Chapter 3

"Now, everyone find a partner and follow my lead. The fun of this dance is in the rhythm so try to keep up."

The whole class was being taken through a traditional German dance at the ancient Church, and was quite enjoying it, well Chase was enjoying it as much as one could when coordination and rhythm is not your strong suit. But Rebecca didn't seem to mind which Chase was great full for.

"And switch!"

James quickly and gracefully grabbed Lola's hands and continued the dance. Rebecca transitioned into the dance with Michael.

Chase froze, quickly partners were being picked off one by one, leaving Zoey Brooks standing alone with the same awkward stare that Chase held. Chase did his best to snap out of his mental state, he tried to do his best to smoothly transition over to Zoey without making things even more awkward between them.

Zoey couldn't do it… the memories came flying back like tiny daggers to her nervous system and it was too much to handle. Quickly she excused herself. "I'm sorry, Chase I can't do this."

"Do what? Were just dancing Zoe… it's not a big deal."

Chase received no answer as Zoey placed her hand to her mouth, and scurried off to the hallway. She dipped her head, not wanting to make eye contact with anyone. She felt sick… she shifted over to the nearest garbage can, she was certain that this emotional rush would force her to throw up. She grabbed at her knees, widening her eyes as she tried to regain her breath.

"Zoe… Zoe… what's going on? Are you ok?" Chase questioned.

Zoey couldn't look at him, she continued to position herself adjacent to the garbage bin she didn't know what her body would do… she normalized her breath as she was able to utter a couple of words."

"I'm fine Chase, just leave me be."

"Obviously, you're not and it seems like I've done something can you talk to me."

"You've done nothing wrong Chase, I'll be fine."

"C'mon you can tell me Zoe, did I say something?"

Chases persistence started to frustrate Zoey, her nausea started to be replaced by adrenaline and anger, she managed to push herself back up and turn to face him.

"I'm just feeling a little off today, but I will be fine, go back in there and dance."

"Kind of hard to do that without a partner Zoe…"

She rolled her eyes, "I know but I'm sorry I just can't do it right now."

"It's just an innocent dance? What's the big deal?"

Zoey's frustration began to grow, which seemed to have temporarily stunned her Nassau.

"It just took me back… back to the dance last year when you came back… when everything started, it took me back to how it felt to know you were in my life…"

Chase looked both shocked and confused.

"What are you saying Zoe?"

Zoey closer her eyes sharply, and composed herself, her pain and anger seemed to make her nausea a distant memory.

"Don't think I'm saying I want to get back together, you're with Rebecca and I'm with James, were in good spots, but every time I'm forced to visit the past it kills me inside because you were always a part of it, and now…"

"And now we can barely talk to each other…" Chase stated empathically.

"Yeah… I mean it's like my body is growing through a mourning phase… of losing my best friend."

Chase took in her words, he grabbed at his dark locks as he pondered his response.

"I don't know what to say Zoe… I mean I don't know what I can possibly do… I'm with Rebecca now I'm happy… but you think it's easy to see you with the reason we broke up?"

Zoey's nausea was gone as new courage and strength befell her, fuelled by her adrenaline and anger.

"You think it's easy for me to see you with Rebecca? The girl that hated me and tried to ban me from you?"

"Who I date is none of your concern Zoey… and you didn't answer my question."

"I'm sure it's not easy to see me with James… but you were the one who ended things remember? And then you got back together with the girl who nearly made my life hell."

"But guess what Zoe… I broke it off right then and there… for you! And then you in turn after claiming you loved me, start dating James just days after telling me of your love. You broke up with him the day I came back! And don't even have the decency to tell me about him."

"Chase I'm so over having this argument with you, if you can never understand that James at that time was just a rebound, a desperate attempt to cope with the pain of losing you to England, then I don't know when you will. That's why it happened so close to your departure… And that's why I broke up with him, it was for you… the moment I broke up with him I had no idea you were about to walk back in my life… and it was one of the happiest moments in my life when you showed up… I got my best friend back. That's why it's so hard to experience anything similar to that night because it takes me back when you were in my life… I wish I had known what the cost of our relationship was going to be… Because if I knew, I never would've pursued anything with you. Because then we wouldn't have this mess on our hands."

"You have always claimed that he was just a cover-up, a coping mechanism… but from what other people tell me about what happened between you two, I find it hard to believe, and what I see now just confirmed my suspicions."

Chase paused and began to ponder on Zoey's last point before he continued.

"Are you telling me that you regret us? You regret ever getting together with me?"

"If I had known the price tag was my best friend… I never would have considered it."

"You really mean that Zoe?" Chase's posture started to become weighed down with pain. He was happy with Rebecca, but he never liked the idea of someone regretting being with him.

"Well, there is not much I can do… it appears we can't be friends, which kills me to say because I've missed you as my friend but I just don't know where we are going to go from here."

"I'm aware of that… that's why I didn't want to have this conversation… because it inevitably leads to a fight. I just need some time, time to get over the loss of a friend."

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