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Harry Potter Magical Diary Crossover

Pairing: Harry/?

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Summary: Harry Potter here, see I'm a 16-year-old wizard. I've been fighting a war against the Dark Lord since I entered the world of magic at the age of 11. Each year has gotten more dangerous, as new perils appear trying to kill me in ever-inventive ways. So I have been sent across 'the boundary' where Iris Academy lies. My new school for the year & my new home.


Chapter 0: Sunday - September 1st

To start my story it should begin with an introduction, my name is Harry Potter, I'm 16 years old, and I have been fighting a war against the Dark Lord since I entered the world of magic at the age of 11. To be truthful, I do not know why I have to fight, but I have been targeted by the man since the day I was born. Each year has gotten more dangerous, with new perils appearing to try to kill me in ever-inventive ways. Its almost become routine.

It is why Headmaster Dumbledore decided it was safer to send me away for a year. To, not only in his own words, let me be the child I should be, but to relax and enjoy school where I know my life would not be in danger.

This is why I have been sent across the boundary to another country, America. Hidden in the hills of Vermont is Iris Academy. My school for the year and my new home.

But for now, I have to wait, you see I came up to the gate after walking a very long time, following the direction of the point me spell and now as stated in the letter I was given by the Headmaster I shall apparently have a guide for the time I will be here. An apparent friend of his that owes him a favour.

Oh here comes someone, perhaps that is who I have been waiting for?


Third POV

Sliding his wand away to keep it safe and out of view in a holster up a long sleeve, green eyes turn to view the man who had strode up towards him, cape sweeping the floor behind them. Weirdly the person reminded Harry of a somewhat nicer looking Professor Snape, could almost be a younger twin without the bitterness attached to his frame.

"There you are." That made the dark-haired boy straighten, a smooth British accent was not what was expected when he had come to America. Honestly, any accents from overseas should have been slowly overridden by an American one from living there. Still, magic might have had a more profound influence in helping to keep the accent clear.

Then stiffens as the man looks the green-eyed wizard up and down not seeming to be impressed, as the Snape look-alike flicks open the large book being carried at his side. "Mr… Potter is it? Not choosing to hide your name for the duration of your stay here?"

"That's right, Harry Potter." Harry gave a small smile as he nodded in response. "I figured it would be best to try not to hide. People will make up their own stories. After all the real Harry Potter will be living in Scotland right now, not America."

A sigh escapes. "I suppose it will have to do." His eyes settle back on the young wizard a frown on his face. "I am Professor Grabiner, remember it." Shutting the book with a snap focuses his red eyes upon the boy. "Come with me then. I shall show you to your room."

Following behind, thoughts wondered. Curiosity and nervousness were both prevalent within him. The boy wizard was in a new place, an exciting new adventure. But none of his friends was here to take part in it with him. It was a little lonely.

"Here we are." The professor's voice stopped him thankfully from bumping into the adult. Coming out of swirling thoughts, looked around the hall they were in. Greyish walls, Wooden windows and wooden doors. Turning back to look at the older wizard, listened carefully. "You will be residing in Wolf Hall, the traditional grouping for young men with an interest in sport and brawling. Quite literally, a rough house."

Then his eyebrow raised in question. "I would have thought, with your background, that you would have selected Falcon Hall. It would make a more useful environment fostering social connections. Tell me, Harry. Why a Wolf?"

'It took a moment to think of the answer, it wasn't because I didn't want pressure, I enjoyed my schoolwork when Ron didn't nag me to leave it. I did like sports but wasn't fascinated with them, I just enjoyed the flying truthfully, but that wasn't a good reason. Truthfully I knew American's respected sportsmen and knew that fostering connections might make alliances for the war back home. But truthfully it was one simple reason.'

Harry looked up at Professor Grabiner with lips turned up at the edges. "Familiarity. I'm far away from home and Wolf hall is the closest to Griffindor I'm going to get." Green eyes close for a moment as the boy sighs in resignation. "I know I should be thinking about the war back home, but I'm tired. I just want to forget for a little while that I'm in danger of dying from a madman." Then he looks back up at the Teacher. "Is that so wrong?"

"Perhaps so." There was no judgement, nothing in the man's eyes. Similar to Snape's when he blanketed his emotions. The person in front of Harry was keeping his thoughts to himself for now.

