The Church of the Holy Lite Vinaigrette was closed off that day to anyone else, because of the wedding that was taking place.

Roses lined the pews along with white ribbons.

Space doves flew about, and bells were ringing within the church.

N'ezzakin stood at the front of the altar, clad in a black tuxedo. His hair was pulled back nicely, and Arch and R2 sat down in one of the pews closest to the front.

"Oh, human matrimony is just so beautiful..." Arch said, tying his red bow tie to his neck. "Isn't it, R2?"

"(*Bleee-boo-bo-weeee!*)" R2 said as Arch tied a bow tie on him as well.

"HOW DARE YOU!" Arch exclaimed. "It is NOT "Sissy Stuff!""

Then, after the vows were said between the two of them, N'ezzakin and Padmé kissed. Arch and R2 clapped, but Arch was quite weary of what would occur next.

After the wedding, N'ezzakin had a ceremony of his own to go to...

A ceremony that took place within a darkened building a few miles away from his honeymoon suite.

"Ah," Emperor Pulpatine said. "Isn't it a beautiful day when a boy becomes a man...or, when a Jedi becomes a Sith. Congratulations..."

Pulpatine sliced N'ezzakin's Jedi braid from his head with his lightsaber.


N'ezzakin looked up at Pulpatine with glowing, yellow eyes. He gave a large grin.

"This new name shall serve me well..." he spoke. "...master."



My Forbidden Lover


Pressure Drop

(The Maytals)

Stayin' Alive

(Bee Gees)

My Lovin'

(En Vogue)

Take on Me

(Ska version, Reel Big Fish)


(Ohio Players, sung by Sudoku)