It had been a full week since Zoey and Chase had talked. They both really didn't know what to say to each other, what was left to say? They both enjoyed time with their respective partners, but the awkwardness still ate at Chase, he missed his former best friend. Even through all of his anger he knew he wanted to spend time with her again, to not have to experience that awkwardness. Michale sensed it too, prompting Michael to ask about it one night as they settled in for the night.

"Chase man, you good?" Michael questioned.

"Ya, today was a great day with Rebecca." Chase smiled.

"Ya it looked like you guys were enjoying yourself, wish I could say the same for you and Zoe, it looks incredibly awkward between you two."

"I know man, I was just thinking about that… It really sucks, this trip has been awesome, but me and Zoey are really starting to drag on me man."

"Of course it is you guys have been best friends for years."

"I know man, but it's different now, I don't think things will ever be the same."

"Ya after everything that's happened, how it could ever be the same but hopefully eventually you can get to the stage where you can talk again."

"Ya I know, but what is there even talk about, I mean she's definitely not cool with Rebecca, and I really don't wanna hear about her and James… and it seems any other conversation just leads to an argument."

"I know man… it's a tough situation if only you guys could start over or something."

Michael's words sparked an epiphany for Chase.

"Ya that would be the best thing right now, somehow start over." Chase said thoughtfully.

"You got an idea don't you Chase?"

Chase smirked.

"You know me too well my friend, I do have a plan, it's a long shot but it's the only thing I can think of."

"Care to share?" Michale questioned.

"Nah, not right now I have to grab some sleep, Goodnight Michael."

"Night Chase."

The next morning Chase got up early and headed down for breakfast. He was hoping to see one person in that moment, he couldn't take this anymore. He was done with the awkwardness. They were on their senior trip. It was supposed to be fun for everyone.

Zoey sat their nibbling on some toast, lost in thought. Chase caught her, they made eye contact but right away shifted her eyes away from him. Chase walked straight up to her ignoring the awkward situation.

"Zoey, I really need to talk to you."

Zoey looked up slowly, a little surprised at the boldness of Chase.

"I don't think that's a very good idea." She stayed as she tried to compose herself.

"C'mon Zoe, I promise we won't fight, I'm tired of this awkwardness between us."

Zoey allowed her gaze to lock on him for a second, she was trying to read his expression what could he possibly want. She saw the sincerity in his eyes, after another moment to consider, she complied.

"Alright, let's talk."

Chase smiled

"Great, follow me."

They had walked in complete silence, Chase wasn't exactly sure what he was going to say but he knew his plan.

Zoey grew tired of the silence.

"You do realize you said you wanted to talk to me right?"

"I know… I'm sorry, but you have to admit it hasn't been the easiest thing to talk to each other lately,and I hate how it's hurting this trip, I've been looking forward to this trip for years."

"What are you saying Chase?"

"What I'm trying to say is… I miss you in my life… I know we aren't meant to be together but we were best friends for too long to throw this away. It's hard to talk to you considering what has happened, I don't know how we could have a normal conversation, there's a part of me that wishes we could just start over, to attempt to move past everything. So the only thing I could think of… was this."

Chase stretched out his hand towards her and held it in the air.

Zoey gave him a puzzled look.

"What… What are you doing?"

"Hi I'm Chase, it's a pleasure to meet you… And you are?"

Chase questioned, trying to contain his sideways grin, knowing how ridiculous this must sound.

Zoey still stood there confused.

"Chase… How is this going to help?"

She questioned.

Chase dropped the act for a second to explain.

"If you have a better idea, Zoe, then please share… but I think it's best if we could attempt to start over."

Zoeys eyes tightened, she didn't seem to be on board.

"You think we can just forget everything that has happened?"

Chase knew it was juvenile perhaps even delusional but he had run out of ideas, he didn't want his senior trip to be ruined by his situation with Zoey, so why not try to start over, act like they had just met, was there any other way?

"Like I said, if you have a better idea please enlighten me, because I'm done with the arguing and allowing are friendship to kill the joy on this trip."