Turning to the door on the older wizard's left, the man reaches into a pocket and takes out a key. Unlocking the door, the professor then presents the key to Harry to take. "This will be your room. Some of your belongings have been sent ahead by your Professors."

"Thank you." Nodding, the green-eyed teen walks into the room. The room where he shall be living for the next year. A window sat facing the door. A bed sat against the left wall, a desk next to it for any schoolwork. All of Hogwarts texts books, along with some other books lined a bookshelf against the right wall and a suitcase sat on the bed. Turning round saw Professor Grabiner had stepped in after him.

"In ordinary circumstances, all students are assigned, roommates." Harry frowned, he had a feeling what the man was going to say next" Your Headmaster, however, negotiated a special exception." Some part of Harry almost expected the older man to sneer when he said that. But of course, this wasn't Snape, this was someone different who didn't hate him purely on the name Potter.

"Somewhat counter-productive, to go to such lengths to send you here to hide you away for the year and then demand special treatment." And now the older wizard was frowning, not happy with the circumstances in place. Really, some part of Harry agreed with the other. This was going to draw attention. The kind of attention Harry had hoped to keep away from for at least a little while.

"However, no one asked for my opinion." He wasn't glaring, but the professor was clearly not happy. The man was looking away, fingers rubbing slightly the book he held.

"Truly." Professor Grabiner looked back at Harry. "I am not certain why you are here at all. Your Professors from Hogwarts claimed they wished you to learn about other ways. Yet Iris Academy is well known to be the most 'European' of American schools." Now clearly, as the green-eyed teen stared with raised eyebrows at the older man, the other was just telling his thoughts to the air. "It is true, you would have never have been accepted for study at Sacred Smoke, but there are other options. St. john's in Mississippi - 'The Root' - represents a blending of disparate American traditions. Training in hoodoo there would bring a valuable perspective to your magic. The pentachromatic system taught here, however, is not so different from your own. What, then, is the point?"

Turning his head away, the dark, messy-haired teen thought about his answer carefully. 'You are here professor, so bring familiarity enough to my potions professor to make me feel comfortable, but I can't say that. An easy school year this will not be, I'm starting out with a whole new curriculum. I'll learn better this way.'

A smile broke out across his face as Harry rubbed the back of his neck. "Hey, I'm not an expert. I'm just starting out. If the way they do things here are too different, it'll just confuse me when I go back home to finish studying, right?" 'Plus the knowledge I gain will be an advantage against Voldemort. No one will expect the primitive magick's of the American system to give me any advantage in the fight ahead.'

"This is really just a taste of what it's like to be somewhere else. When I'm older, I can decide to study more in-depth."

"Reasonable." The older man nodded, frown having softened somewhat. It almost looked like the other was pleased with the response he had gotten.

Then it occurred to him with a weight of worry in his chest, the green-eyed teen knew no-one here, perhaps the Professor might be able to assist if Harry just asked him. "Oh, I was just wondering. Do you have a list of the freshman class? Is there anyone I should be looking out for? 'Anyone who might recognise the boy-who-lived basically.' "People not to cross, noble families that might recognise me?

The Professors brow furrowed in thought. "Noble families, in the traditional sense, do not exist in this land. At least, not among those wizards of European descent. If the natives have such traditions, they keep them very quiet."

"Somewhat different to the wizards back home." Harry mused out loud. "They are all about tradition and pushing out the new blood."

An eyebrow raised in slight surprise before Grabiner reopened the large book clutched in hand at his side. Inside was a list of names, presumably the students for this year.

"Hm, the most prominent students to be aware of in your year are the Dansons and young Jacob Blaising. The Danson family is famed for their hospitality and commonly hosts visitors from around the world."

'So they could have met mum and dad before they died?'

"They may have heard of your family by reputation, due to your, unique circumstance. Mr Blaising's fathers are known for their wealth and social connections. They might recognise you, but their son, I judge, will not."

'The curse of the boy-who-lived rumours still follows me even partway across the world it seems.'

The Professor held the book in one hand, the other bracing the pages open as green eyes scan the two pages.

"Raven Darkstar? Is that sort of name traditional here?"

"Wildseed, new to magic. It is not her birth name and chose it for herself."

"Taranis Lenshe? Is he really a -"

"Yes. Keep your distance. I would not like to explain that to your Headmaster and Professors." Confused, he glanced up in question at the older man, but narrowed eyes were the only answer in response. 'Ok, now I'm curious.'

