Across the museum, Sacagawea decided, instead of going back to Lewis and Clark, to go to Amelia Earhart to ask for some help. The Smithsonian had decided to move Amelia, Custer and other exhibits to the National History Museum. Sacagawea and Amelia had became closer then ever after fighting side by side,even when Kahmunrah tried to take over the world with his army. The two became friends after that. and developed a relationship like sisters.

"And he just left like.. that! .",finished Sacagawea.

She was talking about the fight she had with Teddy.

"Wow, I can't believe it !? This was your first fight? I mean you two NEVER seem to fight.",exclaimed Amelia.

"I know...",Sacagawea sadly nodded.

She looked over in the distance.

"I just was hoping that I would have this one chance at having a more healthy relationship...",said Sacagawea.

She turned back to her best friend,leaving Amelia quiet. Sacagawea had already told her about her previous relationship that was unhealthy and abusive. Amelia felt bad for her and she was happy that she is finally in a relationship that is safe and healthy and everything was about to change

Since Sacagawea just had her first fight with Teddy, that made Amelia to think how could she help her best friend. After a moment of being silent for a little while Amelia looked up at Sacagawea with bright eyes and a big smile on her face

"I know what you can do!",said Amelia.

"What?",asked Sacagawea.

"Why don't you cook something for him as a way to make up for the argument you guys had?",pointed out Amelia.

"That is a perfect idea! Thank you, Amelia.", said Sacagawea.

She stood up to walk off to the museum cafeteria. Amelia watched as she left.

"Your welcome.. anytime!",shouted Amelia.

Meanwhile In The Museum Cafeteria~

Sacagawea finally found the cafe and decided to go inside the kitchen. She knew she could find the ingredients and a recipe book. She needed read it carefully. The list was what she was putting what not she is putting in the mixing bowl.

Sacagawea opened the door and turn on the lights. after the lights on top of the ceiling flickered.

Sacagawea looked to her left and right she began the rub her hands together looking determined

"Alright this shouldn't be hard shouldn't it?",asked Sacagawea to herself as she pulled out a smirk on her face.