Chapter 1: I am…

"Sorry kid but without a quirk, you will never be a hero," said the crippled Symbol of Peace looking down at a green-haired child who's eyes showed his entire world had been shattered. After a long silence, the man left the child on the roof and left to fulfill his duty as a hero.

"Wizard Marshal?" asked an exasperated voice bringing him out of his multi-verse viewing allowed by his mastery of the second true magic kaleidoscope, turning to find a young woman, dark hair cascading down her back as she looked him in the eyes a look she's given him more times than he could count.

Turning his attention to her while keeping his periphery vision on the world he had been viewing the aged man smiled, his crimson eyes glowing in the darkness of the room.

"Ah, Rin Tohsaka I see you've arrived for your lessons," his eyes wandered to the deck of cards on his desk before his eyes were drawn to the red jewel hanging from her neck a grin splitting his face as an idea came to mind. Seeing the grin she backed up having grown used to the Dead Apostle's sense of humor, especially after he'd sent her boyfriend Shirou to a parallel world still in the prehistoric period for five weeks...dressed as a magical girl till he'd grown bored of it.

Raising a hand Wizard Marshall Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg used the second magic to reach across the multiverse pulling to himself a red jewel exactly like the one around his young apprentice's neck. Seeing the pendant in his hand she reached for her neck finding her's still there letting out a sigh before raising a brow questionably as her teacher stood from his seat clothes changing to those of a doctor.

"Zelretch?" Rin asked before her clothing changed to that of a nurse as he picked up the deck of cards turning to his apprentice his smiling widening as he watched the events of the parallel world.

"Detroit Smash!" yelled the now buff Symbol of Peace causing the slime villain he was fighting to be torn asunder and the weather to change. Though there was no patient smile on the man's face as he looked to one of the two boy's he'd saved from harm, one being a blond-haired loudmouth who'd been captured by the villain and then to the boy he'd told not minutes ago should give up on his dream. The young man had charged headlong into the danger caused by the villain and blond-haired boy without thought of himself, while heroes had stood by and watched the boy had saved his friend, but at what looked to be the cost of his arm which now had bone showing and was hanging on by nothing more than a thread as paramedics rushed to him to take the heavily injured boy.

"I hope you've been practicing your memory altering magecraft," Zelretch said as he put his hand on Rin's shoulder before using kaleidoscope, causing Rin to stumble as they appeared in what appeared to be an empty hospital room. Zelretch nodded to the room as he began to set up a ritual that Rin was very familiar with, her eyes widening as he used his blood on the floor his attention now split between the images of the boy being rushed to the hospital, Rin, and making sure he got what he needed for his new source of entertainment. "I want you to 'persuade' whoever comes in with a green-haired boy that this room is the only place he can be saved,"

Rin looked to her teacher with eyes full of curiosity before sighing at the insanity her life had become as she made her way out of the room to follow his instructions, eyes wandering back to the room every few seconds till she left the floor a sense of unease in her gut.


Izuku did not know where he was, all he could see was a wasteland covered in swords. He struggled to walk only to stumble falling onto the hard barren ground the smell of iron filling his senses as he tried to pick himself up. He felt himself clam up in shock as he tried to use his left arm only to find his sleeve empty.

"I...a….th…," his pain disappeared at the words that were punctuated with the sounds of metal clashing, looking up to see a man in red looking down at him with eyes that were a deep grey and hair that was a pitch white, his left arm outstretched and a judging look in his eyes.

"Do you wish to be a hero?" The man asked, his eyes studying him, "Even if it's nothing more than an impossible dream?" he could hear the pain in the man's voice along with some pity. "To become a hero that saves everyone?" the man moved his hand forward for Izuku to grasp.

Izuku looked up to the man before letting out a scream of absolute agony as the spot where his arm had been was filled with the feeling of knives digging into his skin. Curling in on himself Izuku looked to the man for help but only finding the same judging look as he let out another scream. Memories flashed through Izuku's head of the many times he'd been told he could never be a hero; his mother's crying, Kaachan's explosions against his face, and the look in All Might's eyes as he told him his dream was impossible.

