Chapter 6

Franco/Albion Alliance

Bowerstone Castle

Kingdom of Albion

6th of January 1994

Jean Delacour and his family arrived at the city gates with there royal escort to see the city's population were cheering waving french or Albion flags. "It looks like we are expected Papa." Came the giggle of Gabrielle Delacour much to her mother's and older sisters amusement as she waved at the people.

Eventually they made there way into the Castle and towards the Throne Room where Henry was waiting for them, Dobson the royal Secretary and son of the former secretary Hobson announced them. "Your Majesty May I present his excellency Lord Jean Delacour Minister of Magic for the Republic of France and Prince Consort of the Veela Nation, accompanying him Princess Apolline Delacour of the Veela Nation and their Daughters Heiress Fleur Delacour and Gabrielle Delacour."

Seeing the group of French magicals bow he asked them to rise. "Welcome Minister to the City of bowerstone as well as your family I hope," the King eyes seemed to glaze over for a few seconds before going back to normal, however it was the gasping and collapse of Fleur that had her parents and sister more concerned.

The meeting was cancelled and the Delacour family were given an apartment room in the castle, when Fleur awoke later that afternoon, she was up in seconds attempting to leave the room her parents struggling to hold the half Veela back her mother asked her what she was doing her response shocked her parents she was going to her Mate.

Meanwhile at Hogwarts School

The Headmaster sat in his Office reading the letter he had received from the Royal Secretary of Albion informing him that the King and his council believed it was unwise for Albion to make any form of full Alliance with England after the constant harassment and unhealthy interest the Chief Warlock had in the King.

The Minister had reprimanded him and he knew the Wizengamot would have many questions for him at the next meeting, taking a large breath of air he dropped the letter onto his desk why did the boy have to be so troublesome what he wanted was for the greater good the magical world had to follow his will to survive and thrive.

In Albion Jean Delacour stood in the young king's office watching the young monarchs face after telling him that he and his daughter were soulmates, it was agreed that the young pair would wait to be married until they got to know each other better.

Fleur was given special permission to miss the rest of the school year so she could stay in Albion to get to know her Mate better which suited Fleur fine as she did not have many friends in school since she came into her Veela powers.

When Jean returned for the next assembly meetings back in Paris, he showed the document to the gathered senators stating that not only had they secured a deal but there was a chance for a full-blown political alliance.

It made France the envy of the ICW as the news spread over the next few weeks much to the annoyance of a certain Headmaster who was struggling to keep his place as head of the Wizengamot it made Jean smile to himself as he prepared to return to Albion.

It had been 6 months since he had been back his wife and youngest daughter had visited every few weeks to see Fleur, but now it was for an Important Reason his Daughter was getting married on the 3rd of June 1994.

Bowerstone Castle

June 2nd 1994

Jean Delacour arrived to a castle in full blown wedding mode the Cost of the wedding was said to be at 6 million Gold so far all of which the King had paid for from his own personal vaults so it cost the people of Albion nothing.

Fleur was in her apartments with her sister and mother going over and re going over every little detail of the wedding when Jean got there, of course the moment they saw him Fleur calmed down slightly.

"Papa tu es venu, merci la magie de la mère je suis tellement inquiet et si je ne peux pas faire ça comment puis-je être une reine." Fleur said quickly as she hugged her father tightly, Jean just held her allowing her to calm down slightly before looking at her in the eyes.

"Fleur Isabelle Delacour, vous n'avez rien à craindre pour vous êtes la fille d'une princesse la petite-fille d'une reine, la maison Delacour issue de l'héritage royal nos ancêtres ont jadis régné sur le grand empire romain, s'il y a quelqu'un qui peut être toi.

3rd June 1994

Bowerstone Castle Courtyard

The entire Courtyard was packed not just with the residents of Albion and Fleur's Family, but Henry's Godfather Sirius Back and other members of the Black Family and delegates from the French Ministry who were very enthusiastic about this union as it tied France and Albion together in marriage and eventually blood when the young royals produced an heir.

The cheers that erupted from the crowd the moment the two were declared husband and wife were reported to be heard across all of Albion, this however was most likely rumours the cheers though ended as soon as Henry raised his hand.

"My people today's celebrations are not yet over" he gestured to a royal guard holding a pillow on it sat a Silver tiara with the Royal sigil engraved with rare gems, lifting the piece from the pillow he asked his new and shocked wife to kneel. "I King Henry Lionheart of Albion do hear-bye crown you Fleur Isabelle Delacour-Lionheart Queen Consort of Albion and her overseas domains."

This was a huge shock to the people usually when a ruling Monarch of Albion married the spouse was just given the title of Queen consort or Prince Consort and was never officially crowned, but now before the gathered people the King broke tradition and crowned his bride effectively giving her true power as a monarch of Albion with only Henry as the main ruler.

The party lasted the whole night across the city with large tables of food being set out for the citizens to enjoy as music was played across the city, the King and Queen sat on there thrones greeting guests wether they be the Nobility of Albion or delegates from France.

Many of them were shocked that Fleur would be returning to France in September to finish her final year at school when asked the King just smiled at said. "What kind of Husband and King would I be if I refused my wife her dream it's simple one who would be sleeping on the couch every night."

Hogwarts Headmasters office

12th of January 1994

Albus had been planning on how to convince the young King to meet with him when the Minister of Magic burst in followed by Lucius Malfoy Amelia Bones and a few others. "Ah Cornelius please sit down I was just making arrangements to meet with the King of Albion."

"Don't bother Lying to me Albus have you not read the French Ministers announcement in the Paris gazette." Tossing a copy, he had been given by a smiling Lord Black who had returned from his trip in France.

Looking at the paper confused as to why the minister would read a French paper, he had to admit the last time he read one was about 30 years ago, what he read finally shattered all his plans it stated quiet clearly with pictures included of the Union of his eldest daughter to the King of Albion.

"This is all your fault Albus you had to push the Queen in turn moulding the boy against his Fathers homeland there is already talk about an Embassy being established by Albion within the French Ministry."

"The minister is correct on this Headmaster" Lucius spoke for the first time clearly enjoying this moment." "Lord Delacour has secured his position as the minister of Magic for France with this marriage for many years to come he is now fan of England especially after we managed to swipe the tournament from them."

The TWT Albus had completely forgotten about that. "We will have to increase security for the tournament with the news that the Queen of Albion will be returning to France for her final year of schooling before returning to Albion if she enters the competition there is no doubt that the King himself will attend along with some of his troops."

After the minister and his companions left Albus went to his bed chambers to rest he thought about making a plan that included us in the new Queen of Albion but let's face it that would end very badly for England if it went wrong and she was hurt or killed, he didn't want to be stuck between the armies of France the Veela nation and Albion attacking England in revenge.

Authors Note: Hey people hope you like the chapter sorry if my French is off it's not my native language, until next time.

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