The Hero Prince


It is said that on the day when the tattered Spire was complete and its first wish made the Old Kingdom of Albion a nation with centuries of civilisation, magic and technology were wiped out in moments, some say this was the first wish and end to a corrupt and decadent world and for a pure one to take its place.

However when the Spire exploded the sheer magical force was so great shards of the spire broke through time itself landing in an alternate world which would eventually be called by its people as earth, the pure magical energy from these shards were absorbed into the world giving birth to magic itself.

Over the centuries Albion has finally become a united nation currently ruled by the Hero Queen of Brightwall a benevolent and loved monarch who had a single child, a beautiful Daughter lily the jewel of Bowerstone.

On lily's 11th Birthday she received a letter to attend Hogwarts for her protection she took the surname Evans she met James potter and eventually they fell in love and wanted to marry on that day in the common room lily told James her true identity.

Hogwarts School

December 1976

"You're a Princess of Albion." James asked wide-eyed at the girl he had fallen in love with they were 17 years old in their last year at school,

"Yes, James I'm a princess this Christmas you and your parents will come with me to Albion to meet my family."

Lily smiled at him making James' heart swoon he could never say no to her he nodded his head. "sure, lily I'd love to go it will be nice to see your family."

Bowerstone Castle District

James P.O.V

This city was huge and shockingly clean, we had arrived at Bower Lake via the Cullis Gate as lily called it we arrived on a site called Hero Hill it was there we met a group of royal guards that escorted us to the Capital walking through the streets I had never seen lily so carefree the people greeted her with smiles the guards saluted her and little children ran up to wave at her.

We eventually made it to the castle and were greeted by a fat man in purple and white cloths.

"your highness welcome home your mother is most eager to see you and your guests, he turned towards my parents and me and bowed.

"lord lady and heir potter welcome to Bowerstone castle your rooms have been made ready for you but first we must meet the queen follow me please."

Walking up the steps we walked up towards the set of doors being guarded by the masked royal guards who quickly opened the doors, at the end of the grand room on a very odd-looking Throne was the Queen herself.

"welcome lord and lady potter and you as well young James my daughter has told me much about you."

I gave a smile. "thank you, your majesty, it's an honour to meet you I can see where lily gets her looks from."

if looks could kill my mother would have killed me 10 times over however it was lily's death stare that scared the crap out of me, I almost ran for the hills when the Queen gave a laugh.

"My you are a cheeky one no wonder my daughter likes you now my men will show you to your rooms and I will see you at dinner."

Over the next few days I got on well with the Queen that she said I could call her by her name in private, however it all changed when lily ran in crying shocking my parents me and her mother Mary, she looked at me with a smile but a hint of fear in her eyes and spoke.

" J, James I am Pregnant".

I was going to be a father h how we were still in school what was I going to do, it was then I made the wrong choice and did something I could never truly fix instead of being supportive I ran and did not look back ignoring my parents yells and lily's screams I just ran.

Lily never returned to Hogwarts to finish out her year her mother kept her in Albion the people heard what happened to their princess it almost caused a war the people demanded the queen take action, it almost worked The army was mobilised ready to go it was only after 4 days of negotiations that peace albeit uneasy peace continued.

James's parents wanted to be in their grandchild's life when he was born but both the queen and lily refused as James had refused to come back he was hiding with his friend Frank Longbottom , much to his parents disappointment and Lily's pain she had hoped he would have spoken to her by now hell Sirius and Remus had come to visit even professor McGonagall and Professor Flitwick had paid a visit why not him.

It was her mother talking to her that set her straight she had her child to think off she would raise her baby as a prince or princess of Albion if James ever grew a pair and wanted to be in her baby's life he would have to earn it .

8 months later

James had been ordered to potter Manor by his father and mother when he arrived he saw his parents his friends the headmaster and McGonagall but also an older man with white hair in a smart attire commonly found in Albion but what freaked him out was the 2 guards with him .

He was about to make a break for it however his mother saw him, "James Charles Potter sit down now."

The glare helped it along as he quickly sat down next to her, after a few minutes of silence his father spoke up.

"James this is Jasper he's a personal advisor to Queen Mary he has something to tell us."

jasper nodded he head as he placed his teacup down.

" ah yes 2 days ago Her royal highness Princess lily gave birth to a healthy baby boy, here is a photo of the young prince."

Upon seeing her grandchild Dorea Potter broke down hugging her husband the picture showed a tired but smiling lily holding a little bundle in her arms his little chubby face and little hand holding on to his mother's finger as he slept in her arms.

"Despite her majesty's advice the princess believed you deserved to know you had a son."

Meanwhile back in Albion lily was holding her baby boy in her arms as he slept, she could not help but smile just looking at him made her forget about James it was all going to be fine until everything stopped the room turned grey looking down she saw her baby still sleeping like normal and not frozen like everything else.

From the corner of the room, a figure in a red hooded cloak with other garbs put together Lily knew who this was her mother had told her about this powerful but dangerous person.

"greetings Princess Lily I am Theresa the seer of the spire, I helped your mother and grandfather on their greatest challenges and now I am here to warn you."

Lily held her son closer to her and asked.

"warn me of what I don't understand." the seer much to the worry of lily gave a smile not happy or sad just a smile.

"darkness is coming for Albion, A darkness greater than the one your mother faced however it will not be you that will face it, but the Prince in your arms."

If there is one thing to set Lily off its the very idea of her son being in danger rising from her bed, she lay her baby in his crib before turning on the seer her emerald eyes burning with anger.

"no one will harm my son I will kill them all before they get near him."

she near yelled with conviction only to pale with the seers next comment that brought great sadness and a small amount of joy.

"you will be unable to help him you and his father will be dead come a year from today, your son is of two worlds he will stand against the forces of darkness as the ruler of one world and the defender of both there light in the darkness."

she looked at the prince who was still asleep in his crib his hands hugging a teddy lion his mother had given him and smiled.

"well, he won't be totally alone." with a wave of her hand a small red mist landed on his Teddy only to vanish doing nothing or so it seemed.

"Enjoy these moments Princess we shall not meet again till it is your time."

With that, the seer faded away and the colour returned to the room time moved forward again. Lily sat down on her bed tears in her eyes she would never see her baby become a man she would leave him before he could truly remember her, all she could do is protect him and love him as best as she could.

The next day

It was time for the young Prince to be presented to the court and recognised as a prince of Albion, but most importantly be given a name.

Lily walked into the throne room on both sides were various people from all over her mother's kingdom of course at the site of a little baby the women in attendance cooed at the child who was cuddling his Teddy.

"your Majesty." proclaimed Hobson loudly to the court. " here is Princess Lily here to present her son to you."

Queen Mary smiled seeing her grandson who was cooing at his mother. " have you come up with a name for him my daughter."

she asked in her queen talk her daughter smiled. "yes, mother I have chosen the name you suggested last night."

Nodding the queen stood from her throne her arms raised to the crowd.

"let it be known across all of my domain that my Grandson, shall from now until the end of his days be known as Henry of the Royal House of Lionheart and prince of Albion."

The people in the court cheered for their new prince word spread across the kingdom causing towns and cities to have great parties for the prince who was born on the 31st of July.

Word spread to England where the magical newspapers published it a copy landed at potter manor where Dorea spent hours in tears.

Author's Note: hey all I have decided to rewrite this so here is the updated Chapter

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