But, none of that would stop him as he pushed through the pain reaching out a hand eyes filled with determination as he grabbed the man's hand.

"I...will be a hero!" he yelled, the man simply giving him a nod eyes filled with pity and a hint of understanding before his form started to fade as he let out a chuckle. Izuku's attention was brought back to his arm as the feeling of knives carving through his flesh disappeared being replaced with what felt like ants crawling under his skin.

"Another potential hero of justice..," the man muttered getting Izuku's attention before shaking his head and smirking at him, "Well kid, looks like we're going to see where your dream leads you," Izuku opened his mouth to ask questions only for the world to be bathed in a bright white.

Izuku's eyes shot open, finding himself momentarily blinded by the light of the room before he could take in his surroundings. Examining the room he found himself in, he realized that it was a hospital room with his attention being drawn to his mother who was staring at him with tears in her eyes.

"Izuku!" she shouted pulling him into a hug only to jump back as he let out a hiss of pain which brought his attention to his bandaged arm the red color of the cloth brought memories of what happened to his mind. Trying to regain control of his emotions as memories of the slime villain cutting into his arm he returned his attention to his worried mom who looked between his face and the cloth as she seemed to struggle with what to say before nodding to herself with determination placing a hand on his unbandaged arm. " You were attacked by a villain...the doctors say that if it wasn't for the fact that a specialist was in the hospital you would have lost your arm," Izuku felt his stomach clench at the thought of losing his arm looking to the bandages as Inko continued "The specialist a Dr. Zelrech had a quirk that lets him restore use of a limb using a special kind of cloth bandage, but you have to keep bandage on or you could jeopardize the healing process and risk losing your arm," she looked to the bandaged arm before bringing him into a hug making sure to not touch his bandaged arm.

"How long do I have to keep the bandage on?" Izuku asked in a shocked tone as she held him he brought a hand to touch the bandage, wincing slightly at the touch before the pain slowly faded to a dull ache allowing him to run his hand up and down his bandaged arm, the feeling of what felt like ants crawling under skin coming from it.

"I don't know,' she pulled him closer to her letting him feel the wetness from her tears as she held him close her voice becoming a whisper, "he left immediately after healing you….I was so worried I'd lose you too," he stiffened at that before returning her hug working through the pain to wrap both arms around her though the bandaged arm's grip was shaky and weak. After what felt like hours she pulled back, eyes still shining with unshed tears and a weak smile on her face, "They said once you were awake you were free to go home," Izuku smiled back at his mother nodding before taking some spare clothing she'd brought after being told he was in the hospital and changed in the room's small bathroom, his smile turned into a frown as he looked at the All Might design on his shirt, what he said playing through his mind.

"Sorry kid but without a quirk, you will never be a hero," his fist clenched drawing a gasp as his bandaged arm gave off a flare of pain. Leaning his head against the wall he pushed his sadness and disappointment down eyes shining with unshed tears before putting a fake smile on and joining his mother. As they made their way out Izuku was surprised to see All Might in his skinny form leaning against a wall, doing his best to appear nonchalant and failing. Their eyes met as Izuku and his mom passed with All Might's being filled with sadness and guilt and Izuku's full of hurt as they passed the number one hero, who moved to reach out a hand only to stop at Izuku's look giving him a slight nod as they exited the hospital.

Their trip home was quiet and uneventful with Inko occasionally looking at her silent son with worry and his mind plagued by All Might's callus words. Within what felt like seconds they were back at their apartment with Izuku heading to his room to rest after the terrible day he had, with sleep coming almost instantly as his head hit his pillow with his dreams filled with the smell of iron and the view on top of a hill of swords.


