Chapter 4: Heroes and Villains Part 1

AN: Long time no see...or read no really sure, sorry for the slow updates on this story, just coming up with ideas is easy...putting it into writing while other story ideas won't leave you alone is a struggle. Originally I wanted to include the entire Hero/Villian exercised in one chapter but have decided to split it to give more attention to the skills Mina's picked up. We'll get to see just how much Izuku's influence has affected our friendly neighborhood pink-haired hero in training. I hope you enjoy this chapter and that you guys are staying safe. Be excellent to each other.

Izuku yawned, having barely stayed awake during Mr. Aizawa's homeroom, head laying on his arms as he looked tiredly around Classroom A-1, spotting an equally tired Uraraka.

"Midoriya! How are you doing this morning?" asked an excited Iida, who received a glare from the green hero in training.

"Well after two hours of Mina asking my Mom and Mr. Toshinori embarrassing questions, we finally got everyone to leave….only for Mina to start a three-way call with Uraraka and me," he said, a groan coming from Uraraka as she turned to look at them, with bags under her eyes. "Then we spent the whole night listening to her gush about how cute my Mom and Mr. Toshinori were together and her trying to come up with names if they were to have a baby," Izuku said, tone dull.

"Are your mother and this Mr. Toshinori that close?" Iida asked, curiosity in his tone.

Izuku sighed, ignoring his teacher's chuckling in his head. "Apparently, it was a spur of the moment thing," he said, leaning back in his chair, hand running through his hair before he shrugged, "To be honest with everything going on I'm still processing," he said with another sigh, Iida giving him a small nod of understanding.

"To be honest I'm surprised you didn't notice the looks they keep sending each other," Emiya said with a chuckle, Izuku groaned. "I mean it couldn't have been any more obvious than it was," his teacher said with a knowing tone. Izuku just lowered his head, bruising his face in his arms, trying to block out his Teacher's chuckles and Iida's look of pity.

"Hey Izu!" shouted an excited Mina making Izuku jump in his seat, a thud from his side telling him the Uraraka more than likely had the same response. "Whatcha and Iida talking about?" she asked, head tilted to the side.

"Midoriya were merely discussing hi-" Iida went to answer only to be silenced as Izuku covered his mouth, sending the glasses teen a glare. Removing his hand once he got a look of understanding from Iida he turned towards Mina.

"We were just trying to figure out what we'd be doing today," Izuku said pausing as MIna smirked quickly moving closer to him with eyes sparkling.

"I know what we're doing," she said with a grin, Iida, and Izuku sharing a brief look before turning to her.

"And how do you know?" Izuku asked.

"I might have seen All Might and the principle chatting in the hallway…..and maybe I listened in a bit?" she said, rubbing the back of her neck with an embarrassed look on her face.

"It's very rude to listen in on others' conversations," Iida said before he went on a small tangent about how heroes should act and such, Mina and Izuku tuning him out almost immediately, continuing to talk amongst themselves.

"So what are we doing?" Izuku asked curiously, Mina giving him a sly grin.

"I don't know," she said, playing coy, her grin turning to a smirk, "I may be a bit too hungry to rem-" she started to say, only for Izuku to sigh and reach into his bag, pulling out a bento and handing to an excited Mina.

"Happy now?" he said, watching with a small smile as she did a small dance, rubbing her face against the bento with a smile.

"Of course!" she said loudly. Uraraka who had just managed to fall asleep shot up, sending a glare at Mina who merely waved the bento at her with a grin.

"So what are we doing today?" Izuku asked Mina, turned her attention back to him, opening her mouth to answer.

"I am walking through the door like a normal person!" came a familiar voice as the classroom door slid open, All Might walking into the room and being greeted by gasps of awe from most of the students.

The students who had been standing quickly found their seats as the number one hero made his way to the front of the class.

"All Might is so cool," said a guy with spiky red hair.

