Part Two: The Fair

The next day, Bakugo got to the fairgrounds early. Not because he wanted to beat Aisla there, he didn't care if he saw her there or not, but because he needed a good parking spot. That was all. She probably would be at home playing with dolls or whatever chicks did in their free time. Bakugo would be here having the time of his life, alone. Like every year.

However… When he drew near the entrance, Aisla was already there, hopping from foot to foot in some sort of stupid looking dance. He almost smiled but then remembered she was an idiot and was making a fool of herself. When he stepped a little closer he saw him. Todoroki stood near her with hands stuffed in jeans pockets and a small smile on his face as he watched her dance.

Bakugo felt anger that she'd invited him and almost just left but then remembered that he didn't care. He'd just ignore them. Bastards. He kept his eyes trained forward as he reached the entrance. Aisla's eyes lit up but he definitely didn't notice because he definitely was not looking at them, and walked right past the pair. He didn't see the smile drop from her delighted expression and a frown set in. He did hear two steps of footsteps hurrying behind him as he reached the ticket booth.

"Bakugo, hi!" Aisla trilled stupidly. "Sorry I'm so early but I wanted to get a good spot! And then I ran into Roki here who came all alone and invited him to hang out with us! I hope that's okay!"

So she didn't invite him, Bakugo realized, definitely not relieved, still angry he had to hang out with Icy Hot. And what was with the dumbass nickname? Roki? He thought Icy Hot suited him much better.

"Whatever." He said without feeling and ordered his ticket. At the window next to him, Aisla started to order a ticket for herself but then Icy Hot slapped down some bills and smiled at her, telling her he'd never let a lady pay for herself. She clapped like a fucking idiot and Bakugo raged inside for not thinking about offering to buy her a damn ticket. Who knew that freak knew anything about women. He must have stayed up all night doing research or something. Only explanation.

The three walked through the gate and Aisla's eyes grew impossibly wide like she'd never seen a fair before in her life.

"Oh, I just love the fair! I'm so excited!"

Bakugo did not feel pride for inviting her here. Because he didn't. He just mentioned that he'd be here. He didn't care if she came. He didn't care that Icy Hot was here making him look bad.

"Cotton candy." Bakugo suddenly snapped upon seeing a stand. "Chicks like cotton candy." He walked off toward the stand and bought one, practically shoving it into Aisla's hand, ignoring the way her eyes got even bigger.

"OMIGOSH I'M SO HAPPY!" She looked mesmerized. So dumb. "Cotton candy is my favorite! Thank you!"

He didn't care.

"Ooh, a Ferris wheel!" Aisla suddenly shrieked not much farther in. She'd already eaten most of her cotton candy, but still held onto the rest.

"Sounds fun," Todoroki agreed.

Bakugo scowled. He would sooner die than agree to be locked in a confined space with Icy Hot of all people, but grudgingly stepped into the glass ball and sat down. The wheel turned impossibly slowly as it continued letting in more passengers. This was going to be a long ride; he should have stayed on the ground.

"I've never had many friends before," Aisla muttered softly as if speaking to only herself. She looked shy all of a sudden, embarrassed maybe. Her face was tilted down and she picked small pieces off her cotton candy, taking a long time with each bite. The two boys waited silently for her to continue, even Bakugo who wanted to blurt something out just to fill the awkward air.

"That's partly why I transferred to UA. I was bullied a lot at my old school, mostly by guys." A quick glance up. "Most people said I was weird or stupid. I'm not stupid. I get straight A's and I'm in honor courses with all non-quirk studies. I love science and technology and learning about new things. I'm not stupid."

Bakugo wondered if this last comment was for his benefit. Maybe she really did read minds and knew he constantly thought how stupid she must be. He thought about it, thought about how he too had questioned her intelligence, if only for a moment, because of her cheerful attitude. He did not allow himself to feel regret. It was her fault for acting like an idiot.

"Anyway," she forced a smile onto her face and looked between them with a determined expression, "I just wanted to thank you both for hanging out with me today and not making me feel like some kind of alien. I think we can all be great friends!"

Bakugo scoffed and looked away. "Whatever." He didn't need friends.

He did not see the smile slip slightly.

"Of course we will." Todoroki's words were a promise.

Bakugo resisted the urge to beat Todoroki into a pile of ash. Bakugo was the idiot, not her.

When the ride was finally over, they got off and Aisla acted as if nothing weird happened at all. She was back to her cheerful self, skipping as she walked. She was simply being herself. She didn't care what they thought.

