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Chapter 2

Unfortunately it took Holmes and I four months to finally find and track down a lead on the relatives of the dead couple we investigated at the beginning of November. We found them by first locating a copy of the couple's marriage certificate, along with the birth certificate of their son, Harry James Potter. From that we looked into finding out if either of them had any living relatives. Lastly, we we're able to find out that the wife's sister had married a man named Vernon Dursley and that they lived at Number 4 Private Drive, Little Whinging, Surry.

The two were currently heading there with Inspector Lestrade, who was still the lead inspector on the case.

They arrived in front of the house along with a local patrol car, so that the local Police could be on hand.

Lestrade knocked on the door, which was answered by a woman who I could best describe as horse-like in appearance. He told her who we were and asked if we could come in to ask some questions.

She agreed, though she seemed nervous. Which could have been attributed to the fact that the Police had come to her home.

She led us into her living room were her husband was sitting watching the telly. When he turned to look at us, I noticed that he looked like a walrus.

As Lestrade began to tell them about the woman's sister's death along with that of her husband and the disappearance of their nephew, Sherlock started wonder around the house.


I listened briefly as the Inspector told the couple of their relative's demise. I noticed that they both didn't seem to be startled by the revelation. Though they both seemed to show signs of revulsion at the mention of them.

I began to walk around and inspect everything that I could see. Trying to get an idea of what this couple was like. As I looked around, all I could see was things that indicated the couple were extremely normal. Which made me very suspicious, because no one was that normal.

I then started to walk down the hallway next to the stairs that led to the kitchen. As I got near the door of the cupboard under them, I caught a whiff of something that made me stop.

I strained all of my senses to try and identify what it was and if there was anything else. What I smelled was urine, feces, and the coppery scent of blood. I also heard the slight whimpering of a child and the minute creaking of a cot. I followed the smells and sounds to the cupboard door, which I saw was chained shut.

I quickly went back to the others to tell them what I found.


Sherlock came rushing back into the room with a very determined look on his face.

"What's wrong Sherlock?" I asked him in worry.

"If you could come with me, I think I've found something very disturbing," he told us, before he walked back the way he came.

I looked over at Lestrade who raised an eyebrow, before getting up and following him. When we got to where he stopped in the hallway, he turned towards us.

"Would you mind telling me why you have this cupboard chained shut?" Sherlock asked of the man, Vernon.

"I don't have to answer that," he replied while trying to look larger.

"I think you do Mr. Dursley," Lestrade told him.

"It's just some cleaning supplies. We keep the door chained so our son can't get at them," Petunia tried to tell them with certainty.

"That could explain the smell of urine, feces, and blood. Not the sounds of whimpering," Sherlock said as he quickly unchained the door and yanked it open.

When he did, Lestrade and I looked. Inside we saw a nineteen-month-old boy curled up on a cot with slowly healing bruises.

Lestrade turned towards the door that led onto the street, "Send for backup and an ambulance." He then looked at the Dursley's, "I'm placing you under arrest. Officer, read them their rights."


About thirty minutes later Sherlock and I were at the hospital as the doctors and nurses looked over the child. We had found out that the boy was Harry. The son of the couple that were killed all those months ago.

As we sat there a woman came in who looked to be about in her thirties. She looked around, before coming over to us, "Excuse me. I'm looking for the people who brought in Harry Potter."

Sherlock looked at me before raising an eyebrow and answering her, "That would be us madam. I'm Sherlock Holmes and this is my associate Dr John Watson. May I ask you why you want to know?"

"My names Amelia Bones. I'm and Au- I mean Inspector. I've come to talk to you about how you found him," she said as she took a seat across from us.

Sherlock told her about the Potter case that we were on and how it brought us to the Dursley's and finding Harry in the cupboard.

"That old fool! He knew that her sister hated her," the woman said with venom.

"I'm guessing that you knew the Potters," I asked her.

She looked at us with a frown, "Yes. I went to school with them."

"Then could you explain to me why there were moving pictures in their house and the significance of the sticks that were lying next to their bodies?" Sherlock asked her bluntly.

"I'm assuming you're talking about their TV. The sticks on the other hand, I wouldn't know about," she told him with a straight face.

"As far as I know they don't make TV's as thin as a picture frame. The sticks on the other hand I do think you know about. You're currently wearing one in a holster on your right wrist and twitching in a way that makes me think that it is capable of doing something very significant," Sherlock replied while looking her directly in the eyes.

Amelia then looked to be thinking very hard. Finally she sighed, "I'm going to tell you two something that you're going to have to keep completely secret."

She then told us the most fantastic tale about Magic being real and what really had been happening these past few years with the cases we couldn't solve.

"You can't think that we would believe something as crazy as that," I told her with a very skeptical look on my face.

"Now John. Remember what I always say. 'When you rule out everything that is possible, all that's left no matter how impossible is the truth," Sherlock said while still looking at Amelia.

Amelia stared right back at him, "Mr. Holmes."

He held up his hand, "Please, call me Sherlock Inspector Bones."

"Call me Amelia and it's Auror. That's what we call the police in the Magical World. I want you to know that I've been trying to look into the Potter case on myside. Believe me when I say that I'm going to do everything I can to make Harry's life better from now on," she said while giving Sherlock a brilliant smile.

I just looked on watching as the two started to flirt with each other. I knew from that point on that nothing in any of our lives would be the same.


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