The next day after waking up and finding his mom had headed off to work, Izuku after having a small breakfast of eggs and toast left for a walk to clear his head. Walking through the city Izuku quickly found himself getting some stares, only finding out after a few minutes that the slime villain incident had been broadcast on TV leading to him taking some back roads to avoid looks and possible questions. While walking he clenched and unclenched his bandaged hand, still feeling some pain but, it was slowly becoming manageable.

While focusing on getting movement back into his arms, his feet brought him to what appeared to be a trash heap only to be proved wrong by a sign that said it was Dagobah Beach. His nose wrinkled at sight and smell of the trash heap that had probably once been a lively beach, bringing his banged hand to rest on a broken washing machine, feeling nothing but a numb pain as he tried to feel the machine through his bandages.

"This could be a good place to train," Izuku jumped, looking around to find no one, "Not going to find me that way kid," said the voice Izuku's eyes widened as he realized the voice was coming from inside his head.

"Is this some kind of telepathy quirk?" he asked before he started to mutter under his breath, only to be knocked out by the sound of laughter.

"No this isn't a quirk...though that's probably more believable than what I am," Izuku leaned against the discarded washing machine occasionally glancing at his surroundings. "You can call me Archer or Emiya," he could hear resignation in the man's tone before his voice became firm like steel, "and I am going to help you become a hero," Izuku's eyes widened at the sheer confidence in the man's tone.

"How?...I'm nothing, but a quirkless loser," Izuku muttered memories of what All Might said coming to the forefront of his mind as he sunk to the ground, his hand clenching into fists and tears sliding down his cheeks. "How could I have ever hoped to be a hero,"

"You want to be a hero who saves everyone don't you?" Archer asked as Izuku wiped the tears from his eyes "To be a hero that saves people with a smile on his face?...or was that a lie?" his tone becoming harsh at the question. Izuku looked down at the ground memories of all the times he was told being a herp was impossible flashing through his mind only to be pulled from it "You can be a hero Midoryia," Archer said the sheer convincing making Izuku gasp. "Even if it's like looking in a funhouse mirror, I will help you follow your path," he muttered.

"How?" Izuku asked hopefulness in his tone as he pushed himself up to his feet looking at the trash heap, eyes full of hope and determination.

"By teaching you magecraft," Archer said, Izuku giving a nod only to pause as what he said caught up to him his eyes widening.

"What?!" he shouted as Archer let out a laugh at the sheer disbelief in Izuku's tone before Izuku was forced to let out a gasp heat filling his bandaged arm spreading across his body a feeling of completeness filling him as the heat seem to spread through his body.

"As I said,'' then like a switch being flicked off the heat disappeared leaving Izuku gasping on the ground as the feeling of needles being stabbed into his body replaced it causing him to hiss in pain and curl into a ball, "I'm going to teach you magecraft...more specifically the magecraft I know," Archer's voice pulled him from the pain "the first thing you should know is this Izuku Midoriya. To be a mage is to walk with death," Izuku gulped at the seriousness in Emiya's tone before pulling himself into a sitting position and giving a nod. "Then first thing first we're going to do is to make using your magic circuits second nature,"

"Magic circuits? And what exactly is magecraft?" Izuku asked curiosity in his tone as he reached into his pocket pulling out a mini-notebook much to Archer's amusement. "And how are you speaking to me mentally if it's not a quirk?"

"Well to start I'm speaking to you through the spiritual connection you now have with your new arm," Emiya said making Izuku's eyes widen as he looked at his arm with a mixture of horror and curiosity.

"New arm!?" Izuku shouted making Emiya sigh as Izuku started to pat up and down the arm giving it an occasional poke with his finger.