Harry scanned the names a couple times more but saw no other interesting ones. Stepping back, Grabiner then shuts the book with a snap.

"The request to keep your identity hidden requires that I not be seen giving you too much special attention."

The young teen swallowed. Some part of Harry was glad, the professor looked too much like Snape to make it a comfortable prospect that the other was watching out for him. Deep inside, a small part of him was just waiting for the man to turn, start snarling, shouting and saying smart psychological, mean and twisted statements that always hit deep inside. So even though the black-haired boy had stood up to Snape many a time, Harry was actually inwardly terrified of the Potion Master's temper.

"William Danson is a senior in Wolf Hall. He will be assigned to serve as your guide." Grabiner's voice drew the teen back out of his thoughts. 'William Danson?' "You should avoid seeking me out except in case of emergency."

Then there was a long pause, the Professor was frowning again, not in annoyance but surprisingly, a little distress. "Do you know why your teachers sent you to me, in particular?"

There had always been rumours of a young wizard fleeing his home country. But no one had ever explained who or what had happened. The man gave a pained grimace before looking back at the teen. "I am a living reminder of the cost of carelessness. One word out of line, and you threaten the existence of all you hold dear."

That sent a chill down the green-eyed wizard's spine, and also a little fright. Nevermore did the other remind him of the Potion Master.

"I assume your Headmaster brought you here through the High Roads?"

Harry nodded cautiously.

A glare was sent towards the wall. A deep scowl in place. "Fools. They think only of their own convenience." Then that glare was turned upon the teen. "Tell no one. Do not speak of the Otherworld under any circumstances. If you endanger any of my students through your stupidity, I will kill you myself."

That… That was no promise. That was a magic-filled guarantee. There had been pressure there for a moment, and once the words were spoken, it lifted. The black-haired teen would have to be careful from now on.

The man straightens to his full intimidating height. "I will leave you to situate yourself. Mr Danson should be along soon. Good day." Then with a nod, Professor Grabiner left the room cloak flaring out behind swift steps.

Walking forward, Harry slumped down onto the bed. A shaking breath escaped. Rubbing up under his glasses to alleviate any tension, turns to unpack what's left in the suitcase.

A while later in the morning, a knock comes to the door. Settling the photo-album down and closing the book on Lily and James's smiling and waving pictures gets up to answer the door.

Pulling open the door, is met with a surprising sight. A young man, clearly older than Harry, with bronze skin, silver-coloured hair that was pulled back in a ponytail and bright green eyes. A welcoming picture after the scare the Professor had put him through. "Hi?"

The senior smiled in response. "Hi! You must be our exchange student. Harry, right?"

"That's right." The dark-haired teen gave a nod and slight smile in response.

The older teen holds out his hand in welcome. "Willian Danson. Incoming senior class president, which means I got elected last year, and I'm still in the position for another month."

Harry titled his head slightly confused. 'Really what could I say to that? I don't actually know anything about those positions in the class hierarchy at school. I never went to a normal non-magic school, and Hogwarts mainly had the prefects system in place, could it be similar?.'

Then the other older teen smiled while winking playfully. "Also a fellow Wolf, as you can see. Which is why I've been assigned to be your guide while you get used to our school."

Then a pondering look came across his face. "I don't think we've ever had an 'exchange student' at Iris, not while I've been here. So there's no standard tour prepared. You can ask me anything you like, and I'll come by a few times to warn you about events."


"Is your roommate here yet?"

Knocked out of pondering thoughts, the green-eyed teen quickly answered the question the senior had asked. "I don't have one." Opening the door, gestured to William for him to come inside.

"Huh." Looking around a questioning eyebrow came up, along with a troubled expression. "That's weird. As I going to explain..." He trailed off for a moment. "A lot of freshmen don't like having to share rooms, you know, but this school really values compromise and social integration. Learning to work as a team with your room-mates is meant to be one of the tests." The confusion was evident in the older teens voice. "I've never heard of anyone starting out solo..."

Searching his mind for a believable answer, it occurred to Harry that maybe a little of the truth would be enough of a solution. "Well, I guess since I'm not staying for the whole four years, they probably thought it wouldn't be fair. If someone got used to me and then I left, I mean." Clearly, he was winning an award for awkward answers today.

