Chapter 2 Tuesday – September 3rd

Early Morning:

There is an hour before class, due to Hedwig waking the young wizard up at 6 am by screeching at the top of her lungs for breakfast, that allowed Harry to explore and find out where the gym was before his second class. Having already eaten due to the dining room always being open for all students of all races, this meant anyone could get a meal or drink whenever they required it. So it made it a little easier to ask for a vessel for water and thankfully they seemed to plenty in stock.

Now after entering the gym, wondered around curious about this part of the school. He was interested enough to do some sort of sport while here so scoping out the area was a good idea at least. Along one of the walls, a bunch of equipment was stacked with several pieces being used by several students.

A podium was at one end, clearly used for assembly's as well. Being in such a rush the other morning had given him no time to really see the area. Walking around slowly, watching the student's practice with and without magic made a small smile appear, at least gym would be interesting if nothing else.

"Well, hello there." A voice piped up from behind him, making Harry flinch in surprise. He hadn't heard them at all, they must be very light on their feet. Turning to look behind, gazed with confused eyes at the strange being, after all, being in Hogwarts the young wizard had never really seen proper humanized magical beings, creatures yes, humanized? No.

This was a Raven Hall student, dressed in light grey with a black cape. Dark purple hair tumbled down till mid-back, while light purple eyes looked out from a gently smiling blue-skinned face.

"Um, Hello?" Came his uncertain reply, he really didn't know how this worked. Other than Ron and Hermione, Harry really didn't have practice at this whole introduction on his own thing. Reaching out a hand for the bat-winged male to shake, the wizard then goes lightly red-cheeked when the raven hall student grips his hand gently and bows over it.

"My name is Damien. And you are?"

"Harry." The young wizard then tilted his head in question, "are you a freshman or senior, Damien?"

A chuckle rumbled out of the male's throat. "Hm, Direct, aren't you. I'm a senior."

"That makes sense."

"Don't worry." Still, the winged male was smiling gently, "You're not expected to recognize all the upperclassmen on sight yet." Then he grinned with a wink. "That's for next week."

Letting go, the young wizard looked away awkwardly. "Right..." Really Harry wasn't sure if the purple-haired wizard was teasing him or not, so he just decided to let it go and be done with whatever inside joke the other male found so funny.

At the green-eyed wizard's response, Damien's smile just slipped away. His face fell into a frown, while even his wings drooped. A sigh then escaped as the older male ran distracted fingers through his hair. "I suppose it was too much to hope for."

Confused, the young freshman cocked his head slightly to the side. "What is."

"No, it's all right. I Understand." But the older wizard just looked away. "You've already heard the rumours." Before shaking his head and looking back with a downcast expression.

"What rumours?" Harry was completely confused now. He took an aborted step forward, naturally wanting to help cheer up the older student.

The bat-winged male decided to explain. "About me." It all seemed to come out in a rush, as though Damien had been hearing it for so long from others. "They say that I'm cursed, doomed to be evil, all because of what I look like. I can't help the way I was born!" This last bit was bitten out, from between clenched teeth, giving quite the view of extended canines for a moment.

Harry just listened. Listened and understood. Can't help the way you are born, cursed, doomed from the way you look like? It all painted a far too familiar picture.

"But now, freshmen like you won't even talk to me… You hate me on sight."

The Boy-Who-Lived, parents killed when one year's old, hated by others, all from something he didn't remember and now Voldemort was out for his blood, year upon year.

"That's not it!" It burst out of him without the young wizard thinking out it. It had been instinctual. But it just seemed to make things worse, to his frustration, if the blink of surprise was any indication. "I'm sorry.' a hand rubbed the back of his neck. "I've seen magicals within the towns, but never humanized magical's like you before, so I didn't want to stare. I don't know anything about you."

"Basically," A smile crept back onto the seniors face. "you're a transfer from another school."

The panic that appeared on Harry's face, made Damion shake his head with a gentle look. "Don't worry. I won't hold it against you. That wouldn't be very fair of me, would it?"

"Thank you. For being considerate."

Damion bowed his head slightly, "You're welcome, now you better get to class. You'll need your strength for next week."

"What happens next week?"

A big grin appeared. "You'll find out." Damien bowed at the waist and with a wink then walked off humming to himself towards the sports equipment.

What a strange individual, interesting, yet...strange.

I like him. Odd moods and all.

Mid Morning:

Blue Magic Class

Spotting the Blue Magic Beginners class sign on the door, Harry hurried through hoping he wasn't late, thankful this was the same classroom as his first Red Magic Class.

Sliding in among the other freshmen students, the green-eyed wizard soon slips into a seat near the front. Wizards and Witches all other the room talk and gossip about what they may learn, all speculation at this point, due to nobody having any texts to refer to or a chance to slip into the Academy's library. All anyone knew from the Pentachromatic system was that blue had the power of illusion.

At the front of the class, a Falcon boy has the attention of the majority of the class as he talks through his theory's loudly, getting looks of both interest and irritation. Because of this, the door opens unnoticed to allow the teacher inside.

"Mill about all you like; it's your own time you're wasting. I have no objections to failing the lot of you at the next exam." Grabiner looks stern and irritated with the class already.

Heading his words, students scramble to get into seats who were standing grouped together. After everyone has been seated, the wizard begins the lesson.

"Here you will be learning the subtle art of Blue Magic – at least, some of you will." A disinterested look passes over several students who shrink down into their seats. Rumours were already spreading about Grabiner it seems. "I thoroughly expect this subject to go over some of your heads."

He walks slowly around the room. "Blue is the color of change. That is, altering what is already there. Not creating, not destroying. It is commonly used in conjunction with other magical styles in order to perform alchemic transmutations and other alterations of essence."

