It took Sacagawea a while to get all the kitchen utensils together. She got everything all set up so she could start the cooking process. She set the recipe book open, and, started smiling on the recipe page,"how to make a tomato salad"

"I'm sure Teddy would like this.",she said to herself, as she starts the oven to start cooking.

Meanwhile somewhere in the deep part of the museum, Teddy was talking to his friend Ahkrmenrah ever since all those adventures that happened years ago Teddy and Ahkrmenrah had been close then ever well since Cleopatra came to the museum. Teddy had been a real help to get Ahkrmenrah together with Cleopatra. Now they are happily dating. It was Teddy that needed to get help from Ahkrmenrah since now he and Sacagawea just gotten into a fight "Then I left her there.",said Teddy

"Wow, Teddy, I cant believe you did that to her.",said Ahkrmenrah.

"Yes,but, I knew she probably needed some space from me.",shared Teddy.

"Hmmm seems understandable, but, what are you two fighting about anyway?",asked Ahkrmenrah

"Ahkrmenrah...",began Teddy, as Ahkrmenrah looked at him.

"Yes?",asked Ahkrmenrah .

"Is there a way to become human?",asked Teddy.

Ahkrmenrah froze for a second. He looked back at the tablet, then, looked back at Teddy.

"Uh I don't think so.", murmured Ahkrmenrah.

"Well you're the pharaoh, you're supposed to know this."agreed Teddy

"Son!",called out Ahkrmenrah's father.

This causing Ahkrmenrah to stand up.

"Oh ,um ,sorry -Teddy- I have to go,bye.",waved Ahkrmenrah.

He left, leaving Teddy by himself.