"If I continue to let you live, you may turn out to be a hindrance to our plans." A voice spoke down to the exhausted Shirou. He had just about hit his limit when he traced Ig-Alima, a sword he was never meant to obtain.

"From your irksome ability, your strange use of magecraft, and your abhorrent self-destructive conviction." A golden ripple floated upon her palm. A weapon formed out, hilt-first. Grasping it she pulled it out and held it high into the air for the 'world' to see. "Will all be torn to shreds."

'Structural Analysis!'


Shirou covered his eyes with his hands as black spots started to cover up his vision. Whatever the sword was could not be analyzed. This was the first time he'd had trouble analyzing something.

He didn't know whether he should be scared of it or not.

With no information to go off, he was at a conundrum. What sword would work against it. Excalibur? Gram? Was that even enough?

The spiralling red energy reached the top of his 'world' kicking up massive storms of snow. Shirou could feel his world collapsing, signalling the end of his fight.

For the first time in his life, Shirou had no answers.

"There's only one thing I can do left." Shirou started. "I must fight you, with every last weapon that I have!"

Weapons from swords, axes, spears, shields, halberds, bows rose from the ground like a geyser floating dangerously next to him.

His opponent hardly looked unsettled and merely chanted her 'swords' name.

"Return to the beginning- ENUMA ELISH!"

The swirling storm of death made a beeline straight towards him with the intentions of killing him. It was a power like no other that no Heroic Spirit could match.

Shirou at the same time, released his army of swords to halt it's progress forcing the two attacks at a standstill. Still, even with all of his weapons he was slowly getting overpowered. His mana was also running at an all-time low.

"HAAAAAAH!" he cried out putting every last bit of magic into his blades.


Shards of his broken blades met his cheek causing blood to start to pool down. He could hardly see let alone consciously keep the fight going.

Hope was starting to seem lost. The weapons that were not his own but simply copies could do nothing to save their master for they were going up against the progenitor of all weapons, Ea (The Sword of Rupture)

He didn't care though, he felt nothing when his swords broke for he was already broken himself.

Soon enough, the moon in the world darkened and Shirou knew unconsciously that she was gone.


The ground split. The world collapsed and he was swallowed into endless darkness. Despite this he still managed to say his final words. "Yeah." Shirou gave a weak smile. "It's as you say...dad, there are times when just one thing can outweigh everything else in the world."

He then thought of Miyu and their promise. "Ah this is bad, our promise to see the ocean together. I forgot, heh."

Then Shirou Emiya ceased to exist in this world.

Shirou Emiya opened his amber-colored eyes.

He then immediately shut them again as the hot sun shone on him without discrimination. He held out his hand to block the sun but when he tried raising his arm he only felt fatigue. Like the type you had when working yourself to the bone and even your body refused to help you.

"Wait, I'm not dead. How?" He remembered very clearly that he had perished. His Reality Marble collapsed and his swords had broken. There was no more hope. The only thing that could give him rest was that Miyu was gone but safe, somewhere in another world- another timeline- where she wouldn't have to worry about the burdens of not having friends or family. Where she could go outside.

The thought of that brought a smile to his face. "I failed Kiritsugu." he ran his hands through his messy hair. "But I won."

Trying to stand back up turned out to be quite the problem. He kept stumbling everytime he tried bending his knees. He could see his dark pants have clear signs of blood. Shards must have gotten in there too.

Then, out of nowhere, a bright light from the heavens shone down on Shirou's position forcing him to cover his eyes. When the light dissipated he expected to see an enemy- Angelica- ready to finish him off. Except he saw nobody. Nobody was in the clearing.

But Miraculously, his most grave wounds were healed. Sure, blood still soaked through his shirt and pants and he could still feel fatigue from his fights but he was able to move now. He only had to get a taxi now and rest back at home.

Problem was, he had no idea where he was. He tried looking for key landmarks that could hint at where he was at but found nothing.

'I must be in some type of plains or something. There doesn't seem to be any signs of human tampering.'

Standing up he started walking. Where? He had no idea. But straight led you to somewhere eventually right? That at least was his optimistic encouragement.

After walking aimlessly for thirty minutes he could feel his legs truly give out. He couldn't blame them either. Walking around was exhausting especially when you were already tired. He silently lamented not having a smart-phone with him. He would at least be able to use the map installed on every phone to see where he was.

As he leaned against a tree his mind went back to a few years ago.

"Listen Shirou," his old man lectured, taking a puff from his cigarette he always had in his mouth. "Whenever you're lost, simply follow the stars. You're a smart kid I know you will always make it back home"

"Dad, you're acting like I'm going to be stranded out in the middle of a forest anytime soon. I'm going to be with you and Miyu forever!"

Kiritusgu sighed "Despite what you may think, I won't always be there for you whenever you're in danger. As a man, you need to learn how to keep a level head no matter what situation your in."

"Okay dad." Little Shirou said not really paying much attention to it at the time. After all, his dad is strong! He wouldn't die.

Kiritusgu just smiled tiredly at his adopted son's innocence.

The flashback gave him encouragement. It made him push on. Despite not sharing the same views as his father anymore- actively going against everything his father stood for he respected Kiritsugu. He always would no matter what.

He closed his eyes and leveled his breathing.

Sometimes you need to look stronger than you are. Not just for your sake.

As he sluggishly walked through the forest, he noticed the first sign of life in the shape of three claw marks that were gouged into the bark of a tree. Immediately, Shirou could tell that it was not a human or an ordinary animal.

It could be a bear but as far as he knew, they did have enough claw strength to rip through bark but it was unlikely because of the climate. It was at least the middle of the summer which meant they would be hibernating at this time.

No, this was the result of something supernatural.

Just as he came to the conclusion, he heard a low growl come from the forest. It was so quiet he had thought he had mistaken it. He then heard it again accompanied by ruby-red eyes blink into the darkness.

Not giving it a moment's hesitation he incited his magical ability.

"Trace On."

Two twin swords projected themselves onto his hand and he immediately felt ten times safer. These blades were Kanshou and Bakuya, a pair of C-rank swords that were iconic in his arsenal.

When it finally stepped out of the dark forest, Shirou was now not so confident. If lions were known to be scary for their sharp claws, fur, and all-around intimidating nature, then this was an absolute abomination.

It stood on all fours like a lion and even had a lion's mane but that was where similarities abruptly stopped. It's fur was pitch black which gave off a nightmarish feeling to it and even the fur stood up like sharp needles. The one thing that really set him off though was the sinister smile it sported, looking anything but friendly.

Like an animal, it had a tail. Of course, the tail was just as twisted as it's smile and reminded him of a scorpion's tail with how sharp the end looked.

Shirou put himself into a familiar stance and prepared to face a monster.


A/N: And that's the first chapter. Mind you, this is my first story so give this story a shot as I start off pretty rocky but it gets better along the way.

Bear in mind that Shirou will be a little Oc to you guys but that's because I couldn't really grasp his personality in the movie and decided to just make my own version of his personality.

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