"Blue magic can also be used to change the effect of an existing spell, to cast or dispel illusions…" The elder wizard flickered and seemed to vanish while another walked out from the back of the class. "...or to change locations without movement through intervening space." Then his form flickered forward a pace as though it had jumped. "For a skilled Blue Magician, reality is fluid. All things can be changed."

"Yet," He then turned and looked at us all with piercing red eyes. "few minds are capable of grasping the true range of possibilities." Slim fingers curled over the book in his grip. "We'll see what you're worth."

"Your first spell to try to master will be the spell of Light." Grabiner holds up a hand and forms a gently glowing orb which hung in the air for a few moments before fading out. "The area of illusion involves changing not what a thing is, but how it is perceived. That perception comes in many forms. The illusion of taste or smell requires as much magic as that of sight."

"But sight is the most immediately apparent to most humans, and therefore where we begin." The older wizard focused for a second, raised his hand and the room was plunged into darkness. Cries escaped from the students in shock and fear. Until the man's voice came to them all again seemingly echoing.

"To change what is seen, your power must first understand what is seen, and enhance it." Slowly everyone went quiet to hear the lesson being taught. "To create, or strengthen, produce light. Light alone can be a tool or a weapon. A guide in the darkness, a signal, a distraction, a blinding flash. Concentrate. Focus your thoughts on changing the light around you and find your way out."

It was like being in the pitch black. The desk was still under his arms, the chair supporting his form, but Harry couldn't make them out. Pressing his eyes shut and fingers together began to focus. He imagined what the room had looked like, where the various windows and door had been and focused on that. Concentrating his magic on lighting the space so he could see. The young wizard suddenly felt a hand on his shoulder.

Blinking, tiredness suddenly hit as he stared down at the wood of his desk for a long second before realizing it was bathed in a gentle glow. Sitting up, looked up at the teacher in shock. Grabiner nodded before moving on, walking slowly almost silently around the classroom, bending down every now and again to check on his students. Looking back down, blinked at the merrily bobbing ball of gentle white light that danced back and forth in front of him.

It worked.

Learned: Light

A smile appeared before it slipped back off. Getting up, slipped out of the classroom and rested outside of the door which was still bathed in the darkness spell. Why was this so much easier to learn than the Hogwarts curriculum? He didn't understand, it was like his core was made for these spells not the wand based magic.

A fuzzy soft brush against his cheek drew Harry's attention back to the glowing ball of Light. Which was circling round in seeming confusion. The young wizard poked the thing. "Shouldn't you have disappeared?"


Entering the library breathed a sigh of relief, that soon turned to annoyance as the ball of light bounced off his head and floated in between the shelves. It was almost like touching someone with static on your hands and getting a small shock for your troubles, uncomfortable and irritating.

It felt alive, which shouldn't have been the case with what should have been a simple spell of forming light in the darkness. It felt very similar to his Patronus, and thus Harry wondered if that is why it was lasting such a long time. The light-ball seemed to emulate a lot of almost childish emotions like happiness, playfulness, excitement, a need to protect.

Running his fingers along a shelf, came across a book of Blue Magic, this one had both advanced and beginners knowledge within it. A pulse of energy next to him drew his attention and sure enough, the light-ball was back. Ignoring it for now, headed to a table to sit down, determined to try to emulate Hermione a little and find out why the light-ball was lingering. The static feeling ended up on his shoulder as the little l-ball rested on the wizard.

Reading through the beginners part of the book, came across a mention of sprites and the power of magic and light. This was clearly a more advanced section, as it warned not to tamper with the laws of nature or summoning rituals until a highly qualified mage. Flipping forward into the advanced section something caught his eye in the section of sprites, summoning and deamons.

Power, it draws those who can sense it. Though most need a summoning circle and the right words to bring those across to this realm, there are those who can circumvent this system. The magistracy of the other world are one, who can form a contract with no consequence. The other is of more dangerous measure. If a strong magi of little training were to put too much energy into any one spell, this runs the risk of calling creatures across the divide. Most will be benevolent like the sprites, who love to help and care for those with strong power. But every now and again, a deamon will take interest and wait for the chance to slip across and take that power. Be warned about those with excessive ability, for their strength is a threat, but only to themselves and if a deamon takes an interest. There is no hope.

Harry sat back, re-reading the words for a long moment. Before he reached up and lifted down the light-ball into his palm.

"So you are a light-sprite?" It flicked, bouncing in his palm. A tendril reached out and curled around his arm as it settled back down. "Huh, so that means when I summoned the light spell I used far to much power. That's gonna be a problem."

For now, it seemed that his accident hadn't done any harm, but this could turn out to be a problem in the future. "I mean I was always powerful against Voldemorts forces, I had to be, considering I was his number one target. But that 'battle-field training' seems to be causing problems now."

A hm next to his table made the wizard jump and twist to face his sudden company. A lady in colourful clothes, with long brown wavy hair and dark skin stood next to his table. Within her arms were several very heavy books, which she held with seeming little difficulty. "Apologies young man, but I am the librarian of this school. Perchance your answer would be to consult Professor Postdam for your trouble? She is the headmistress after all." With that the lady turned and walked off, but not before sending one more word his stupefied way before the colourful figure vanished. "By the way, please put the books back before you leave. They have a terrible tendency to wander away when left out of place." Thus she was gone as quickly as she had left.

Harry looked back down at the book and the Li-sprite which hovered over it, clearly agitated if the pulses coming from the ball were any indication. Reaching up, carefully ran a couple of fingers down the surprising firm surface, which felt soft with a fuzzy feeling, after all this was light condensed by magic.

"I suppose I better then if only to see the headmistress about getting my magic under control."

End of Day