Cole curled in on himself, huddled in the corner of one of the temple's rooms, sobs wracked his body, although he could no longer cry. He would be a ghost forever now, and his friends would forget him.

From now-on forwards, he would be alone.

Weeks past, It didn't stop hurting but there was no point in lingering on what couldn't be changed. He spent most his time on the roof, watching the wildlife, groups of tourists, the sunset, the stars...

Sometimes he could almost pretend they where still there.

People would come exploring sometimes. He'd drive them off when it happened. No one could meet the same fate as he had.

It was raining, lightning danced across the sky, and Cole sat just inside, watching. He hated it when it rained. It meant he had to stay inside.

Lightning... Always reminded him of Jay. It was his element afterall.

On days like today, he couldn't help but regret what he'd done, even if he knew all was forgiven.

He'd nearly lost a perfectly good friendship, and for what, to preserve his pride? He'd never loved Nya, not in that way.

He never could.

He'd always feared the others wouldn't accept that.

He guessed it didn't matter now.

There was a falcon perched outside.

He knew it couldn't be his falcon. His falcon had gotten an upgrade not long after they'd got him home, he'd wanted to match, that's what Zane said.

Cole could remember the aftermath of the nindroid's death. It'd been the darkest moment of his life, or so he'd thought at the time.

He supposed it was a good thing they couldn't remember him. At least the team would stay together, at least they wouldn't have to suffer on his account.

They wouldn't have to save him.

He realized he was crying.

It was late in the evening.

Someone was trying to get in.

Cole drifted towards the door, expecting to drive them away.

He wasn't expecting a familiar face.

"Zane?" he asked, manifesting in front of the robot.

"You know my name" it wasn't a question.

Cole tried to hug him, but his arms went right through "of course I do, you tin can"

He laughed, if he wasn't a ghost there'd be tears in his eyes.

"I can't believe you came for me"

Zane tried to return his hug, not minding that his arms went right through, "you are the master of earth?"

Cole opened his eyes, in shock, "huh?" he stepped back, having forgotten the situation for the moment, he looked up at Zane, scared "what do you mean?"

"It was always the three of us" said Zane, "Jay, master of lightning, Kai, master of fire, and me, master of ice, but there where four golden weapons, it wasn't logical there'd be four weapons but only three masters, and the only weapon without a wielder was the Scythe of Quakes" he said, sounding proud of himself "therefor, you must be the master of earth"

Cole's stomach sunk, "you don't remember me" he said, bitterly "of course you don't remember me"

Zane looked away, frowning, "I am sorry" he said, his voice carrying a hint of regret "I don't know who you are, but I want to"

Cole considered this, he couldn't be a part of the team like he once was, but at least e'd get to see them again this way, "come this way then" he said, "we should hurry so you can be out by morning"