"You sure he's who he says he is?" the lightning ninja's voice was high with worry, "I mean, we've got a lot of enemies" he chuckled in a way that did not indicate happiness.

"I have no reason to suspect otherwise" said Zane, "his behavior indicates that he knows me, even if I do not remember him"

"Riight" something rustled in the brush, and Jay jumped at the noise.

Zane walked up to the door, knocking gently, and it swung open.

Cole grinned when he saw him "Jay!" he said, ushering him in, Jay flinched away from him, and Cole shrank back, his cheer faltering, "i-it's nice to see you again"

Zane shot him a sympathetic glance, brushing a hand against the shoulder of the ghost, Cole's expression started to lighten, but before he could do anything, Jay grabbed the android and pulled him in to another room.

"Zane" he hissed, "I know you want to help people, but he. is. a. GHOST, don't you remember what we've JUST been through? He's probably using you!"

"That is a risk I am willing to take" Zane said, his voice calm, collected, "We have fought ghosts before, if you are right, and he betrays me, I believe our previous experience will allow us to defeat him, but where I to leave him here, only to learn he was being honest, I would be unable to live with myself"

Jay began to pace, "and what if your wrong? Your putting ninjago in danger, and your putting your family in danger, and I don't want any part in it"

Zane's expression darkened, but his voice remained level, "I have known him for weeks, despite being unable to leave the grounds, he has shown intimate knowledge of us both individually and as a team, and his presence would explain many anomalies present in my memory banks, if you wish to leave, I will not stop you, but do not try to make me come with you"

Jay glared at him, fists clenched as he stared the android down.

For a moment, neither spoke, only Jay's uneven breathes and the low hum of electricity to break the heavy silence.

With a sigh, Jay released the tension in his shoulders, "I'll stay" he said. If Cole was going to try anything, Zane wouldn't be alone.

The two went back to where the ghost had been waiting, he smiled at them, uncomfortably, trying to pretend he hadn't heard them "We've set up a game system" he said, with as much enthusiasm as he could muster, "wanna play a few rounds?"

Jay regarded him a moment, before nodding, warily, "sure"

Cole gave a somewhat forced smile, "great, this way, then" he said, leading the way to the main room.

It was far cleaner then it had been before, Jay noticed, new furniture had been brought in, Cole sat down before the television, reaching for a controller, Jay sat next to him, still a bit jumpy around the stranger.

He watched as the game switched on. Fist-to-Face II. Huh. Hadn't played that in years.

"I was feeling a bit nostalgic" said Cole, smiling bashfully, Jay didn't answer, still a bit tense as he watched the game boot up, as the screen loaded, Cole grinned at the ninja of lightning, "ready for me to kick your ass?"

In-spite of himself, Jay smiled, albeit tensely, "not if I kick your ass first"

The three of them spent the next couple hours on the game, taking turns against each other.

As they played, Jay found himself... actually having fun, he and Cole where evenly matched, winning and loosing in equal measure, sharing banter in a way that felt oddly familiar.

"FSM, I missed this" Cole was laughing as Jay wiped the floor with him, but he sounded close to tears, Jay, smiling in a far more relaxed way then he had been, reached out to shake his hand, "good ga-" Cole pulled him into a hug, cutting him off, he stiffened, surprised, but returned the gesture before quickly pulling away, "I should get going" he looked over to Zane, giggling nervously "we've got a lot of ground to cover"

"I understand" said Cole, looking away, "you'll visit again soon, right?"

Jay's face fell, "if I find the time, then I promise I'll visit"

Zane nodded, "of course"

Cole waved to them as they left, trying to ignore the growing emptiness.