"...this is going to be so fun," Emiya said with barely concealed laughter at All Might's entrance, Izuku bruins his face in his hand in embarrassment.

"The number one hero everybody!" he thought to himself as the teacher pulled out some index cards.

"Hello class," he said reading from the cards, most of the class still looking at him with awe, "Today you will be taking part in an exercise that will split you into two teams of two, one will be heroes and the other villains," he flipped to another card, "The villains will have a makeshift bomb that the heroes will have to capture within a set time limit," he flipped to another card, "The teams will be chosen randomly to simulate what it would be like to work with others in the field," he tapped the cards against the desk in front of the room a wide grin on his face, "But first, you have to suit up," pushing a button on the desk, the wall on the far side of the room shifted showing there to be lockers in the walls, each with a nameplate above them, "You'll find that your locker number is the same as the number on your student I.D," he said with a nob before looking sheepish, "Now I will be leaving you in the capable hands of my assistant a Mr. Toshinori at training grounds Beta," he looked across the room, with seriousness, "Know that his decisions are mine and should you cause trouble he has permission to administer punishments as he sees fit," for a brief second his attention is on Bakugo before he looks at the class, "On another note, I believe your new classmate is already waiting at the training grounds….don't keep him and Mr. Toshinori waiting," All Might gave the class a nod before leaving the room.

"I may have been wrong about his teaching abilities," Emiya said with disbelief, Izuku nodding to himself in agreement, "...though the index cards kind of ruined it a bit," the heroic spirit said, Izuku turning as a finger poked him, finding himself facing a curious Mina and Iida, and a tired, but just as curious Uraraka

"Did you know that Mr. Toshinori was going to do All Mghts class?" Mina asked, getting a nid from Izuku as he made his way to his locker to get his costume, ignoring Bakugo as he tried to bump shoulders with him, eyes glaring at him with blatant contempt.

"I knew he was going to do it sometimes….I just didn't expect it on the first day," Izuku said, grabbing the briefcase his costume was in, the students making their way out of the classroom towards the training grounds.

"He must have used up his time today," Izuku thought, getting a 'probably' from his teacher.

"He isn't' the kind of person to think ahead very much," Emiya said, getting a hum of agreement from his student. Izuku watched as Uraraka was pulled by an excited Mina, who kept asking about her costume. Looking down at the briefcase in his hand Izuku smirked.

"Time to take my first steps as a student of U.A," he said, eyes glowing with determination, a hum of agreement coming from his teacher.


"Hello class 1-A," Toshinori said, wearing generic U.A. sweats a grin on his face, "And may I say you're looking sharp!" he said, enthusiastically as the students walked into the training ground with their hero costumes on, his gaze looking at Izuku with pride for a second before he focused back on the entire class.

Izuku looked down at himself, his costume looking very much like Archer's had in his memories with some changes. The black body armor had been replaced with very dark green body armor that covered his chest and his non-bandaged arm, the lines of metal that had decorated Archer's armor were instead a mix of yellow and white in Izuku's showing his respect for his second teacher, he lacked the red mantel that Archer had worn instead having added a small utility belt that held medical supplies as those were something he wouldn't be able to trace. He had thought about adding a utility vest to increase the number of medical supplies he'd be able to carry but realized with his fighting style it would more than likely be destroyed in a prolonged fight.

"Looking good Izu," said a smirking Mina, eyes looking him up and down. Izuku looked towards her, a small smile on his face upon noticing that she'd used some of the suggestions he'd made about her costume. Her original costume idea had been a plain white mask with a skin-tight turquoise and blue camouflage bodysuit, with a jacket and boots with holes in the soles. Her new costume still had the skin-tight bodysuit though it had some protection from bullets and blades sown in, she now had a utility belt much like his, though it held room for two holsters with two stun batons. They were designed to be durable to her acid and capable of bringing down a large elephant if they were slotted together in a staff form, though they would be more than capable of taking down someone by themselves. The small jacket had been replaced with a small yellow vest, pockets capable of being sealed to not affect any of her emergency supplies with her acid. Her boots still had the hole in her soles for her acid, but now had small spikes in the front, to help with climbing as well as to give more damage to her kicks. Her mask had remained mostly the same plain white, though it now functioned more as some head protection as it was made out of a plastic and metal mix, she also now had a pair of goggles on her head, mostly to help in case of water rescues or if she ran across a villain with a sandstorm quirk.