But she did… if she didn't, she wouldn't have changed schools. She wouldn't have told them she changed schools. She did care, deep down. But not enough to stop being who she was. Bakugo wished he was that brave.

Next, they came across various booths with men and women trying to steal your money by making you play idiotic games that you could never win. It was all a ploy. But Aisla saw a white tiger stuffed animal and her face was so bright with excitement. It was full of child-like joy at the sight. He thought it looked cheap and stupid, but she liked it so…

He slapped down some bills. "Give me some balls."

There was an elderly man behind the counter who snorted in amusement. "Son, if only the world worked that way." A snicker. Bakugo raged. The man held up his hands to placate him then handed over the brown leather balls. He was to knock over a pyramid of metal bottles. That was all.

Heh. Easy.

He threw. Missed. The ball bounced off the wall behind the man and hit Bakugo square in the forehead.

Todoroki laughed. "I think you're supposed to hit the bottles, not yourself."

"Shut up, Icy Hot! Like you could do better!" He rubbed his forehead in annoyance.

Todoroki shrugged and took a ball. Looked Bakugo in the eyes, and giving him his shittiest smirk, he gave the ball a toss. It hit the bottles right in the center, knocking them all over. Bakugo wanted to murder him.

He's making me look like such an idiot!

"Yay!" Aisla squealed as Todoroki placed the tiger in her arms. "I love it! Thank you, boys!"

Boys. Like he even did anything.

They moved on to another booth, this one offering small bears in white and pink and blue. It was one of those dart-throwing games. Before he could even think, Todoroki offered up the cash. Whatever. Let him spend all the money then.

He held out three darts to Aisla and raised his eyebrows in question. "Want to try? I bet you'd be great at this one."

Her eyes lit up at the praise. "Really?! You think so?! I'll do it!" She grabbed the darts from him and threw one. It didn't even hit the board. A cloud of despair immediately covered her.

Todoroki laughed and Bakugo thought she'd slap him for teasing her, but she just gave an embarrassed smile. He nodded at the board. "Try again. Aim a little higher this time."

She nodded and with a determined expression threw the second dart. It hit a balloon and it gave a loud pop.

"I did it!" She shrieked in excitement.

"You gotta hit three, little miss." Said the gum-chewing old fart working the booth.

Her face fell. "Aw man, but I only have one dart left." He shrugged. Her eyes glittered as she looked at a particular blue bear. She gave the last dart a throw but didn't put much effort into it. She was pouting. It was not cute.

With two fingers Bakugo flicked a small explosion onto the board at the same time Aisla's dart hit. Two balloons popped.

"Yay! I win!"

"Hey—"the old fart started.

"Give us the blue bear," Bakugo interrupted. "You old fart," he added just because he was pissed.

The man scowled but tossed Aisla a bear. It was pink.

"We're out of blue," he lied with a shitty expression, then smacked his gum loudly. Bakugo wanted to show him just how pissed he was but resisted the urge. This man wasn't worth it.

Aisla didn't seem to care what color the bear was. She hugged it to her chest. "I won something! It's my first time ever!"

Either she was too stupid to notice he'd helped or she didn't care.

"Let's go on some rides or something," Bakugo said, already walking past the other booths. "These games are stupid."

Todoroki and Aisla trudged dutifully behind with Aisla chattering nonsense as they looked at the different rides. A particularly fast and very unsafe looking ride caught Bakugo's eye. "Let's do this one." He pointed. People screamed as it looped and spun.

"I'm out." Todoroki put his hands back in his pockets and looked suddenly bored.

"Too scared, Icy Hot?" Bakugo sneered.

"Yup." Deadpan. No shame.

Bakugo was surprised he would admit that in front of a girl. Was he stupid? She'd think he was a total pussy now.

"Aw, that's adorable!" She actually hugged him. Todoroki's eyes went wide for a moment. He didn't hug her back but patted her head once.

"You two go on. I'll wait here—safely on the ground."

She giggled in response. She and Bakugo got in line and waited for their turn.

"Ooh I'm shaking, I'm so scared!" She said, but her voice was full of excitement. She was indeed shaking. He thought about taking her hand to reassure her but that would be fucking stupid.

"It won't be that scary. Probably no one has died on this ride in a while."

Her pupils dilated and she stopped jumping in place. "...died? In a while?" Her voice was impossibly quiet and filled with terror.

Well shit.

He scratched the back of his head and scoffed. "Just stop freaking out. You won't die. I'll be there, right?" He was going to be a hero. He wouldn't let her die on his watch. It had nothing to do with personal feelings. It was his duty.

