I lay on the bed curled up as I felt Charlotte's hand run through my hair, "Ellie I wish you would tell him" she said while I look up at him, "my father left...why would he care?" I told him in anger. My name is Penelope Leia Whitlock, my mother wasn't from Earth but had crashed landed here and had to make the best of it. She met my father but she didn't know he wasn't human, my mother ended up dying but Peter and Charlotte were there to help her. They were the ones to decide not to tell my father, it has been a long time since that happened and last I heard they were in Forks. I was a hybrid, I learned my mother was a Jedi and I learned about the wars from everything she left me. It is amazing how little we know of the universe, this planet hasn't been found and it was far away from where she was from.

I grew up with Charlette and Peter in the ranch, I was taught how to make food and many other things. Maria never found out about me since they kept me a secret, I am the daughter of the god of war and I would have been in danger if people found out. Only a few people know who my father is and it was better that way, I am not grown and the Volturi shouldn't be a problem but my father's coven is in trouble and I am afraid. I don't want Char and Peter in danger and I am afraid to face my father, how would he feel knowing he had a daughter. What would his mate feeling knowing her mate had a daughter with another woman.

I could feel it though...change will be coming which scares her, my mother ran from the war against the first order and the resistance. Charlotte and Peter know since I told them, "Peter told me the mate of Edward Cullen got pregnant, they need witnesses and sweetie you can help," she said. "Fine...I will help because a young hybrids life is on the line," I told her as I stood up and started to pack, I look in the mirror as I had my father's blonde hair but my mother's light blue eyes. I put my hand out as my hairbrush went straight to my hand, my mom had written how to meditate and use the force. I had found my mom's lightsaber which was hidden in her bag at all times, I had the force and I am an empath like my father. I followed Peter and Charlotte as I got on Peter's back and they took off towards Forks while I held onto his back.