I've been having these strange dreams….

Of a city, beautiful and grand. Unlike any that dot our star.

A city of knowledge… a city of creation.

It's inhabitants knowledgeable and wise. Living in perfect balance with the star…

And then the flame…

Oh gods the flame.. The city once proud, now burned and its inhabitants now attempted to flee in terror.

Only to be cut down by hellish beings that seemingly manifested out of thin air.

As if their very fears became manifest…

And then, a voice, desperate and panicked.

"Izanami… Izanami!"

Calling out to me in some unknown tongue, and yet I can understand it clearly as day.

I know not who is calling out. But that name, it feels… familiar. Almost as if it were my own.. and yet it is not.

And as the dream begins to fade, once more a voice is heard. .."Hades"

Is that perhaps Izanami? I know not. And then the dream ends.

A young woman laid under the covers of a soft bed in a decently spacious room. At a glance one would assume she was asleep, but in truth sleep escaped the young woman.

With a sigh the woman rose from under the sheets exposing her bare torso to the bitter chill of her room. It was nothing out of the ordinary seeing as she was currently residing in her room at the Forgotten Knight so cold nights were kind of expected.

She gently slid off the bed only to wince at the cold wooden floor that met her exposed feet 'Probably should have worn more than just this to bed' She thought as she looked down at the only article of clothing she wore. Yeah perhaps sleeping in only her black summer tanga wasn't the smartest of ideas, especially seeing as Ishgard is known for its rather frigid climate in recent years.

Walking rather fast(as to not freeze her feet off) she arrived at the door to the bathroom and entered. It was sparsely lit from the dimming lanterns that hung on the walls but it was bright enough for her to see. Walking over to the bathtub she turned the faucet to fill it with hot water. Gods was she thankful that Ishgard had indoor plumbing unlike the majority of the Gridanian territories and some parts of La Noscea.

While the tub began to fill the woman examined herself in the mirror.

She gently brought her fingers through her messy crimson locks, before idly twirling one of the various strands of silver-blonde hair that streaked irregularly throughout.

Her gaze wandered down to her to her torso, her lithe, well toned form was apparent at a glance. The result of her current occupation as both an adventurer and the Warrior of Light kept her in quite the exemplary form, her body was littered with a myriad of scars, some big and others small. Though to live the life of an adventurer and not expect a few scars was just plain silly, especially in her case with the whole 'Killing literal gods' and all.

And while she wasn't exactly the tallest, standing at only 5'4 she was rather well endowed… for better or for worse really. At times she despised her large bust as it made it quite uncomfortable to wear certain armor's such as her Drachen Mail or her Fighter's Cuirass, and nothing will ever be more embarrassing then the time she was fighting Shiva while she was attuned to her Bard Soul Crystal and her gods damn Choral Shirt popped open showing her tits to the primalfied(?) Echo barer.

And while yes it had granted her the opportunity to defeat Ysayle who just kind of stopped and stared at her. It was also quite awkward explaining to her fellow Scions why her breasts were on display when she was flung back to the Aetheryte.

The woman's eyes darkened at the thought of the Scions. But before her anger showed a small pair of arms wrapped themselves around her waist.

"I was wondering where you *yawn* got off to." the small woman said tiredly.

"It's late… You should go back to bed Tataru."

The Lalafell woman gave a slight huff "I could say the same to you Naruko. Besides it's cold and I see you've drawn a bath, and it would be a shame to let all the nice hot water go to waste." She said cheekily.

Naruko rolled her eyes as Tataru released her from her surprisingly strong grip. Only to blush slightly when she caught sight of Tataru stripping out of her night clothes so she could hop in the bath.

As Tataru was shimming out of the shirt she had pilfered from Naruko she noticed that Naruko was watching her through the mirror with a faint dusting of red on her cheeks. The young Lalafell woman's eyes shone mischievously as she slowly removed the large nightshirt with a knowing smirk, leaving herself bare for Naruko to see.

"What's the matter Naru? It's not like you've never seen a naked woman before, let alone me." Tataru said as she gently rubbed her hand up Naruko's thigh causing her to give Tataru a sideways look "Don't start things you can't finish Tataru."

