~Peter's POV~

I watch Ellie take off as I felt Char holding my arm tight, "she will be fine," I told my mate kissing her head, "I know but I'm afraid of how different she will be," she told me. I hope she is safe but she is going into a war her mother ran from, "where is my daughter Peter?" I heard Jasper as I turn to look at him and saw the wolf that imprinted on her. "I'm sorry Jasper...she is gone," I told him before I felt Jasper punch me across the clearing, "Jasper it's too late," I heard Alice and I knew she had seen it. I heard the wolf whimper as I sigh, "she gave me permission to tell you...lets head back to the house," I told him before taking off back to the Cullens home. I knew Jasper will be angry when I tell him his daughter will be heading into a war, but Ellie had already made up her mind. I watched as the Cullens entered along with the wolves, I knew the other vampires will stay away for a while. "Where is my imprint?" Seth asked as I look at them, "I'm sorry Seth and Jasper but Penelope will be gone for a while," I told them, "tell us where Peter," Jasper said.

"Let me explain something about Penelope's mother, her mother wasn't from Earth...she is human but she is from another place far away from Earth. She was running from a war...Ellie had read her mother's journal and she knew her mother's past will come looking for her," I told them, "Jasper you or Seth couldn't have stopped her, she already had decided to go and my knower is telling me if I stopped her bad things would have happened," I told him. "My daughter is heading to war and you didn't tell me! What happens if she dies Peter?!" Jasper shouted in anger, "she will be fine Jasper, she is strong and she is ready for anything," I told him. I watch him take off as I saw Alice nod at me before following, "will she be safe Peter?" Carlisle asked, "yes she has been training and she will return," I told them.