"You know I'm surprised how well she adapted to using stun batons and the staff," Archer said with a conflicted tone."Imagine if she were to put that much dedication into everything," he said with a hit of respect.

"When Mina put her mind to something she's surprisingly adaptable," Izuku said, a fond smile on his face.

"Like what you see?" Mina asked, pulling Izuku away from his thoughts as he focused on her, noticing her cheeks were a slightly darker pink than the rest of her. Realizing that he'd been openly staring Izuku blushed, he opened his mouth to apologize.

"Yes, sorry," he said, before pausing eyes widening as he realized he'd answered her question without thinking, Emiya laughing in his head. Mina's cheeks pinkened more before she coughed looking away from Izuku and to a smirking Uraraka who'd hear the whole thing.

"Thanks," Mina said quietly, looking away from Izuku, being saved from the situation as Toshinori cleared his throat getting the still chatting class's attention.

"Okay so I've been told All Might has filled you in on the situation but I will repeat the information just to be sure you understand," he said looking at the class before picking up a tablet from the pedestal in the room. "Your teams and occupations will be chosen at random and then those who are participating will have ten minutes to plan before the exercise begins," he pointed towards a door, "those who aren't chosen will join me in the monitoring room to watch and access their classmate's actions during the exercise to learn from them and hopefully improve yourselves," pushing on the tablet a monitor dropped from the ceiling displaying a list of student names in two brackets one marked heroes and the other villains. "There are three ways to pass the exercise, by capturing the other team with the capture tape that will be provided, capturing the bomb, or if time runs out,"

Looking at the screen Izuku saw that he was part of the first team of heroes with Uraraka while Bakugo and Iida were their opponents as the villains. The green hero in training felt eyes on him, turning to find Bakugo glaring at him with a wide grin on his face.

Toshinori cleared his throat, nodding to the hero and villain teams, "Villain team, you'll find the building the exercise will take place in, to the right, you have ten minutes to prepare for the heroes," he handed capture tape to the two teams along with small comm devices before gesturing to the other students to follow him, sparing a glance at Izuku before leading the students away.

Looking at Uraraka and giving her a nod they headed towards the building.

"So what is the plan?" Uraraka asked.

"Knowing Bakugo, he'll definitely come after me," Izuku said rubbing the back of his neck, "So I'm hoping I can distract him while you sneak into the room with the bomb,"

"Then I'll have to deal with Iida," Uraraka said, looking at the building before looking at Izuku with a shaky grin, "Do you have a plan for that?" She asked, getting a smirk from Izuku, that was very similar to a crimson archer's.

"Depends…..are you afraid of heights?" He asked, eyes narrowed as he looked at the building.


"Come on Deku!" Bakugo yelled, small explosions coming from his palms as he walked down the halls of the building's third floor. "Come on you lying loser!"

A small thud drew Bakugo's attention to a room, running into it he let off an explosion that shook the room and shattered the window. With a wide grin, he peeked in through the doorway hand drawn back, ready to attack, only to be met with a knee to the face as Izuku dropped from the ceiling having used a spear he'd stabbed into the ceiling as a handrail.

"Deku!" Bakugo yelled blood dripping from his nose as he brought his hand up to hit Izuku in the face with an explosion.

Using the speed his reinforcement magic gave his body, Izuku quickly got close to Bakugo, ducking under the blond's grenade shaped gauntlet he quickly struck two quick jabs into Bakugo's stomach before giving him a kick to the chin, dodging into a roll as Bakugo brought his other arm up and left off an explosion that cracked the wall in front of him and filling the room with dust and smoke.

