in varying degree with a load out of 36 projectile each.

Most notable is its impressive hangar size that runs throughout the forward spine of the ship allowing it to carry a large number of fighters, dropships and ground combat vehicles the varies in number depending on the mission it was assigned to. Making all of the Ships in this class as a carrier for fleet support or planetary assault.

It's dual bridge tower with the port side being the starfighter command and the starboard serving as the helm and command bridge. Like any other Republic warship, all Venetor classes where given Smart AI support allowing the Republic to remove a significantly large amount of crew complement and can focus mostly on maintenance crew, Gunners and others.

It is equipped with a class 1 hyper drive allowing it to travel most of the galaxy and return back to it's homebase for refueling.

Lastly, it's Main reactor the Z-48 hyper-matter reactor with all of its engines is hidden below the tower's super structure and with thick armor platting covering it's bottom making it the most protected part of the ship along side it's 4 shield generators (two energy and two particle) giving the ship a fighting chance to any other ships of the class.