Zoey pondered his points, she originally felt this idea was insane, downright delusional even. But what else could they do, any conversation they'd had in the past year had been a fight, so maybe this was the only way to enjoy each other's company again. Hesitantly she allowed her palm to hit his as they shook hands.

"I'm Zoey… It's nice to meet you…" she stated reluctantly, she wasn't quite sure this would help, or where this would go.

Chase could sense Zoeys understandable reluctance. So he decided to take the lead.

"It is very nice to meet you, so tell me about yourself Zoey."

"Well… I'm a senior, I love to play sports and spend time with friends… Tell me about yourself."

Zoeys short response stemmed from her uncertainty on how this was going to go, she wanted Chase to take the lead.

Chase smirked

"Well I am a senior as well, I'm also very big into sports… it stems from my incredible inner balance and coordination that I grew up with."

Zoey was taken back by the description, and let out a noticeable chuckle.

"Did I say something funny?" Chase mused, trying to act confused.

"Oh I'm so sorry, it just reminded me of an old friend… he seems to be the complete opposite of you." She smirked

Chase continued.

"Interesting… well that old friend must be quite prone to accidents and falls."

"Oh you have no idea." Zoey smiled.

"Actually I think I have a pretty good idea." Chase chuckled. "It would be tough to live a life with no coordination, it would probably be a life filled with running into flag-poles falling down stairs and even the occasional plunge off a fence that makes your arm go numb."

Chase stated although he worried that she had just taken Zoey back to a place she didn't want to go.

Zoey was too busy trying to think of how she would describe herself now that Chase had established the rules that you could basically be anything you want. She continued:

"Ya, I can understand pretty well considering I myself am quite the clutz, very prone to accidents, I'm very soft-spoken and allow too many times people to walk over me but I'm working on that. I also love to write, and somehow manage through sports."

Chase was amused, he was enjoying this even if it was indeed juvenile. Zoey seemed to enjoy it as well, was his plan actually working?

"Interesting, visually you remind me of a girl I used to know… but personality wise you seem to be the exact opposite." He smirked.

"Hmm… this girl sounds like she was a good friend… but if she's the opposite of me, sounds a bit stubborn and opinionated."

Chase smiled and then replied.

"Oh you have no idea."

Zoey couldn't help but smile.

"Actually I think I have a vague idea."

They both couldn't contain their laughter anymore as they both let out loud sounds of enjoyment, something they had not done together for too long.

Chase opened his mouth

"I mi-"

"Chase?" Rebecca questioned sternly, interrupting Chase's words. She stood there, fists curled and holding a stern expression.

"Can I talk to you for a second, Chase."

"Uh, oh." Zoey sarcastically whispered.

"Sure Rebecca… I'll talk to you later Zoey."

Chase said well, throwing up a quick goodbye. Zoey gave a quick wave to Chase but didn't make eye contact with Rebecca, she was giving her the worst flashback of the day, just when they were starting to get along, oh well at least they had a conversation for the first time in a long time. Zoey couldn't help but smile at how the new Chase described himself, she was happy to know that she could laugh with her former friend again. She headed towards the lounge to find James.

Chase didn't like feeling like a schoolboy who had just got in trouble by the principal, especially when his crime was talking with an old friend… well, an old friend that happened to be his ex and the reason he had broken up with Rebecca in the first place. He walked quietly with Rebecca he could feel her anger… and wasn't looking forward to having to deal with it. Their aimless wandering had led them to the poolside, where Rebecca grabbed a seat.

"Chase I know you probably think I'm mad… But I assure you I'm not, my only question to you is what would you think if you walked in on me talking and laughing with my ex."

Rebecca carefully monitored her tone, she knew she was skating on thin ice, the past had shown her that. She had to contain her anger, she couldn't risk losing Chase again.

Chase sighed…

"Rebecca, you have nothing to worry about… If I walked in on you talking with your ex, all I would want is clarification."

"That's exactly what I'm asking for Chase."

Zoey and I are simply trying to repair our friendship with each other and thus not let it hinder this trip... That's all."

Rebecca tried her best to act satisfied with that answer.