"I suppose it's not up to either of us, anyway. Just seems strange." William was still sceptical even with the younger teens logical answer.

Maybe it wasn't a good idea for the Headmaster to make that request. Already questions were being raised, and it was only the first day.

"So, a few things you should know." Oh good, the senior was smiling again. "Tomorrow morning there'll be an assembly for all freshmen, where Professor Potsdam – she's the headmistress – will welcome you. Normally, you can set your own schedule after that. However, as your guide, I say for the first week you should set one class in each of the five colors of magic. You'll never remember the details of the pentachromatic system from Professor Potsdam's overview."

"Once you've had a taste of each kind of magic, you'll have a much better idea what you'd want to focus on. After the first week, you can do what you like. It's your choice how you think you'll learn best. Study only one color if you think it suits you, spend time in the gym, take a day off when you need to."

"What happens to students who take every day off?" Part of Harry was curious, the other part exhausted. That was too much information for one person to take in at once.

Then William grinned unsettlingly. "See, that's another test."

"You have the freedom to set your own priorities, but if you don't take your work seriously, eventually you'll fail too many exams." His tone was harsh and face serious. Clearly, this had happened before. "If you build up too many demerits, you will get kicked out."

"There's plenty of time to get help is you think you're slipping, though." William was quick to reassure, mainly because the young teen had a worried look upon his face. "If you have trouble with your exams, just ask for advice before the next one. Nobody wants a student to fail."

"So, any other questions?" Blinking Harry thought hard, mainly he was curious about a couple of things. But the grumpy teacher was undoubtedly one of those things.

"Tell me about Professor Grabiner?" It was awkward asking that when the Professor had explicitly asked him to be cautious, but curiosity was a hard thing to let go of.

William chuckled, hand in front of hid face. "Had a run-in with Grabby already?"

"Grabby?" I can't imagine anyone daring to call him that! Face paled slightly, that sounded mean, and after seeing some of the fury the man carried, the teen would most certainly be giving the utmost respect to the Professor.

"He's a bit of a terror, though his bark is worse than his bite." The senior said with a smile and a wink. "Really, he has the students' best interests at heart."

Then William's face went serious again. "Magic can be dangerous, especially to those who are new to it or trying a different type of magic. If they're not careful, they could hurt themselves, or hurt someone else, or be expelled and lose their magic forever."

Harry's face went white. 'Lose, magic, forever?'

"So having a scary teacher around is pretty useful. His presence reminds people to watch themselves." A hand settled on the young green-eyed teen's shoulder as the elder grinned again. "No one wants to end up spending the weekend in detention with him."

Harry blinked, a little surprised as what the other said, it correlated somewhat with the man he had met earlier. 'The professor certainly doesn't make himself popular.' "Would you tell me about Professor Potsdam?"

A quiet chuckle came from the young man. "If you haven't met her yet, I don't think I should spoil the surprise. She's unique. Powerful, though. Don't doubt that." William was serious again, face neither frowning or smiling. "She's in control of everything that happens at Iris Academy, and she always has a reason for what she does. Even if sometimes it seems… a little eccentric."

Weirdly enough, this lady sounded more and more similar to the Headmaster Dumbledore.

Just as William opened his mouth to speak again, a shriek of outrage was heard from the hall.

The senior grinned awkwardly, raising a hand to stop whatever the teen was going to say in response. "Ah… Excuse me a minute." Then walks out of the room, brow furrowed in worried thought.

Curious, the green-eyed wizard follows wondering what could have happened in such a short time. 'Are people pranking each other already?'

Coming out of his dorm were several people, two guys standing around laughing one dark-skinned with black hair the other lighter-skinned and with bizarre blue hair. There were also two girls, a light-skinned blond girl who looked like she wanted to be anywhere else and one wet, angry, dark-skinned redhead.

It occurred to the young teen that maybe the darker-skinned people were the rest of the Danson family – William's brother and sister.

"V? Is that you? What happened?" William's worried voice raised as the elder ran his eyes over his sister to make sure she was okay.

The redhead just scowled, glaring at the grinning pair. "What happened was Donald and his new best friend."

"And a water balloon." Quipped the cheerful and sniggering young man.

She growled. "You are such a dork. You're going to be in so much trouble..."

"What are you going to do, Urchin, tell Mom on me? She's not here." And now Donald was taunting her.