She visibly relaxed, smiled. "Okay, Kacchan."

He tensed. Had she been hanging out with Deku? Where else would she have heard that stupid name? He hated that nickname. He would tell her to never say that idiotic name again.

"It's our turn!" She grabbed his hand and yanked him forward before he could process what was happening. She pulled him into a seat next to hers and they both sat, pulling down the safety bar and allowing the man working the ride to check that they were on correctly. As if they were too stupid to push the thing down themselves.

He did not notice that her hand still clenched his, tight as a vice. He didn't pull free because he didn't notice. Didn't notice the warmth that hand brought his.

The ride started and her hand clenched even tighter. She was scared, but she was one to conquer fears, not pussy out on the sidelines like someone. Even so…Todoroki had gotten a hug. She'd called him "adorable." But…

Her hand shook in his own. It was warm. He smirked as he caught sight of Icy Hot down below all alone, with nothing to keep him company but the memory of a head pat.

Then the ride really began and Aisla screamed. She was small, so every time the ride went upside down her whole body lifted out of the seat and her shoulders hit the safety bar holding her in—but just barely. Bakugo stayed firmly in his seat. He gripped her hand tighter and yanked her down into her own. He stretched his arm across her chest to hold her in place. She wrapped both of hers around it. He did not care. It wasn't cute.

She's so warm. He thought and then, not that I care. She's being a scaredy-cat.

An image of a kitten with big eyes blinking up at him filled his mind. He blinked it away and focused on the thrill of the ride. This was a good one, full of quick turns and spins that left him almost dizzy. It reminded him of some of the moves he used in battle. It also gave him some inspiration for new ones. He'd try them out on Icy Hot later. Or that loser Deku as revenge for telling Aisla his nickname.

The ride ended and Bakugo immediately removed his arm before anyone saw, or Aisla got the wrong idea and thought he liked her or something stupid like that. Because he didn't.

Todoroki walked over to them and offered Aisla a hand down from the seat. Bakugo almost punched him for trying to show him up again, but let it go and just walked away. The pair ran to catch up to him. He headed toward the food stations now. He was hungry.

"Was it scary?" He heard Todoroki ask her as they walked behind.

"That was the scariest ride of my life!" She exclaimed. She then recounted the whole experience for him in boring detail. He pretended not to hear when she mentioned how he'd helped her stay in her seat. "Kacchan made me feel safe!"

Her tone was not dreamy, he decided. He growled about the nickname but Icy Hot and Aisla were still talking and didn't notice.

"How chivalrous of him," he said, sounding genuine. Not genuine. He was an idiot.

"Stop yapping so loudly, it hurts my ears!" He shouted back at them. They silenced until they all reached some vendors selling fair food—popcorn, funnel cake, corn dogs, etc. Nothing edible.

"I love funnel cake!" Aisla said excitedly. He heard her digging around in her purse for some cash. When he looked back to tell her she didn't even need her stupid purse, he caught sight of Icy Hot's stupid hand on hers, stopping her from pulling any money out. He gave her a small smile.

"Get whatever you want, my treat."

Bakugo thought this day was going horribly. Not that he cared who paid. The less money he had to spend, the better. He was running out anyway, and there was some new gear he'd had his eyes on.

She smiled in gratitude and ordered a funnel cake with strawberries and a corn dog. Bakugo wondered if she'd even eat all that. Chicks never ate in public. He thought it was some kind of rule, or a challenge to see who could eat the least.

Todoroki ordered the same thing as she did, but added in two more corn dogs. Bakugo thought funnel cakes tasted like ass, so he ordered chili fries, two corn dogs, and a large soda.

The threesome found a table and sat. Todoroki sat next to Aisla as if they were on a fucking date while Bakugo sat across from them like a third fucking wheel. He ate his food quickly while Aisla took her time. Of course. She ate slow like every damn girl did. Todoroki ate fast as well. The two guys stared at each other as they ate as if they were having a race. Which they weren't. But if they had been, Bakugo would have won.

"Aw I'm so thirsty. I wish I'd gotten a drink too! Totally spaced!" Aisla gave an embarrassed laugh.

She's thirsty and you have a very large drink. His mind informed him.

I don't give a shit if she's thirsty. Let that dumbass Icy Hot get her a drink.

You want to share with her, you know you do. You can make it up to her for being a total asshat.


Yeah you are. Give her some.

Fuck that.

He pushed his cup across the table. "I don't want anymore. Might as well not let it go to waste." He did not look at her.

"Oh my gosh, thanks!"

