Just as always, her casting choice had been on spot. When she looked at Michael and all these young thin women around him she was sure that this was what their show needed. None the less, the idea of Niles dressed as a sexy construction worker still floated through her head. It wouldn't have worked for the show posters, she was sure, but she'd have liked to see it none the less.

As the thought crossed her mind she slightly shook her head. What's wrong with me? Not in her wildest dreams would she have ever imagined herself fantasizing about Niles. She should be fantasizing about someone… someone like Michael. Most definitely not someone of his age, but definitely someone of his fortune, his social status, his looks… Although, to be honest with herself, there wasn't much about his looks that appealed to her.

Lost in her thoughts as she was she almost missed the change on set as Niles shooed away Michael and placed himself within the crowd of half naked models. She only realized it when Niles was already seated, his pose similar to Michaels before. That was the moment her brain failed to function.

She knew she should interfere – every minute spent without taking fotos of Michael was waisted budget, after all – but he looked so damn good. Better even than she had imagined… But then the fotograph thankfully brought her back to her senses. "You okay-ed this concept?!" Since Maxwell clearly hadn't noticed what was going on – and therefore, what the fotograph was referring to – she intervened. "Wait a second, I got this."

She walked up on the set and made her way through all of the female models, stopping directly in front of Niles. "What do you think you're doing here? Next to this girls you look three times older than you usually do anyway." She laughed at her own joke, but not for long. "That would still be about half your age" he deadpanned. That did it for her. Enough with the bantering. She grapped his arm and quickly pulled him away, signaling Michael to get back up there. Niles on the other hand got a long (and to her relief relatively quiet) lecture from Maxwell before he was sent home.

Afterwise, the shooting didn't go on for much longer. None the less she spent the rest of the day wondering if that was why Niles had so desperatly wanted the job – to be surrounded by sexy, young, thin supermodels rather than herself.