"When you saved your 'friend' from the slime villain your arm was damaged beyond human repair." Archer said in a dull tone as if talking about the weather "A certain dimension crossing old man with a pension for pranks decided to give you a chance to be a hero...probably for his amusement by healing the damage to your arm by implanting my arm onto you...something that should be impossible!" he could hear the exasperation in the man's tone on the subject "But, it surprisingly worked and from what I can tell I'm nothing more than a fragment created to help guide you...eventually fading away as we slowly merge," Izuku looked at his new arm with wide eyes."The cloth wrapped around your arm is the Shroud of Martin a holy artifact that keeps the fragment of my spirit from overriding yours and works as a buffer to slowly bleed my experience into you." he paused to let his answer sink in before continuing "Now magecraft is the closest thing to magic a human can perform with there being only five true forms of magic that you will most likely never encounter iso we'll be focusing on magecraft." Izuku started to write the information down promising to himself he would ask about the true magics later as Emiya answered his last question "Magic circuits are a pseudo-nervous system that runs through your body allowing you access to magecraft...yours are quite high quality," suspicion laced Emiya's tone as he went silent leaving Izuku to write down everything he learned a smile slowly spreading across his face.

"I can be a hero," Izuku said looking down at Emiya's arm clenching it into a fist "no…. I will be a hero that can save everyone," determination filled his tone. "Emiya-sensei me," Emiya just chuckled at his determination.

"Well kid we've got ten months to prepare you for that school you want to get into," Emiya said his tone taking on a professional hint as Izuku felt a chill run down his spine "Get ready for hell," Izuku merely nodded as Emyia started laying out his training schedule.


Izuku panted as he carried a two hundred pound fridge, his magically reinforced body covered in sweat as he dropped it into the pile of unrepairable appliances destined for an actual junkyard. Looking at his handiwork he smiled at the half clean beach before making his way to a pile stacked up in the bed of a truck his mother had rented filled with electrics that his abilities in structural grasp told him only needed a few tweaks to work like new letting him sell them to some neighbors for a low price and giving him money for more training equipment.

"Nice job kid," Emiya said as Izuku took a drink of water before heading back to a new pile of trash sorting through it, "your reinforcement magic is almost at a point where you're wasting no mana and if you keep it up the beach should be clean in another month," Izuku smiled with pride as he moved to start moving the heaviest objects in the pile before Emiya cut in, "I think that's enough training of your reinforcement...let's move onto something else," Izuku nodded understanding the dismissiveness in Emiya's tone, texting him mom about the new pile of electronics in the truck's bed before making his way home. Closing his eyes Izuku let his mana flow through his circuits down to his feet before pushing it out through them analyzing the structure of the ground while using it as a sort of sonar to make his way through the Saturday crowds.

"How long till you think I can start working on projection magic?" Izuku whispered as he made his way deeper into the city.

"I give it a couple more months...wouldn't want you to burn out your circuits because you don't have enough control over your mana...but if you want to try and keep being an overachiever you could try tracing some of the street vendor's kitchen knives," Izuku smiled increasing his pace at the excitement of trying something new, ignoring Emiya's condescending chuckles his attention taken away from his training. His momentary moment of distraction led him into running into someone, a grunt coming from his lips as he slammed into the ground with a heavyweight on top of him.

Opening his eyes Izuku was greeted by a sea of pink hair as he was forced to move back to dodge two horns, his green eyes meeting gold surrounded by blackness. A blush crept across his face as what he realized to be a girl around his age pushed herself up allowing him a close look at her causing him to crawl backward, slamming his head into a wall.

"I'm so sorry!" he shouted, the pink-haired and pink-skinned horned girl shaking her head as she reached a hand out to him. Staring at the hand for a full minute till Emiya coughed in his head he quickly grasped the girl's hand pulling himself up trying to look anywhere but at her face.

"Chill out I was the one not watching where I was going," he gave her a quick look seeing a smile on her face as she looked him over before continuing to speak, "But, if you really want to make it up I wouldn't say no to some natto and okra," her smile turned into a grin as she leaned forward eyes looking into his as he tried to process what was happening,

"Izuku!" Emiya yelled in his head making him jump before shaking his head to clear it and giving the girl a nod.

