We've all wondered how the actual hell King came to be, well... King. This is my headcanon heavy attempt to shed some light on what might have led her to start the long con in the first place.

So, of course, her name is not canon, and if SNK ever actually reveals it I'll have to come back and retcon the ever living holy fuck out of this... that is, unless they decide to listen to the whims of a neurotic author, which is highly unlikely.


Bouncer Wanted: Apply Within

Cécile Levasseur resentfully glared at the sign on the door as she walked into the L'Amour restaurant for another shift waiting tables and putting up with all manner of service industry related snobbery. The position had been vacant for weeks after the previous guy simply up and vanished (there were rumours about that…), and Cécile, who had learned Muay Thai from her dad (who was an expert in the art) knew she was more than capable of filling the role — and filling it well. Unfortunately, her supervisors didn't see it that way; as far as they were concerned a bouncer was a MAN's job for MEN.

It was patriarchal bullshit at its finest.

As Cécile went through the motions of her shift she thought of ways to scrounge up extra cash: The tips she was bringing in were nowhere near enough to cover tuition, rent, food, utilities, and, now, her baby brother's medical expenses, which were too much for her aunt and uncle to handle on their own, and quickly piling up. She was learning the hard way that the American healthcare system was broken beyond belief; it seemed like the only way to get results was to have lots and lots of money.

Money that could be made fairly easily if she had a better paying job.

Like the open bouncer position, which, as she understood it, paid extremely well.

However, daydreaming about how gender shouldn't matter when kicking someone's ass wasn't going to get her anywhere. She still had things to do: tables to wait and a paper to write and a sick brother to visit after work. With a heavy sigh she picked up a large tray full of dirty dishes and started toward the kitchen.


"Toc toc!"

Cécile softly tapped on the door and pushed it open: There was her little brother, Jean, sitting upright in an uncomfortable looking hospital bed, notebooks and papers scattered around him. Their aunt, a harsh woman named Madeleine (Maddy for short), sat in a nearby chair, an open math book in her lap. Next to her sat her bespectacled husband, Gary, who was holding a piece of scrap paper and a pencil. He set his eyes on his niece and frowned. Cécile narrowed her eyes and frowned back. She had never gotten along with the older couple: they butted heads almost the second she moved in with them, as they disapproved of her fighting, sexuality, and tendency to speak her mind no matter how inflammatory doing so could be. However, they knew that Jean needed her (and that she needed him), which led to something of a shaky truce between the three.


Jean's face instantly lit up as Cécile placed her backpack down. She moved a notebook over and climbed onto the bed so she could recline beside her brother. With a smile she put her feet up and casually folded her hands over her stomach.

"Ça va?"
"We're trying to catch up on his missed schoolwork," Maddy said while glaring at Cécile, her tone dripping with contempt.
"It's boring," Jean said bluntly.
"It looks boring."
"It's important," Gary chimed in. "Sitting around watching tv is —"
"Just as important and exactly what we're going to do now. So bye," Cécile rudely told the couple.

Maddy took a deep breath as she glared at her niece before standing up and closing the textbook.

"I don't want you keeping him up too late."
"And, if anything, call the house phone," Gary said as he ruffled Jean's hair.

Cécile nodded as their aunt and uncle left the room. She waited until the door closed before she turned to Jean.

"So! What are we watching?"
"I dunno, but it turns out they have every HBO!"


Cécile's eyes slowly opened as the night nurse entered the dark room. She drew in a deep breath, her arm numb under the weight of her sleeping brother, and mumbled a dull greeting as the woman checked Jean's vitals and wrote them down on a wall-mounted whiteboard.

"Would you like some water?" She whispered to Cécile, whose eyes were still trying to adjust to being awake.
"No thank you…"

The nurse took her leave then, and Cécile waited until she was out of the room before she reached for the television remote to turn the volume down. As much as she would have loved to have been in her own bed (or her girlfriend's for that matter) she knew that leaving Jean in the middle of the night would be a shitty move. With that in mind, she fixed her eyes on the television and started flipping channels until she found something that was just starting.

The camera panned across the body of a woman sleeping in silky underwear while a catchy 80's tune played, before focusing on a clock that read 6:30. The girl sat up and the text "Just One of the Guys" appeared in yellow font on the screen. Attention piqued (but only because of the scantily clad woman, really…), Cécile sat up a little straighter. The movie seemed like it was going to be mind-numbing… that is, until the main character decided to change high schools and pretend to be a boy because she was convinced that her loss in a writing competition was based on gender bias.

Cécile was immediately hooked, as she knew the feeling all too well: The only reason she wasn't even being allowed to interview for the bouncer position at L'Amour was because she was female. If she were a man she'd have already snagged the job, and Jean wouldn't be stuck in the goddamn hospital every other week.

...If... she were... a man.

That would be ridiculous, though, as there was no way someone like her could possibly pose as a male! Sure, she was tall… just as tall as some of the men she worked with, actually… but she looked so feminine…

Then again, there was that one time when she ran into Maddy without a smidgen of makeup on... and scared the absolute shit out of her because, at a glance, she looked so much like her dead father that the woman thought she was seeing things.

"C'est ça!" Cécile exclaimed while bounding upright. Jean let out a low groan, which caused her to grimace and gently whisper for him to go back to sleep. She then switched her focus back to the movie, transfixed, as the proverbial gears started to turn.


* Cécile AKA King waiting tables is basically the only thing that makes sense in regards to her even being hired at L'Amour in the first place. Inside info, son!
* King moved from France around five years prior to this (she's just barely 21 here), so she never had to deal with the bullshit nonsense of America's healthcare.
* So, let's talk about Jean for a moment. I spent literal hours researching pediatric illnesses that might explain why he can't walk and why his medical bills would become as problematic as they did. My solutions: for his legs, there's a rare disorder called Blount's Disease that can affect walking in young children, with the more severe cases requiring corrective surgery. Boom, there's that one. As for his other ailments, there's the autoimmune disease, lupus. It's very treatable, but not all that common in young kids, so diagnosing would take a lot of labwork, referrals, etc...
* Toc toc = Knock, knock
* Ça va? = What's up?
* Maddy and Gary are awful people in regards to Cécile: They don't like that she fights (she beat up a lot of kids at school, okay), they don't like that she's bisexual, and they don't like that she doesn't take any shit from anyone — particularly them. However, they absolutely adore cute little Jean.
* You should totally see Just One of the Guys simply for the line, "All balls itch! It's a fact!" Like, if that doesn't sell you on the movie, I don't know what will.
* C'est ça! = That's it!

Is that it? I think that's it for this one. Tune in next time, when... well... stuff. Cheers~!