June 24, 1952, ~

The museum was dark and quiet after all the guests left to go back home and sleep in their beds, the museum was draped in silence. In the darkest area part of the museum, the ancient golden tablet glowed small at first, then, vibrated as the light coming from it got brighter.

The moon shined in the sky, not knowing that the tablet was brighter too. No one witnessed this event. Waves of energy rocketed out from the tablet.

The waves washed over the museum in every direction. Even the exhibit which was a representation of Teddy Roosevelt. The exhibit came to life from his lifeless slumber. Teddy was alive. He wasn't shocked or wondering how he got into a big place such as the museum. His form, not from his time as president, was from his historically adventurous time period. His waxy mustache flapped.

He strolled ontop of his horse to explore the museum. Most of the time led to him being amazed by the structure around him. Sooner or later Teddy soon realized he wasn't the only one that was brought back to life. The other exhibits were alive as well. Wandering around he saw cavemen, pilgrims, Native Americans, animals, etc. Teddy's wonder bubble was soon popped. He was brought to reality when his attention was brought to by the sound of screaming. He turned around on his horse and that was what was making that screaming was the fierce warrior Attila The Hun and his army who spotted him

"DIj!", shouted Attila.

Teddy panicked as he got up to his horse.

"We got to go to Texas!", shouted Teddy into Texas's ear.

Texas began to neigh in agreement. Teddy kicked his leg on the horse's stomach. Teddy was able to get Texas the horse to run in a gallop. They had to get away safely from Attila and his army.

After a long chase, Texas began to slow down. Teddy realized that they had lost Attila during the chase. Teddy immediately stopped Texas as an exhibit caught his attention.

"Wait for Texas, I need to see this exhibit for a second." asked as he hopped down.

He moves to enter into the opening entrance that leads into the exhibit had a moose, a stagecoach, some civil war mannequins and a bird flying across the area what was right in front of him. It was an exhibit that was called, The Lewis And Clark, exhibit. that was behind glass. In one part of the glass were Lewis and Clark, arguing with no sound. Watching them, Teddy realized the glass maybe soundproof. As he turned away from Lewis and Clark, he saw a young Native American girl crying. Teddy knocked on the glass and mouthed the words,

"Are you okay?", asked Teddy.

The Native American girl stopped crying. Her watery eyes were focused on Teddy.

"I see you're confused too. Miss..miss..", stumbled Teddy.

He continued talking as he looked to see a nameplate that was near him.

"Sacagawea," the nameplate said.

"Sacagawea, is that your name?", guessed Teddy.

The Native American girl smiled as she nodded her head happily.

"Good to see you understand me. Well, I'm Teddy Roosevelt and I'll leave you be.", waved Teddy as he turned away to lead his horse to the exit.

Before he went, he looked back at Sacagawea who seemed to be a bit better as she waved "bye" at him. Teddy waved back as he continued to lead Texas to the exit.

"She's the most beautiful lady I've ever seen before in my life.", said Teddy.

The man and horse exited.

That was years ago...

February 24, 2020, ~

The tablet soon began to and the exhibits were once again brought back to life. The adventure to wander around the museum. Teddy had a big smile on his face. His horse began walking around the museum. Things were changed since Larry worked here at the museum.

The last time Larry was here was when they had to travel to London in order to fix the tablet. Now thanks to Teddy, Larry had become a history teacher. Who wouldn't know that working at a museum as a nightguard would change Larry's life around!? But without him he, Teddy, of course, would fall in love with the love of his life...Sacagawea. They were friends who became more. Thanks to the tablet and living in that lively place, the museum.

Teddy arrived to pick Sacagawea up from her exhibit to go on one of their dates. Lewis and Clark watched as Teddy helped her down from her entranceway.

"Bring her home safely.", instructed Lewis seriously to Teddy.

"Ugh boys, I'll be fine. It's not like either of you could explore without me.",teased Sacagawea.

"We know! We just want you to be safe and have fun.",said Clark.

Clark was always the light-hearted one.

During the Lewis and Clark expedition to the west, years ago, Clark was the one who always had Sacagawea's back, no matter what they came across., Lewis was always the serious one who thought of Sacagawea as a "little sister". During the trip, which means he was always careful of how she was treated.

"Thanks Clark.",waved Teddy.

The two of them hopped on Texas and casually rode off across the museum. During the beginning of the ride, Sacagawea was curious.

"So where are we going ?",asked Sacagawea.

"We are going to the waterfall exhibit, so we could watch the waterfall.",shared Teddy.

Texas continued to walk to Teddy's command..

Jed and Octavius, the two miniature figures, were currently getting into their own trouble, but then, stopped short as Teddy and Sacagawea rode off into the distance. "Ain't they the cutest couple ever?",asked Jed.

"Sure, they are.",said Octavius.

"Octavius.", began Jed.

"Yeah?",asked Octavius.

"I think he's gonna do it tonight.", said Jed with a smirk.

"Oh..pppph ..Jed, you're real funny.",laughed Octavius.

In the waterfall exhibit~

Teddy and Sacagawea both laid on the grass watching the waterfall as it streamed down to the bottom pool of water. The two of them told each other stories about their own experience with waterfalls and how magnificent they are. Until, there was a moment of silence.,

Teddy began, "Dear, there is something I need to tell you."

Sacagawea turned to him, "Alright, what is it?"

"Ever since Larry worked, I've kind of questioned myself .",continued Teddy.

"Okay tell me.",said Sacagawea.

"Sacagawea...do you ever think there is a chance of becoming human again?"askedTeddy.

Sacagawea's eyebrows lifted when she heard that question. She almost felt like laughing when she heard it.

"Oh Teddy, where did you come up with an idea that is so silly?",teased Sacagawea.

She was tried to joke with him playfully. It turned out Teddy wasn't joking along with her. "Oh, Teddy we like it here at this museum! Sure, it took some time to take getting used to and it was all worth it."claimed Sacagawea.

"I know my dear. It is just, I figure that would you still love me as human?"asked Teddy. "Teddy, of course, I love you!I love you just the way you are.", Sacagawea was sincere.

"I know but will you still love me as human?",asked Teddy.

"What is it with this "human" business? Where did that come from!?",yelled Sacagawea .

"It's just a thought and maybe Ahkmenrah could explain us and..."said Teddy.

He could finish his sentence before Sacagawea interrupted, "And what, turn you something that you're not!?"

Teddy immediately stood up and shouted,"My dear...can I please finish my sentence for just one second!?"

"No, you can't!",yelled Sacagawea.

That is when Teddy paused.

"Very well then, I'm leaving.",said Teddy.

He walked over to Texas to ride off leaving Sacagawea by herself.

"Good!",yelled Sacagawea.

She turned away not to look at him.