"Sure," Izuku said quickly finding himself pulled by his arm and forced to follow the pink girl, "I'm Izuku Midoryia," he managed to get out as they stopped at a crosswalk the girl turning to look at him with confusion before smacking her forehead.

"I'm Mina Ashido!" she said with her grin still on her face pulling out her phone before putting it back in her pocket and turning her attention back to him with some gilt on her face "Sorry for kidnapping you...but my friend kinda had to take care of some stuff and I didn't want to eat alone," she let out a small laugh at the kidnapping part as the light turned red pulling Izuku along till they finally found themselves at what appeared to be a small cafe. Mina gestured him to follow as she made her way in leaving him standing outside the cafe questioning what was going on before following her in a few seconds later.

"Over here!" Mina shouted ignoring the annoyed look from some of the other patrons and the laugh from the man behind the counter as he made his way to the corner booth she was seated in. The man behind the counter quickly made his way to them taking their orders before heading into the small kitchen next to the counter leaving Mina to break the silence. "Boss isn't the best cook, but he makes the best coffee ever," she said with a smile leaning onto the table to look up at Izuku who fiddled with the zipper of his jacket "So what were you up to before our little crash?" she asked in a chipper tone.

"Just heading into town to browse some shops," Izuku said finally getting his blush under control. Looking to see the curiosity on Mina's face he elaborated, "there's a store downtown that sells replica swords," he said looking down at the table before looking back up to Mina.

"So you're a weapons nut?" she asked with a smirk that only grew as Izuku shook his head, his hair becoming ruffled. "Then why are you heading browse swords?" she asked bringing her elbows upon the table, resting her chin in her hands as she looked at him with unrestrained curiosity.

"To train my quirk," he said in a whisper looking around the room to make sure no one was listening in. Mina opened her mouth to speak only to interrupted as the man from the counter brought them coffee and food, Izuku managed to see his name tag that said Sojiro as the man gave Mina a nod and a smile before returning to his place behind the counter. The room became silent as Mina and Izuku ate their food with him finding the coffee to be the best he ever had while Mina spared him the occasional look.

After eating their food and having Sojiro take their plates they found themselves back in the booth, both of them enjoying their second cup of coffee. Izuku was pulled from his relaxation by Mina who leaned across the table looking him in the eyes with a smile.

"What is your quirk?" She asked her curiosity obvious, making Izuku choke at the direct question before he was able to regain control of his breathing.

"I call it magecraft," Izuku muttered causing Mina to lean closer to hear making his cheeks blush a crimson red as he struggled to continue without embarrassing himself, "it lets me use the energy of my body to do stuff," he said reaching into his pocket and bringing out a pen closing his eyes as he imagined the image of a gun cocking then firing his mana flowing through his body and into the pen which gave a brief glow as he reinforced it before handing it to her. Watching her try and find what was different he gestured for her to try and break it, a smile breaking out on his face as she tried in vain to break it.

"So you can make things stronger?" She asked getting a nod as he took his pen back letting his mana fade from it. "So why the swords?" She asked as they made their way to the counter Izuku paying for their meal, getting a thank you before they left the little cafe and into the sea of people going about their day.

"Because I can also use it to copy things...though I want to practice more before I try it," he said as Emiya's memories that were slowly bleeding through his arm came to mind, more specifically the sheer amount of swords Emiya was capable of creating.

"I'm guessing if you're practicing so much you're trying to be a hero?" Mina asked as they made their way down the street, getting a nod from Izuku.

"I'm going to apply to UA's hero course," Izuku said with some hesitation waiting for a hurtful comment that never came, instead Mina let out a small squeal of excitement grabbing his hand, her golden irises shining with emotion.