But Tataru's smirk only got wider "What's the matter, you're not up to mash the popoto?" She asked.





Naruko couldn't hold back any longer and burst into laughter "Oh.. oh gods, you actually said it!" She laughed.

Well at least Naruko was laughing instead of brooding so that was a plus.

"Come on, before the water gets cold." Tataru said avoiding looking Naruko in the eye.

"Here let me give you a hand." Naruko said as she picked the small woman up getting a cute squeak out of her in the process, before removing the sole article of clothing she had on and gently sat in the bath.

Tataru let out a relaxed sigh as she leant back against Naruko's chest. The water wasn't too hot nor was it too cold, it was perfect for a cold Ishgardian night.

"To think its been a month since this all started." Naruko said softly.

Has it truly been a month? Tataru could still scarcely believe what had happened, it still felt like it was yesterday when Naruko had been accused of assassinating Nanamo… of when everyone turned on her, The Alliance, The Crystal Braves… The Scions..

All but a scarce few believed Adeleji's claims, among them was the General Raubahn who from what she heard was currently being held in some unknown location for giving Naruko the opportunity to escape Ul'dah, as well as killing several of the Crystal Braves and Brass Blades in the process.

The whole situation was a complete farce. Naruko would never have harmed Nanamo, she would never have harmed someone that was dear to her… someone that she loved so, so very much.

Though then again, not many were privy to that last part. Only a scant few(Herself included of course) knew of their relationship. And for good reason! Because Twelve forbid that certain members of the Syndicate got word of Nanamo being in a relationship with a female adventurer of all things.. Naruko probably would have had a price on her head before the sun could hit its pinnacle, Warrior of Light or not.

Shifting slightly Tataru looked up at Naruko "I never did thank you did I?"

"You didn't need to. I wasn't about to let those gil hungry traitors harm you." Naruko said softly as she hugged Tataru.

You see, the reason Tataru herself was in Ishgard with her instead of being back at Mor Dhona was because she had overheard a few members of the Braves gloating about their plan and had attempted to inform Minfilia and the others via Linkshell. Sadly though her actions had not gone as unnoticed as she thought and then the next thing she knew she was halfway to Coerthas with a group of Crystal Braves hot on her heels.

And after fleeing from them for little over two hours, they finally managed to corner her just passed the Skyfire Locks and it didn't help that only a few minutes prior one of them got lucky and managed to clip her leg with a stray arrow which had torn a coin sized chunk out of her thigh, so the fact that she was bleeding pretty badly as well as the cold made it quite hard to continue to escape.

So there she was, back against a large rock and bleeding out from her leg, armed only with a small mythril dagger that she had tucked into her pants with a group of eight of those greedy bastards looking at her cockily, gods and to think she had tea with some of them only a few days prior. When out of nowhere, Naruko comes charging up with a look of unbridled fury with her Bravura hefted over her shoulder and proceeded to tear the Crystal Braves to literal pieces… no really, there were bits of them all over the hillside when Naruko got through with them.

She had passed out from a mixture of both blood loss and the freezing cold from the blizzard that had kicked up shortly before the 'slaughter'.

It definitely didn't have anything to do with the fact that Naruko had hit a Roegadyn member of the Crystal Braves with the blunt side of the Bravura hard enough to separate his head from his shoulders. Or the fact that it had rolled in front of her when it hit the ground, it's eye wide and it's mouth agape in terror.

Tataru grimaced at the memory, sure the bastard had it coming but by the Twelve was it a brutal way to go.

But then again she supposed she was lucky to have passed out when she did because from what she had heard there wasn't much left of the poor fool's when Naruko was through with them.

And she distinctly remembered a few days after she awoke at the aptly named Falling Snows that Naruko was scraping something small, pink and gross looking off the bottom of her boot. Naruko had made up some excuse that she had stepped on a piece of fruit, and while Tataru was no medical expert or such, but she was pretty damn sure that was part of someone's brain! And the only way that would get there is if either Naruko stepped in some of the gore when she carried her to Dragonhead or She finished one of the Braves off by crushing their head like a melon under her boot….

Tataru went a little bit green at the thought, great now she had that mental image.. Welp, there goes her apatite for the next month.

"You okay there?"

