The Senior class frantically searched for their bags as the plane touched down into the Berlin Airport. Excitement filled the air, it was the PCA annual senior trip, and everyone knew this would probably be one of the class's final events together. None of them wanted to waste a second. They hurried off the plane ignoring the teacher's pleas to slow down.

Chase and Rebecca walked together planning all of the things they were going to be doing together. Chase and James walked a few feet behind them, contently conversing about their excitement for this trip. The class was instructed to head towards meeting area C, Chase and Rebecca lead the way, a short staircase divided the lobby from meeting place C, of course, Chase not realizing this lost his balance on the first step and plunged down awkwardly to ground below, prompting a grasp from Rebecca. The class couldn't help but laugh as Chase lay there trying to gather himself and his bags.

Chase was embarrassed but also was used to these types of things happening to him. Zoey couldn't help but laugh as well as it took her back to the many times Chase had punctuated a greeting with a catastrophic fall.

1st day of school 4 years earlier.

Chase stepped out of her Dad's car, she threw her backpack over her right shoulder as she took in her new surroundings. She couldn't believe the size of her new school, she was trying to let it sink in that this was in fact her new school. Her thoughts were interrupted by a brown haired guy looking at her on his bike, they exchanged quick waves and hellos before Chase flew headlong into the flagpole. Zoey gasped and ran to his side…

"Zoe… Zoe…"

"What?" She asked, snapping out of her trip to the past."

"You alright?" James questioned.

"Ya, I'm fine just thinking about how awesome this trip is going to be." She lied.

She was really thinking of how things had changed, she had gone from the girl rushing to Chases side when he experienced one of his inevitable falls, to the girl who laughed along with the group. She didn't feel too bad because that was Rebecca's role now, but still couldn't help notice the contrast between now and years before. The trip to the past made her realize just how far they had drifted apart, the breakup wasn't a clean one… But she didn't want to ponder on that right now.

Chase slowly rose to his feet, he grimaced in pain, as he gently fought off Rebecca's nervous examination of him to make sure he was ok. Noticing Zoeys laughter did surprise him, but why should he expect anything different? It was now hard for them to have a meaningful conversation, they had drifted apart, finding other people would do that to former lovers. Chase really didn't seem to feel anything towards Zoey, it wasn't very fun to be around her anymore. They didn't know what to talk about and they always had to make sure to avoid the big elephant in the room: their breakup.