"Me too!" Mina said ignoring the looks they were getting as she jumped up and down before stopping her eyes becoming serious as she poked his chest "you better pass Midoriya," the seriousness disappeared from her eyes, to be replaced with the playfulness he'd grown accustomed to "after all, having a lunch buddy will make classes way more bearable," her smile returned as they finally arrived at Izuku's destination, an old shop that required someone to take a set of stairs down to enter. Opening his mouth to ask if she wanted to look around with him, he paused at the sounds of birds chirping with Mina reaching into her pocket pulling out her phone before giving Izuku an apologetic look, "sorry I gotta go or my mom's going to kill me, " she paused before smirking holding out her hand "let me see your phone for a second," Izuku gave her a look before handing over his phone watching as she entered her number into his contacts calling herself to get his number before tossing it back with an over-enthusiastic throw. "Talk to you later Midoriya," she said with a big smile waving at him before taking off leaving Izuku to watch as she became a blip of pink among the Saturday crowds.

"I talked to a girl," Izuku whispered eyes wide before looking down to his phone seeing that Mina had texted him a smiley face "I got a girls number!" he shouted getting some angry glares from those passing by. After giving them a brief apology he made his way into the shop with a small spring in his step trying his best to ignore Emiya's laughter.


"I hate you," Mina said gasping for breath, leaning against the frame of his apartment's door. Izuku just chuckled as he reached for his keys unlocking the door and removing his shoes before making his way to the kitchen. Opening the fridge he pulled out some ingredients for lunch before tossing Mina a bottle of water which she graciously drank.

"No you don't," he said with a playful tone as he started to prepare the ingredients as Mina watched. His hands moved like a well-oiled machine, the bleed effect from Emiya's arm showing as he prepared the meal as if he'd done it for years, "besides there are only five months till the UA entrance exam...a little running won't kill you, " Mina glared at him in mock anger as she waved her arms about.

"That was a five-mile jog!" She shouted, eyes focused on his hands as he worked.

"It was more like a walk," he said enjoying the look of disbelief on her face as he started to cook, the smell of food filling the small kitchen and bringing out a growl from Mina's stomach. Blushing, Mina gave an exaggerated huff looking away from him, eyes occasionally wandering over to the food he was cooking.

"Only you Izu would call that pace a walk, " Mina said with a smirk as a blush grew on his cheeks at the nickname. Clearing his throat Izuku focused his attention on the meal he was making as Mina turned her attention to her phone as she got a text, Izuku recognizing the sound that played. After the meal was done and they ate their fill with Izuku putting the leftovers in the microwave for his mom they found themselves in his living room with Mina watching TV while Izuku sat on the floor with his eyes closed focusing on controlling his mana.

"Trace on," Izuku said as he pushed the mana through his hands focusing on the structure of Emiya's blades Kanshou and Bakuya. The room was illuminated with a soft glow, as the blades slowly formed in his hands, though they were nowhere near the quality that Izuku saw in his dreams. Sighing and banishing the blades he tried, again and again, the quality of his blades bringing a slight frown to his face as he tried to perfect them.

"You know," Mina started to say, gaining Izuku's attention as he banished another failure, "Why do you say that every time you start training your quirk?" she raised an eyebrow as Izuku gained a light blush.

"It's kind of a force of habit," he said scratching the back of his head before raising his hand the glow of his magic circuits visible under his skin as the framework of Kanshou slowly appeared in his hand, "When I trace things I store them like a blueprint in my mind," he slowly pushed more mana out as the blade slowly beginning to form, "But, it takes some time to make usable copies," he held the newly made Kanshou before reinforcing his hand and bringing it down on the blade causing it to shatter like glass making Mina jump. He smiled apologetically at her as he scratched the back of his head in embarrassment "but that wasn't your question was it….saying it helps me relax," Mina chuckled, rolling her eyes at Izuku impromptu lesson about his abilities.

"But if you have a blueprint of the object stored in your mind shouldn't you be able to make perfect copies?" she asked receiving a shake of his head as Izuku started making more copies, "Why not?" she asked with curiosity in her tone and eyes.

