The 6 Potters ran into King's Cross station.

"Come on, the sooner we get on, the better," said Hermione.

Albus and Jane resumed the argument they started in the car.

"I won't! I won't be in Slytherin!"

"Jane Sophia Potter, give it a rest!"

"I only said he might be in Slytherin, and he might be so... fine, dad."

Alice Sophie Potter and Albus Severus Potter were twins. Alice was the spitting image of her mother and Albus was the only child that inherited Lily Evans's eyes, and he was the spitting image of Harry.

Lily Luna Potter and Jane Sophia Potter had jet-black hair but had brown eyes. Lily was the most cheerful, inheriting this from Lily and Jane was more bothered about her friends.

"Bye mum, bye dad," said Albus, giving his parents a hug each.

Albus and Alice were excited, Hermione and Harry jumped on the train, as they would be teaching. Ron joined them.

"Alice Potter!"

"Albus Potter!"
Scorpius waved at his new friend.