Tataru snapped out of her thoughts to see Naruko looked at her concerned. "I've been calling you for a few minutes, but you seemed lost in thought, and you also looked a bit green too."

Tataru blushed slightly "O-oh.. I'm fine. What did you need?"

Naruko nodded "I wanted to see how your leg has healed. So I wanted you to turn to your left and prop your leg up on the side of the bath." She explained.

Tataru rolled her eyes and did as she was asked "It's been a month Naru. I'm sure it's fine- OW!" She yelped at the sharp pain that shot through her leg when Naruko pressed against where the arrow had taken a small chunk out of her thigh. The wound itself had healed up nicely, but the fresh scar was still rather tender.

Naruko frowned "Fine huh?" To be honest the wound wouldn't be like that if she had healed it. But that task has to be left to the Chirurgeon's in the employ of House Fortemps...the reason being that for whatever reason, she couldn't call apon her White Mage soul crystal. Perhaps she dropped it when she was making her escape from Ul'dah.

"That's because you pressed on it you cunt!" Tataru said sharply as she elbowed Naruko in the ribs. Only to cover her mouth wide eyed at what she said.

"Ahahaha! I bloody knew you weren't an innocent little angel." Naruko teased.

"Shut up! It's your fault." Tataru said covering her face in embarrassment. God's, Naruko was beginning to corrupt her with her rather… blunt/vulgar vocabulary. Hells, just over two months ago she called Alphinaud a 'prissy little cunt' and threw a coffee mug at him when he dumped a pile of paperwork regarding finances for the Crystal Braves on her desk when she was about to head off to her room for a shower and a nap. And gods above the talking to she got from Minfillia was a pain but the look on Alphinaud's face made it worth it.

"Don't lie, you love it!"

Tataru let out an exasperated groan but on her face was a small smile. It was good that Naruko had begun to cheer up.

"We should probably get out of the tub. The water is cooling and you have a long day ahead of you." Tataru said as she stood up and made to hop out of the bath.

Naruko nodded in agreement and followed suite. Shortly after, the two of them were back in bed and snuggled warmly under the covers. Tataru cuddled up next to Naruko and swiftly fell asleep.

Naruko however stayed awake just a while longer.

Tomorrow she will be making her foray into Dravania with Ysayle and Estinian. And while she was doing that, Tataru would keep her ear to the ground about any form of information regarding the events surrounding the assassination as well as keeping an eye out for when/if their former comrades made their way into Ishgard.

Because when those backstabbing bastards came, she would be waiting. And boy oh boy was it going to be an interesting time. Heh, knowing Alphinaud, he will probably be the one to insist on going to Ishgard. Gods help him if he brought any if the Braves with him.

And with that, Naruko finally closed her eyes and slipped off into a dreamless sleep.

Ha, I bet you never expected me to write a crossover with FFXIV did ya?

And now onto Naruko's stats.

Naruko Uzumaki

Age: 20

Grand Company: Immortal Flames, Captain(Disavowed)

Free Company: Foxes Den, Members: 88 Status: Disbanded

Soul Crystals: Paladin(50), Dragoon(50), Warrior(50), White Mage(50), Bard(50), Ninja, Monk, Black Mage, Summoner(50), Scholar

Notable Battles: Battle of Carteneau, Cape Westwind, Castrum Meridianum, Praetorium, Various Primals, The Siege on the Steps of Faith, The Crystal Tower expedition.

Off The Record Encounters: Slaying Bahamut once and for all.

Notable Features: Crimson hair with silver-blonde streaks. Six 'whisker' scars on her cheeks(three on each), Mark of Light just above her navel.

-More to be added later-

So yeah, new fic.

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And other than that, this will primarily just consist of oneshots instead of a main story(or at least until I buckle and turn it into a full on story). That being said… I'm not against someone doing their own version of course.

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And also yes, yes Naruko has a thing for Lalafells in this story. This is primarily steaming from the fact that I have literally never seen a FFXIV story that pairs the WoL with a Lalafell character( i.e Tataru or Nanamo) I mean for crying out loud it's heavily implied that Lamitt and Ardbert had a thing for each other but nope, gotta pair the WoL with Alphinaud or Aymeric for the hundredth time.