"It's like trying to perfectly color in a picture perfectly when only having seen it once, using a huge paintbrush," he continued to absent-mindedly trace the swords as he tried to come up with the best explanation " you can get most of it right, but miss out on the finer details. Those require me to focus and basically use the huge brush as a small one," he scratched the back of his head in embarrassment "Sorry that probably doesn't make that much sense does it?" Mina just smiled and shook her head.

"So you're trying to copy something perfectly….like a counterfeiter," she said getting a happy nod from Izuku before he paused at what she said.

"Yeah that fits," he said rubbing the bridge of his nose, "though being called a counterfeiter feels a little too much like a villain to me," he said with a sigh as Mina let out a laugh as he discarded another failed attempt. Letting out a hum while watching him try and fail to make perfect copies, she reached out and flicked his nose pulling his attention from his training as he fell back the incomplete blade falling to the floor as she looked down on him from the couch with a smile on her face.

"Why don't we do something fun?" she asked making Izuku blush as her face moved closer, her golden eyes sparkling with excitement "There's a new horror movie out I think you'll love!" she shouted jumping from the couch and pulling him from his prone position as she pulled him to the door of his apartment.

"Wait I do-" he started to explain that he wanted to keep training and that he didn't like horror movies only for Emiya to chime in with amusement lacing his tone.

"Just go Izuku," he could swear that the red archer was laughing internally at the situation, "There is such a thing as overworking yourself...besides once you get into UA your training now will pale in comparison to what I'm going to put you through then," Izuku shook in fear at Emiya's tone before he sighed pulling his jacket on, smiling at the excited Mina as they made their way out of the apartment building with Mina pulling Izuku along much to the amusement of some of the passersby.

Chuckling as Mina tried to explain what the movie would be about Izuku's attention was drawn to a shade of white in one of the alleyways they were passing by stopping as a brief memory flashed through his mind of a girl with white hair. Images of her death at the hands of a blond-haired monster flashing through his mind bringing him to his knees as the memories seemed to force itself through his mind.

"Izuku?" Mina asked eyes full of worry as she put a hand on his shoulder as he gasped for breath. Closing his eyes Izuku let his mana flow through him as a means to distract himself from the pain, though his brief reprieve was interrupted as his mana enchanted sense of smell was assaulted with the smell of blood. Opening his eyes causing Mina to gasp at the intensity in them, Izuku pushed himself to his feet looking Mina directly in the eyes showing specks of grey among the sea of green his eyes normally were.

"Meet me at the theater," he said, tone rigid like steel and before she could question him his magecraft body was already heading into the alleyway. Closing his eyes he let his sense of smell guide him, finding himself in front of a turned over trash can opening his eyes he brought his hand to rest on the trach can feeling it shaking. "It's okay I'm not going to hurt you," Izuku said softly watching as the trash cans shaking slowed though it still shook. "I'd like to help you if you'd let me," he said forcing a smile onto his face waiting for what felt to be a couple of hours nut was only a few minutes as a small hand came from it followed by the form of a small girl as she crawled from the trash can. Her hair which he guessed was normally a bright white was covered in dirt and grim with her clothing being a hospital gown, arms covered in bandages and her eyes full of utter terror as she looked at Izuku. Opening his mouth to speak Izuku's eyes widened at the sheer killing intent he felt coming from around the corner of the alleyway, the little girl looking to it with a look of resignation. Pushing his reinforcement to its limits he moved forward in a blur picking the girl up and jumping with all the strength he could muster finding himself soaring briefly through the air before being forced to roll as he landed on the roof with a thud shielding the child with his body wincing as his leg's felt like he pulled something.