He did not think about the fact that her lips were now on his straw, the very straw his lips had touched moments ago.

Surprisingly, she ate most of her food. Usually, girls picked at their food like rabbits. He thought that was stupid as fuck. Just eat your food and don't worry about anyone else. Who the hell cared if you ate a lot?

Moving on, the boys followed her as she skipped onward in that way of hers. They went on a couple more rides until evening made the sky turn pink and orange.

"Oh, look at the lovely sunset!" Aisla trilled. "I wish I could stay and watch the sun go down with you guys, but I've got to be home by dark. I should really get going!"

"Of course," Todoroki agreed instantly, like the damn pussy he was becoming.

"Didn't want to watch the stupid sunset anyway," Bakugo muttered under his breath. That was a chick thing. Real men didn't watch sunsets.

They walked out into the parking lot and Aisla turned toward them, expression bittersweet. "I had a lot of fun today. Thank you both so much for hanging out with me. I know it probably wasn't as fun for you, but I'll never forget this day." She gave them a bow and then started walking in the opposite direction.

"Hey!" Bakugo called out, voice coming out like a bark because that was his normal tone. "Where's your car?"

"You shouldn't walk alone," Todoroki added. "We can take you to your vehicle?"

A flush turned her cheeks red and she squeezed her prizes against her chest, looking embarrassed. "Um, well you see…I don't actually have one?"

They just looked at her for a moment.

"Did you walk all the way here?" Todoroki asked. She shrugged. "I would have picked you up." The statement came out like an accusation, like he was personally offended that she didn't call and beg for him to come rescue her. Dumbass. Like she'd ever call upon him for help.

"Anyway! I need to run, so I'll see you guys at school, kay?!" She hurriedly ran off before either of them could speak.

Bakugo got in his car after that and just sat there angrily for a moment. She was so stupid. Who the hell walks home in the dark? Who the hell walks all the way to the fairgrounds? She must be an idiot. No other explanation.

He drove off angrily, ignoring the annoyed honks he got for cutting people off. When he spotted her, speed-walking with her head down, trying to be invisible, he slowed down the car, more angry honks ensued as people had to swerve to get around him. He rolled down the window.

"Hey! Get in, idiot."

She turned toward him, face full of shock and something else. Tears?

"Bakugo, I—"

"Just shut the hell up and get in. You're an idiot if you think you can walk home in the dark." She still hesitated, looking guilty. "GET IN, YOU IDIOT."

She gave a start and then slipped into the car, strapping herself in. He sped off as soon as the buckle clicked.

"What's your address?" He barked. When she rattled it off, he pushed the accelerator.

"You seem upset," she murmured.


"You seem upset," she repeated.

He sighed. "It's getting dark. Aren't your parents going to be upset?"

"Foster parents."



"So you're an orphan?" He blurted before he thought about it.

She gave a soft laugh. "Yeah, guess so."

"You're an idiot," he stated.

"I've been told that." Her tone wasn't sad, though, and a glance in her direction from the corner of his eye showed a soft smile.

"I'm an idiot, too." The words were barely audible.

A soft laugh. "I'm sure you've been told that before," she teased.

He scoffed. "Never."

He saw her bite back a smile from the corner of his eye once more. He did not smile in return. His lips just had a twitch. He would get that looked at when he got home.

He dropped her off at the given address and stared up at it in astonishment. "You never said you were loaded!" He said this like an accusation. Like maybe he'd have asked her to pay for things if he'd known. Seemed fair.

She laughed. "I'm not, my foster parents are."

"You don't look like a foster kid." He said, scratching his head as he still tried to come to terms with the mansion-like home before him. Okay, 'mansion' was an exaggeration, but it was definitely large. "Aren't you supposed to be living in a rundown apartment and covered in bruises and shit?"

She giggled again, the sound cute. No, not cute. Stupid. She was annoying. And she was rich. Fuck.

"I never said they were mean to me," she pointed out. "They're actually fairly nice people. I have lived with less…" she thought for a moment, "polite people, however."

Polite? He thought. What did that mean?

"So you have been beat on," he mused aloud.

"Yes," she admitted, "but that was a very rude comment and I may never speak to you again now."

His eyes bugged as his head whipped around to face her so fast he saw stars. When his vision cleared, he saw Aisla smirking at him. Then she did the unthinkable—she kissed him. Well, she kissed his cheek, but still. She winked, wished him a good night, then got out of the car.

Bakugo said nothing. He stared wide-eyed at her retreating figure, hand cupped on the cheek that now burned.

Girls are stupid, he thought. But maybe this one was alright.

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