"No, but I am." William had enough, he was now glaring at the younger brother.

"C'mon, it was just a joke."

"Look at me, I'm soaked!" She held up her arms, showing the material was sticking to her due to being extremely heavy with water.

With a sigh, the older brother looked back at his sister. "Here, let me fix it." Holding out a hand, a gust of hot air blows through the corridor, evaporating away the droplets of water clinging to her hair and clothes.

The other boy rubs a hand awkwardly through his hair. "Sorry, okay? No harm done?"

She just wrinkled her nose. "Ugh. Boys." Then smiling towards the other girl, tilted her head down the hallway. "C'mon, Ellen. Let's get out of here."

The blond jumped wide-eyed. "Huh? Okay..."

Then the redhead turned to look at the elder. "You're coming, right, William?"

"Actually, I'm supposed to be showing Harry around." The silver-haired wizard smiled. Then stepping aside finally brought the young black haired wizard into view. With how tall William had been, it was no wonder the others had not noticed the green-eyed teen until now.

He nodded nervously. "It's nice to meet you all."

Gesturing towards the clearly nervous teen, William spoke to the other young magic users. "This is Harry Potter, Iris Academy's foreign exchange student."

"This is my younger brother Donald, my sister Virginia, and…?" It was quite clear who was who, if only because Donald's name had already come up.

Then the blue-haired and purple-eyed teen spoke up. "Luke Phifer."

"Ah – Ellen Middleton. H-horse Hall." She was clearly nervous. Nodding towards each person, finally, introductions were finished.

"Which is where we should be going." Virginia was clearly in an irritated mood, clearly in no mood to socialize any more.

Smiling at how obvious that William would rather go off with his sister and her friend, Harry nods. "Go ahead, it's fine. I should talk to these guys, anyway. We're all hallmates, right?"

Luke grinned again. "Right."

"All right." Said the senior with a sigh."But don't forget, you can come talk to me any time if you have questions." Then with a few more farewells, he and the girls leave the hall, Virginia's complaining slowly fading into the distance.

Out the corner of his eye, the young wizard catches Luke stumbling backwards. Clearly, he had tried to lean against a doorframe and misjudged the angle. Cheeks were slightly red from embarrassment, Donald, on the other hand, never noticed.

"So, Harry, right?" It was the curiosity of a new person or thing that had the other wizards attention. "How come my big brother's shepherding you around like a lost goose?"

Thankfully there was already a valid statement here that could be used. "Teachers made him do it because he's class president." 'and because Professor Grabiner couldn't be seen with me to show me around.'

"Oh, that." Now Donald just looked uncomfortable, eyes on the ground.

"Do geese have shepherds?" 'Something I've always wondered being in the wizarding world and having never been taken on holiday by my relatives.'

"They have goose-herds. It's in the fairy tales." Now Harry didn't know if the other teen was just jerking his chain with the way he was smiling to himself. Then his grey gaze turned back onto the black-haired wizard.

"Foreign exchange student, right? Where are you from?" 'Uhoh.'

Blinking green eyes turned away for a second before looking back at the other two. Being vague would be the best option. "Europe, a long way away." He said with a shrug and a smile like it didn't matter.

"So how come you're here at Iris Academy?" 'What's with all these questions?'

"I always wanted to see America." Again with a smile like it didn't matter.

Luke spoke up. "Yeah, we're cool, aren't we?"

"Sure we are." Donald clearly was proud of his heritage. Then a thoughtful look came across his face. "If they made some special exchange arrangement with you, I'm guessing you're a born wizard, not a wildseed, right?"

"Yeah. You?" Harry asked as he nodded at this observation. Then blinked and frowned. "Wait – you must be wizard born if your brother and sister are here." 'I don't know if I'm supposed to let my knowledge about the magical family show itself, I only know this after all because its something Professor Grabiner told me.'

Luke though, was looking a little lost. "But I'm a wildseed, and my twin brother is here, too. He's in Falcon Hall."

"Is your roommate here yet?" Donald's question suddenly made him nervous.

"Actually..." Instead of just explaining in the hallway, held the door open and lead them inside, while contemplating using the same half-hearted excuse that had been used with William. The two seemed kind enough, similar to the twins in personality, ordinary guys who like to have lots of fun. Harry smiled, it looked like it would all work out.

End of Day