After closing his eyes and taking some deep breaths he opened them to find himself staring into a pair of red eyes as the child looked down at him with a mixture of fear and curiosity. Giving her a smile he moved to speak only to quickly grab her at archer's warning, ignoring the pain in his legs as he rushed to the access door of the rooftop using his magecraft to quickly create a key that would work on the lock, quickly opening the door and sliding inside leaving it open just a crack. Looking out the crack he watched as a man wearing what appeared to be a plague doctors mask appeared on the rooftop examining it before letting out a yell of rage slamming a fist into the rooftop leaving a deep dent before regaining control of himself, jumping from the rooftop with a look of rage.

Letting out the breath he'd been holding in, he slid down the wall the child now looking between the crack of the door and him. Giving her a small smile to try and ease her fear he opened his mouth to ask her some questions only for the silence to be broken by a growl from her stomach. Feeling the adrenaline leave him he let out a chuckle pushing himself up on shaky legs offering her a hand.

"How about we get you something to eat...we can save questions for later," he said as the child looked him in the eyes with suspicion before slowly taking his hand. Pulling off the jacket he was wearing he gave it to her, chuckling at how big it was on her before they made their way down the building managing to bypass anybody who was there as they found themselves on the street with Izuku making his way to the theater, keeping the girls hand in his so he wouldn't lose her in the crowd. "We just gotta get my friend...I'm sure you'll like her," he said, giving her a reassuring smile. Making their way through the crowds, Izuku let out a sigh of relief as he saw Mina's pink hair quickly calling her over to explain the situation as they made their way to the cafe that Mina had taken him to during their first meeting.

After Mina had managed to get her to reveal her name which was Eri, they ordered her some food before they slid into the corner booth with Mina beside her and Izuku across from her. Mina made small talk with her while waiting for her food to arrive drawing a chuckle from them both as her eyes sparkled as Boss sat her plate of pancakes down, drool trailing from her mouth before she started to dig in using her hands. Watching in morbid fascination as she finished off her plate they waited for her to finish before they started to ask questions.

"So Eri what were you doing in that alleyway?" Izuku asked as Mina was wiping syrup off her face. " and who was that bird masked guy?" He watched as she seemed to deflate with Mina giving him a slight glare.

"I managed to get away," she said toying with the sleeves of his jacket, "I didn't want to be hurt anymore," she gripped her arms tightly, where her bandages were. Mina and Izuku shared a look as Eri fell silent before continuing with a broken tone "I'm a monster," she said pulling her knees up to her chest eyes shining with unwashed tears. She jumped when Mina wrapped her arms around Eri pulling her into a hug.

"Who told you that you were a monster? The bird faced guy?" She asked with a soft tone as she rubbed Eri's back. Eri nodded before wrapping her thin arms around Mina pulling herself tighter into the hug. Sharing a look with Mina over Eri's shoulders Izuku looked at her eyes burning with determination as a plan formed in his mind.


"Izuku are you sure this is a good idea?" Archer asked as Eri, Mina and he arrived outside All Might agency. Mina was holding Eri close looking at Izuku with curiosity as they looked up at the big building. Turning to Mina he gave her a nod before entering the building alone, telling the receptionists to tell All Might that he was there to see him. After waiting for about five minutes she gave him a nod gesturing for him to enter the elevator behind her.

"It's probably a terrible idea," Izuku said in the empty elevator, letting out a chuckle at the fact that if it was a few months sooner he would have been overjoyed being in All Might agency. "But it's the only option I can think of," he let out a sigh as Emiya became silent, watching the doors open as the elevator reached the top floor.

"Young Midoriya I did not expect to see you!" All Might said with his trademark smile before coughing out some blood his buff form being covered in smoke before revealing his skeletal true form, "I thought after all that happened… I would be the last hero you'd want to see," he said with his voice full of guilt. Looking at the man he had respected for so long and still somewhat did, Izuku let out a sigh.

"You were the only person I could think of coming to," Izuku said staring into All Might's eyes with determination " I need your help," All Might paused, looking over Izuku before closing his eyes and giving him a nod.

"If it's something I can do, I will help you," All Might said gesturing to his office door with Izuku following him, eyes still shining with determination.