Teddy strapped the saddle onto his horse, Texas. Texas was staring at him with his big black eyes. Teddy soon began to sigh,

"I know,Texas, this is a hard decision we are about to make but..", Teddy paused.

Before he could finish his sentence, he walked in motion as he and hopped onto Texas's back.

"Were going to find out for ourself boy.", said Teddy softly.

He reached his hand out so he could give Texas a pat on his neck. Texas responded with a neigh making Teddy laugh a little.

"I take that as a yes.",said Teddy.

He held the reins so he could put his feet in the streups and then gave him a small kick to make him move. The front gate of the museum was where he was headed. If he couldn't find anybody who wanted to agree with him on becoming human, he would find out what is like to be human for himself...