"You coward fight me!" Bakugo yelled as he shook off the blows, letting out explosions at every sound he heard. "Take this seriously!" He yelled, eyes full of rage as he raised his gauntlet and grasping the pin on it with a crazed grin. "Because if you don't I'll blow you to pieces!" He yelled as he pulled the pin, there was a moment of silence before the room was illuminated and there was a loud explosion, that ripped apart the third floor and shattered all the windows, releasing the smoke that had filled the room.

Huffing as he lowered his smoking gauntlet, Bakugo looked around the room with a grin at the destruction he'd caused.

"Young Bakugo!," came the voice of Toshinori from a slightly scratched but none the worse for wear speaker, "You will refrain from using that attack again during this exercise, or I will be forced to disqualify you!"

Rolling his eyes at the teacher's words he merely smirked, "Come on! There's no way h-" he tried to speak only to barely dodge a leg heading for his head from behind.

"You dodged that," Izuku said with a hint of surprise, before tracing his usual two blades, both with dulled edges. "Let's see how you do with this!" He yelled, bringing his blades forwards and putting Bakugo on the defensive.

Bakugo tried to get a good shot at Izuku only for his strikes to be parried, Izuku too close to use his strongest blast. Purposely swinging too far he managed to surprise Izuku with a backhand followed up with an explosion empowered first to the stomach that sent the green-haired sword user skitting across the hall.

Pulling his arms back, Izuku threw both his blades at a surprised Bakugo who quickly dodged with a grin.

"What too scared to get close again," he said, before rushing the unarmed Izuku who smirked back, projecting copies of the same blades he'd threw, raising an arm to protect his face from one of Bakugo's explosions, he blocked a knee with the flat of his blade before using his reverse grip on the blade to slam the hilt into Bakugo's chin.

Bakugo feeling his head ringing let off the strongest explosion he could from his palms, the walls around them caved in, and the floor shattered sending them to the second.

Moving away from Izuku he smirked while ignoring the yelling coming from the comms in his ear. "There's no way you're getting the bomb Deku, you lose!"

Smirking, Izuku tapped his earpiece four times, getting three taps back.

"You're right I'm not," Izuku said with a grin before quickly tracing a bow, Bakugo raised his arms, gauntlets crossed. His eyes winded as Izuku aimed at the ceiling with a grin on his face. "But, that's why we have teammates," focusing his mana Izuku, reaching into Unlimited Blade Works reaching out for the sword he'd need, mana forming a blade. "I am the bone of my sword," he thought as a black blade formed in his free hand as he pulled back the bow's string, red mana pouring off it.

"Hrunting!" He thought, aiming for the corner of the building and letting it go, just as Bakugo jumped towards him.


Uraraka sat on the roof of the building, the grappling hook that Izuku had traced for her to get there held in her hand while the other rested on her stomach as she winced.

"I hope this works," she muttered, before the building shook again, stronger than last time, as something shot through the rooftop across from her. Realizing it was Izuku's signal she quickly tapped her fingers together releasing her quirk. Quickly using the grappling hook to climb down beside one of the top floor's broken windows, she watched as Izuku's plan came to fruition, the ceiling of the room caved in as a massive sword that had been held in the air by her quirk ripped through it and the building with ease. Jumping through the window as Iida stared in disbelief at the massive sword she jumped onto the bomb a loud buzzer sound going off as she touched it.

"Hero team wins!" came Toshinori's surprised sounding voice from the speakers throughout the building.

Iida pulled his attention away from the massive sword and looked at Uraraka as she with clear disbelief. And like the shattering of glass, the massive blade shattered leaving a massive hole going through the whole building.

Rubbing the back of her neck and feeling uncomfortable at Iida's stare she chuckled, "Izuku thought it'd be fun," she said to silence.